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Everything posted by Gothic

  1. Gothic

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell

    You were one of my earliest inspirations for mapping. Good luck on your future.
  2. Gothic

    PUSS VI: Imperfect Hatred [ February Speedmapping Event]

    Actually I would like my map out of this project, it wouldn't be fair for people who actually made it in time, and compared to other maps here, mine isn't as creative as the rest.
  3. Gothic

    Welcome to Idgames Upload

    This should be pinned on Wads & Mods.
  4. If you're interested, zrrion made a bunch of cleaned textures here
  5. Gothic

    Best and worst source-port for doom

    Don't mind me, just raising my post counter
  6. Gothic

    Somebody Turn This Into A Mod

    Who let their 9 months old brother browse DoomWorld?
  7. Gothic

    What Do The Japanese Think Of Quake?

    Gotta raise that rank somehow
  8. Gothic

    What Format should I edit in?

    Slade3 is the only lump editor of choice as far as I know, everything else is outdated.
  9. Gothic

    PUSS VI: Imperfect Hatred [ February Speedmapping Event]

    I actually couldn't finish my map under 6 hours, I'm not that fast mapping. So my map might not included in the wad, but still I want to share it Map Name: Reject Hatred Author: Gothic Music: Grit by Alfonzo Sky: the default Format: Limit Removing Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: almost 8 hours Gimmicks Used: caco swarm, rocky cavernwith lost souls and spectres Comments: Took me longer than the limit, so this doesn't qualify but whatever Screenshots: EDIT: Whoops, I forgot the download link REJHATE.zip
  10. Gothic

    Why i hate using source ports

    ahh yes
  11. Gothic

    Chasm: The Rift

    Did they really uploaded the full game on ModDB?
  12. Gothic


    how can i rip sprites from doom 3 on the xbox
  13. Gothic


    Why is Doom so great? Why do mappers put too many monsters in UV? What are better games than Hunt Down the Freeman?
  14. For Quake 1, my choice of port is Quakespasm Spiked. For 2 I use Yamagi Quake 2.
  15. Gothic

    Super Gantlet! An actually difficult wad.

    Being a jackass to zdoom players won't bust interest on your wad
  16. This seems like beating a dead horse to be honest.
  17. Gothic

    Doom Slayer is coming to Fall Guys

    "Doom Slayer is coming..." *gasp* "...to Fall Guys" oh, ok
  18. Doesn't matter how much he thanks Jesus Christ in his works, there's a special place in hell reserved for gore spammers like him.
  19. I disagree with the idea of videos replacing images to showcase mods/games. I like images better, unless you want to showcase cool looking animations.
  20. Gothic

    Are Game Awards Pointless?

    I keep hearing "x awards are fake and pointless", mostly from salty people whose picks didn't make it. Well I'd like to hear what awards do they think are the "real" ones. And don't tell me stupid crap like "the satisfaction" or "the friends we made along the way", those are the TRUE pointless awards.
  21. Is there a problem with that number? Let's not put a standard to how many maps can your wads have.