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  1. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Absolute Dishonor

    I'm willing to admit I died on the first map. What I'm choosing not to do is to leave physical evidence of my dismal performance. Participation points isn't worth this degree of scrubbiness. Demo has been deleted and I'm consciously choosing to not retain or reveal any of the details of it. Symbolicly, the evidence has been burned to ash and then the ashes were dissolved with acid. Only this testimonial will remain for posterity. I did play this for the IronEagle when it was chosen which was a factor in why I was so salty at the end of the recording. Better luck next month, so it goes.
  2. Crusader No Regret

    Looking for wads like Ancient Aliens or Solar Struggle

    Avactor, Epic, and portions of Epic 2 come to mind. Fragport maybe, I don't recall that many WADs of comparable length that have the next map continue from where the previous map ended.
  3. Crusader No Regret

    What are you playing now?

    Couple of replays. I haven't played through Doomed in Space continuous until now. So I wasn't aware there was an actual ending after the last map. The quirky cast of enemies makes it feel like its own world. Granted, I'm probably biased having playtested this one. Went through UAC Supply Depot again with the Alien Vendetta weaponset from Final Doomer. I wound up feeling the absence of the plasma rifle and BFG as that arsenal feels awkward for focusing down archviles. Found a few more secrets that I missed on the first go-around. Also somehow missed a monster somewhere but it's not likely worth combing over such a huge map for it. Not a replay but I did try out My House. The mainstream attention had turned me off for a while but it seems to have mostly settled. Part tribute, part showcase of doomcute, part mind screw is what I'll say about it here. I'd avoided most of the spoilers until after running through it 2-4 times. Then I caved and looked stuff up and lost most of my motivation to play it any further. Heh.
  4. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 30 No monsters spawner to put up with and no timing rockets from a lift. 10/10 . . . Oh all right, I'll say a little more. Looking at the monster counter does spoil a lot of the suspense but there's still ways to kill unsuspecting players without monsters. Surprise crushers, barrel traps, instant death pits, baiting into telefragging a voodoo doll, etc... Also, seeing that 0 on the monster counter at the start doesn't preclude the absence of a spawner. The journey through this map takes the player to a number of past locales. As an easter egg, any secrets in the revisited areas are accessed the same way as they were previously, though untagged. The way the map ends and the ending text unsettled me to a similar degree as the ending of A.L.T. How much of the resultant rampage is the protagonist's own doing (as they already had a bone to pick with the UAC even without some dark entity getting involved) and how much is from the influence of whatever entity has been stalking the TormentGuy through the maps is uncertain. Some concluding thoughts From my perspective, E1 is the "show off the Boom trickery" with gameplay a secondary consideration episode. E2 strives to combine the various elements into a cohesive package. E3 is the horror and gloom episode. The experiences of each episode feel quite distinct from each other and which one(s) a person will enjoy most will very well come down to personal preference. For me, E2 had the most enjoyable gameplay overall while E3 had the strongest atmosphere. E3 spooked me in a way that a slaughtermap with armies of thousands just isn't going to match. The overall set does live up to the premise of a unique experience so I suppose it is a success in that area. One more gameplay mod experiment I want to do with this mapset. map 11 - UV with Touhou Doom enemies and weapons The showdown with the cybers is more fun and frantic with this mod set. All the invisibility artifacts as well as the computer map are replaced with spellcards, which increase the variety of tools available to use. Having spellcards to cancel shots in case enemies line up a shot when going after the monster release switches is a welcome addition. The weapon in slot 5 is more fun to use than the stock rocket launcher and also has three firing modes for more flexibility. Also, the cybers can be replaced by character bosses for more variety. The bullet hell can get really wild with two or three character bosses/dammaku cybers prowling around. Also, there's higher infighting potential which will result in less monster HP to grind down. Wasn't able to complete the map though, in an instance of "user beware" when using mods the mapset wasn't designed for. Whatever wizardry is used to open up the path to the exit when killing the cybers, Touhou Doom enemies breaks it. Some monsters don't teleport in at all. I tried this map 2-3 times and each time, there were 40 living enemies when the dust has settled vs 1 when I didn't mess around with enemy replacements. So it goes with using mods. I suspect the finale of 20 would be much harder with this modset with 4 or more boss tier monsters in an enclosed space compared to the triviality of 4 masterminds and an invisibility but haven't tried that one yet. Assuming map progression doesn't break in some other way before then.
