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  1. Hello there, Torn here. I went away some months back. I got a life, a girlfriend, etc...
    But I am gonna bring flashback back to life again, because I got my mapping spirit again. :)
    But I have moved the website to another host, but I forgot to backup the website. :(
    And I kinda lost the maps, so Espi if you see this, please email me the maps. I love your work. :)
    I also need Erik's map E4M1.
    I kinda helps if you have problems with mapping ideas, if you go away for a time(in my place a half year I think :P).
    Still if any of your talented people want to make any e4 maps for flashback, mail me. thanks.
    But anyway, see you later.

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    2. DooMBoy


      Espi and Torn in the same thread? Cripes, it's like a frickin' reunion.

    3. DOOM Anomaly
    4. Torn


      Espi said:

      Good thing Lüt poked me to see this thread, I don't come here anymore. Anyway, the email in your profile doesn't work, so could you send me an email from your new address or something? Or better yet, log on AIM (I have a new screenname: Wool Fever).

      Edit: OMG hahaha 555 posts

      Hi again Espi. :)
      Well, I downloaded our demo again. So I am only missing your e1m8, e2m1, e2m4 and e2m9. I was thinking some time ago, I couldn't let this project die. I am download trillian at the moment.
      See you soon.
      I don't have internet at home anymore.