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  1. Gothic

    Gothic's MIDIs

    I made another one: Cesspool Dweller
  2. Gothic

    The ULTIMATE slaughter map!

    Key elements to make the perfect slaughter map: -Do NOT post screenshots when releasing it. -Do NOT specify the required sourceport. -Do NOT playtest it on all the skill levels. -Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT put less than 4000 Archviles on the starting room. -If anybody complains, just reply "lol" and never log in here again. It never fails, trust me.
  3. Gothic

    Gothic's MIDIs

    Here's some MIDIs you can use in your maps: Tetrinet Jr My first MIDI isn't the most original by any means, it was heavily inspired by "the Dance of the Spheares" from Tetrinet. Cesspool Dweller My second MIDI, could fit on a Heretic map.
  4. Gothic

    Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl Reloaded

    Glad you decided to remaster this. And I agree that hopefully you'll give Action Doom 1 some love as well. So far I've found 2 oddities, not sure if calling them bugs: -If you have tutorials turned off, it won't play the cut scene where you take the gun from your cabinet. -Glass shards have a really loud bouncing sound, like they break more bottles every time they bounce.
  5. Gothic

    Doom Netflix original series

    Getting tired of clickbait threads to be honest.
  6. Gothic

    Does anyone have any info on TNT Team

    Whoa, that's the only thing I did NOT know they did. They certainly fared better on the Doom engine. EDIT: apparently it was not the same team.
  7. Gothic

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    May need a couple of texture changes. Also there's a MIDI that is very similar to "Goin' Down the Fast Way" from ROTT, so it may need to be changed too.
  8. Gothic


    I also have a backup of the repository on MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/DAoH0IBL#fZOEJh_r_36f2jOyeTGUQg EDIT: switched to MEGA
  9. Bumping this to say, while it aligns textures in the editor, the engine doesn't process them: Hopefully this gets noticed.
  10. Gothic

    Do you ever listen to music while mapping?

    Not just music, but sometimes I have streams on the background, usually long ones and when there's not much visual stuff going on (like Vinesauce Joel playing Dwarf Fortress or Game Dev Tycoon)
  11. Gothic


    Forget about Monster, Drink Kick instead
  12. Gothic

    Psych's MIDI Music! (Or Junkman I guess)

    Nice to finally see you around here. You're a great and underrated composer.
  13. Gothic

    Incredibly undoubtedly amazingly trve Metal facts

    Is this the song that currently plays on the hidden Post Hell?