  5. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 29: 100% kills, 0/1 secrets Over 900 monsters on HMP which rose to over 1,000 before it was over. Because ZDoom counting lost souls. Very much structured as a linear path forward and generally no turning back. Despite the large monster count, it's mostly basic. Most encounters can be solved by application of heavy firepower to packs of monsters advancing from one direction or circlestrafing and letting infights thin out the ranks. The challenge of the first leg is dealing with about a third of the population without any chance to restore health. Playing with a gameplay mod greatly expedited clearing out packs (pretty sure the large horde of red demons is designed to take more than one BFG shot to clear out, as one example). Next segment opens with being greeted by dozens of speedy demons charging your direction. Intimidating when played under intended conditions, I imagine. Me coming in with a mod definitely ruined that effect as 1-2 rockets or one BFG shot decimates the pack. Next big fight I made more difficult on myself by insisting on taking out the pain elementals without them spewing too many skulls (more than 30-40 being "too many") but without using the BFG to do it as all the buffs I stacked on it wipes out the cacos too and I want them around for infighting. One of the floating islands has a setup where the only ammo provided was rockets so I was using only that and berserk fist on the lurking monsters there (with a bit of chaingun use for the resident chaingunners). After overcoming the islands, there's one last megasphere going into the final set of challenges. The initial setup takes a bit more effort than just circlestrafing everything. Trying to bait infights without taking too much damage from cyber rockets or the dozens of other monsters lying in wait took a number of attempts. Ammo looks somewhat scarce for an aggressive approach. I had both cybers killed by infights in my successful attempt and I'd much rather face the flock of cacos in almost any instance. Three more challenges to overcome before the exit; I can see where others' complaints about repetitive setups are coming from. Beating back a pack of knights and barons was simple. The dark caves that get populated with arachnotrons and mancubi isn't really going to be much harder if one doesn't care about maximizing infighting. The two pyramids room has a lot more teeth and it looks like a setup from Combat Shock 2 or another dedicated slaughter map. Thanks to gameplay mod, my first crack at it ended up feeling too easy so i reloaded and did things differently so that it would take some work to win. Tangent: Unintended effects of gameplay mods Far as I can tell, seekers affected by Gun Bonsai's Personal ECM perk are treated as they came from the player. They'll give weapon EXP to whatever weapon the player has out even when not actively attacking. Monsters hit by reprogrammed seekers will treat it as a player attack for purposes of targeting instead of the monster that fired them. Most significant (in the case of this particular combat setup), is that reprogrammed seekers will trigger any perks of the currently held weapon. This includes all elemental effects as well as those that activate on a kill. I had the BFG out on the first go. So when a monster died to a redirected seeker, inevitable with all the scrambling I was doing, Chain Lightning + Submuntions would take out 2-4 more despite me never firing a shot. This trivialized things more than I wanted so I switched to a different weapon while running around trying to infight bait to not break things as extensively. (end tangent) Once again with less cheese. (actually more than once working out a strategy) I still want to get the cyber to infight but I cannot stand still for very long or other projectiles will find me with a wall of mancubi and the pyramids stuffed with revenants. Going in somewhat of a figure eight pattern seemed to eventually achieve what I'm going for without dying in the process. Eventually was able to squeeze past the cyber blocking the way out while it was distracted with another monster and the hardest part was over. Didn't have this thought until after the map was over but this doesn't feel like a part of E3 of Sign of Torment. It could be entirely retextured with a completely different texture set and would still be the same map. Same with map 27 too but that one's shorter so it didn't have as much time to sink in.
