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  1. Crusader No Regret

    The 50th DWIronman League Challenge: Hell Revealed!

    Prepared attempt: Exited map 13 and decided to cash out. The gametime is over 4 hours and that doesn't count breaks I took after 9 and 11. Nearly half the running time is from maps 11 and 13, both of which took nearly an hour each. 9 went much better coming in with full bullets/shells and 200/200. Punched out some revenants anyways, stirred up infighting when it was convenient to do so and left with the same amount of ammo I came in with. 10 has a time consuming detour but I did it anyways to have 600 cells going into the next map. 11 is long and I wanted to preserve cells for future maps so lots more plinking away at barons and archviles with shells. 12 I already know where I wanted to use the invisiblity. 13 felt good to win considering I never cleared it in one go in practice. Came in with 200/140 which was more than my practice save but was down to 0 armor before reaching the end of the second room. Still opted to provoke infights to thin out the mancubi pack in the courtyard but it is also very risky. Played it very safe after that up until the dreaded blue key trap. Made it out alive with the key (thanks to a dirty trick) and came close to throwing away my victory in a dumbbell manner. The manner which I handle the last revenant horde... it's cheeky but took way too long getting it going and I doubt anyone else would approach it the way I did. Cut it close to disaster multiple times during the map. hrprepmovie_cnr.zip
  2. Crusader No Regret

    Should we develop a universal meaning for the like system?

    (to original question) No.
  3. Crusader No Regret

    The 50th DWIronman League Challenge: Hell Revealed!

    Guess there's no reason to keep the masses waiting. Type 2. I've beaten this set long ago (on skill 2) and have derped around with it in the past. More often than not with god mode but I have beaten some later maps from scratch on UV such as 11 and 20. Thing is, I've mostly played around in the later maps and didn't spend much time in the first 10 so uhhh... memory isn't going to help me as much here. I also haven't touched the set in the last 4 years (and it was not already on my hard drive when announced, surprise). Guess who played so scrubby to nearly die on map 1? Foreknowledge did help me remember some of the secrets at least. Single shotgun sometimes safer on map 7. Exited map 8 too early and my thought was "oh shit." It might have been recoverable even with about 60% ammo and 92 health instead of the 200 I'd planned on leaving with but knocked out in Knockout without even making it to the infamous yellow key. PrBoom-plus -complevel 2 dwiron_hr_cnr.zip
  4. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    Prepared attempt here. Bit it at the very end of map 5 in a most silly way. Really should have picked up a bit of health before rushing over for a berserk pack. Was able to cheese the blue key trap in map 3. Still spent 5 minutes getting revenants dead though infights as a precaution. Found the computer map secret for the first time in this attempt which leads to several minutes of standing around looking at the automap. Sadly, didn't find any new secrets that I hadn't located before with it. prep_epic_cnr.zip
  5. Made some progress in dead-air now that I'm using saves. I was mistaken about infighting; it's still there. Some rather large hordes get turned loose further on into the map but the higher damage output of the new weapons plus low health on individual monsters means I feel like I have the firepower to fight back. Have gone through the three key obstacle courses and so far, that monster count of 1500+ goes down quite fast when the violence erupts. The key obstacle courses stand out in how they progress. Each skull key opens up a door which leads to areas which provide a new weapon and a battleground designed around using that weapon. To the point where they don't include other ammo types. Can still use the rest of the arsenal but it's best to treat them as backup since there's no replenishment for them while in the key battlegrounds. That white supercharge got a smile out of me since it can raise health past 200. Some reactions thoughts on the key arenas - Red: Felt horribly exposed here and fliers with tracking projectiles just add to the stress. The weapon here is really wells suited to mowing down hordes so that was fun. - Blue: Probably the easiest of the three with the most control over over when the monsters are let loose and plenty of space, cover, and resources. This area's weapon chews through bullets fast so don't get yourself cut off from ammo pickups. - Green/yellow: The most initially stressful. With the other two areas, you can take your time in looking around after picking up the weapon before diving into the action. With this one, you're immediately exposed to turret revenants with no chance to survey the layout in safety. The first time I tried this, panic led me into a situation where I released even more opposition too early and got overrun. One can hurt themselves with this area's weapon as well. Once I gained control of enough of the area to take a breather, wasn't too rough and it sure was fun lobbing explosives to take out ambushers before they got loose.
  6. Crusader No Regret

    National Videogame Museum WAD (v1.0 Released!)

