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  1. Gothic

    My MIDI-tracks for Doom & another games

    May I request that you keep the full name of your songs in the files, instead of sticking to the old 8 letters limitation? So it's easier to catalogue them later instead of searching the thread for the full names.
  2. HacX, Hell to Pay, Perdition's Gate and The Lost Episodes of Doom. Everything else is just shovelware.
  3. I thought people already knew that "Doom is a christian game" was just a meme.
  4. It's a mocking term to people who rants about how things were better back in their time.
  5. Who is this Kevin Silverman person?
  6. Gothic

    Which is harder blood or doom 2?

    Doom 2 can only be harder than Blood if you're playing on Nightmare.
  7. Gothic

    Sgt_Mark is making his own game, "Brutal Fate".

    I'll be positive for a change and say: if it's using sprites from other games, maybe they're just placeholders, just like many shooters in the 90s used Doom sprites as placeholders (Shadow Warrior, Blood, Corridor 8)
  8. Gothic

    Does r/Doom make you cringe as much as it makes me?

    Yeah, Reddit is shit, but this forum also has its share of cringe. Doom General is proof of that.
  9. Gothic

    Should TC's be eligible for Cacowards?

    If it's on the Doom engine (and more recently, Doom 3 engine) then it's eligible.
  10. UV fast has been a thing in the community for years now. I think it's nice that they're making it easier to access though.
  11. Stuff like Batman Doom and Aliens TC would be hard because of copyright stuff, being properties from Warner & Disney Fox respectively. The obvious choice is Hacx, but I wish it had a better ending. Revilution would be cool, but it uses stuff from other games (the turrets are from Duke Nukem, and I believe there are textures derivated from non-id games)
  12. Gothic

    There's a cool Netflix movie coming

    These kind of topics don't last too long here, especially how OP worded it like a 4chan thread.