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  1. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 12 NoisyVelvet covered nearly all the talking points I thought about covering which saves me a bunch of typing, yay. This was quite the compelling map. My first forays were more about learning the layout and where not to go before being properly armed. Pick a path, splat. OK, pick another path. There's the BFG, crap I need more ammo for it (didn't notice a nearby cell pack). Next go, find some unguarded cells then pick up BFG. Having enough ammo to deal with the opposition is a challenge here. Took a while before I found any health too. This map, more than any other gave me lots of practice with the two-shot dance. Map is a recreation of a Silent Hill area. I've never played a Silent Hill game so the references flew over my head. "She's nearby" will probably make more sense to someone familiar with the source material, among other things. I do know just enough so that even though it's a hospital, it's not a nice place when encountered in the source game. Random trivia: - The blood code has its 2nd and 3rd digits reversed. The first time I tried it, failure. Thinking to myself "did I read it wrong?" but not inclined to backtrack, tried this out and got it on the 2nd attempt. A welcome outcome after brute forcing the Patient Wing code. - There is an unintuitive way to fight multiple revenants in rooms with no cover. Got lucky and learned that attacking while on the bed will usually not wake up the rest of the room. One at a time is so much easier on my health. - Scouted out the map in the context of killing everything. Cells are allocated so tightly (until the ending BFG spam) that the player gets two BFG shots per cyber with no extra (not counting cybers positioned to die to crushers). Ouch. It's desirable to save a shot or two for the cacodemon room to make life easier. There is one cyber that may go down in one if it has been softened up enough from infighting that it feels like a big deal to me. This cell allocation is distinctly ToD; this time the ammo is spread out more so it doesn't appear so hamfisted as other setups.
  2. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 12's progression stumped me until I brute forced the Patient Wing code. If there's somewhere to find it, i don't know where. Solution:
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 7 Do you like blasting imps with rockets? Do you love blasting imps with rockets? Do you enjoy blasting imps with rockets so much that doing nothing but that for a map puts you in a state of ecstasy? That''s pretty much the opening stretch. There's no health, ammo is limited, and no backup weapons so aim well. It's still a skill test. After all that, well I didn't notice the AV jump to the BFG and later sections got sloggy. Do you like 2-shotting cybers? Do you like 2-shotting lot of cybers, like 24 of them? For the next stretch of the grind, cells are placed where this is very much the intention. There's other large hordes interspersed which all the rockets outdoors are for. I didn't figure out how to reach that unlimited ammo BFG so this map left an impression even when I had wussed out long ago with god mode. Chaingunning archviles due to being out of rockets was a part of my journey. No shotguns to be found. This may be because the unlimited ammo BFG mucks around with the shells counter. I wonder which is the first ToD map chronologically it made its appearance. Seems like the next evolution of a BFG spammer's dream. I can totally picture ToD getting bored of placing cell packs in a BFG spam map and putting this tool in out of convenience.
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 6: HMP 11/12 secrets found Did poke around a bit in UV just to see. Looked far enough to realize the need to slip past a cyberdemon for your equipment. It's certainly a memorable setup. Totally different map on the lower difficulty where it becomes a mystery of "so where's the exit?" It's not in the same place as the original, that's for sure. There's also those eye switches tucked away where it's not immediately apparent what their purpose is. Enjoyed poking around environments both familiar and unfamiliar looking for a new passage and further progress. When I find the computer map, poke around some more. Did find the secret yellow key, the blue one being in a more obvious location. Eventually stumble into the exit, didn't expect it to be there of all places. Came up one eye switch short and stumped as to its location.
  5. How did you react when you first used upon the SSG?

