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Status Updates posted by Gothic

  1. What I'd give to travel back in time and tell my stupid past self to NOT delete unfinished maps





  2. Uh oh! You got BEANED!

    1. Jayextee


      I have no understanding of what has transpired here. Is it coffee-related? :P

    2. Gothic


      I mean your avatar

    3. Jayextee


      I drew it for a joke, it's allowed. ;)

  3. I forgot how much fun is to push pods on vanilla heretic compared to gzdoom

    1. Memfis


      what's teh difference?

    2. Gothic


      In vanilla they're more slippery and easier to move around. I'm sure that option is available on gzdoom, but I'm talking about defaults.

  4. Why is EE called Ultra Progressive World again?

  5. Just finished Jaguar Doom on Calico, great port and I hope mouse support will be available on the future.

    Since it had no music, I just played songs from 3DO Doom and pretended this was what it was supposed to be.

  6. Man, Ten Years of Wads and the early Cacowards really need bigger screenshots.

  7. Poor man's DOBWIRE




  8. Can I upload files to Doomworld from this acount so it says I uploaded it, or do I have to just use a FTP client and said uploader remain "guest"? Or it is something you request to an admin?

    1. riderr3


      All files is uploaded by "guests". That's probably can be changed, but seems no one cares.

  9. Hey, did you made this?


    1. Glaice


      Yes I did.

  10. Tomorrow...

    1. Ichor


      Time to put some licorice jelly beans in a few random easter eggs.

  11. Hey, can I use that E1M1/megalovania midi you made for 32in24 on my wad?

    1. Xaser


      Sure! A line o' credit in the textfile would be appreciated, but otherwise, go hog-wild!

    2. Gothic


      Thanks, mate

  12. I see Slade v3.1.0.2 and the newest one just can't coexist on the same drive without deleting eachother's configurations. I guess I'll stick to the old one until Slade has GME and proper ILBM support.

  13. Found this on my drive, and I don't remember why I made it. Use as you will.



  14. Hey man, don't steal my avatar, don't you know how much love I put on the making of that monstruosity?

    1. Dokta Whawee

      Dokta Whawee

      Oh, sorry. I found it on some random website. I didn't mean to steal it. I will change it for you.

    2. Gothic


      I'm sorry if I sounded rude, I was just joking.

  15. Recomend me any wad that I can play while eating cheetos on a rainy day with a number divisible by 4 at 6pm and while I heard dogs barking at a cat.

    1. Xyzzy01


      I think either Mock 2 or The Sky May Be will suffice with that logic XD

  16. Question to any modder out there: is there any good reason why you SHOULDN'T zip your beta releases? Because I've seen that plenty of times and it seems really inconvenient to me. But maybe there is a reason for that.

    1. Memfis


      Maybe downloading a raw file can be slightly faster than downloading a zip file, extracting the wad, and deleting the archive...

  17. Eradicator has some badass monster designs. Too bad they had the brilliant idea of making asimetrical monsters and not giving them full rotations.

  18. Why people still make Doom mods, at all?


    Title is self explanatory.







    Please give me likes.

  19. I hope Super Mayhem 17 will be released before december.

  20. Just finished Duke Hard, what a great user made episode. I just wish Eduke32 was more stable.

  21. There must be a "Dick Kickem" DN mod out there, I know it.

    1. Josuke


      The Devastator is replaced with the ultimately superior, "Ass Chewer"

  22. Have you ever thought to yourself when you start a map "oh god this isn't gonna work at all" and then you look at the final result and feel satisfied?


    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Usually the exact opposite.

    2. Memfis


      This looks tasty somehow. Like a pile of cakes.

  23. So other people's updates are no longer on the main page? What a bore, I don't want to make a little extra effort to move my mouse and click a button to see them.


    (that wasn't sarcasm btw, i'm that lazy)