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Status Updates posted by Marcaek

  1. doom the way id did is nearly eight years old

    1. Alfonzo


      You stop that. You stop that right this instant.

    2. Breezeep
    3. Marcaek


      back to saturn x e1 is also nearly eight years old

  2. you: brutal heretic


    me, an intellectual: hm haharetic

  3. where is inverno deja vu??????? gimme

  4. come back erik we need scythe x

  5. hey @franckFRAG whatever happened to this



    1. Catpho


      That is gorgeous :D

      On that note, what happened to this:



    2. franckFRAG


      Haha :D The first two screens are a WIP project, the last is an abandoned map for SlaughterMAX.

      But wait on december 10th, I will post some maps...

    3. Catpho


      I think you meant sf13, considering that's where I got the screen from :P

      Please finish these in the future :)))) You will win my cacoward-shaped heart if you do :))))

  6. @Shaikoten 32in24 pls, also oda compat from the start instead of boom if pvp pls doomworld people need to be aware of what the baseline really is

    1. Doomkid


      Do you have that list that @Decay (or someone else idk) made that has all of zdaemon and odamex’s basic features, both what’s missing and what’s present? It would be super helpful to try and make what exactly the baseline is common knowledge just in case PVP mapping picks up again. I usually just tell people “please to be using zdoom format but only use boom features oh and also thing-based bridges” which is confusing for most and a mouthful to boot.

    2. Gothic


      screw 32in24, what we need is Moss & Lichen DM

  7. @Linguica make a doom 64 ex subforum

    1. Linguica


      oops close enough

    2. Marcaek


      this is acceptable i spose


    1. Eris


      That's zahl the evidence we needed, son.

    2. Cacodemon345


      Are you sure Jerry.C = Graf?

  9. Do you still have a link to Necromantic Thirst?

    1. Oxyde


      Hi Marcaek!

      No, I don't work on Necromantic Thirst anymore, FranckFRAG is the new main man on this. :)

    2. Memfis


      "The lost levels": http://doomedsda.us/wad2011.html

      Development forum: http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/f54-necromantic-thirst


      Or are you looking for something else?

  10. Hey Lutz whatever happened to Demios: Anomaly Unleashed???

    1. Lutz


      Yeah, that was supposed to be a thing.  Long story short, I got a little detail crazy and got burned out after 3/4 of one level, partly because I kept trying to top myself and partly because WinDEU (which I used at the time) just isn't suited for more modern level design.

    2. Marcaek


      Given how long it has been I suppose it's (obviously) dead for good. Do you think you'll ever finish off what you had started with it?

    3. Lutz


      I will have to dust off what I had built.  I feel like I looked at it a couple years ago and just wasn't that impressed -- there were some cool pseudo-3D effects (like a elevator cage you could ride on and walk under) but too much artificial filler around the effects.  At the moment I am playing around with the Ancient Aliens texture set with a half-formed project in mind, but I don't really know where it's really going to go.


    1. Catpho


      Ah,i already played both of these,thanks for the recommendations though,they are good wads :)

      I wish there was a boom RETRES cp without gimmicks,or a resurrection of EDIV.

  11. Come play [TSPG] Painkiller: Friday Night Fragfest #412: GVH: Nordic Saga ( zds:// )


    on Zandronum!


    1. Doomkid


      That's zahl the evidence we needed, son.

    2. esselfortium


      when you think about it, hell theatre is an extremely on-point name for a puppetry account devoted to doom drama

  13. more glowy future maps pls

    1. Zanieon


      How TF did you know i was working on one right now?


  14. Hey, are you still planning on releasing The Punisher?

    1. Memfis


      And did you ever find TimeOfDeath???