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  1. Crusader No Regret

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    Darkeining E2 is the first thing that comes to mind. The tight resource balance and very low health just don't make it an enjoyable experience for me. I can find enjoyment when ammo is tight enough that I'm never at full capacity but it being stingy through all 12 maps is a turnoff. Combat Shock 2 is another one where the style of its gameplay doesn't appeal to me. Unholy Realms I cannot get into and am at a loss for words to explain why. There isn't any apparent logic either as Jenesis is also a one-person megaWAD and I regard that one positively.
  2. As a side note, in competitive speedrunning, UV (or NM for the daring) is a standard. It's almost an entirely different game in this arena. The demos are made to be shown off. Getting records involves familiarity with the map and sometimes the record holders know the map inside and out. Skill is part of the required package but so is a great deal of route planning, persistence, and luck. Especially since the public usually doesn't see the failed attempts which can number in the hundreds or beyond, this can skew how things appear to an outsider. Even if it's not about going for records, competitive arenas like DW Ironman or Doom Honorific Titles (who remembers those, heh) are done at UV and NM. As an aside, DSDA does accept demos at other skill levels as uncommon as it is for someone to submit one. With most of the viewing content available being in UV, be it demos or videos (in this modern age), it's quite easy for someone to jump to the conclusion that UV is "standard." Such a perception is in no way indicative of how people will Doom when there isn't an audience watching. Speaking for myself, every demo I've submitted to DSDA has been on UV. Yet I almost never play on UV when I'm not recording. I find UV is most cases mostly more monster HP to grind through but that's a separate conversation.
  3. Final set of Talosion Incident. Techbase arc is in previous post via silent edit. Return to Ship (maps 14-18) Trooper's log: The descent from the arena led to more drab caves. I'm getting really sick of underground; it feels like forever since I last saw sky. Followed a passage to a metallic base which to my relief, had outdoor light coming in from above in a few places. Maybe I can finally get a sense of where I am; being in all that underground messed up my sense of direction. There was an attached facility primarily built of stone which looked a bit odd next to the metal. Lots of walking to open up passage to outdoors proper. The trek by some cliffs is a relief after all the underground trekking, lost track of how much I descended. A door by some guarded ramparts looked important so I decided to break through there. Seems like a whole army came out to greet me. They were quite determined to gut me as I waited for a slow rising bridge. A weakened rock wall on the other side of the deep ravine led to... the ship? I don't remember parking it there, maybe this planet really is making me insane. It was also patrolled by mobile weapons platforms; thankfully it was easy to draw away their pursuit so I could make it into the ship. I didn't stop to think why they hadn't blown up the ship but wasn't fancying my odds outside with them. The ship has been overrun. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Someone in their forces was also smart enough to lock a lot of doors to seal off the cockpit. Fortunately, the door lock override controls on the lower level had not been tampered with. My allies in cryo have been reduced to meat, oh something/someone will pay for this. Some lifts were clogged up with ... something at any rate and the walls in the cockpit had fleshy overgrowth on them. Cleaned out hostile in a rage. The walls and lifts I didn't have the tools to scrape off but none of it was sentient enough to pose a threat so that can wait for safer spaces. I hope this thing will still start up; what I saw may not be the only tampering the aliens have done. - End log Afterthoughts: Use the automap, it helps a great deal when a switch opens a door on the other side of the map. John Bye maps also share a few common threads. They may be minimalist but a sizeable chunk of the opposition is hitscanners and there's no megaarmor or megaspheres to be found on his maps. Very little armor too so his maps can be deceptively dangerous.
  4. There's no stigma. It's a small minority that believes so. Some members of said minority also happen to be noisy about it (and arguably entitled and arrogant as well).
  5. Crusader No Regret

