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  1. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    With the month more or less over, I'll skip past most of the maps I was considering yarning about. Map 26: The differences between HMP and UV may very well be the widest in the mapset. HMP is so desolate. The textfile gives some context about what's happening here; some of the design decisions make no sense without it. With foreknowledge, I've had the idea of picking up the keys that appear at the start and skipping the dive into the section past the crusher hallway but nope. Trying to skip that area will find forward progress blocked by a wall since there's an important walkover trigger down there. I like this one in spite of its shortcomings. It's something to fire up when I'm in the mood for cruising. Also enjoy the music, a remix of the first map tune of Memento Mori. It resonates with me. Map 29: Starting from scratch, this map is better approached like a puzzle map. It's split into two main areas and taking the easily accessible teleporters too early will drop the player in without enough resources to handle the trip. So find a different way that is more survivable. Or a backdoor that lets you approach things from a different angle. Low monster count but also tight on ammo for a while so it's important to prioritize which monsters to shoot at. There's a BFG and megasphere to reveal though entering one of the secrets will permanently seal them off which will surprise a blind player. Memorable cyberdemon setups to be found. both with approaches provided to make them easier to handle. Really had a sense of accomplishment after working out a sequence that allowed me to conquer the map.
  2. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    Map 7: That door indeed. May not have gotten that angry over it but it sure is memorable. Finding secrets helps make it a mostly breezy trek. Map 8: Mostly I remember a lack of armor and finding the secret passage to the secret armor that most jump to. There may have been IDDT involved; it's been so long. Map 9: If modern Doom is more like fast food (fast paced, action nearly every moment), this is the five course dinner party that takes two hours and the guests spend more time chit-chatting than eating. OK, that may be an exaggeration. Still, I felt satisfaction from playing this map. It's a sewer map. The cover on the ground beside the start point is one of those little details that helps set the mood. Chapel is an interesting locale and it was satisfying sniffing out the secrets. Most interesting secret is one that takes the player to an area you can see from the start. Having already played HR, had a suspicion about the teleporter that dropped off nearby so assumed hopping in repeatedly until it takes me somewhere else was the trick. Don't really recall much of what happens in between so also plenty of filler which is not going to be to everyone's tastes. Map 10: "Ugh, no." in a pistol start context. Not as sloggish on continuous but no SSG and no chaingun for a long time from scratch. Too much shotgun grinding and the bullet clips are mostly unused. I don't like the music here either. Map 11: This has my favorite music track from the set. Actually heard it in Biowar first but, details. IDMUS11 got a lot of use when I have this on my hard drive. Straighforward for the most part; quickly found the secret door that let me reach the switch to raise the bridge. Going to echo the importance of watching ammo though HMP gives more leeway. Having the megasphere secret be missable discourages me from playing this map without saves. As for being able to run past the hell nobles at the end, back in the 1990's, we fought everything just because we could and liked seeing 100% kills at the results screen. So running away didn't happen as much unless specifically recording a speed demo.
  3. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    MM2 was one of the inuagural PWADs to become part of the Compet-N back in the day so it has quite a bit of name recognition to it. I didn't get around to it back in that time, only picking it up sometime in the 2000s. The first thing I can remember about it is the music. The music wad got a lot of use when playing other mapsets without custom music or tracks that I disliked. I have played all the way through on continuous once many years ago though most of my experience with the set comes from pistol starts on HMP and my commentary will mostly be in that context. It's a mapset I certainly have words about. Map 3: Can't explain why but I really like the music track for this map. Often found myself typing in IDMUS03 when loading this up with another mapset. The map itself doesn't make such a positive impression. What I remember is no armor, limited health, and the chaingun being withheld for a long time. There is a SSG but most work will be done with the basic shotgun and not much use for the bullet clips found along the way. If the RNG is kind, a caged chaingunner will drop its weapon within reach though. Map 4: Mostly non-linear adventure past the first passage. Easy to pick up and play casually, just got to stay alert for chaingunners. The Duck Nukem reference brings a smile to my face. Map 5: Took a liking to the music here too so my perception of this map is inflated. The locations have variety and the gameplay is serviceable enough. It was already instinctive to check the area behind where I start so have the chaingun from the start. +++ H2H-Xmas Oh, what the hell. It's suitable for the time of year.
  4. Crusader No Regret

    What are some of the most visually striking maps/mods out there?

