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  1. Quote


    Please don't ever, EVER make a maze map. If you are a new or aspiring mapper reading this, DO NOT MAKE A MAZE MAP. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    (from hellbound dwmc)



    Mazes will continue until morale improves :l

    1. Rayziik
    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I wonder if i could make a map which fills the max space (for cl2/9) with a maze...

  2. Hey. By any chance can you remember which plutonia maps (besides Congo and Aztec, and possibly Well of Souls/Realm/Abattoire) were in the original ten map wad that you sent to Shawn Green? (Sorry if you've answered this before somewhere else and I haven't seen it) This 10 map version kinda fascinates me, because based on the first two maps it sounds like there was a more cohesive texture theme at this point. And was it called plutonia at that point?? Did it have one of the new skies already??


    Btw, if you wanted to continue in the vein of your Plutonia playthrough, you could play Memento Mori, which both you and Milo submitted maps to, and which is quite similar in tone to final doom. (IMO it’s probably MM you were thinking of when you said Abattoire was in contention for another mapset before final doom).

  3. Hello Touchdown, I'd just like to say I really enjoy your max+commentary videos, particularly the 20x6 series! A player talking through how/why they're doing things, what their strategy is etc, is so much more interesting than a max demo on its own imo


    Here's a cat:



    1. Touchdown


      Thanks Grain of Salt! I'm glad to hear you had fun watching those vids. I'd probably make more but I decided to refocus my attention on other projects, including but not limited to my upcoming DOOM mapset that I'm sort of teasing recently.

  4. Korendian could you do more commentary-ed doom videos please. There aren't enough of these in existence


    Thank you


    Here's a duck just in case:



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    2. koren


      Hello my friend. sorry, I always forget to check the little notification bell in the corner so i didn't see these messages.


      I don't play as much doom these days and my time is heavily limited by my rubbish job but i'd like to get back into things in 2022. I liked playing almost all of those wads listed and when I get something new up I'll definitely focus on a single release or something that is a bit more niche/underexposed. I can see a few things in that list that fit the bill and I have a mental list of a lot of some other great maps from the last couple of years that need love.


      Have a lovely new year.

    3. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      No worries if you can’t find time to doom; I understand. Time Limited By Rubbish Job is why my halloween map last year was just one room, lol... but then luckily I got fired :D Please ignore my carping and spend whatever hours you can find doing what you enjoy primarily, and then spare hours can go towards other things if necessary.


      iirc you said you were kinda burned out on doom recently(?), and fwiw I like your quake things nearly as much as the commentated doom. I’m currently watching a bunch of quake videos and for some reason making (or trying to make) a doom map inspired by warpspasm even though I’ve never played it myself :D Your description of it as “the sunder of quake” really captured my imagination for some reason...


      I’m interested in this mental list, also

    4. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      korendian is there a discord or something where i can pester you with my warpspasm thoughts on a minute-by-minute basis


      as a streamer you must have a big discord server called The Korennation or something right

  5. Gusta did you know the red door on ksutra map11 doesn't need a red key :V

  6. Greencybs do have splash immunity!

    1. koren
    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      Also I enjoy your voiceover videos, please do more

  7. Oi, do a playthrough of alien world order, I've run out of duke3d content to watch.




  8. Well. To whom it may concern: get bent.

  9. jayfourio, I'm watching your uv-max d2all of doom2, but your text file just says "blah". what's the big idea

    1. j4rio


      I'm not good with big words

  10. Gusta give me ks2, i will pay you in duck pictures

  11. tumblr_p20wktOA991riihdno1_500.jpg.3a94400015ae851f55f771f62763f38e.jpg


    Merry christmas ya silly old cat

  12. tumblr_pip2r3xjDt1qzeui2o1_1280.jpg


    I brought you a serval.

  13. tumblr_inline_phmrluThqI1rm00w1_540.jpg


    You when there are no hitscanners