    [Release] Freaky Panties

    I remember the discussion when this was still in development and thought to myself 'Battle Geragga rank system meets Doom." Though Battle Geragga may not be the most accurate comparison given how intricate that game's is. Cool concept, neat to see a release.
  6. The fortress arc (maps 5-9) Trooper's log: So many doors (huff puff) Who designed this crazy place? Found the device emitting the jamming signal and smashed it. Time to leave this madhouse, crap. The entryway is locked tight. Guess I got to find another way out. Found some rappelling gear in an out of the way room. There's a descent into who-knows-where but anywhere is better than this nightmarish fort. A sign indicated I had descended into a church. The locals definitely have some different ideas. They don't seem to have facilities humans would expect such as seats, or bathrooms. No musicians either unless you count the fatso belching on the pedestal in the center. OK, asking him, or her, or it; I can't tell, for directions didn't work out well. Got attacked by a whole pack. Fishing through guts for an access card wasn't fun but being stranded doesn't appeal to me either. Descending into another sublevel, I think the space is some kind of torture chamber. Saw a bunch of zealots in awe of a skull idol. The torture chambers were right next to a palace of some sort. It was mostly bare and deserted and I guess it was built on the side of a cliff. Some high up rooms actually had windows looking out at the sky; hadn't seen any sky for quite a while in these parts. What was really strange was seeing a bunch of high tech gadgetry in what appeared to a some security monitoring station. There were also some locals busy looking at the monitors which, no surprise, were hostile. Seems out of place with the surroundings. Breaking out the rappelling gear again, I braced myself for what other secrets were hidden away on this planet. * I got hit the 667 tag bug in map 7. Techbase arc (maps 10-13) Troopers log: I guess the palace was intended to conceal a high tech facility. Don't really know the reasoning process behind the inhabitants and don't really care. Just want to find some way out that isn't blocked. Rappelled down to what appears to be a storage facility. There are signs of a rail system but the nearby tunnels have collapsed. Damn, so much for that method. There's a guarded lift that so it probably conceals something important. Found the access card and went further into what appears to be a research station. Intelligent life must have designed the place with the one way doors. I guess conditioning the staff to always use the door on the right makes smoother travel through the place. Found civilians here but they all ran off and called the guards and mechs on me. Jerks. Not worth the time to hunt them down either with escape being more important. Yet another lift to a lower sublevel; just how deep does this base go? Haven't seen outside light in ages; it's getting to me. Came out in some kind of powerstation. I guess it's one due to the reactor down here. As satisfying as it would be to blow the whole facility to shrapnel; would be a bad idea when I'm still stuck in it. Broke into an armory on the way so stocked up on ammo. The way out was blocked by a forcefield. Knocking out power to the whole place is out of the question but I tracked down some explosives in an out of the way secure chamber and used them at key points to disrupt power to the forcefield. It also took out power in the adjacent storage area unfortunate as the inhabitants sent an attack force in the darkness. The path led to some bloodsport arena. A voice over the loudspeakers taunted me that I would join the pile of corpses their mutant and mechanical creations claimed but I showed them. Found yet another drop. The rappelling gear is definitely getting a lot of use.
  7. I'd decided to play through the Talosion Incident again back at the end of May but most of the playing happening in June and it took even longer to post thoughts. Yes, again. I'd gone through it long ago and all I remembered was the first map, getting lost in map 3, and the monster spawner and the multiple cyberdemons of 17. I was already familiar with John Bye even then having already gone through Cygnus IV which in some ways could be seen as a spiritual precursor. So I go in expecting desolation and minimalism. As a story driven set, I'll "review" multiple maps in a block as single maps feel more like parts to a whole. Reading the included story actually does clear up a few things since it explains why some of the rooms on the ship are damaging and what you're blowing up at the end of map 5. I'm more inclined to view monsters as actors filling a role rather than an important part of the experience and will rarely mention them. Anyways... Landing and the approach to the underground fortress (maps 1-4) Most of the ship is already revealed on the automap which makes sense. The character would of course already be familiar with the layout. There's a few unmapped areas, one of which has a specimen in a containment field. Surely nothing bad will come of this (dripping sarcasm). From here, I'll mostly be switching to the marine's POV. Troopers log: After gearing up in the ship, I set out across some barren caves and plains. Encountered hostile wildlife though fighting was sparse before a long elevator ride up to a cliff. The installation there was more heavily guarded and security seemed quite important to the local population. Security keycards to progress further were in hidden out of the way locations. If that's not a signal someone's trying to hide something, I don't know what is. Located a concealed passage leading underground where the planet's inhabitants had built something that resembled a chapel. Moving on across a red river, the jamming signal seems stronger closer to the fort on the other side. Some sentries gave a violent welcome with a shower of lead, furthering my suspicions they're guarding something. So much for stealth; they know I'm here. Guess I'd better expect more trouble within.
  8. Crusader No Regret

    That's one DUMB space marine (post your stupidest deaths)

    Shot a rocket into a spectre that wasn't even attacking me in my Legacy of Heroes ironman attempt. Had forgotten it was there after going out of my way to get it angry at a ledge baron.
  9. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Darkening E1 & E2

