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  1. Gothic

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    It's not a blurry photo of a CRT monitor in a dark room taken with a cellphone, how do you expect me to believe this?
  2. Actors facing different directions are separate things?


  3. So I've been working on my maps the last days, taking cues from the rest of the mapset: Map06 doesn't have mayor layout changes, just made some areas taller, more defined lighting and it's now more in the open: Map08 also is more taller, but the ending are was changed yet again, now it's just one room. Map18 outside area now looks like this, and there are other changes that I haven't screenshoted yet
  4. Gothic

    Why can you edit the quote box?

    I'm so glad this forum lets you do this, I know a few other sites that still to this day lack tons of useful features like this.
  5. Gothic

    so... putting actual music in wad.

    Nobody likes to download a heavy wad, only to find out most of the size comes from the music.
  6. Gothic


    Didn't we have this thread before? EDIT: Oh yeah, same author. Go be unfunny somewhere else.
  7. Old wad that never got recognition in the past, maybe now it can:
  8. Have you ever played deathmatch levels with fake 3D floors? If so, how was your experience with them?


  9. Gothic

    a new chapter

    Are you one of those "wealthy furries" I keep hearing about? You sound like you have nothing to lose.
  10. I like when people use parts of textures as props.
  11. Gothic

    my wad only map

    I just tested it on zandromom. Is this AI generated? All maps have very similar geometry, and there is lots of repeated architecture. The player is positioned close to the non locked exit most of the time. Also the song for the 1st map is a 9mb MP3 and it is insufferable.
  12. Gothic

    Is Project Brutality hated in Doomworld ?

    I don't hate Brutal Doom, but I do hate people that keep asking "(What do you think of/Your opinion on) Brutal Doom/Project Brutality/myhouse.wad"
  13. Gothic

    Which self-imposed challenge do you most prefer?

    Other: Play the console versions of Doom on their Nightmare equivalent.