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  1. Crusader No Regret

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    No medikits in exit rooms of E4M5 and E4M9. This doesn't appear intentional. (checked both HMP and UV and is probably the case for HNTR) If I find any more possible bugs, I'll edit them in here. Not that it's very likely because... Reached the last map but my nerves aren't ready for it just yet. E4M4 has some very brutal setups that nearly caused me to resort to cheats. I'm still not sure how to handle E4M6 blue key setup without making use of a helpful secret. The map got irritating to navigate due to all the damaging floors. E4M7 baron shooting gallery was a slog to take out due to their splash damage immunity; could it be that one is not intended to kill them all? Found the E4 secret map and appreciate the unconventional setup. Correctly worked out the gimmick of the red key area. Exited with 55% kills and felt no need to bother with 100%.
  2. Crusader No Regret

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    PrBoom+ refused to run the WAD until I changed the filename to something it would accept. Took a swing at it. Dropped down to HMP for sanity. Recorded a run where I exit the map and add on no secrets for extra spice. Two failed attempts at the start of the demo which I leave in since the map is so short. aosexit_cnr.zip
  3. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Eye

    Last-second prepared type 3 attempt. 82 kills eyeamstronger_cnr.zip
  4. Crusader No Regret

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    For whoever is the current eligible challenger - From pistol start, exit map 18 of Eviternity with 200/200 health and armor, all weapons, and 600 cells. HMP or higher. All weapons does not include chainsaw, as the map doesn't have one, but does include berserk and BFG.
  5. Crusader No Regret

    moments that made you quit a wad

    E10M5 of the Alfonzone (the last map if going in episode number order) I admitted defeat and resorted to god mode to see the ending. Kept getting overrun in wave #5 (out of 10) and that's when I got that far. Didn't have the motivation to try to solve it legit. Quit Four Seasons after beating the first map. It's a decent quality set of maps and there are creative and tough combat setups but the setpiece heaviness just wasn't appealing to me. Not quite there yet but I may not ever get around to finishing Golden Souls 2. Second map of world 5, the framerate lags on my system. Less than ideal conditions for fighting or precision jumping.
  6. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Eye

    Type 1: blind Joining the cellar dwellers with a 54 kill finish and a very mundane way to die. Had I known I would do this poorly, I would have played more recklessly to better match the Touhou character the demo filename is referencing. PrBoom+ -complevel 9 eyeamthestrongest_cnr.zip
  7. Crusader No Regret

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    OK, took some time scoping out permastucks in E3M9 more carefully. There's an enclosed yard to the northeast with a soulsphere at one end and the only lift out on the other that has permastuck potential on both the east and the north sides. It is possible to get wedged between trees and a wall if dropping down from the east end available very early. The other one I found when trying to jump to the teleport to where the yellow key is falls a bit short. Taking a big leap from there to the northwest is a trap; there's no items on those ledges and it's easy to get stuck descending from there. i did find another one close by the red key. Go a bit north from there and there's another location where it's possible to get wedged between a wall and tress. Stuck by insanity as it's not the obvious route down. This would be reachable even with infinite height actors on. Now that I'm in episode 4, my feeling is that Driller damage may be overtuned. Getting nicked by an individual shot seems to easily take off 60-80. And given how quickly they fire... I guess maybe what I thought is one hit may be 2-3 and that they're meant to be murder machines if they do catch someone unawares but geez.
  8. Crusader No Regret

    Best GZDoom wads/megawads

    There's Hocus Pocus Doom, if one can even call it Doom-like. Cacoward winner. Turns out melee enemies are much more dangerous when they can run through you; they make Doom's demons salivate with jealously. Also there's Mayhem Mansion which is silly and goofy and features a very different different arsenal for battling a wacky batch of foes. Doesn't seem to get much attention and I don't recall how I even found out about it in the first place. Link here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mayhemm4 I'm hesitant to name Eternal Doom 4: Return from Oblivion among the best of ZDoom requiring wads (though there are things I admire about it) but it does use scripting and other ZDoom features to create setups that wouldn't be possible in a Boom-compatible map. 400 starting monsters on a map can be around 600 or so by the time the exit is reached and that's before archvile resurrections and pain elemental spawns are added to that total.
  9. Crusader No Regret

