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  1. Gah, I hate the fact that you can't use custom sprites on vanilla without first summoning the Elder Ones.

    1. Doomkid


      After years of being stumped as a kid, I finally learned the two "simple" solutions only about 2 years ago - either use dehacked trickery to have it call custom sprite names not present in the iwads, or use/replace literally every sprite. (you may already know this by now but still, what sucky methods)

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      chocolate-doom.exe -merge yourwadwithsprites.wad


      If smb is smart enough to play in vanilla, he's probably smart enough to merge sprites using DeuSF or whatever as well. :]

    3. Gothic


      I knew about the dehacked thing, but I didn't know about the merge command, I though I was condemned to use Deutex to make it work. Thanks.