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  1. Starfire

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Thanks a lot for the compet-n mirror, Andy.
  2. Starfire

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Just out of curiosity, are you planning to put the compet-n records of Doom and Doom 2 on the archive? I'm asking because I noticed you are uploading the plutonia records. Thanks.
  3. Starfire

    Scythe demos [-complevel 2]

    That was rather fast. I noticed that you squandered a second at the very end :P :P.
  4. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Level 12 max. epic2-12-650.zip
  5. Hey everyone, I'm a long time doom reviewer, first time poster in the forums. I've been meaning to post a demo, and with the release of the great megawad, EPIC2, I found enough motivation to do this max run. It only works with zdoom 2.5.0 (Sorry if that's inconvenient). I may post more demos in the future. We'll see :) epic2-01-203.zip
  6. Starfire

    Speed of Doom TAS movie

    Thanks Dew! Happy holidays ;)
  7. To my favorite demon-hunting speed runners and folk of outstanding posture:

    Happy Holidays!
    Go holler!
    Demon begetters!
    You will splatter!

    WOOOOH! No match for us!

    1. Creaphis


      Merry Christmas to you too :)

    2. Grazza


      Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but there really isn't a need for this thread in the Demos forum. Blogged.

    3. Sharessa


      Sweet Christmas! Big-mouthed ornaments!

  8. Starfire

    Epic 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice demo and welcome to the forums! If, like me, you have trouble getting motivated to do a demo, I suggest doing the simpler maps ;) It doesn't have to be the fastest time to be interesting.
  9. Starfire

    Epic 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    Really sweet run for a great map.
  10. Wow, what a nice AV20 run, SAV. For a demo so long to be so smooth is very rare indeed. Your BFG use made it seem like there wasn't a single tough enemy in the map, ha ha ha. I remember when players used to shotgun all the hell knights at the top of the mountain - it had always been a low point of the map until now.
  11. Starfire

    ROTT TC Demo Released - UPDATED

    Hey Zee, great TC, this takes me back to my childhood :] Seriously, I used to play ROTT over and over and over again. I still have the instruction manual. I played your TC on skill 3, found 3 secrets on level 1, 1 secret on level 2. Some things: 1) The lightning guard occasionally has a bazooka and rather than use his gun he shoots missiles and drops a bazooka with one or two bullets (can't remember the exact number). I believe this applied to the two hardest skill settings. 2) The "red" key is called the Oscuro key (named after the end boss) and is never meant to be used for completing a level. Rather, it's meant to store secret valuables, such as the DIP (developers of incredible power) balls. 3) As said, the enemies were more accurate than in the original game, especially on skill 4. 4) I felt the enemies were a bit too small, especially when standing right next to them. 5) I don't have a problem with carrying more than one missile weapon at a time :] I get to kill more stuff. 6) Oh yeah, and I didn't see power-ups such as God mode, Dog mode, and so forth. Maybe 3 times life could give a crazy amount of health over a short duration. 7) The crystals were used for the monk levels only (minor point I guess). Excellent work overall.
  12. Starfire

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Wow Andy, big update. You know I'm a fan ;)
  13. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Level 4 max. I went to vdgg's thread and followed Never_Again's advice, so I used zdoom 2.5.0 - compatflags 976976855 (more info in text). EnJoy. epic2-04-436.zip
  14. Starfire

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    This demo was like lightning. Like Ka-Boom.
  15. Yes, Skep's demos are gold. And they glitter.
  16. Starfire

    Epic 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    Damn, the later levels are hard lol.
  17. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Actually I'm not even sure about that. I should have tried doom 2 on it. In doom 1 I get very little stutter on both computers - but enough to make me not want to use it, and I've had my share of lagy games thanks to Australia's rubbish internet providers.
  18. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Prboom works fine on my dad's computer.
  19. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    No diff. Frame rates are usually around 120. It could be my lousy GPU that's clogging up the system. My nvidia 6800 got fried and I went back to the stock GPU, a Matrox Shite. When I had the nvidia, I could run Gzdoom, doombuilder, you name it (I didn't use prboom then, except for watching demos).
  20. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Is there a particular spacing involved when I write "437"? I'm not getting any performance changes. Maybe I carry bad voodoo.
  21. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Ye, it's at zero. What should I change it to? I typed in IDRATE. My frames rarely drop under 100, and usually hover between 100 and 200. The lowest I think was 75, but I still get choppy performance even at 125. That's weird, isn't it? I thought that frame rates above 60 should be perfectly smooth.
  22. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Are we talking about prboom, chocolate doom?
  23. Starfire

    Zdoom demos on Epic 2

    Oh yes, zdoom totally dies on me when I load nuts and other big maps. Tatsurd, I was Joking about everyone being annoyed :] Creaphis, I tried both :) Glad you liked me demos :)