    "Damn, I missed."
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map 2 HMP: Completed 100% with no saves or cheats It's Quake E1M2. There's also another remake of that map on the IDgames archives (castleof.wad for Doom 2) and that one even has Quake sound effects imported in so is there enough room in Doomland for two remakes? I'm not going to answer that question, instead focusing on this one in isolation. Castleof.wad was still relevant to me as I had never really found the secrets in Quake E1 but did find them in the remake and that carries over. All the armor is hiding in secrets so it helps to find them. Also, "gasp" medikits, and stimpacks. Actual effort into not UV. I believe this is the exception rather than the rule for this collection so it's a glorious sight in context. Opposition consists of revenants, chaingunners, and cacodemons with a few guest appearances by other monsters. The inescapable lava is more of a danger and it's something that will show up again and again in these maps, much to the frustration of many. With only small numbers of enemies at once, it's all the more surprising when violence does erupt and three archviles rush in simultaneously to burn the player. I believe the intended progression behind the blue door is to activate the switch, then ride a candle up to the height of the skull switches. However, because this is the doom engine, the shoot switches are infinite height and can be activated at ground level. Hitting one with a stray shot while fighting off something else is quite possible as well. Very easygoing map. However, it's UV where the map gets its reputation. I did give it a try without god mode just to see how long I'd last. I did stumble into the hidden ammo cache but gave up upon facing down a cyber with just SSG and RL. Took the god mode tour to see what the talk was all about; so that where the high monster count comes from.
  7. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    I was wondering about map 2's music, thanks NuMetalManiak. Thought it was Chrono Cross but couldn't place it. Map 3 is Esto Gaza from Final Fantasy 9. It sounded familiar but took a while to make the connection.
  8. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Oh hey, Degrassi. I remember this from testing it for CC4. Still have the WAD on my old hard drive but I don't have access to it at the moment otherwise could verify the "Last modified" date. 2011 sounds like the right year. Some trivia: ToD originally had a SR50 jump required for progression. This did not sit well for the scope of CC4 so switches were added to lower the landing spot. On lower difficulties, the switch is easily accessible; you're likely to not notice it when playing through unless specifically looking for the effect. On UV, that switch is blocked. The switch to use is located in an earlier area (with a SR50 Sux sign nearby) and reaching it involves waiting several minutes for the barriers in front of it lower (each of which must be activated individually). The WAD I tested had this in place already so I was spared the agony of a SR50 jump with no alternative. If one wants a good UV-Max time, SR50 is needed, as intended by the author. I believe several of the secret sectors need SR50 anyways but whatever. There was also a flavor story for the map and I remember it being rather pervy creepy so I'm not going into it here. (though I could be mixing it up with a different ToD map). I don't recall the CC4 team needing to ask ToD to implement other difficulty settings, I was under the impression he understood that would be necessary for the submission to be considered. Been a while so may or may not be the case. So, difficulty settings. For the maps that have differences, there's UV and then there everything else. HNTR and HMP will be exactly the same. There are other maps besides this one which have changes on lower difficulties in the set; Map 2 is actually sane, for one. I'll get into that for that writeup. I recall in another ToD release that his intention is for one to learn the maps, plan a route, and do a UV-Max. So expect things to be rather unfriendly to blind playthroughs. This is one of the longest maps in the collection. Going by the par times in the textfile, 4 maps have times of over 50 minutes and this is one of them. So this isn't really indicative of how gargantuum later maps will be. I did a recent run on HMP as a refresher. Forgot most of the progression since then so it was semi-blind. The combat is sane on HMP; any veteran ought to be able to handle.it. The outdoor harbor with the boat is a bit hairy but I believe one can exit without going there. Navigation is the bigger challenge. There are puzzles to solve and ToD also enjoys throwing in tests of movement skills such as pillar hopping. The BFG also takes a rather precise strafejump to grab. Got all three keys before calling it quits (aka invoking god mode out of laziness). This appears to be the exact same map submitted to CC4. (and ultimately rejected) Only difference I noticed was the addition of the music track. UV memoirs: Back then, I did a godmode aided tour of UV to see that everything worked and that there weren't any showstopping bugs. Yes, entering the fortress is a permanent point of no return along with several temporary ones and some areas cannot be revisited upon leaving. Several bits stuck with my memory even now. The 2-shot cyber marathon went on for too damned long. Then there "that ^%*!^ torch which requires tight movement to keep up with. Beyond my skills, I cheated more and noclipped. Last, I remember a number of faraway snipers inside the fortress at the end and with cells as the only ammo. Really wanted rockets or a plasma rifle then.
  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Tangerine Nightmare & UAC Ultra & Realm of Shades

