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  1. Bah, I am getting tired of my life. I only sit here on my ass at the computer. If i'm not tired of it already. I have not a single thing I like in my life. I am ugly, fat, don't have a edu, don't have a job, don't have a girlfriend. I have lost my friends, and not good to make new friends.

    I can't map worth a shit for doom or any other game. I wish life was easier to live. Why the hell did I get my mind and my body. Mother nature hate me?

    I know no one would post any serious posts, so this is your chance for spam...
    And on the other hand, I doubt anyone care.

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Thats a bummer to hear, Torn. :(
      I am sorry to hear of such hardened times.

      Despite of such, there is always still a chance of something more optimistic to arise. :D I know I sound more corny than the Green Giant's corn field, but pessimism is a bummer, as many of us know. I know I can't help much, but I do want to, I don't like seeing people unhappy. :D

      Oh and, let me know when Super Tornio World is done. :D

      Take care. :D

    3. Ralphis


      I thought that way once, then I went outside and asked a girl out once. And then I became super stud Ralphis. Just gotta ballsy up and do it really

    4. Danarchy


      At least you know how to use cut and paste right.