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  1. Gothic

    Another MIDI Collection for Use

    Hot damn! Some nice stuff you got here. Gestation is probably my favorite there.
  2. I half assed a megawad in half a month once, maybe it can be done for a Scythe style mapset.
  3. Gothic

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    What kind of christian would NOT love Doom after watching this?
  4. Gothic

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    Caco, like caca, but with an O
  5. Gothic

    Getting annoyed by some words

    I feel like people forgot the meaning of the word "literally". I seriously hate how some people use that word. Like "literally kill yourself". What? As opposed to metaphorically killing myself? Get a freaking dictionary and learn to use proper english guys. Geez.
  6. Gothic

    "Bloodline": new-ish Doom 2 megawad

    I'm guessing this is 100+MB because of MP3/ogg music, right?
  7. Uh oh! You got BEANED!

    1. Jayextee


      I have no understanding of what has transpired here. Is it coffee-related? :P

    2. Gothic


      I mean your avatar

    3. Jayextee


      I drew it for a joke, it's allowed. ;)

  8. I forgot how much fun is to push pods on vanilla heretic compared to gzdoom

    1. Memfis


      what's teh difference?

    2. Gothic


      In vanilla they're more slippery and easier to move around. I'm sure that option is available on gzdoom, but I'm talking about defaults.

  9. Why is EE called Ultra Progressive World again?

  10. Gothic

    Does /idgames Ever Check For WAD Legality?

    Because in game they would look like this: Wads that drastically change the palette (such as BTSX) need the sprites to be adapted manually.
  11. Gothic

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    So which one is Keen's mom?
  12. Gothic


    I though this was going to be some angry rant at first, and the ALL CAPS title didn't help much either. Anyway, screenshots look fine, gonna try it later.