  6. Crusader No Regret

    IronEagle Competition 59: Escalation Titan

    Blind attempt on HMP. DNF on map 5 due to exhaustion after a two and a half hour marathon. Looking for all the little concealed switches was a colossal waste of time in this format. Great choice of mapset for an ironman format. eagle_etitan_cnr.zip
  7. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 28: 100% everything It's different at least, having a map 28 be this desolate. It's a bit of a puzzle to access the first key, assuming one doesn't stumble into the solution by chance. The cybers guarding the next key I feel is the most difficult part of the map. Didn't really work out a reliable way to hide from them for the duration of their timer, instead opting to accept an attempt where I took about 80 splash damage in total. My choice of gameplay mod has some interesting side effects here. Because the cybers are telefragged by voodoo dolls, it counts as damage coming from the player. This gives a lot of weapon EXP leaving to a decision behorehand about which weapon to give it too. Pondered some before opting to pour it into the BFG. I end up adding the following: - Thunderbolt: The same momentary freeze effect I've been putting on plasma gun. Not the biggest deal but it is a prerequisite for the next upgrade. - Chain Lightning: Killed enemies produce lightning that seeks out other enemies for added damage. Damage does scale based on max health of killed enemy and overkill damage so I like the effect on a high power weapon. Enemies killed by Chain Lightning will trigger the effect again for potentially massive chain reactions. - Submunitions: On a weapon that can already knock off many enemies per shot, this enhances the devastation potential. Combined with Chain Lightning, this can waste large swaths of monsters with one shot. Also added more damage and the acid upgrade. This is a gloriously overpowered weapon of mass destruction. The last key, I was expecting an ambush or cage fight (sure looks like a setup for one) on grabbing the key but there isn't one, a welcome subversion of the norm. There are some small ambushes hitting the switches as well as a few harmless fakeouts (well harmless as long as one doesn't impulsively shoot a voodoo doll) Instead, the bulk of the monsters await in the final arena. Hands out an invulnerability to get a head start on going to town multiple revenants, archviles, and cybers. Mainly a chance to let off some steam. This went easier than intended due to all the buff I stuck on the BFG. There's a top-of-skyscraper view accessed via a secret that I don't have an idea of its narrative significance. Could it be a reference to Going Down (which I've never gotten around to)? Maybe it's an internal self-contained reference to the WAD's story. Hell if I know.
  8. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 27: 96% kills, 0/2 secrets Structurally similar to map 20 where one brings the keys to a central location to open up the path onward. Much greater focus on setpiece encounters with very little incidental combat and fewer cyberdemons to slay. It's the fights themselves I'm inclined to gab about this time. Red key: Did this one first, the one with the light-amp goggles. With no ammo provided in the lock-in arena, this lends itself to getting everything to infight. I feel this is the easiest way to win as leaving the cacodemons alive allows them to distract the mancubi. There is that risk of body blocking but decent crowd management and herding everything to the center minimizes that danger. No health either but I came in with 200/200 so retries were from taking more damage than I wanted rather than outright dying. White key: This one came second. The invulnerability provided on HMP does not turn the cyber duel into a freebie as the impact from a rocket will still send one flying into the death void. The later circular arena on this path is still more difficult though how much varies. If one can keep the arachnotrons herded closer to the center and quickly eliminate pain elementals before they vomit tons of skulls, it will feel easier. But if the spiders and their fat bodies spread out, it becomes noticealby harder to stay in motion (to avoid being peppered by plasma). I lost a lot of attempts here due to falling off the sides. Black key: This one is made up of smaller fights that feel more incidental than orchestrated. It's the smaller spaces that create any sense of difficulty here. The dual revenants are the most intimidating of the ambushes but plasma (or the Rapid Fire SSG I was toting) take them out handily The exit is located in the same lab as map 22's for that internal continuity. And raising more questions. I was missing 5 monsters and did make a token effort to find them but soon gave up, topped off resources, and left. BFG for reals this time. With the upgrades I earned this map, I attach more damage, two levels of lightning upgrade (slowed enemies are much easier to connect the green ball on), and a level of Rapid Fire to counteract the native slow firing speed.