    Bloody Steel has some really standout visuals. Ideally viewed in GL modes for best results.
  5. Crusader No Regret

    When did people first start using the name Doomguy?

    Earliest example I know of the player marine being called "Doomguy" is the text file of H2H-Xmas.wad https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/xmas/h2h-xmas 1995-1996 abouts There may be earlier examples but it's not worth my time to go looking for them.
  6. Crusader No Regret

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Kamasutra)

    I'm anticipating a ragequit on map 17. Map 18 is still worth checking out.
  7. Caco Heaven is the first idea that leapt to mind.
  8. Crusader No Regret

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 3?)

    Where the first non-secret shotgun is, there are stimpacks behind armor bonuses. Also outdoors near the first entrance to the labs there is a row of armor bonuses with a medikit at the end. In my demo, I look at them but don't grab them even when my health is low enough to get the full benefit because of my obsessiveness about only picking up armor bonuses at 100% armor or higher. Nothing "broken", it's the player being picky. Didn't realize it while playing but this map is fantastic about forced items as there are none I encountered. Another point to praise. I'm certainly not advocating forcing players to only save/load from selected spots. My mad brainstorm was more along the lines of level architecture that suggests a save station. Visplane limits are more important to the intention of the map I gather. In my saves playthrough, limiting saving to safe ground by a cache of radsuits, lightamps, or an item cache with multiple barriers (the ones that require a rocket to deactivate) worked out well for having a spot near an upcoming bossfight and not needing to repeat large sections in the event of failure/undesirable results. This self-imposed limitation preserves the challenge of individual encounters since I'm not abusing midbattle saving. Oops, rambling again.
  9. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    I feel the essence of an ironman run is "fear of loss." Saves solely for the purpose of splitting up a run into less time demanding sessions stay within that spirit. Getting rid of the option of saves mid-attempt just because people haven't been using them seems it would primarily discourage participation from people who aren't in a position to set aside long blocks of time. The fear of loss is still intact when the first death means the end of the attempt, no take backs or second chances. The current rules already prevent abuse and exploits and I see no need to fix something that was never broken.
  10. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    Two, or maybe just one, nightmare imps came out on top of an melee war with a cacodemon. Getting cornered by more than one is a bad thing. If a mapset has death exits, will we still be able to split demos? Say there's a death exit on map 11. Would it work out to end the first demo at the intermission screen and start a new one that begins on map 12? The few mapsets where there have been death exits (Jenesis, UAC Ultra, Unholy Realms, any others?), I've died to other causes earlier so that's never come up for me but I do wonder.
  11. Crusader No Regret

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (Release Candidate 3?)

