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  1. Gothic

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Are you using the latest version of Gzdoom?
  2. Four Weeks of Pain is a 28 level megawad for Hexen made for NaNoWADMo 2019. The levels are meant to be simple and short. It requires GZDoom to run. Screenshots: Download
  3. Gothic

    Rocketman Custom monster

    That's a great sprite set, just a couple more of blood spots on his armor to be a good zombie. The death sprites could use a little more work, it looks like it was taken from a higher point of view.
  4. Gothic

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    Out now on idgames
  5. Gothic

    Missing Textures

    Yes, Doom 1 has textures that are not present in Doom 2 and viceversa. Same with both Final Doom IWADs. If it doesn't happen while playtesting, it's because you're loading the entire Doom 1 IWAD while playing a Doom 2 map, which is not a good idea. If you want to use Doom 1 textures on Doom 2, I believe there is a "Doom textures for Doom 2" texture pack on idgames and Realm667.
  6. Gothic

    Siderurgica - A Doom 1 vanilla map.

    Great map, and I loved the dark corridors near the end.
  7. Gothic

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    The first release candidate is now ready to go. Here is the changelog: The download link is on the main post.
  8. There is no denying that GZDoom is a very demanding port, and Pirate Doom gets very resource intensive later on due to use of reflective floors, 3D floors and lots of dynamic lighting. You could argue that you don't need a high end PC to play Doom smoothly, but that doesn't apply to GZDoom and their mods. I'd say stick to lesser ports or get a better computer. Or like you said, convert the whole thing to be boom compatible, if you have the patience and knowledge.
  9. Gothic

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    Oops. A release candidate will be released later today, or tomorrow depending on your time zone.
  10. Gothic

    Since Doom 64 Will Be On PC...

  11. Gothic

    What is Boom?

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Boom For more info about Doom ports, check the DoomWiki
  12. Gothic

    Four Weeks of Pain: A Hexen Megawad

    I've been slacking off on this project, but hopefully a full release will be ready on this weekend.
  13. Gothic

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    All I can think is all those old stock screamings
  14. Gothic

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Ken's Labyrinth
  15. A beta of my megawad can be found here
  16. I'm only 1 map left, and all bosses are done. I say I did better than last year. I'm still figuring out some MAPINFO stuff though, and making custom graphics, should have done that the past month.
  17. I haven't posted anything since the challenge started, because I was afraid I couldn't finish it like last year. But since I'm 5 levels away from finishing it, I figured it would be time to reveal what I have been working on. I'm working on a 28 level pack for Hexen called "4 weeks of pain", consisting on 4 hubs with 5 maps and a boss each. The maps are short and simple, trying to not be too complex for time restrains. Unlike my previous attempt at a megawad, I started fresh from day 1 without predrawn maps, but with a clear idea on what the maps would be like (I was gathering resources before that but I don't think that counts). Here are some screenshots from a couple of maps: I was hoping I could have this finished earlier, but my previous notebook stopped working and I had to buy a new one days later, so I may have the maps finished by the end of the month, but polishing and difficult settings may come later.
  18. Gothic

    MAP30 submission (retired)

    Tested on chocorenderlimits and gzdoom. Download
  19. Gothic

    MAP30 submission (retired)

    I'm gonna retire this map from the project. This map has plenty of problems besides the terrible IoS battle, and I want to solve them myself, but not for now.
  20. Gothic

    Modern AAA gaming sucks now!

    Time to go up, or whatever they say.
  21. Crossposting from zdoom.org to get more attention. Recently I got a new computer with Windows 10 installed, after my previous notebook bit the dust. Now I'm trying to run GZDoom Builder, but doesn't start and it doesn't show any message explaining why. Then I tried to run Doom Builder X, and it tells me that I need the latest version of DirectX installed (using dxdiag tells me that I have DirectX 12). So I went here and tried to install the latest DirectX version but an internal error happens and fails to install. Checking the log report tells me "error 0x80070005" I tried googling some answers but so far none have worked. Please if somebody here knows how to fix it, I will be very thankful.
  22. Gothic

    DB X/GZDB-Bugfix & DirectX Problems

    Big BIG thanks @Kappes Buur, finally I got GZDoom Builder running.
  23. My computer just died tonight. Tomorrow I'll check my hard drive to save my WIP projects, if I can.