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  1. How to make levels harder without just adding more/harder enemies?

    Stop strafing :0)
  2. SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    "use complevel 17" is troubleshooting advice I haven't seen before.
  3. tumblr_oqdr6ovb801qh66wqo1_1280.jpg

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      More like Catnap ;-)

    2. Catpho



    3. Linguica


      If I poke his belly will he nip me

  4. Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    You trust the bits to just walk past so much gold without helping themselves to any of it? Tsk!
  5. prBoom+ - Using secret exit on levels besides MAP16

    Secret exits on maps besides 15 and 31 will send you to the last level you entered through an intermission screen, or to map01 if you haven't seen such a screen yet. It's an accurate emulation of doom2 and it shouldn't be changed, except in a hypothetical new complevel or something.
  6. tumblr_p50dgjs1rB1wxuj6io1_1280.jpg


    'tis a fine tune.

    1. Girl of Satan

      Girl of Satan


      Found through video suggestions

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      "Mixed by S.P.Y."... That means it's gonna be amazing. The guy is just such a mastermind. Check these ones out:



    3. Girl of Satan

      Girl of Satan

      gotta link this



  8. tumblr_inline_p5es8osAXg1to18eh_500.jpg

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      That cat looks mildly "overfed", and also those heels aren't high enough. ;-)

    2. Girl of Satan

      Girl of Satan

      The cat is perfect the way it is :3

  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Map28 is pretty easy!
  10. Hardcoded behaviors for Doom objects for DEHACKED

    I *think* the AV not being targeted by other monsters is a property of its attack, not its thing definition. (I have nothing but experience to back this up, but I think all infighting behaviour comes down to: hitscans aggro anything, projectiles aggro outside monster species, other attacks aren't recognised as attacks, and finally HK/barons are hardcoded to behave as one species). To be slightly pedantic, some of the death actions mentioned in the OP aren't 100% hardcoded, since they wait for the BOSSDEATH codepointer, which you can remove. Also, thank you so much for posting the specific speed changes in nightmare. I've wondered about those for ages.
  11. 90s FPS Protagonists

    Yep yep yep. Duke3d pretty much follows the family guy school of thought, where a "joke" means quoting something word for word and adding nothing. The less said about Lo Wang, the better. Nah, they were just as dumb at the time.
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    So wrong that it's............ right? :3
  13. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    I never changed my name. It was the work of... the doominati. I'm 100% responsible for not changing it back though :D
  14. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

