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  1. orangefire222

    Starting a level naked/armorless

    Started working on a map where I'd like the doomguy to start in an unarmored state and be extremely vulnerable (death in one or two hits, even from weak monsters) for a few minutes until collecting the doomguy suit, probably represented by the typical green armor thing/sprite. Once collected gameplay would continue pretty much as normal for the rest of the game. Can anyone point me in the right direction for doing something like this? Decorate, dehacked, scripting of some manner? Dont have a lot of experience in any of those. Not sure what would be the best option for what I'm trying to do. The wad will be for GZDoom in the UDMF format. Making Doomguys health start really low or monsters damage extremely high until the item is collected, either should work fine I'd think. Not looking for a handout on this one. Willing to learn to do it myself, just looking for some advice on what you guys think would be the best place to start, and maybe the names of some wads that do something similar that I could take a look at and see how they work. ...Or a wake-up call that this might be a bit beyond me? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. orangefire222

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    F No!
  3. Hah! This is precisely why I asked. I was thinking to myself "this dude must've destroyed a few gba's to achieve this.." considering the shoulder buttons wear out pretty quickly even under casual play.
  4. Just curious what kind of gameboy you were using? the original one or the SP, or the gbplayer on the 'cube? I can't even begin to imagine playing so fast. Really incredible to watch, congrats man.
  5. orangefire222

    A possible idea for a Doom Annihilation sequel

    I'd watch it. I also watch the other 2 doom movies whenever I catch them. I know they're terrible but I got love for anything involving Doom.
  6. orangefire222

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I put a bucket on my head once, the folks at the hardware store got real upset and asked me to leave..
  7. orangefire222

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I wonder if she could use those tentacles to...nevermind.
  8. Would bring a modern computer back with me loaded up with the new Dooms and other games for Carmack to reverse-engineer and having gaming technology leap forward by 25 years, thus causing a time paradox that causes me to never go back and not alter the timeline, which alters the timeline again to back to normal which means I'm going back again...and on and on forever stuck in a multi-dimensional temporal loop probably destroying the fabric of space-time causing nothing to exist, or have ever existed.
  9. orangefire222

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    This work exhibits all the raw emotion of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", while the grainy low-res CGI evokes a nostalgic feeling of an older visual style of entertainment. A truly astonishing piece of art.
  10. orangefire222

    John McAfee Arrested for U.S. Tax Evasion

    My job's computers use McAfee AV, honestly I don't really notice it until it demands I update virus definitions, seems to run fairly unobtrusively other than that. Can't say Ive ever had a virus on my work computer, although it's usually only connected to a private closed network, and if it does go on the net, it's only to trusted IP addresses through vpn's and what not. Work doesn't want us doing much with the computers that isn't work so they're sorta locked down..
  11. orangefire222

    KC Green's Doom doodles

    That spider-demon is toooo damn cute. Anyone who makes a sprite mod with these (with permission, of course) would be godly.
  12. orangefire222

    Problem with downloads

    On a similar note, anyone having trouble with the Texas link (ftp.mancubus.net) on /idgames? Did it go down or something?
  13. orangefire222

    What songs do you think should NEVER be in a Doom wad?

    I'd be hard pressed to enjoy a wad with anything from The spice girls, celine deon, backstreet boys...stuff like that. DOOM IS METAL...or dark and forebodingly atmospheric.