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  1. Gothic

    "yeah bro ill be on the forum tommorow"

    This is some real shitty attitude you have, OP.
  2. Gothic

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Sorry, I'll withdraw.
  3. Gothic

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I'm Doomworld, and I like it
  4. Gothic

    M1 Twist!

    I think lots of people, including myself, had fun editing IWAD maps when learning how to do proper maps. The thing is you should keep those to yourself, because this site doesn't allow them.
  5. Gothic

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    I'll take MAP02 if it isn't taken yet
  6. Gothic

    Slaughterfest 2023 [Full Release]

    I'm glad the Slaughterfest team went back to their roots for this year's project.
  7. Gothic

    Can We Get A New Game Of A Different Genre, Id Software?

    There is more than 1 game company in the world, you know.
  8. Gothic

    DoomedNums not working properly

    That's a pretty dumb way to fix it, but ok. I hope there will be a better solution in the future.
  9. I have a custom actor (Zscript) that I want to place on a map, but UDB doesn't detect it and gives me this error: Failed to apply MAPINFO DoomEdNum override "18012 = uachologramcustom": failed to find corresponding actor class... Is there something I'm doing wrong? Here's the actor for testing. UACHolograms.zip
  10. Gothic

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    Does this mean twitter will finally be good?
  11. I personally use the arabic numbers while referring to the console releases, and the roman numbers with the gameboy games.
  12. Gothic

    [URGENT] Save Melissa Lucio

    Apathy towards dead/dying people (outside the community) seems to be a common thing in this forum. The John Galt thread comes to mind.
  13. Gothic

    Texture Archaeology

    Never though of this. This gives me more ideas for my Patched texture pack.