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  1. If I were a mod, this spam would be deleted by now :-)

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    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      This guy. I think he used to be normal but his wad got a bad review like 10 years ago and now he comes back a few times every year to spam Doomworld. Sad tosser.


      You can always tell when it's him because there's shit about condemining all of doomworld to hell and sulphur etc etc. Thought the new forum software was supposed to keep him out but apparently not. Still, no pictures of brutal gore this time, that's a plus.

    3. Obsidian


      I don't think it was Carlos this time: the spam posts last night took on a similar quality after a time, but the initial posts were all directed at Bloodshedder and waffling about buttrape. I have my own suspicions as to who it was...

    4. loveless


      Snarky comment here.