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  1. Unfortunatelly I can't play this, but those screenshots look beautiful. Good job.
  2. Question to any modder out there: is there any good reason why you SHOULDN'T zip your beta releases? Because I've seen that plenty of times and it seems really inconvenient to me. But maybe there is a reason for that.

    1. Memfis


      Maybe downloading a raw file can be slightly faster than downloading a zip file, extracting the wad, and deleting the archive...

  3. Eradicator has some badass monster designs. Too bad they had the brilliant idea of making asimetrical monsters and not giving them full rotations.

  4. I don't remember playing any Western RPG, but I'm a big sucker for SNES-PS1 era of JRPGs. FF6 has to be one of my favorites of all time.
  5. The problem with the vines I previously reported is still there
  6. Done. I hope I didn't forget anybody this time.
  7. One last update to the CREDIT pic, since there are 2 new maps.
  8. Goddamn idiot neighborhood and their shitty fireworks and guns won't let me sleep tonight. Happy New Year everybody.
  9. The very first map from BTSX E1, or maybe the last from E2.
  10. Why people still make Doom mods, at all?


    Title is self explanatory.







    Please give me likes.

  11. Running out of ideas for new topics, I see.
  12. I'm sorry, I didn't notice there were already 6 mappers, so sign me out.
  13. I'll try to make a mpa for this too.
  14. I never make a draw of what I'm going to map, I just start drawing lines on DB and hope for the best.
  15. The map list on the OP still lists Ruin Escape and the other WIP, when I already divided that map into 2 a few posts ago.