    Welcome. My demos also tend to be on the very slooooow side. This month I was a bit quicker being a prepared Type 3 run but still slow and cautious over 90% of the time. I played E1 for the MegaWAD club (a blind ironman attempt is there) and E2 ages ago so spent some time learning maps. E1: Dead on map 7: Got careless when trying to hunt down mancubi. Fought/revealed monsters I could have skipped without triggering. About 80-90 minutes at end of map 6. Got a ghost monster on map 3 which would have been a terrible way to lose with only 2 rockets; fortunately was a lowly zombieman. E2: Dead on map 3: Eaten by a demon About 18 minutes at end of map 2. This episode is really stingy with health; medikits don't start appearing until map 4 (?!) E1 is -complevel 2 while E2 is -complevel 9 due to a review mentioning it's not truly vanilla compatible. PrBoom+ dwiron_darkenings_cnr.zip
  10. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    1cc ruleset is of course a huge reference to SHMUPs and particularly Border Down though of course adapted for use here. (Difficulty goes up with each death in Border Down). My attempt is done. Gets progressively worse as it goes. Type 1 - blind UV: Map 2 - After clinging on to life through nearly the whole thing, finished off by rocket splash while at low health. No bonuses for having less than 10 monsters left alive. Or was it 15. Doesn't really matter. HMP: Map 3 - I pick a terrible position when archviles come, try fleeing for safety and a megasphere, fried. HNTR: Map 3 - Died in opening room. Was going to erase it but losing 200 health to 3 revenant rockets is at least mildly interesting so this fail is preserved for posterity. dwiron_rush_cnr.zip
  11. Crusader No Regret

    Can anyone recommend any good Doom downloads?

    The request is quite open ended and I'm feeling particularly mischievous so here's a random selection heavily focused on puzzle maps, mwahahaha. Eternal Doom and the unfinished followup Eternal Doom IV: Return from Oblivion The Given Cyberdereams A.L.T. Phocas lisland 2 Bloody Steel
  12. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Tangerine Nightmare & UAC Ultra & Realm of Shades

    Tangerine Nightmare map 7: My long overdue retrospective of the map: This is one that takes a large time commitment to really digest but has a large payoff in enjoyment when the time is put in. So I wanted to give it more than a cursory "good map, is fun" writeup. I felt the author nailed the mix of abstract and realism. Almost like this could be a real place but just off balance enough to keep one guessing. There's a real sense of mystery and lots of optional content to find. Just what took place in its history prior to the player's arrival; it's a credit to this map that it gets my imagination working I'm still not entirely sure how I lowered the very visible invulnerability. Had fun seeking out those optional paths and secrets; the hidden chamber with cultists pouring out of the walls was an especially memorable bit of presentation. Rewards are nice for doing so, the main one being the BFG for clearing the optional spider area. Which in turn required finding the hidden mancubi to open the path. In the end, completed with 10 out of 11 secrets found.. Watched a maxdemo after the fact which revealed the one I was missing, no big loss on that one. Got the biggest optional quests done so felt like a successful outing. Combat on HMP is mostly on the easygoing side though there's intense moments even on this setting. Also a real sense of escalation is present. Quite a number of temporary lockins give it a vibe similar to DV2's Unholy Cathedral in the progression. Mostly smaller scale skirmishes that increase in number as one progresses but the available space (usually) increases as well so didn't feel cramped. Green skull is more difficult than anything prior to it though totally fair, just gotta work fast. That last brawl did make me work for my victory though. Again, pain elementals and cacodemons combine to make a rather effective attack force. It can be mostly cheesed but opted not to. This map marks the conclusion of my journey in Tangerine Nightmare and what a high note to go out on. Did preview the last maps; found they're not to my personal tastes more than anything else.
  13. Crusader No Regret

    Any good levels with huge open spaces?

    felt like responding Community Chest 4: Maps 20 and 21 Bloody Steel: several maps have large, open areas. 4 and 6 are the first ones that jump to mind. Whitemare 2: Map 15
  14. Crusader No Regret

    Requiem demos [-complevel 2]

    Astounding accomplshment. My past self from long ago when there was only one Requiem map with a Tyson record at Compet-N would have been blown away.
  15. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    Type 1: blind I did load up the WAD beforehand to sample the music choices and make sure it worked but didn't try to progress through the maps beyond the opening room, if at all. Reluctantly picked up a soulshpere while under 40% health, may not have survived M2 without it. M3 was a tense one as I spent a long time without finding armor. I do make it to the blue key but get gangbanged by its guardians. PrBoom-plus -complevel 3 dwiron_dbimpact_cnr.zip