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  1. kuhein

    Ultimate Western conversion (beta #3)

    Your post kinda begs to differ, is it not?
  2. kuhein

    Ultimate Western conversion (beta #3)

    Nice work, Feel free to use our maps and work even thou' you never asked permission for it mister CeeJay. "Bastardos" - Team http://www.moddb.com/mods/bastardos-ep1
  3. kuhein

    Bastardos Ep:1 Doom project

    We'll make sure to add ladies too for Episode 2. Cheers!
  4. kuhein

    Bastardos Ep:1 Doom project

    Give it a few maps, it will change.
  5. kuhein

    Bastardos Ep:1 Doom project

    "Boot McKane" is the name, six guns is the game. Follow the infamous outlaw as he takes down the "BASTARDOS gang” in a epic journey across the Wild West. *This is a "TRIBUTE" game dedicated to all Doom&Outlaws. http://www.moddb.com/mods/bastardos-ep1 Download & play, no modding required, W,A,S,D +Mouse. Single Player campaign: 6 Level which will keep you entertained for hours.(6 different locations, enemies and Bosses about 3h of gameplay) Up to 4 players Deathmatch & Cooperative Local Multiplayer. Wild West Weapons: SixGun, Dual Revolvers, Simple shotgun, Sawed off shotgun, Machete, Gatling gun and yes, you can you can shoot chickens and by the way the PC version is free!) Rated 17+ for frequent / intense fantasy violence frequent alcohol use and cartoon nudity. System Requirements: Well, you know...even your phone could run this just fine :) We hope you will have at least as much fun as we had making it. Bastardos_installer.zip
  6. kuhein


    Can i sell my version of free doom? does anyone know?