  9. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 26: 100% kills, 0/1 secrets Back in the start room of map 21; whatever force is behind thing in gloomsville wants to keep the protagonist there. This map really ups the unsettling feeling from map 22 with the dark caves where enemies could be lying in wait in the shadows. And what was that manmade facility doing in this otherwise otherworldly realm. I was on edge exploring it uncertain as to when the monsters would break the silence. I feel it well played that taking the first key didn't immediately spring a welcoming party, to keep up the uncertainty. Map becomes more action-oriented as it progresses with less quiet exploration before the next encounter. Coming in with 200/200 and toting an overpowered arsenal, was in little danger from the combat but it was engaging and that's what matters in custom maps. I was constantly failing with the jumppads before the showdown in the castle in the void. Thought it was my choice of port throwing things off though I suppose I was just dense and didn't pick up the timing aspect. There should be enough ammo in that arena to not require infight baiting but I did so anyway as it is more enjoyable for me. Other than terminating any archviles and pain elementals with extreme prejudice, only needed to finish off the cybers myself. Straightforward from here on to the exit. Though I did return to the castle to top off. And proceeded to fail even harder at the jumppads leading up to it, eventually resorting to -noclip out of frustration. Heh. Jumppad frustrations aside, this feels like one of the strongest entries in the mapset on multiple fronts.
  10. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 24: 100% everything Managed to forget about this map a couple of days after finishing it. Which feels weird as it doesn't appear that forgettable. There's more variety in the demotivational words directed at the protagonist. The cyber duo was terrifying on first encounter and even on repeat playthroughs, being left at 1 heath is unsettling. The atmosphere is effective enough that even teleporting in harmless decorations has the capacity to spook. The use of bloodfalls in the library section with the plasma gun is an improvement over similar effects from episode 1 as rather than going full on infrared zone, it goes with a less obtrusive tinting effect. Easier to see in action rather than me trying to describe it. The pack of demons charging in assisted by conveyors was another notable scare. Only got to squeeze of 1-2 rockets before they got close enough to risk splash damage and that was with foreknowledge. I did try to single-segment this a few times but too many tricky fights had me give up on that idea. Black key involves an archvile (just one on HMP) and red demons that can chew up the player if the cyber blocking the exit doesn't aggro most of them. White key is easier to handle though I did die a time or two due to revenants in cubbyholes able to attack from awkward positions. Red key is brutal with being thrust into a welcoming committee of revenants and speedy demons. And once those are dealt with, there's still getting jumped by a pack of archviles and a turret cyber. The trap at the plasma rifle in the bleeding library also has teeth. Most combat was done with rockets and plasma with only occasional use of weapons in slots 3 and 4 to pick off lone stragglers and low-tiers. map 25: 100% kills, 1/3 secrets I think the start is staged to leave the player at 1% health or close to it. Coming in on continuous (as well as two levels of Tough as Nails for 18% damage reduction) does spoil the intended effect though. Gotta hustle to catch all those timed lifts that start things off. And I did carelessly charge right into the crosshairs of multiple chaingunners when I could have taken them out one at a time, well placed. There's a secret that the automap revealed but I couldn't quite make the jumps across the pillars to register. Only got the one with the backpack. Not sure how one would