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Posts posted by cyberturtle

  1. Viewtiful-Chris said:

    Todd Hollenshead:

    If id software decides to go the route of Wolfenstein 2009 and call DOOM 4 simply "DOOM", I will be extremely pissed.

    It irritates me like all hell when I refer to, say, DIABLO and people assume I'm talking about Diablo *II*.

    This trend of sequels being named after the originals needs to stop.

    I completely agree.

  2. darkreaver said:

    Maybe, if you make it a mini-wad, with lets just say 6 maps, you can have puzzles and traps and whatever in the first three maps. Then you play the same three maps again, but in reversed order (like, you have to get back to the beginning) but this time you begin at the exit, there are monsters, some things has changed (to meke it less boring, more surprising etc)and so on. One example can be that a bridge you crossed on the way before has collapsed, and you have to find another way around, and stuff like that.

    I dunno.

    I think thats a great idea! Like something was damaged or you couldn't do anything but the only way out is the way you came back in, like
    backtrack on gba (but was released on pc so its a port)

  3. Graf Zahl said:

    All 'other' mods are not IWADs. They won't get listed in the startup menu. You have 3 choices: Use an external launcher, use the command line with the '-file' parameter or drag&drop the WAD on ZDoom.exe in Explorer.

    I've been trying the drag thing and it doesn't work with the few wads i have. It still brings up the menu to select one of the iwads, and I have no clue what you mean by a external launcher (mabey a diffrent thing to run wads?) or where the command line is.