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  1. If I were a mod, this spam would be deleted by now :-)

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    2. HavoX
    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      To be frank, the complaints and concerns about the spamming of status updates by myself and some others shortly after the forum changed its software didn't bear any fruit at all. Not only did people become progressively careless about their spams, the baseline of "quality", especially during weekends, has been utterly dreadful for about 2 months by now, if not longer. Why? Because there are neither guidelines nor any standards left when it comes to status upates around here, if those existed to begin with.


      Much like GOS, I would delete most status updates quickly at this point in time, because not only are lots of these updates not related to Doom, many of them don't seem to be related to gaming at all. The amount of noncontent is far too high for my personal liking to the point where I don't feel like posting status updates at all anymore, even if there's a chance some people might be interested in reading them. They're basically devalued to the point of nigh uselessness by now, because for the most part only followers are likely to see them, if at all. Stuff like GarrettChan's reality demo of SOD m05(I think it was) ends up passing by completely unnoticed to give just one example.


      If there's any interest in elevating the baseline for status updates, then it's gonna take guidelines and moderators to make that happen because clearly the hands-off-approach thus far shows that it isn't going to happen all by itself. The question is, though, if there's any interest in this matter to begin with, which I have my doubts about at this point in time.

    4. bzzrak


      ^ chill out yo it's just statuses

    5. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      NiH that's not what this is about. Carlos returned this morning and swamped most of the forum. 

      I agree there's a lot of poor quality status updates and it's a shame that more notable/interesting content gets buried by it, but there's a difference between poor quality posting and outright spam, and there's a fine line as to what defines poor quality posting... Moderating that isn't something I'd want to start messing around with myself.

    6. 42PercentHealth


      OK, GoS, you have my vote too. ;-)Selection_001.png.fbd52e97be39a8d36e68acf12ce39a51.png

    7. NuMetalManiak


      Well it's gone...


      We know it's Carlos anyways, he did something similar on Doomwiki.

    8. Ajora


      Who's Carlos?

    9. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      This guy. I think he used to be normal but his wad got a bad review like 10 years ago and now he comes back a few times every year to spam Doomworld. Sad tosser.


      You can always tell when it's him because there's shit about condemining all of doomworld to hell and sulphur etc etc. Thought the new forum software was supposed to keep him out but apparently not. Still, no pictures of brutal gore this time, that's a plus.

    10. Obsidian


      I don't think it was Carlos this time: the spam posts last night took on a similar quality after a time, but the initial posts were all directed at Bloodshedder and waffling about buttrape. I have my own suspicions as to who it was...

    11. loveless


      Snarky comment here.