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    As I do not have access to TNT nor have any plans to obtain it, this one is going unanswered. PWADs are a better bet if you wish to issue a different one.
  10. Crusader No Regret

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    Open challenge: Exit Miasma with a fully loaded BFG on HMP or UV.
  11. Crusader No Regret

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Found a bug. In E3M6, nearby where the yellow key is, grating on the west side can be walked through. Falling into the abyss past it is a permastuck. RC1 I've found myself getting stuck behind trees in E3M9 but I'm chalking that up to playing in GZDoom with infinite height actors off. Barons appear to be immune to splash damage. Not sure if that warrants a mention in the textfile though it leaves me with awkward choices for dealing with multiple barons at once. E3M5: The spectres in a dark cave frustrated me enough to resort to IDBEHOLDL to not constantly get chewed up by them. Generally, I've felt they're placed where there's enough light to make them out if alert but that one sore spot is so dark without resorting to cheats or cranking up the gamma correction. On the last map of E3 and I'm finding myself getting into the set more. There's not any one particular reason why. Some combo of new enemies showing up in later episodes, themes and locales that happen to appeal to me more, having access to more of the arsenal, and my secret sense improving (though I don't usually find 100%) I guess. Crafty enemy placement to be found that often appears overwhelming but can usually be handled with less risk with a smarter approach and less running around in panic waking up the whole map (and liberal saves to try different approaches). Infighting I've learned to treat as a luxury yet I find I'm able to get away with it more in later maps. While risky, baiting infights can be very rewarding when successful. Especially with Screams McGee since getting it riled up at other enemies leads to funny situations like two revenants trying to punch each other out. Maybe not intentional but this set appeals to my usual playing style of taking out everything I can reach before moving on. With how deadly any individual monster is (other than the humble zombieman which I don't think I've seen beyond the first map) leaving active monsters alive tends to be very dangerous. Also feel like complimenting how some of the new enemies have habitats that they're rarely found outside of; the consistency adds to the immersion factor. There's a lot to like here from the gimmick of E3M1, the setting of E3M3, or all the hidden alternate paths that allow skipping most of E3M7, if one can find them. There's a part of me that wants to make a music add-on with Touhou tracks that match the map titles. But I don't have the 30+ Touhou MP3s just lying around so I'll leave that to some other enterprising fan. One blooper for the road: I died on the very first encounter of E3M4 without any kills. Tried to retreat from the first ambush, found a cleverly placed baron instead, and two rockets took my marine from 200/200 to zero before I could blink, so to speak.
  12. Crusader No Regret

    The Resurgence of: DWIronman League.

    Blind attempt Dead: Map 3 Lots of fumbling due to playing on PrBoom+ after lots of time on GZDoom. I use WASD for movement on GZDoom but my PrBoom config is ESDF an that throws off my muscle memory. Not that anyone's going to watch the whole demo; it's slow and cautious for the most part with several failed attempts at baiting infights. Putting down the last enemy on map 2 at 14 health did not bode well for my long term prospects. PrBoom+ -complevel 9 dwiron_resurge_cnr.zip
  13. Caim from Drakengard fits right in with the Brutal Doom mentality.
  14. Crusader No Regret

    What are you playing now?

    Finished up Hellfire Dreams with Touhou weapons and enemies. It gets more enjoyable after the low point of the map 6 sewers with its darkness and lots of damaging sludge to traverse and not many radsuits to spare. Map 9 is my favorite from a setting perspective. Map 10 was more enjoyable with the altered weapons to deal with a two-sided ambush. The final map had a tense combat with a dammaku cyberdemon in uncomfortably narrow corridors it's not intended for. Instead of the normal 3 shot pattern to evade, there are several different more erratic attack patterns it can choose from and not getting too hurt took some work. Marathoned episode 3 of Scythe 2 on HMP in one sitting. Made it all the way to map 15, grabbed the yellow key early, and proceeded to get mulched by the gangbang past the yellow door. Being able to snag the key early raised my respect for the set as I was expecting the modern trend of not permitting any exploits or shortcuts. I don't dislike Scythe 2 but I don't revere it the way many others do. Now making my way through Tarnsman's Projectile Hell. I'll leave most of my commentary to the project forum rather than here unless it feels too asinine to mention there.
  15. Crusader No Regret

