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  1. cyberturtle

    The Monster Holocaust Project! Need Feedback!

    What you say and the pics make it seem like a good idea. Can't wait for it to come out so I can try it!
  2. I'm not sure which one to choose. ZDeamon sounds like it has a lot of cheap people and skulltag looks cool. So which of the few ones should I choose, or should I just stay out of it all together?
  3. Yeah, I think he goes "Waah" when hes attacked.
  4. cyberturtle

    Where would be a good place to start with music?

    The anvil studio looks like a great item with what kapper buur suggested.
  5. cyberturtle

    Danger regarding DOOM 4's title

    I completely agree.
  6. yea, thats something that my brother said.
  7. cyberturtle

    Another Doom WAD idea: playing without fight

    I think thats a great idea! Like something was damaged or you couldn't do anything but the only way out is the way you came back in, like backtrack on gba (but was released on pc so its a port)
  8. Im definably in! And just intime before I get my stuff to stark making music (hopefully).
  9. cyberturtle

    Another Doom WAD idea: playing without fight

    On levels with out enemies, have some traps. I also think that there should be new sound effects and maybe ambient music if your not going to us the original music.
  10. I was reading the thread xtroose gave and all of them seem legit.
  11. Don't you think so to? Before he launches his attack of fiery death, it sounds like hes uttering something? Does anyone know what hes saying, or is he just babbling?
  12. cyberturtle

    Where would be a good place to start with music?

    Hey thanks! this looks like a great product. Now I dont need to get software and keyboard separate.
  13. Nice, it has the sound effects for the psx doom and the music from psx doom. Plus it also has nice lighting effects for the attacks. I look forward to your release.
  14. cyberturtle

    doom builder- problem with testing map

    Wait, I mean when I start up the test run it just brings me to the first level of ultimate doom.
  15. When I go to test my map, it brings me to ultimate doom then when I choose episode one i just go to the first level instead of my map. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?