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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to play through, most appreciated! I get what you mean about the textures, large flat areas could be much more interesting and I should have spent much more time in the canyon area. In retrospect, whilst I spent a lot of time on the map as a whole, those areas were rushed and it shows. I will certainly dial down the power, particularly in the secrets and perhaps avoid trying to have an "epic battle" on my first map. Thanks again for the feedback. Now on to the next one. Oh a bit of feedback for you, I think perhaps the reason you sound quiet is the volume of the game being too high, at least that's what it sounds like. Great job though!!
  2. So I have playtested this thing for as much as I could stand and feel it is a vast improvement over previous efforts. Hopefully you guys will let me know and excuse the awful wad name and download it anyway. Presenting... terkberse.zip MAP01 replacement for Doom 2. ZDoom only I'm afraid; whilst vanilla in resources and style it looks awful in PrBoom+ and Chocolate doesn't even run. Mouselooking is fine but no jumping as there are a couple of places you could, with effort, break some flow of the map. All difficulty levels are the same. I will put this level of effort in once I get to a point where I am happy making a "proper" release. Yes, I may have got a bit trigger happy with SLADWALL, but I think it is consistent and works well (let me know if you please) Trap linedefs are now shown as 1-sided on the automap (thanks @Horus) Resource balance and weapon/monster progression is much improved IMO All-in-all, I had great fun working on this map and any feedback/advice is massively appreciated!
  3. HappySword

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    Technically Doom95 but I fondly remember DM on CSDoom, I think it was DWANGO5 that I first played
  4. Still debating if I want to make the huge investment so I can get in some doom at work.
  5. For the last six evenings, whilst the rest of my family were wasting their time sleeping, I have been working on my second map - Running Man. RunningMan.zip I did most testing with GZDoom & Zandronum so I recommend a zdoom port but I did try it out in Chocolate Doom and, other than an awful looking sky, I was able to playtest the level a couple of times. I would have tried crispy doom, but I didn't already have it and my anti-virus got all upset when I tried to install it (like others have reported recently). MAP01 replacement for Doom 2, mouselooking is fine but not designed for jumping (although I don't think it will get you anywhere). Only one difficulty and no doomer should have any issues here. I more want to test level design and understand how other people actually play the map, compared the to the playtesting I do. I tried to take on feedback from my last map, such as: New music - found some great metal type track which was posted here on Doomworld by MotorW├╝lf seven years ago. Clearer progression - I'm not trying to make a map where the player gets lost, so this one is more focused on what is next. Correct use of textures - although i will admit, alignment may be off here and there Less shoot the wall BS (although I have a switch that needs shooting but it's much more obvious this time around). I wasn't a complete d-bag with the exit this time I played through loads of times and I'm almost certain you can't get stuck (gzdoom at least). Next up I'm going to try and do a doom1 space station style map. I have an idea around a suggestion from my last upload which was multiple hubs that I am keen to get working on - plus it gives me an excuse to play through the original 3 episodes! RunningMan.zip Thanks!!
  6. HappySword

    My second map: Borrowed Time

    Got my ASS handed to me several times. Great challenge!
  7. HappySword

    My first map, Woodworks

    That was fun! Short and easy but I did enjoy sneaking behind the mastermind through the shrubs and the infighting was fun too
  8. HappySword

    My first ever map... ServerRoomOfDoom.wad

    Thanks so much for the feedback guys! With regards to compatibility, is it that you guys want to use a vanilla style port (Crispy/Chocolate) or is it because I stated it was vanilla compatible when it really wasn't. Another way of putting that, should I be ensuring that my maps work with ALL ports by testing them in one of the vanilla style ports? Clearly I need to ensure that everything has a purpose, get those ambushes right and make sure not to break my own level! Love this idea, will be sure to try this on my next map. Clearly an issue across the map, too often it isn't clear what is available, where the player needs to go or what their goal is. Will do! Whilst reading through the 25 years of Doom article I realised I've never played through Alien Vendetta alone (or even co-op for many years) and actually looked closely at map layouts/design etc. Going to start work on my next map while taking breaks to play through some of the classics that I missed. Thanks - I've played though yours (Wrong Mistake) and love the design and clear progression! Great inspiration for the next one. Happy for negative feedback. I now know what the tutti-frutti effect is and where to use textures so positive to me. This was me using the wall shooting again... clearly no one is looking for this in maps so I'm going to stop doing them unless I can make it really obvious . Agree with all your points. This one though, is it just that it is boring to use the standard music or have I missed the point? This was super useful thank you! Sorry for the missing monster and lack of direction. Watch this space, I will be working on a new map but take my time and put the work in next time. I agree. I didn't put the time into it that was needed, using standard textures and some bits I can see retrospectively that I rushed through. Thanks again guys. On to the next one!!
  9. The Server Room... of DooM! Tested it with GZDoom & Zandronum but it should work with any source port as it was created in UDB (Doom 2 Doom format) with no additional resources. This is a MAP01 replacement for doom2.wad No mouselooking or jumping please Very easy (no change in difficulty yet) should be a breeze but I feel the secrets are okay. You could say that it is stupidly early for me to start uploading maps. This is my first attempt (which only took a few days) and I'm still finding my feet with textures. However, I don't know anyone to look at, and criticise, what I have done so far so if anyone has the time to do so it would be greatly appreciated. It would be great if you guys could rip this map (and me) apart with mockery and the like as this is how I work best. And if I'm going to be stuck in the house, what better thing to do than learn to make DooM maps? ServerRoomOfDoom.zip Many thanks!!
  10. HappySword

    Cacoward predictions

    I am genuinely sad that when I pointed my browser to Doomworld this evening I was not greeted with the latest Cacowards... Gentlemen, I wait with baited breath!