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  1. actinide2k9

    Doom gibbing sound in song

    Hi I just wanted to share this funny thing that I noticed today. I was listening to some dubstep when suddenly I heard something familiar. It's at the one minute (1:00) mark and at some other places in the track too. I hope this is the right forum board to post it!
  2. actinide2k9

    Where do demons go when they die in Hell ?

    Indeed, but smoking is only allowed outside.
  3. actinide2k9

    Where do demons go when they die in Hell ?

    They go backstage and drink tea together while talking about what to get during lunch break. They also talk about what to get Doomguy for his birthday this year. When the game is restarted they go back to their places and wait for the signal again. During intermission screens they have nice conversations with Doomguy at the coffee machine.
  4. actinide2k9

    has anyone attempted doom playing ai?

    How about using a neural network in combination with a genetic algorithm for training? Create a source port that does not render graphics (for maximum speed when training) and try to train the NN for x generations. There are several ways to realize this. One is to use only visual input to train the network. This would probably not work or take ages. Another way is to give monster locations/item locations as an input and visual input to the neural network. Alternatively you could also give the level data/player data/monster data/item data as inputs. I guess this would be the best way to create a NN that could still handle it. It would still take ages to train though, and there is a chance it will never be good enough. Just throwing some random thoughts in here ;) I still have some neural network code lying around for a autonomous robot I build for my Computer Engineering Bachelor's degree... Maybe I could try to do something with that :P The only thing I would not like to do is build a renderless source port for this... Does anyone know if chocolate doom is open source? Maybe I could use that. EDIT: There is a very, very big chance it can not handle traps and stuff like that of course... I'm just curious how a NN would handle it now Thinking about it even more... as Maes suggested using recursively solving tasks might be a very nice way to handle it. In combination with a NN for decision making it would probably be possible to get a decent bot for a few simple levels. MOAR EDIT: I looked at the source of chocolate doom... is there any C++ source? I'm more proficient with OO programming instead of functional programming.
  5. 1) F*cker(zombieman) 2) F*cker (shotgun guy) 3) Fat f*cker (heavy weapon dude) 4) F*cker (imp) 5) F*cker (demon) 6) F*cker(spectre) 7) Flying F*cker (lost soul) 8) Flying F*cker (cacodemon) 9) Big F*cker (hell knight) 10) Big F*cker (baron of hell) 11) F*cker (arachnotron) 12) F*cker (pain elemental) 12) F*cker (revenant) 13) Fat F*cker (mancubus) 14) F*cker (arch-vile) 15) Huge F*cking F*cker(cyberdemon) 16) Huge F*cking F*cker (spider mastermind) 17) Wall F*cker (ios)
  6. Damn, you beat me to it. But basically we can communicate in Doom. End of argument :P
  7. actinide2k9

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    At first I was like: Noooh I get my CE tomorrow :( But then I was like: Oh I have 200Mbit internet let's calculate.... Oh, about 28 minutes to download Then the ISP called: Turns out I am the demons. Conclusion: I pay way too much for my internet, until now, now I pay way too much for my Collector's Edition. On another note: Something seems to be throbbing with an increasing frequency depending on how close we are to 13 May
  8. actinide2k9

    Why do people like texture filtering in Doom?

    GL_NEAREST and NO filtering whatsoever here. Also no mipmaps and stuff... I just like the look it is supposed to have. I have to admit I play in 1080p, but sometimes I reduce the resolution to 640*480 or 320*240. For those that are still wondering, the difference between GL_NEAREST and GL_LINEAR has to do with how pixels are sampled from a texture. GL_NEAREST basically 'enlarges' the pixels by sampling the 'nearest neighbour' when scaled. GL_LINEAR gets the average of neighbouring pixels when scaled. That part about 'average' is the reason why it gets blurry.
  9. actinide2k9

    Doom songs transposed from minor to major

    This is great, especially the tower of babel one! Laughed my ass off in real life haha
  10. actinide2k9

    Doom gameplay with metal overlayed

    Well, I get it, everyone has their own view on things. I just hope it doesn't collapse into a black hole if the red dwarf goes supernova.
  11. actinide2k9

    Doom gameplay with metal overlayed

    Seriously this sounds awesome: https://youtu.be/t0eRy99qtdE?t=4m35s When it comes out (and if it is still has wibbedy wobbedy wubbedy dubbedy music) I think I'll mute it and play that.
  12. actinide2k9

    GZDoom/Brutal Doom lags(I think it's caused by gibs?)

    Try setting the scaling of textures and sprite to off in the OpenGL settings I found that improves performance. So make sure the scaling is set to nearest neighbour. (Big pixels instead of smoothed corners) Also update to version v20b, it has performance improvements. I don't know if that will help but I can play it fairly smooth on an i5 2450m, 8GB RAM and an AMD 7470m (laptop). Idk if your processor is an APU but make sure you are using the dedicated video card. EDIT: also make sure you are using the latest version of GZDoom.
  13. actinide2k9

    DOOM on Game Informer

    Alot of people are whining about color usage... (EDIT: On other forums) Am I the only one thinking that, yes, while the colors COULD be brighter they are more colorful than most games nowadays? It only looks as if the contrast is a little low on the cacodemons and the armor, but that could also be the fog (for the caco's at least).
  14. actinide2k9

    DOOM on Game Informer

    Purple imps? wut?
  15. Well yeah, it is not as dark as I expected too, that much is true. What I like about it though is that in my opinion it fits the 'technical' style of the demons. The music in the multiplayer gameplay demo is a little bit heavier though, so maybe this is still subject to change. EDIT: Multiplayer demo (starts around where the music starts): https://youtu.be/JTfe7V-_3r0?t=1m19s