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    Nobody is an extreme choice of phrasing. From a mapper perspective the lost soul's lack of alert sound, that it doesn't show up on the kill counter (for ports which copy vanilla tally screen behavior), and yes even that it forgets it target after a single attack in infights gives it unique qualities in the beastiary. A cunning mapper can place them for sneak attacks even when the player would believe they're otherwise safe. From a player perspective, yeah they can get annoying. I will get irritated when one gets attack happy and lands 3-4 hits in the same time it would take an archvile to attack once. Knowing I could have prevented it from getting so close and failed to keep a lost soul off for one reason or another contributes more to my irritation than anything else though.
  16. Crusader No Regret

    What do you love most about doom?

    The large variety of custom content. Would have long since moved on if IWADs were the only thing available. Close behind and the first thing I thought to respond with is monster infighting. It's something that hasn't been imitated that much in the genre so it feels unique and it allows for placing much larger crowds of monsters and not have it feel like a slog to defeat them all.
  17. Crusader No Regret

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - RC2

    Touhou song names lured me in. I'm a bit sad that loading up the Touhou Doom weapons mod isn't an option since Master Sparking large crowds is gratifying but I'll get over it. EDIT: Appears to run fine without breaking anything, haven't extensively tested though. One does miss out on the intended experience but that's the usual caveat when it comes to external mods. Really like the fast weapon switches and the opportunities for barrel frags. The story is also gloriously nonsensical with everything I enjoy about that '90s Doom creativity. Up to E2M3 as I write this going in episode order. With the aggressive monsters and their fast shots, the projectile hell reminds me more of Raiden (with it's sniper tanks at inconvenient positions and their fast shots) than Touhou. That's just the shmupper in me talking though. One particular player blooper is running around a corner recklessly and getting blasted by a baron rocket at close range, ouch. I've developed a level of paranoia in these maps often getting whittled by sniping monsters because of the one perch I forgot to look towards. I'll admit it does sometimes feel like I'm just going through the motions. Does feel "by the book" in various places. So maps like E1M8 stand out for me simply because they're not meant to be approached with conventional tactics. A bit put out that I got to the end of E1 without finding M9. Alas, I haven't figured out how to warp to individual maps.
  18. Crusader No Regret

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    PrBoom+ - 6 GZDoom - 3 Just familiarity. Favored a port that can record vanilla compatible demos; never mind that I'm not really grinding speedrun demos these days. PrBoom+ is my general go-to with GZDoom there for stuff that requires a ZDoom derivative or when I want to play with the -ressurect console command.
  19. Some various topics that came to mind that I could be better at: Herding - Monsters move in the general direction of their target. By moving in a rough close semi-cricle around a large mob, one can keep them occupying a smaller space than they would otherwise if running around without thought and it's allowed to spread randomly. Another application is trapping part or all of a horde behind parts of the level geometry. I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface as far as this topic goes. Luring revenant missiles into walls in an open area - It's something I often forget about in the heat of combat but is a useful ability to call upon. Even after learning it, there's still the matter of doing so in a busy battlefield with other stuff going on. Dodging a mancubus shot pattern that is behind me while in a small space. The dance for one in front is muscle memory at this point and I keep forgetting when to reverse it and get burned. When do I need to attack infighting monsters for safety? - Infight baiting is invaluable for saving ammo and having fewer monsters after the player at once. But sometimes it is best not to let two (or more) combatants finish before resuming attack. Cybers in tight spaces are the easiest example that come to mind; while they're occupied by infighting is the safest time to line up a point-blank BFG shot. Also remembering how the targeting threshhold works. (when a monster is damaged, further damage does not reset the timer if it hasn't counted down to zero, among other traits)
  20. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe 2

