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  1. orangefire222

    Are custom Doom64 maps/levels possible on real N64 hardware?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Disappointing that there isn't much going on yet, I suppose I'll just have to wait and keep my eyes peeled.
  2. Hello all, been awhile since my last visit to doomworld. I recently purchased an everdrive 64, and I'm wondering if there are any tools available for Doom64 modding? I've done a few google searches and looked around typical romhacking places, although not very thoroughly I'll admit, and haven't turned anything up. I have some experience with doombuilder 64 back when Doom64EX came out, and I know it came with a tool to extract an iwad from the ROM. Anyone know of any tools that can REinsert an edited iwad back into the ROM so I can load it up on the everdrive and play these on real hardware? Would love to see some custom content playing on the n64 on a TV.
  3. orangefire222

    Ultimate Doom 32X port Episode 3&4

    Now to just bust out the genesis/32x, buy a flash-cart from amazon and play this on original hardware. Thanks a lot :)
  4. orangefire222

    Help with vanilla deep liquid effect.

    Yes what you said does make sense and with your help I got it fixed by deleting the outer set of lines. I think I had been trying to make a sort of step under the nukage, but it was completely unnecessary, so I got rid of the extra lines. It's been about a year since Ive messed around with this map and now that I've picked it up again I'm not sure where I was going with a few things... Thank you for taking a look and helping me out.
  5. orangefire222

    Help with vanilla deep liquid effect.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p1uw5seio40u5i/simplex.wad?dl=0 Can anyone tell me why my deep nukage pool on the upper level of my map is glitching? The linedefs look setup correctly, as far as I can tell they're referencing the correct sector. My lower level deep nukage pool works correctly so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with the upper pool. Sorta hard to see in the screenshot but very obvious when you load the map.. I'm a fairly nooby mapper so I apologize if the answer to this is something obvious that I'm missing. This is a MAP01 replacement for vanilla TNT that is in a very early rough state so there will be plenty of ugly geometry and texture mis-alignments for you not to pay attention to.
  6. orangefire222

    The pistol sucks

    The pistol is awesome and has saved me many times...mostly because I like to spray rooms with bullets and waste a lot of the stronger ammo. It's better than sluggin' demons in the face with your fist...imo...
  7. orangefire222

    What to do when you have no mapping skills?

    Good advice, also for pwads you like.
  8. orangefire222

    What to do when you have no mapping skills?

    It's only been a few months for me when I didn't even know the difference between a vertex and a linedef or sector, and I thought the same way as you, that the concept was just lost on me and that I'd never understand. But the will to create has driven me to learn, and once you do you'll see its a fairly easy game to wrap your head around. Doom Builder 2 was my best option, and their website has quite a few good tutorials on how to make simpler stuff like doors and lifts and a few other slightly advanced techniques. They had me making my first few simple maps in no time. You'll start out trying to figure out simple stuff as stated above and before you know it you'll be making maps in UDMF format with 3d architecture and custom sounds and what not...not to say that's super-advanced either. Mainly what I'm trying to say is all Doom really takes is the drive to put forth the effort, and artistic creativity will certainly take you a long way.
  9. orangefire222

    Problem with IWAD patches

    Indeed, after looking more closely at my wads in xwe again and in doombuilder I mostly figured what you two said. Thanks for the help and sorry for wasting time...delete this post if deemed necessary.
  10. orangefire222

    Problem with IWAD patches

    Hello All, I'm fairly new to Doom editing/this website, so bare with me if this thread is stupid/redundant/in the wrong place. I'm not having a problem loading custom patches or anything, I can do that fine, the problem lies therein when I add even one custom patch, XWE throws in 3-4 hundred of the IWADS own patches in with my wad. I don't know if this is a feature or a bug, but is there anyway to avoid this, as I don't want to be releasing copyrighted content on my pwad. Ive downloaded and looked at several wads edited with XWE and they too contain many IWAD textures along with the customs, so is this something I dont need to worry about? IF it is something I should worry about, how would I go about solving this problem? Using XWE 1.16 on WinXP