find it without visible secret sectors on the automap; with them it was hilariously simple to locate. And yes, I did savescum to avoid picking up the megasphere. "We forbid you to kill the cyberdemon." I took the warning as if it were genuine but I never did try to find out what happens if one does kill the cyber early. Could it be a troll? It uses the same white text as the "secret" from map 23 so I did later consider it maybe being intentionally misleading. Now maybe a more skilled player can come up with a reliable means of avoiding stray rockets when entering the various doors it's guarding. I'm not that player, instead going with the safety save and reload if I take a direct hit method. If you're playing with a weapon mod and have access to any means of slowing or freezing the cyber, this is a good place to use them. I had lightning inscription on my plasma gun for slow but I hadn't gotten that effect on the chaingun like I wanted. So that was something. Not using plasma for anything else as none is provided within any reachable area at that point. The mini-arenas for the keys are an interesting enough bunch. Revenants and spider masterminds I felt was best handled by infight baiting and taking out the survivors afterwards. Dead Icon of Sin was a neat moment. I did fall for the booby-trapped BFG, oops. That area proved frustrating because the jumppad after the trapped BFG was being finnicky for me and I kept missing the landing. Dark cave section has many monsters hiding in the shadows but easy when taken slow. Rocket launcher gets a workout in the other arenas, a task made significantly easier by the Exploding Death upgrade on mine. Most combat (when I wasn't baiting infights) is handled with rockets and chaingun; this map doesn't provide that many shells. It's different. After everything is killed, only then do I pick up that megasphere to go into the next map at 200/200.
  11. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 23: 100% everything Maybe I could have killed everything at the start as I did carry over a full stock 50 rockets. But I chose to play along as if it was a pistol start. Booked it for the teleport (not necessary to go full speed) and thrown right into another arena with me in the middle and arachnotrons and later mancubi taking shots from the side. Acid upgrade and a Damage upgrade on my rocket launcher made this a bit easier as I can generally nails 'trons in two shots and mancubi in 3. Took a few lumps due to sloppy dodging but whatever. Whatever entity is leaving the text around is going for blunt. Thing is, seeing DIE plastered everywhere had me soon become used to it and I mostly tuned it out after a minute or two. I found the secret plasma gun before I found the "secret" so I ended up not falling for the trap (other than saving beforehand and trying just to see what would happen) One encounter going for the white key was semi-tricky though only because I insisted on trying to get cacos to inifight the blocking mancubus. Archvile could have been worse but a Rapid Fire boosted rocket launcher barrage took it (and some of its support) out before it could complicate things. Cyber on the islands was cool. Baited it into taking out other monsters in the area before doing the jumppad hopping to telefrag it. Unless the cyber fires immediately after landing from a jump, there's ample time to line up the next jump so taking it steady will prevail. Coming back around to the mob of screaming skeletons one ran from at the beginning is a fitting way to close out the map. It is somewhat tricky to win through infights as revenants sometimes slip past the infighting mob to pursue. Had a funny moment in my successful go where the first cyber came out on top on the brink of defeat and went down in 2 plasma gun shots. Shooting down the other cyber gives weapon EXP to the plasma gun for which I take Bouncy Shots (shots reflect off terrain up to twice or until they hit a monster, probably never going to be relevant) and the first level of lightning upgrade.