    Blind type 1 attempt. I did read the DoomWiki entry about the new enemies long before this month but didn't make it to any of them in my attempt so that advance knowledge doesn't come into play here. Croaked in map 10 cursing the slow weapon switch speed. Each episode in the .zip is a separate demo. So this is the legendary Scythe 2. While I'm mostly "whatever' about it and modern Doom gameplay in general, I do see its influence on works like Epic 2 which is something I do have a liking for. So got to give credit where it's due. Map 8 is where it started to stand out for me on its own merits independent of its status on DoomWorld. My ammo management on that map was atrocious; would have not made it from pistol start the way I was playing. PrBoom+ -complevel 9 (oops) dwiron_scythe2_cnr.zip
  21. Crusader No Regret

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    Here's my blind attempt. Kill count; 68 Take a wild guess where I croaked. dwiron_firebox_cnr.zip
  22. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    Overall thoughts: Doom Zero does a lot of things right. Effective placement of small numbers of monsters, very few or no permastucks, generally quick pace, progression that rewards using your head while keeping the trickiest stuff optional... Plenty of secrets tucked away in sneaky ways that one feels clever for finding them. It's very technically sound, even running on vanilla DOS (or so I'm led to believe, didn't test this). The IWAD difficulty level will make it accessible to those who are looking for a more casual experience. Despite all those positives and more I'm not putting down, it somehow doesn't quite land with me and I'm not inclined to revisit it ever. I'm having trouble finding words to convey why. IWAD music is a big part of it for me personally but loading a custom music WAD on top of it would take care of that. So there's something more. It's not the short maps; that the set doesn't take a great deal of time is something in its favor overall. Or that it sticks to IWAD textures; it's certainly a valid design choice to do so. I won't criticize the difficulty; playing on HMP continuous with saves is something akin to a tourist difficulty anyways. Maybe because it feels like it binds so firmly in the modern era without any of the adventuresome spirit from the early eras where creativity was limited only by the available engines and ports. And while I can appreciate some modern paradigns (such as avoiding pointless permastucks), being bound by too big a list of do's and don'ts seems to cost something intangible. Perhaps "by the book" is the closest phrasing to convey why Doom Zero doesn't quite land with me. I'm more drawn to maps that have a sense of location even if they're not perfectly realized and the maps that stuck out the most to me in Doom Zero are those with a sense of narrative. Even if they're some of the most sparse from an action perspective. Still, there's no need to have my issues with the set become anyone else's issues. And for those who are into the type of pacing, presentation, and gameplay that Doom Zero offers, I'll recommend it. It won't take too long to complete for a megaWAD which makes it attractive to those who are normally turned away by an expectation of long time investments.
  23. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    Map 28: 98% kills, 8/8 secrets What I remember most about the map is the high number of ammo sponge Barons there are. It sticks out thanks to the ammo distribution; there aren't a lot of cells so BFG'ing every one had me leaving with less cells than I came in with. One or two of them were in tight spaces where their high HP enables them to apply pressure but the rest showed up in spots with plenty of room to dance. That sore spot aside, continues with the Doom Zero trend of various puzzles to advance and clever secrets. There's the running test very early on to advance which took a few tries. There's a soulsphere on a pillar and the switch to open up a path to it is in plain sight but needs an intermediate step or two to be able to make a timed run. The layout is interesting to navigate. Finding all the secrets took some doing but getting credit for them took more doing, at least for me. Exit fakeout at the end is neat. Since I'm playing continuous, I ran over there from the secret invulnerability, opened up the exit, and just left. Saw no profit in spending ammo killing the last monsters. I missed the trivia that the map only contains Doom 1 monsters (other than the alpha souls) Map 29: kills irrelevant, 1/1 secret The boss map. If there is any subtext with the enemy choices in the intro areas, it flew over my head. Took 2-3 tries to successfully beat the spawner. I was gibbed by the boss explosion. Well shoot. Map 30: 100% everything Playable epilogue. Secret BFG isn't that important but I got it anyways. The gameplay is basic in a vaccuum but mind thy health; there's none other than the berserk. That's OK though because it serves the narrative. After dispatching the Baron pair (possible callback to E1, especially given the other monsters are limited to those in the same episode), Doomguy enters the chamber they were guarding only to find its a trap. I'm not familiar with new Doom so wouldn't catch the reference unless someone told me. Final and overall thoughts to come later.
