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  1. bed.intruder

    Constructor Wars 1 released!

    I made version of ZdoomMapsWars302 for CW. See link in first post. Enjoy ;)
  2. bed.intruder

    Constructor Wars 1 released!

    Hmm, our clan (which created mod) working with ZdoomWarsMaps CW edition, becouse existing maps do not working with CW. Coming soon :) But... do u know any HUGE CTF maps? Let me know.
  3. bed.intruder

    Constructor Wars 1 released!

    Anybody could see betas of this project. Now I'll tell about it. This wad ONLY for Skulltag, ONLY for multiplayer, and ONLY for TeamLMS (Last Man Standing) game mode. Tested on Skulltag 0.98d. You are constructor. Exists two types of constructors : red and blue. They can jump higher, and have more hp. Constructors can use two attacks: 1. Zapper. Fires the spark, damaging enemies. But spark dies quickly, and you can use it only for attack nearly. 2. Builder. Uses minerals (red or blue). With this weapon, you can build some units. Also you can heals, and upgrade Zapper. Units to build: -Pylon. Spawns minerals, needed to build. You must build pylons too :D -Kamikaze Drone. Drone from Duke Nukem 3D. -Reaver. Monster from Strife. -Plasma turret. Stands still and fires plasma. -Tesla coul. Fires the electric charge. Stands still too. Download link: click here. ZDoomWarsMaps CW edition: click again Some screenshots: Good playing :)