    Played more of Tangerine Nightmare Map 6: Enjoyable map overall. On HMP difficulty, appears quite approachable for a casual, no saves play even. On the easy side if playing for survival, a big step up in difficulty when trying to go fast make for a great difficulty level. I had my fun getting 70% of the monsters killed via infighting and there's enough resources for a more conventional, trigger-happy approach as well. Felt particularly sneaky luring imp fireballs into some unsuspecting zombie at the start, among other moments. Some of the traps felt a little too predictable (trapped item, yawn) but the bigger setpieces were fun to play out. There's also a few opportunities to let various groups bleed into each other, such as leaving mancubi when going for the red key and using them to help fight off revenants. Those ledge imps blend in quite well with their surroundings making it easier to blindside with fireballs. Most memorable encounters were the caverns where the blue key is located and the ending outdoor racetrack. I recall being unable to get a clear shot at that archvile with its meatshield escorts in the way. The cyber down there doesn't have AV support on HMP so I had fun getting it to kill everything else down there. The ending area is visually distinctive. I approached it anticipating Sunlust levels of opposition (despite what the monster counter was displaying) so keeping the circle clear of rabble was my approach. Only found one secret and didn't spot it until after I'd cleaned out the big brawls down in the caverns. Still a good feeling to not need the invulnerability though nice that it's there. I did watch a maxdemo which revealed the other two. The one with a window to an outdoor view appeals to me; hiding mappers' initials in out of the way locations makes for a nifty easter egg. They do show up on the automap but being able to view them in the field was a fun twist.
  10. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    Type 2 attempt: I played this when it was selected for the Megawad club but haven't touched it since. I remember a few of the encounters here and there though not that much overall. Came uncomfortably close to biting it in map 1: the blue key ambush was quite tense with a revenant punchout. This time, I did find the megaarmor secret and soldiered on to map 2 with 200 armor. An unremarkable death in map 4: I remembered where the monsters would come spilling out from and had a plan to dash for a doorway and engage in some fast door abuse. Didn't make it. PrBoom-plus -complevel 9 dwiron_cafebrk_cnr.zip
  11. The DWmegawad Club plays: Tangerine Nightmare & UAC Ultra & Realm of Shades

    Tangerine Nightmare map 5: Orange Juice Best mapname to mapset theme correlation, so how does it play? DotW's description of an amusement park thrill ride fits here and for me, this also feels like Star Wars Trilogy arcade in how the path twists and turns and loops back upon itself. Also similar to Star Wars Trilogy arcade is how some of the encounters get overwhelming fast and overall difficulty. It's almost like the demons see the marine as an orange to be squeezed. Music sounded familiar but took a while to place. As has been pointed out, the track is also used in UAC Ultra's Skagway. Somewhat ironic since that set is on the table for this month. First real test is the chaingun room. Infight fanatic that I am, I gave up on that idea and blew away several imps as well as the pain elemental myself to clear out some space. The demon rush with the spider support is the next trouble spot. This took some trial and error but once I found an approach that kept me alive and healthy, it feels replicable in a no saves attempt. The red key mob, as other players have written, is the roughest of them all. This may well be past my skill level without saves. I did find a safe approach but even that's not 100% reliable. Snap up the key and make a run for the teleporter that opened up on the lower level and long time ago. Take a shot or two at the archvile on the way, might as well weaken it. From the chaingun chamber, it's simple to position oneself where revenant missiles won't reach you and the monsters pathing makes it highly unlikely that any monsters will walk into the teleport. From here, it's like shooting fish ravenous pihrana in a barrel. Just got to squeeze past some teleporting monsters to reach the safe zone and they have a good chance of blocking the path. There's also the time cost in going around most of the map again though that probably won't concern anyone who goes for this approach. Some more resistance before the end, nothing quite as lethal as the red key but things can easily go sour with the archvile by the plasma gun. Cyber is mostly a non-issue though it may reach a lucky firing angle to tag the player (which would be a disheartening way to lose after coming so far). Incidentally, this is the part most like an amusement park thrill ride: scary on the surface but little real danger as long as you keep your limbs inside the cart. On my own playthrough, the last secret I found is actually the first to become available, which I found amusing. I believe it does become inaccessible at the very last steps of the map, something that might trip up a 100%er.
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Tangerine Nightmare & UAC Ultra & Realm of Shades