    Thought about replying so I suppose I'll do so before the topic gets buried even more than it is already. With pandemic going on, this is likely the closest I'll get to visiting the museum itself. Something like this (along with the Titanic recreation whose topic is even further buried), I'm more inclined to approach as an art piece that happens to use a Doom engine. Thus, I prefer to experience it without monsters (and unless one has changed their GZDoom settings, the blood, bullet holes, and soot from combat get in the way of what's on display. There's quite a bit to see as well as so much more i don't recognize. I could make out the Contra game screen, among other little details that add up. I did try it out with monsters as well (and it may be worth touring with -notarget as their placement adds immersion). Gameplay is breezy which is alright in something like this where it feels like an extra rather than the main event. I never did figure out how to grab the yellow key legit; did try a grab but I'm only so-so at that kind of trick. 3 different ways to exit the map, what a curious piece. I like that things like this exist even if I don't spend very much time with it. It's a bite-sized experience.
  7. Felt liking writing about dead.air. Xaser maps are frequently interesting. So loaded up GZDoom and... 1500 monsters Yeah, it's going to be a while before I finish this for a complete writeup. Maybe even next month given my glacial pace and getting sidetracked by non-Doom stuff. From what little I played, it shows promise. Delivers on the different arsenal and enemies. How the new demons manage to bite with no mouths is a mystery that will probably go unsolved. Static portals seem to indicate a transition to a new area and not being able to return to the previous one. At first I thought some of the black void would lead to insta-death. Since it was so early, dared to risk it. Relief, it's decoration and not death. Already liking the fist replacement. Feel a lot less defenseless with it. Handy because I think infighting is off on this map.
  8. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    I dabbled with this set back in 2010 but don't really remember much in the way of details other than a wariness about map 5. Softened up by the first revenant and whittled down by hitscan before I got to do much of anything on map 2. Yes, I'm sore about the manner in which I went down. I'll be erasing the demo from my hard drive right after this post goes up. Functionally a blind run. PrBoom-plus -complevel 9 dwiron_epic_effthis.zip
  9. Crusader No Regret

    DOOM Arcade!

    And now I'm picturing a Gauntlet style ticking timer where the player loses health over time independent of anything else. Maybe revamp the health system to have bigger numbers to support such a mechanic.
  10. Crusader No Regret

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Something's on fire. Not making out more due to resolution.
  11. Crusader No Regret

    Looking for dumb gameplay mods...

    Cannot remember the name of it offhand but there's one that gives normally inanimate objects legs and they run around like maniacs when the player enters line of sight.
  12. Crusader No Regret

    Any spaceman-like enemy wads out there?

    Check out the monster selection in Doomed in Space (d_space.wad).
  13. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Running Late 2

    Type 1 - UV, blind, and new monsters: this doesn't look like it will turn out well. Came close to getting blown up in the first minute and spent nearly all of the first map scraping by at under 40% health. Surrounded and gangbeat on map 2. Cruising for another last or 2nd-to-last place finish. Prboom+ -complevel 9 dwiron_rl2_cnr.zip
  14. Crusader No Regret

    Thoughts on puzzle maps

    Meant to reply to this several days ago and put it off. To respond to the other question, yes I do have a few tips to get better at puzzlers. Observation is arguably the most important skill. Look for clues, anything that seems off or out of place, try to work out what switches and walkover lines affect, etc... Using the automap is part of observation. Sometimes clues and even puzzle solutions are hidden there if you take the time to look. Also helps with finding false walls. Even though you may not see through a solid textured false wall, as far as the automap is concerned, lines behind it has been mapped if you look in that direction. Having some level of understanding of how the Doom engine works also helps out. It's not necessary to know everything in depth but even just understanding that teleporters work by crossing a line in a set direction rather than stepping on a sector will aid in sniffing out puzzle solutions.
  15. Crusader No Regret

    Recommend map packs with great variation, architecture and art

    Bloody Steel Pirate Doom might scratch that particular itch, lots of variation in the maps. A.L.T. is another artsy mapset though some maps are more on the conventional side of the spectrum.