  12. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 21: 100% everything Now this is a horror atmosphere, thanks to the texturing and music selection. Well, less music and more droning but it does work at creating tension. There have been a few not-quite-whole demons strung up in the last map or two (a detai I forgot to acknowledge) but starting from this map, they're much more prominently displayed. I died several times attempting this before realizing there was an alternate path than running off a (not actually activated) jumppad into the void. And the first time I located the intended way through the map, I ate too many revenant missiles and died from attrition. The green armor at the start is the only one available and it's likely to get worn down before the map is over. Was fortunate to spot the secret since scanning the automap for secret sectors wouldn t have turned it up. The rocket launcher within wasn't used in the map other than the secret fight itself but it does give me a chance to start putting weapon EXP on it. Not much to say about the rest of combat, just stay alert for ambushes. map 22: 100% kills, 2/3 secrets I haven't felt so much tension in a Doom map in a long time. There are moments in the later maps that will top this but this map managed to put me on edge even when there isn't fighting going on. Never has teleporting a pair of dead zombies gotten me to jump before. At least once, I managed to wander into the middle of an ambush due to monsters silently warping in an area I'm passing through. Did try to go saveless a few times but gave up on that. One reason is a secret which involves using a jumppad at an unconventional angle where messing up means plunging into the deadly void so having a safety save before trying is welcome for sanity. But the main reason to use saves is a number of tricky combat setups. Getting the rocket launcher involves an ambush of archvile and Undead Hunters where it's easy to end up getting filled with lead. Coming back from the white keycard, an ambush with many Undead Hunters was even more trying given how I was low on armor and it was between me and any green armor on the map (and it's a lock-in so running past was not permitted). The exit became accessible at a time I was around 60% kills and I was somewhat tempted to simply bail but chose to go through the unexplored portion of the map, filled with more trying resistance. Right upon entering, there's an ambush with the speedy red demons and some hitscan support so gonna take a few hits. The ambush at the red key itself is a tough one but I was able to handle it with executing arachnotrons first, which let me handle the hellknights at my leisure. Getting locked in a room with three mancubi at uncomfortabe angles tested me more. This one I didn't perform really well at even with a buffed rocket launcher and was mostly saved by ZDoom physics (projectiles impacting on decorations). The white key gaurdians were a tricky bunch, though felt fair. And of course, the monsters aren't letting me leave without another brawl. All this was done without SSG and its absence I felt. There is a hidden SSG but I didn't find it until the map was over. And I somehow forgot to pick it up when I was running around to top off going into the next map.
  13. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 19: 100% kills, 2/3 secrets Never did solve the mystery of the one room which flips realities when crossing the halfway point and I suspect is involved in the missing secret. Oh well. Forgot about parts of the map soon after playing it. This includes the whole red key segment which is interesting now that my memory has been jogged. Kind of frantic since one enters via a one-way lift into a surrounded situation and it's a scramble to reach a defensible position. Balancing on platforms over liquid while chasing a runaway key is also an interesting setpiece. Short on words to say about this map. Maybe I'll go back later and add more. map 20: 100% kills, 0/1 secrets Correctly called that the starting chamber cannot be re-entered after leaving. Played the map through 2-3 times and even with the megasphere, the opening fight seemed to pummel me down to around 20-30 health each time. Progression is rather intuitive. Venture into side areas to find the keys. Bring them to a central area and use them to open up the path. Use the transport switches to access the various side areas. There's a number of cybers to slay, with the pair in the enclosed library being the most tense. Having buffed guns definitely twisted the encounter into my favor as lightning upgrade + Thunderbolt upgrade let me unload plasma at them with drastically reduced risk of retaliation. The area reminiscent of E1M6 felt like a breather with no cybers to grind down. Upon using all the keys to open up the path to the exit, map closes out with a 4 spiderdemon brawl. Grabbed the invis, bait them into infighting, finish off the survivor. Easy and enjoyable enough closer to the map. One more spiderdemon to hose down, a death exit, and end of episode and kicked back to the title screen. Secret sense was not working here and not a lot of incentive to track it down on continuous.
