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  1. Have you ever thought to yourself when you start a map "oh god this isn't gonna work at all" and then you look at the final result and feel satisfied?


    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Usually the exact opposite.

  2. Next Plutonia megawad final boss confirmed!
  3. Huh, I just finished replaying Quake E1 before seeing this post. Glad to see this being updated again.
  4. FreeD00m or 3D alien buster, that isn't copyrighted, isn't?
  5. The lack of space between letters on both TITLEPIC and INTERPIC was bothering me, so here are fixed versions: Also a WIP CREDIT:
  6. I'll make a CREDIT pic as well, so besides mappers, who else should be credited for what?
  7. So other people's updates are no longer on the main page? What a bore, I don't want to make a little extra effort to move my mouse and click a button to see them.


    (that wasn't sarcasm btw, i'm that lazy)

  8. Oops, sorry about that. Pic fixed.
  9. October is here


    1. Piper Maru
    2. Neurosis
    3. A7MAD


      If you live in Dubai the time distance between America and Dubai is 8 hours later , so if it is 1am in America then it's 9am in Dubai (where I live) .It's already 11:15 pm here  , gotta go to sleep , whilst you guys enjoy the bright sun

    4. Marlamir


      oktoberfest ending so it time for spooky things. Me and few people have in plan spend whole night in cemetery, this going to be fun :-)

  10. Here's a more worked TITLEPIC: Plus an INTERPIC:
  11. Ok, so I made the scrolling floor go slower and adjusted the triggering linedefs, and it works great on both prboom and gzdoom. Airship of Doom latest version. Also, here's a TITLEPIC I made:
  12. I guess I could make the dummy sector much larger so the propellers last longer, the map is short anyways so it's not like people are going to just wait minutes to see how they break.
  13. Ok, here's an update for both Troubled Research and Spelunker. Some ammo balance, difficulty settings and MP fuckery.
  14. Fuck it, everyone else does it, so I'm enabling Profile Views too.

    1. Pavera
    2. dmg_64


      Hi, I was here, bye.