    Tangerine Nightmare map 4: Gameplay proved quite interesting in this one with a number of features that set it apart from the first 3 maps. Before, simply having enough ammo was generally enough and the sneakiest setups were small scale skirmishes. Here, the odds appear overwhelming from the start and it calls for more skilled maneuvers just to gain a foothold. There's quite a bit of nuance in the opening setup. Staying silent and baiting infights does help thin out the crowds though there is a shotgunner that will wander over who is rather persuasive about getting the player moving. Also, while opposition appears daunting, there's very few monsters that can actively pursue so it's less difficult than it appears to gain that foothold. Pistol starters face another element; ammo is tight to start. There's not enough to kill off everything in sight right off so one had best prioritize what to shoot out on the climb to SSG. I picked off most of the monsters on my continuous attempt which left a dent in my stockpile. Height variation plays a role in combat here. Sometimes it works to your advantage; there are places where one can easily potshot a group from a higher or lower elevation (great for baiting infights). Sometimes it ends up a handicap; having a revenant missile plug me while waiting for a lift was a thing. There's the setpiece fights too which can be deadly on first go but are much easier with foreknowledge and using your head. Red key ambush is the first, easy to get blocked while running for safety. When I teleported and saw the mancubus on a platform, first time I took the schmuck bait and started firing at it right away. Didn't realize the nearby revenants until they were punching my lights out. Safest path through this encounter is to lure the mancubus into infighting the revenants and bumping off the archvile while they're busy. The squad of cacos and painies guarding the green key is one of the most ingenius setups I can recall seeing. First off, there's the temptation to use rockets for quick damage which comes with the added risk of blowing oneself up on a close lost soul. Then, there's having free reign of the map for the encounter. However, the monsters also have free reign and they can fly so the advantage is in their court. It's a setup that manages to be challenging even with access to the mapspace which is a welcome sight in this era of space denial. The last pack also makes an interesting encounter. That archvile in the pack of middleweights has the potential to mess you up. It goes much smoother with some patience: lure it forward where it's high movement speed will carry it in front of its escorts and blow it away After that, feel free to climb up to where the pack can't pursue and waste them at your leisure. Interesting map which allows for a variety of approaches. Make your own danger level.
  13. The DWmegawad Club plays: Tangerine Nightmare & UAC Ultra & Realm of Shades

    Tangerine Nightmare: Taking a moment to give a shoutout to all the graphics edits, they help give this set its sense of identity. The computer map replacement is familiar to me from Epic 2 though I recall that came from somewhere else as well (Powerslave?) The monsters (so far, 4 maps in) have no changes in their behavior so the tried and true tactics that work before will continue to work. For whatever reason, I was expecting difficulty along the lines of Stardate 2X06 but it has been an accessible experience so far. I don't really feel that all the saving I do is needed. Map 3: Another rather short map to show off the new visuals. It's rather straightforward with two main branches that can be done in either order and both must be completed to reach the exit. The fights are trickier though ultimately not too taxing. The archvile duo is the meanest with a high potential for things to get out of control. My successful attempt involved blowing one away swiftly with rockets which is risky given the chance of one rushing into one's personal space. I was fortuitous as well when the hellknight support got stuck on a doortrack. Using rockets on the exit mancubi proved slightly trickier than expected. They're uncomfortably close if staying on top of the stairs while fighting in the middle of the steps carries the danger of planting a rocket into the step in front of you. I had a number of Good At Doom moment when retrying this setup. Still haven't maxed out bullets on continuous; these have been shotgun heavy affairs so far.
  14. The DWmegawad Club plays: Tangerine Nightmare & UAC Ultra & Realm of Shades

    Getting into Tangerine Nightmare at last; there was a list of real life stuff I wanted to deal with before diving in. Going for HMP continuous, saving as much as I please. Map 1: The welcome sign helps give a sense of identity. Gameplay looks like standard blasting of lightweight oppposition with lightweight weaponry. Then it dawns on me how little health there is. Even one revenant missile will leave a mark; two may very well leave some on the edge of (or over it) death without the secret armor. Go ahead and laugh; I died on my first attempt due to messing around. I got stuck for a bit thinking i needed to find a switch to raise a lift due to the floor texturing when it was already there. One last "boo" moment before the exit that will likely do some damage. Outdoor areas are the most visually interesting. Map 2: Cleaning out monsters in caverns to the tune of Goldeneye's Caverns track, neat. Whereas the lava was harmless in the first map; it hurts here, starting with the small patch right by the start, ow, ow, ow. Discovering a monster blocking line allows for some alternate tactics. More health than the last map is a welcome sight; one can hope to recover from a stray hit or two. Ammo felt reasonably tight even with carryover though I do exit with full shells in the end. I didn't realize it when playing through but reading comments on the absence of hitscanners makes this map ripe for a Reality UV-Max. Anyone care to try?
  15. [Idea pitch] Possible TC/Weapons mod for Crusader: No Regret?

    Part of me would enjoy blasting through recreated Crusader maps and another part of me thinks that Crusader maps would be bland when converted to Doom. In the source game, they're kind of flat and only use one light level which doesn't capitalize on Doom's strengths. Most weapons also seem rather similar, differing mainly in damage output, death animation when killing something with one, and whether it runs off ammo or energy. Some effects can be recreated in ZDoom for sure. Then again, even if it was just a weapons mod with imported music and a few sprites, I'd still play it.