  24. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    Map 27: 85% kills, 8/8 secrets A gimmicky map based around starting at single-digit health. Let's take a tour, shall we. The only available destination other than some starter weapons for pistol starters is the key shrine. There are also a few imps around. More paranoid marines may assume that they are bait for a nasty teleport ambush but no, one is meant to shoot them. Of course only one key can be chosen and the others as well as the health on the platform remain tantalizingly out of reach. Whichever key is chosen will allow entry into a chamber with monsters that are facing the walls. But you just know that a single tap of the fire button will wake them all up. At single-digit health, it's very likely to end poorly. Best to sneak through quietly where a weapon awaits. Also grants access to the platform to pick up the rest of the keys and a welcome berserk pack. The gimmick from map 6 is expanded upon here. Each of the chambers behind the key doors contains a face switch. All must be pressed to complete the map as well as grant access to a BFG. All the face switches are guarded and there are monsters physically blocking access to them. The only available armor before hitting any of the face switches is behind the blue door so that's what I tackle first. There's a mass of hitscanners blocking it though. Seems like it would require waking up the room. But I found an alternate solution. Since I need to alert monsters blocking access to a face switch anyway, I stayed silent and baited cacodemon shots into the hitscanner mob guarding the armor. Race around the corner and let the monsters settle their disagreement. Repeat as needed until I can pick up the armor without attacking. Then lure the caco somewhere I can shoot it without alerting everything else. Repeated the process of brushing up to monsters to wake them up and lure them to locations where I could shoot them without waking everything else up until the face switch is reachable. Chamber behind red door is easier. Zip in, tag the switch from an angle, dash out. This will alert a baron or two but that's still less than waking the whole room. Lure them far enough away and take them out. Ignoring them is possible but I'd rather have them gone so I can return for ammo. Behind the yellow door is the hardest setup for a stealthy approach. There's an archvile facing the face switch and if the pain elementals are aggro'ed by another monster they will produce a lot of skulls. I did try to be sneaky but gave up that plan when a pain elemental fixated on a monster that hit it. So every monster guarding that switch gets taken out with violence. The three areas the face switches open up all have their own gimmicks. They must be visited in order to open the path to the exit. First up is more firewall areas with monsters facing away. It's quite clear the intended solution is to evade the few lost souls, keep quiet and activate a crusher to flatten the waiting crowd. Ammo may become an issue if trying to take them out directly. Next area has pitch black rooms and lots of flaming skulls lurking around. Automap is disabled here too. The idea is to use the lighted decorations to find your way around. I came here first and made my way through only to find a door blocking my progress. Yeah, that was irritating. It's necessary to hit a switch in the previous area to open up the door leading to another switch necessary for progress. Hope you don't squander the secret light-amp early (if you found it). A lot of secrets lie within these darkened halls and it's very difficult to find them without the light-amp. Last gated area is a short one. A switch to raise the stairway to the exit and a lot of archviles ambushing at once. After that, the path to the exit is pretty much unopposed. There's also a neat secret with a teleport maze and only being able to grab one of three possible prizes for navigating it. I'd managed to not wake up everything behind the blue key and red key doors so I left them there to stare at walls until the end of time.
  25. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    Map 26: 100% kills, 6/8 secrets Most memorable bit about the progression was raising the bridge to where the red key is. Regardless of which order one activates the two needed switches, still got to take the long way around. Then there's the part where one is lowered into a monster pit which did take me by surprise even though I should have expected it. Feels especially trolly if the one on the lower level is hit first. The cyber is going to take some effort to off it fast with BFG since falling in lava becomes a factor. (I didn't spot the telefrag potential, which is a cool alternate approach) Trivial with invulnerability but I didn't find it until after offing the cyber. BFG secret remained tantalizingly out of reach though I'll admit I didn't search too long for it. Liked the hinting for the early plasma gun. Death exit starts me off at 3% health on the next map. Anticipation builds.