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  1. Since I offered myself to work on map30 I might as well post some WIP screenshots: It's a mix between hellish castles and machinery thrown in the middle, set on a void (or deep underground depending on what you guys think)
  2. Moments ago my phone was acting weird, the volume always lowered itself somehow. I though my phone had a virus or something else and I was scared. It turns out my earphones were causing it somehow.

  3. I'll take map30
  4. Had this idea for an April Fools jokewad on which every graphic is converted to low quality JPEG, but it didn't looked as I wanted so I dropped it.

    1. Linguica


      Every texture a low quality JPEG? So like RAGE?

    2. Ichor


      How about making the wad look like a website from 1996? Bright red background with large, blinking blue text, loads of cheesy animated gifs, and low quality jpgs of your dog with your thumb covering half of the picture, and obnoxiously loud music that went out of style 10 years prior.

  5. The DarkBase texture pack is quite lacking, I'm thinking on expanding it.

    One of the greatest. Can't wait for the finished E2 and E3
  6. Great to see those Doom articles on gaming sites will still have working links.
  7. Will the random banners come back?

    1. bioshockfan90


      i hope so, that'd be nice

  8. The links don't work but everything is still in the Downloads section:
  9. Not gonna wait until May to post this. A 2nd texture pack has been released.
  10. You accidentally posted this twice
  11. A lot if i'm low on health.
  12. I was kinda bored, so I made an ANIMATED lump for BTSX e1&2, because I wanted to see the new animations more smooth. Works on boom compatible ports.