  14. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    Map 16: 100% kills, 0/2 secrets A curious mix of good ideas, bemusing moments, routine progression, and aggravation. Putting in a form of a list. Good ideas: - Having a choice of which path to take at the start - Providing visual cues to indicate which jumppads are active and which switches have already been activated in the large jumppad chamber. This area also raises the skill requirement on jumppad challenges asking for skill with dealing with landing on slippery or damaging ground. Thankfully, the ground around the jumppads themselves is always safe and stable to enable lining up correctly with them. Bemusement: - Runaway key. Won't be the last time either that gimmick gets use. - Cyber in the white lake. It's so tall that its head sticks out, making it simple to shoot at it from the shore. - In the crate room, how one side warps in turret chaingunners and replaces them with revenants while the other side reverses the monster order. - Another map where one cannot return to the start room after leaving it. Might as well top off any spent resources. Aggravation: - The crusher segment. There's no helpful secret to skip it this time and unless one chooses to start with it, requires doing it twice. - The secrets dangling tauntingly just out of reach and not working out how to access either. I really would have liked that SSG in particular. - Jumppad placement in the crate area. Running at one when it's not active will most likely result in plunging into inescapable acid. Conversely, trying to walk over one like it's solid ground (the case when a jumppad isn't active) when one is will also likely result in death. map 17: 100% kills, 0/1 secrets The distinct visual style and some interesting Boom feature use help raise the memorability of this one. Not the first time the set has used solid white and black for walls and relying on noticing color contrasts to help navigate but for some inexplicable reason felt more memorable here. The speedy red demons make their introduction here and can pile on the damage if they get on your flank unnoticed. Don't have a name, at least as far as ZDoom obituaries are concerned when dying to one. They're too fast on the draw to safely chainsaw so other means (including berserk punch) are preferable to dealing with them without injury. Beyond the white door has the most interesting environments of the map. The ground on the islands to hop between are changing from safe to harmful at timed intervals. There's a few safe spots to take advantage of if you want to catch your breath. There's the building where one lands on the roof and can also enter (thanks to clever Boom feature usage) that others have already spoken about. There's the cyber duel back at the islands. I found it easier to mostly stick to a safe spot and take the damage from the lava if it comes to that to dodge rockets than to jump around the islands. Rest of the map isn't as notable. Not bad, just not coming up with words to say about it. Map 18: 100% kills, 3/3 secrets For a welcome change, got all the secrets. The berserk one dangled tauntingly out of reach but it turns out to be simple to access. Starts out looking like a tomb level that would fit in a variety of themes, a departure from what I'm used to from established Sign of Torment style. The fallen ladder is a neat bit of detail. After going for so long without a backpack, felt anti-climactic to have one handed out in the open though not complaining. Fairly simple map to blast through, enjoyable enough. Only died because of getting greedy trying to bait infights though did come close to death once from the "behind you" ambush due to my own inattentiveness. The Boom feature use is rather restrained here, with only a few jumppads and slippery ground patches to contend with. I almost got 100% items here too save for one 1% bonus that was located in a place I couldn't backtrack to. So close.
  15. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    map 32: 100% kills, 18/19 secrets The secret count looks daunting but in the end, I got all but the megaarmor one in the IWAD homage area. Turns out a bunch of the map's secrets are in the IWAD homage area and are mostly acquired the same way so familiarity will land around 40% of them before even needing to put effort into searching. There's a number of switches almost entirely obscured by wall except for a narrow peephole that open up secrets so be on the lookout if a high secret percentage matters to you. I'm not quite sure what the intermission text and map title were getting at. Could be a reference that went over my head. But the setting was compelling enough even without catching all the subtext. Early on, I thought maybe I'd returned to map 14 but without the ice, snow, and corruption. It appears to be a new location though, at least the parts that aren't a reference to something else. Tried jumping into the well at the cyberdemon fight anticipating a secret or hidden route, nope it was just death. Not sure what the penalty for messing up the letter puzzle is as the idea clicked after staring at it for about a minute and I guessed correctly first try. Map has some quirks which caught my attention. There's no cell ammo in the back portion past a one-way drop so over-dependence on the plasma rifle could very well find one dry when one wants it. (in my case, I messed up on ending the map with full ammo, though it ultimately doesn't matter due to the start of map 16) It's pretty easy to get stuck in a pitch black passage that leads to a secret. There is a hidden switch that will light it up though the placement feels random: a texture that's never been used for a switch up until now so there's no reason to suggest that this one time, pressing use there would do something. Feels rather easy to miss 100% kills, more so on continuous. Some teleport ambush monsters are in random corners or other places one might not think to step into. I still like the map overall though these little details bemuse me.