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  1. NackWeasel

    So I'm looking for a good engine and WAD creator...

    Thanks a lot to all of you! I appreciate the help. I'll start looking into all of the ones you've referenced here.
  2. NackWeasel

    A Different Look at Doom

    Well, my mind is officially blown... But it's this kind of creative potential that's brought me here trying to make my own WADs.
  3. NackWeasel

    Anyone ever had a DOOM dream?

    I had a DOOM dream once... I remember it was a lot of DOOM marines (I was one of them) against a bunch of demons in a big green open field. at the end of the field was a big, tall, stone tower. After the marines finished killing all of the demons, there were only 3 of us left. Then the tower opened up and the Cyberdemon was inside. He started shooting the rocket missiles at us, and then I woke up.
  4. Hello, I'm a long time DOOMer and I've visited Doomworld a decent amount in the past, and I've just now registered with the forums. That said, I have a question. I'm looking to create my own custom DOOM WAD. The concept of what I want to do is really quite simple: I just want to be able to replace the enemy/character sprites with my own sprites, and I want to replace the sound files with my own sound files. The concept is the same as Simpson's DOOM - All of the enemies are, in essence, exactly the same, as are the levels, but their sprites have been replaced with Simpsons character sprites and their sound files with sounds extracted from the show. What would be the best doom engine and WAD to use to create this? Keep in mind I'm very new here... I appreciate any information. Thanks!