    Metroidvania inspired is what caught my attention so I gave this a try. Blind skill 3 FDA attached if you want to use it for research though I don't think my demo is very interesting. It's -complevel 9 to guard against ghost monsters. Slowly wandering around until I die in the "bossfight" for the blue key. Got overrun by flaming skulls. Enjoyable stuff, I recorded a second attempt right after the first one but ended up dying in the same bossfight so didn't include it. That I jumped right back in after failing speaks to the quality here. I think I'm going to need saves to complete this. I was a bit ticked finding myself in a lock-in situation but metroidvanias also lock the player into a limited space for boss fights so it works when looking at things that way. Only a few thoughts for now, may edit in more once I make further progress. Seeing health behind armor bonuses that I didn't want to pick up yet caused my eye to twitch but this isn't something that will bother most people. One brainstorm I have is some kind of save station structure. Would feel more metroidvania-ish to only save and load from select spots. In the absence of designated spots, it's not really that difficult to make my own. So it's just a random thought for adding to the metroidvania feel. Edit: 3rd time's the charm, got blue key and moved on. Sticking to the intended path that doesn't take me through nukage or dark rooms. Got a rocket launcher at last so I can open up some choice goodies. Things are opening up more. It doesn't take long to work out what to do to open up the path to the red key bossfight. Get into some surprise fights that I handle poorly but manage to live through them. Then I have a misstep, fall into acid, and melt. Derp. Coming back with saves, finding this a compelling environment to explore. Edit 2: Beat this thing. 101% kills with 7 monsters alive (resurrections), 47/64 secrets. Second bossfight is fun though I did fail a time or two due to mistiming my dance steps with the cyber. Map really opens up after the second key is acquired. Soon after, unlocked the radsuit so I could finally explore all those passages I passed up. Did unlock light amps and found one of the sequence breaks. Finale got tense since I wasn't abusing midfight saves, emerged victorious at 2% health. I have a few more specific thoughts but this appears a good stopping point. Fun map. kdfda_cnr.zip
  12. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    I had a long stretch of time free in the evening so I gave this an attempt. Thought I had a clear path to the exit in map 6. Denied. Never played Doom 64 and only know about Hectic by reputation, though that doesn't come into play here. Became aware of danger in map 2 because of reading forum posts and nearly bit it on crushers anyways. Otherwise blind, the manner of my demise is very much a product of being unaware what was coming. Wished I'd thought to do some angry mouse waggling after blowing my chance at a one-time secret. I'm still calling it a type 1 though the ruling body may overrule this. Nearly 2 hours at the end of map 5 (a good chunk of that time was searching out secrets once the exit was revealed). Would have cashed in after map 7 had I survived that long. PrBoom+ -complevel 2 dwiron_d64d2_cnr.zip
  13. If the topic comes up again, I suppose I can now say that diving in without preparation is officially encouraged. From a selfish viewpoint, I would like to see the leaderboard kept somewhat up to date. A decent part of the fun comes from the witty obituary commentary. I do suspect that there's some burnout though. Maybe a break for a month or two is in order. Very much favor being able to choose prepared or unprepared runs. This month in particular, I wanted to show off dirty playtester tricks (and partly not wanting to embarass myself by dying to the very first chaingunner). The main perk of an unprepared run from the player perspective is the lower time cost to do it. Sit down for one session: done. In a earlier build of Shaman's Device, it was very easy to pick up the red key through the wall, thus never needing to trigger the cyberdemons' appearance. No easy out here though. Congrats to Steve D, the ancient doomer.
  14. Crusader No Regret

    Secrets That Are More Effort Than They're Worth

    The first thing that came to mind are Matthias Worch maps from Memento Mori 2. Open wall, find 64 by 64 unit cubbyhole with a single clip, 4 shells, or a stimpack. I find these to be a piddly reward. Moreso when it's a bullet clip and I haven't found a chaingun. Map 18 in Japanese Community Project had a secret with nothing but a hellknight. Sticks out more due to the overall quality of the set. Map 2 of A.L.T has some secrets that require jumping down from a high place. Not a problem except that it's a long hike to return to the part where one jumps off. Really slows down the pacing. Concur on SSG from Eternal Doom map 20. If I miss getting on the stick as it rises, it's really difficult for me to land on it afterwards.
  15. Crusader No Regret

    RC: Lost civilization, episode 1. Feedback appreciated!

    Recorded some FDAs on skill 3 for maps 1,5, and 6. PrBoom+ -complevel 9 Used latest version 9 of the wad. Finished map 1 with 1 death. I spent an hour on a map that probably takes 20 minutes for a normal player. It was an enjoyable hour. Did encounter a thing in my recording where a cacodemon gets pushed all the way to the border of the map but I just moved on and did other stuff while it drifted away. Hidden keys opening up optional areas is fun. Nitpicks and possible bugs: In the area accessed by the yellow key, the door on the upper level does not open from the inside. The horde that warps in around the time the blue key is picked up is laughably ineffective. In my demo, I mull around at the top of the lift looking for an angle to splatter something with rockets from above. A few flying monsters may be in order here. It's easier to talk about nitpicks because the list is so short relative to the list of good things about the map. I'm happy with the difficulty as it is. The effort in visuals also shines through in creating that mix of realistic and abstract and the breezy gameplay completements the setting allowing one to slow down and admire the work that went into this. Map 5: Made a few attempts that don't get very far so not much to say about this yet. Map 6: Liked this outing. Used the cyberdemon to provoke infights to soften it up. There's an interesting balance of pushing further into new territory for access to resources which in turn awakens more monsters. My journey got cut short by a bit of carelessness which you can witness at the end of the demo. I was so discouraged then that I gave up without further attempts though I did go back and beat this unrecorded. Secret hunting and finding is really fun here. lostcivfda_cnr.zip