    Gotta catch up, since it's Nostril Caverns day. Map03 thoughts: It's pretty big. This is almost like the platonic ideal of a ToD map. But it can get pretty exhausting. Was a submission for SF3, where it was map29 for a long time iirc... but similarly to map02 I'm not sure if it's still in the set. My personal opinion is it detracts a little from both ESP and SF3 if they share maps. But idk. A couple of times, progression in this map is really bizarre. I once had to crack this open in db2 to help a friend out of an apparent dead end while he was streaming (the next course of action was to jump onto an exit sign which is also a teleporter, of course). Possibly the most extreme example of ToD's penchant for tagging pillars as secrets? Lots of doors that go "AAAA" when you open them. The bit where you fall into a HOM and end up in a new area is silly but also excellent. The music reminds me of Ken's Labyrinth. In a good way. Music for a level where Ken is marooned on Pluto but it's okay because there are cute bats. Archvile bridge. Map04 thoughts: One of five maps returning from tom19.wad, which was basically ESP's predecessor. Also another Silent Hill map. Really cool opening fight. Music makes it feel like a spy drama :l I'm docking this map one star for not having a giant cyberdemon made of cyberdemons. 05: Thankfully, this map has a giant cyberdemon made of cyberdemons. The twin of map03. Very similar in style and size, and both were SF3 submissions. This one is slightly nuttier though, imo. Also features a section where you have to physically leave the map and walk out to the point where the map loops over to get to the next section. 06: Possibly the second hardest of the returning tom19 maps? This is ToD's take on the doom 2 map01 edit cliche. Was once a zdoom map, featuring traps where monsters fall from the air. I think there's a demo of that version on youtube somewhere? At one point you play an organ that summons cyberdemons. QED. 07: The endless imp/rockets section at the start is actually my favorite ESP fight. Seems easy-ish to begin with, but then gradually ramps up to a light simmer. 08: Another tom19 map, and one of my least favorites. The gameplay is solid enough, but the deliberate oblige style makes the whole thing feel sort of cold and empty. 09: Probably one of the better sf2011 maps. Stylistically a sort of precursor to things like Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth. I distinctly remember Phml being annoyed by the cacos at the beginning when he playtested this back in the day. One of the demos in the sf2011 demo reel is Danne dying to this map :3 10: I was hoping to be the first to mention that this map is made of triangles because it was a 100 lines submission, but several other people got there first, boo. One of the shorter and easier ESP maps. You could almost play this one blind and saveless if it weren't for the slightly mental fight before the exit. Sector trees. 10/10 11: Another sf2011 map. This time opening up gradually, spiral labyrinth style, rather than going all-out right from the beginning. Beginning imp triangle is another nice little rocket fight, similar to the start of KSP, but much shorter of course. iirc ToD's max demo actually skips this fight and lets the cacos out immediately, despite it being one of the more fun moments. Tsk! The title comes from ToD being mystified by the name of pain au chocolat. ToD lore. 12: Oh god brookhaven hospital. Well, anyone who does DWMC just for adventure maps with no gameplay should be right at home in this map... at least until the end section. Not really a fan of this one overall. I get lost immediately, weapons are hard to come by, and I'm not sure how to progress ever. Would this setting be easier to understand if I'd played the Silent Hill game it comes from? Who knows. Even though I don't like it much, this map still has tons of neat ideas, like the multiple floors, the locked doors with messages, shelves, the combination locks... 13: A sf2012 map, I think? Possibly one of the first contributions to that project. I think ToD might even have revealed it in the sf2012 thread OP. Not a fan of grey bigbrik. Or brown bigbrik, really. Overall not one of my favorites. The setting just seems kind of joyless, somehow. Some cool midtex bridges in this map. 14: ToD's explanation for this map at the time was "I was high on the 90s". Which makes sense. This "deliberately unlearning normal texture use" style returned in map33, which is actually even sillier. 15: The longest map to return from tom19. This map is actually a compilation of maps from a wad called Drown in Blood, with some edits. DiB was designed for coop with multiple lives, iirc, whereas this map makes you do similarly death-defying things without that luxury. This map is so long my heart sinks when I see the opening room :3 "ToD is playing jazz drums at 3000 bpm and suddenly he gets an idea! "you know what's more challenging than a cyberdemon?" "three hundred cyberdemons!"" - dew 31: Nostril Caverns \o/ My favorite ESP map. It's just ridiculous. First, kill sixteen rooms of each different monster type (well, nearly). Now clear out sixteen open areas of archviles and spiderdemons. And finally, BFG hundreds of cyberdemons. This is the map equivalent of those eating challenges where you have to eat a 50kg ice cream sundae, or something. This map also has the best music. For the curious, Benjogami made a tribute to this map called World Orifice, which is arguably slightly more ridiculous. 32: Another sf2011 map. I think in sf2011 this map was just called "Em1all"? Similarly to map15, this map is a compilation of maps from ToD's "eternal memories" wad, which contained remakes of Eternal Doom maps from memory, with added ToD gameplay. When ToD created this compilation map, he added infinite bfg at the start, but he didn't remove the normal weapons and ammo from the later areas, so you end up with tons of ammo that never gets picked up. The original eternal memories wad has a few demos on dsda, which are worth checking out. As you'd expect, the gameplay is pretty different without infinite bfg. Peace out.
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    1. Archi