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  1. Just finished Jaguar Doom on Calico, great port and I hope mouse support will be available on the future.

    Since it had no music, I just played songs from 3DO Doom and pretended this was what it was supposed to be.

  2. [IDEA] Hexen Console TC?

    Doom console ports tend to be very different from the PC version (Jag Doom and children having different textures and sometimes levels, and PSX Doom with all the colored lights) but console ports of Hexen are pretty much the same as the pc version (except for some sounds and tree sprites) so I guess it would be pointless.
  3. Man, Ten Years of Wads and the early Cacowards really need bigger screenshots.

  4. Great avatar.

    1. Gothic


      much obliged

  5. Monuments of Mars

    Great wad. Minor bug, you can break some things on map 2 if you go the other way at the start.
  6. Plutonia 4 - Back to your hole

    04/09 UPDATE: 2 unintentional bugs on maps 11 and 30 were fixed.
  7. Poor man's DOBWIRE




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  8. Things about Doom you just found out

    The texture SLIME1 from Plutonia has 2 unseen RW41_1 (green bricks) behind the wood textures. I wonder what were the Casali bros. trying to come up with that.
  9. 2m tall Baron of Hell statue for sale...

    How about A DUMP TRUCK, eh?...
  10. Can I upload files to Doomworld from this acount so it says I uploaded it, or do I have to just use a FTP client and said uploader remain "guest"? Or it is something you request to an admin?

    1. riderr3


      All files is uploaded by "guests". That's probably can be changed, but seems no one cares.

  11. PLUTONIA 4 Released! (April Fools Megawad)

    final version is up it is finally done please record lots of demos please ok thnks bye
  12. Question: Since this is a vanilla wad, should we take in count the character limits for map names?
  13. Hey, did you made this?


    1. Glaice


      Yes I did.

  14. PLUTONIA 4 Released! (April Fools Megawad)

    Sorry about that, I'll fix the credits on the final release.
  15. Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface

    In universe 5, this is the pinnacle of Doom mapping.