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  1. Crusader No Regret

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Regarding the finale map of Sacrament, Memfis posted the source in a different topic several years ago. Good luck digging it out of the Wads & Mods subforum, and if the Youtube post still exists. I thought the album had the phrase "at the edge of tranquility" somewhere in its title but failed to track it down in a Youtube search so I don't remember the title as well as I'd hoped.
  2. Crusader No Regret

    Which do you hate more, shot gunners or chaingunners?

    Chaingunners create much higher levels of frustration for me. One that spawns in at close range and starts firing right away can shred a lot of health. Spies lone chaingunner that hasn't been alerted. Pull out my own chaingun and start firing away point-blank. It seemingly doesn't feel pain long enough to fire a shot off despite being pelted with lead. Proceed to reload game and have it happen 10 more times in a row regardless of distance because Doom RNG has decreed it to be so. Dammit game.
  3. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Monster Hunter Ltd.

    By all means, show off a prepared attempt. They're tracked on a separate leaderboard now. Remembered to try this early in the month this time. Intended to be a type 1 but just reading the topic warned me to some incoming trouble so if Alfonzo wants to stamp this as a type 2, so it goes. Attached .zip includes two demos despite the name. Took over an hour on part one and my nerves were rattling on the end stretch but survived it. Part 2? I'm in disbelief. Of all the ways my attempt could end, I wasn't expecting this. dwiron_mohu1_cnr.zip
  4. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    This is likely within my skill level to survive with a prepared attempt, had I set aside time to prepare that is. The pace would be faster too since I wouldn't be cautiously creeping around nearly as much. Got engaged with some very non-Doomy stuff though. When I did fire up Doom, it was making progress through the Alfonzone. Completed about 3 (out of 10) episodes in that set this month. There's something deliciously ironic in that being the mapset that I spent Dooming instead of trying to prepare for a category 3 recording.
  5. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Rolling in with a type 2 entry near the end of the month. It may have been over 10 years since I played this set but I remember some things such as the start of map 6. Other things I don't remember so well. Map 8 nearly got me and map 10 threw me for a loop. Finished 11 maps and quit due to exhaustion. PrBoom+ -complevel 2 I'm going to pass out now. dwironman_tvr_cnr.zip
  6. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: 2017 Collection

    Tried this out. Type 1: blind PrBoom + -complevel 9 Dead on first map. At least I didn't die on the first revenant. 29 monster kills, didn't look like it was going to reach 30. dwiron_an17_cnr.zip
  7. Crusader No Regret

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    There's a pair that comes to mind that are very closely related to each other. Like: Monster ambushes and placement that make sense within the context of the map. The demons aren't going to let you walk off with their prized artifact, are they? They'll fight tooth and claw for it. Deus Vult 2's Unholy Cathedral red key battle comes to mind as an example. The sheer scale of the encounter is also the only one of that scope in the map; multiple slaughterfests in the same map would dull the impression any one encounter makes. Hellcore 2.0 map 4 uses some of the other kind of monster placement that I enjoy. There's a bunch of zombies clustered around a conference table in a meeting room discussing who knows what before they sense the player. There's also a whole lot of zombies hanging out in the cafeteria (will probably need to activate -notarget or -freeze to see this since they're alerted long before the player can reach there). Dislike: Monster ambushes and teleport traps that are there because everyone else is doing it or out of a sense of obligation. Trapping every major powerup gets predictable and boring. It becomes an arbitrary obstacle in a video game, lacking in personality. Yes, Doom is a videogame but there's more to what has led it to endure for so long. Won't speak for anyone else but a map that comes off as nothing more than an uninspired obstacle course will lose my interest fast. I've played hundreds of maps by now, maybe over a thousand. I got my fill of arbitrary derivative maps years ago.
  8. Crusader No Regret

    What are you playing now?

    Slowly making my way through the Alfonzone. There are those moments where I forget jumping is enabled and expected being so used to playing in PrBoom+. Gameplay feels mostly conventional and there are interesting details scattered around. Also got around to firing up Mayhem Mansion. A goofy diversion with a new set of weapons and enemies to play around with. Enjoyed the combat enough with the new arsenal and enemies that i replayed it on hard. It's mostly easy to avoid damage but it's also easy to go from healthy to dead/crippled in 2-3 hits if one gets sloppy with dodging. Can't remember how i heard about it. Downloaded in 2017 and it sat on my hard drive for two years.
  9. Crusader No Regret

    IronEagle Competition 8: Bauhaus

    Would help if I would remember to post my attempt. HMP, prepared, didn't save me from death from chainsawing a demon at low health on map 2. PrBoom-plus -complevel 9 ironeagle_bauhaus_cnr.zip
  10. Crusader No Regret

    IronEagle Competition 7: Scimitar

    Last minute entry. HMP blind, only loaded up the mapset beforehand to check for new music without moving. Recorded with -nomusic. Author wasn't kidding about the maps being short. Maybe I could have finished if I hadn't gotten shot up in map 4 and finished off by a lone shotgunner in map 5. PrBoom+ -complevel 9 scimitarfda_cnr.zip
  11. As for something to try out, A.L.T. felt like the opposite of slaughterish. The few maps with high monster counts (over 250) spread them out over a large space.
  12. Crusader No Regret

    Doom 2 maps where the chaingun is your main weapon

    Map 5 of Japanese Community Project is very chaingun focused. Believe the map name is Woodaxiel but I'm guessing from memory without looking it up. Seem to recall a shotgun and rocket launcher become available but the masses of low HP enemies along with the map's particular ammo placement encourage blazing through with the chaingun.
  13. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    I've dabbled in prepared attempts but usually don't bother to take the time unless the pick feels tame enough for someone of my limited skills to survive. Here's my entry. Blind type 1. E1: Finished M5 then decided I needed sleep so plopped a save after killing the first few enemies in M6 with the intention to resume the recording later. PrBoom+ said nope so the run ends there. Found secret level by accident and thought I'd die there (and indeed spend nearly the entire map in the red). M5 had me cheat death a number of times with panicked plasma spray at the spiderdemon actually working out and escaping alive from that trap near the exit. Cyber wasn't a problem as I lured it into killing the cacodemons before taking it out. E2: Died on M3. Just worn down over the course of the level. Forgot about spectre from way earlier yapping at barons on an elevation (again) but it was shotgunners behind the red door that dealt the finishing blow. I had all the keys dammit. E3: Died less than 2 minutes into M1. Totally misplayed the situation. Almost didn't bother to include the demo though maybe someone will get some entertainment from the level of fail on display here. PrBoom+ -complevel 3 dwironman_bgcomp_cnr.zip
  14. Crusader No Regret

    IronEagle Competition 5: Brood of Hatred

    Regular ironman pick was a big "nope" for me so gave this one a go. HMP, blind, died to first revenant like a chump. ironeagle_brood_cnr.zip
  15. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Fomalhaut

    Last minute entry. Type 1: blind because I don't want to take time to prepare. It's awful as I manage to get into the middle of a monster sandwich through carelessness. 219 kills Grinding down 8 hellknights with shotgun/chaingun was for naught. dwironman_form_cnr.zip