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  1. Grain of Salt


    I think playing e2m8 *without* strafing (ie just forward, back and turn) is the real 90s experience. Took me weeks to beat the cyberdemon like that.
  2. Grain of Salt

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month

    Says who
  3. two birds one stone >:}
  4. Grain of Salt

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    I agree with both these things
  5. Hopefully no one's mentioned these already - ghost PEs (you crush them fast enough that they become a blood splatter iirc) - rev missiles deactivating one-time action lines - picking up a key curtails an excessively long item pickup screen tint (but only once per key, lol) - (this is a classic) outside of map15 and 31, secret exit action takes you to the last level you entered via the intermission screen (ie not loading or newgame) or map01 by default. You can do weird fun stuff with this but the fact that its affected by saving and loading makes it a bit untidy. - I have a bug in a current map where a lift won't activate because doom apparently thinks a nearby monster is stuck in its ceiling, but if you kill this monster later the lift suddenly activates without any other interaction from the player... which you could probably use for something. - bug I saw in prb cl2 in 2012 and have never been able to replicate, where exiting the level while doing other weird stuff makes you permanently invuln (but with no tint) on the next level :(
  6. Grain of Salt

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month

    Fruit Salad is a winter/christmas wad too fwiw. There's ice and snow and pointy trees (iirc stolen from whitemare?)
  7. 1. I think the effective size limit in both Zee and Real doom is based on the distance between any vertexes in the map, so the largest possible map would be a circle with the diameter of "vertex distance that crashes the map" minus one. Circles are trickier to make mazes in though I guess. 2. There's a bunch of mathematical principles you can look into if you want to make the maze harder to solve (including impossible to solve with the left hand trick). In theory the largest and densest map ever would use stuff like this presumably? No irony, I like maps like this, this is cool, ignore several above people.
  8. Grain of Salt

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    Just have a mapinfo that puts you on a dead end map. Done.
  9. Grain of Salt

    Wormwood IV: The Final Chapter

    https://www.rbkz.net/doom/wormwood4.zip Halloween maps by Ribbiks, Grain of Salt and Dannebubinga. Doom2.wad, complevel 9 = 01 =[R]= : Once More, With Feeling = 02 =[G]= : Fire Hazard = 03 =[D]= : Put the Fun Back in Funeral = 04 =[R]= : I Still Can't Sleep = 05 =[G]= : Feverfew = 06 =[R]= : Oh No, The Ectoplasmic Frequencies = 07 =[G]= : Danne's Theme = 08 =[R]= : Auth Weasel = 09 =[D]= : Domedagen :D
  10. Grain of Salt

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Scythe 2 is pretty orthogonal
  11. Grain of Salt

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    Wormwood tidbit that I forgot to include: "Life?" is named after an album cover that both me and Ribbiks like. However I can't show you this because it's impossible to google, because the finest minds of the tech giant cannot give us a search engine that understands punctuation. It's, like, a robot grim reaper gesturing angrily to a CG backdrop, or something like that. That one's alright. Its main problem is I added about 4 revs to the start shortly before release and that somehow makes that part much harder than the version I playtested for 99% of its existence. Argh
  12. Grain of Salt

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    Just a few random thoughts about ww. I’ve been mostly keeping up with this thread and it’s been a fun read. Thanks for all your comments. I still like Copse a reasonable amount. The music helps a lot. To me this midi isn’t goofy, it’s sort of ominous but in a playful way. The bfg/vile/chaingunner fight is a bit shapeless and silly... I think I did that so that the people who did and didn’t skip the chaingunners at the start would have a similar fight at the end? There are certainly better short maps out there, but it’s not bad. Fun Demon House fact: when I was testing it Ribbiks accidentally gave me a version with part of the deh from “orange is true love”, which meant the BFG did not fire any tracers, just the projectile. Which made the outdoor part where you have to(?) kill viles quickly kinda hard. Luckily I was on hmp and I think he gave me a new version soon after we noticed the issue. Mu: yeah, it’s bad. Can’t think of much else to say about it. I do think the texture scheme is nice though. I think Stabbed With A Sword is my favorite ww map overall (and it would be pretty hard to top it in the future tbh) but weu isn’t my favorite wad of the series. Despite how strong Stabbed is, and the cool reflecting gimmick, it would be hard to wholeheartedly embrace this as The Best One when one of the team (ie me) was so clearly not firing on all cylinders. Imo ww3 is more solid from start to finish and has a stronger map01, even if map03 doesn’t quite have the atmosphere of Stabbed (it would be silly to expect anything to). Korendian has a fun video about Stabbed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnIGo4CERck I actually regret editing the midi for Vampire Killer. At the time I thought taking out the drums made it fit the feel of the level more closely, but I heard the original when my friend Dot (https://www.twitch.tv/dot_lvl) streamed Castlevania Chronicles recently and the song really needs drums and suffers without them. Tsk! With regards to the purple sun symbol tower... there was a fight there to start with (arachs appear around you when you’re in the centre, not quite 360 degrees around you but at dangerous angles) but iirc I couldn’t get it to be particularly fun, or consistently survivable (for me), and the concept didn’t seem that interesting either, so I just left that area empty. In my defence, having no monsters there means the max route doesn’t have to make a detour, so it’s just an optional bit of health for normal players who found the orange key. To waffle slightly, I think one difference in taste between me and a lot of other mappers/players is I would often rather an area be empty than have gameplay I don’t like there (which is not to say that gameplay I don’t like won’t work its way into the map anyway! I’m not claiming to have extreme gameplay quality control or anything, heh). If you have an area which is based on exploration or visuals, why even put in that familiar random scattering of unthreatening hitscanners and imps to clear up? Playing Doom isn’t about busywork. I can definitely see validity of the point of view that this makes maps feel emptier or more broken up, though. I don’t think Vampire Killer is exactly a perfect execution of a map with empty areas. I agree that the end room of VK is a generic circle strafe. Not very good. The map did kind of feel like it needed some kind of fight like that to end on though, even if it was just a formality. This post turned out longer than I imagined.
  13. https://www.rbkz.net/doom/jumpwad.zip "JUMPWAD is a set of 7 monsterless platforming maps for mbf-compatible source ports (complevel 11). Explore strange worlds! Collect gems! Seek out the Eternal Golden Flame! JUMPWAD is designed for software graphics and relies on it for a few visual tricks. GL is not advised. Additionally, it is advised to play with advanced HUD or HUD removed entirely." MAP01 - Temple of the Jump God (R) MAP02 - Jump City (R & G, mostly R in the end) MAP03 - Inside Job (R) MAP04 - Unlimited Icecream Factory (G) MAP05 - It's Cold Up Here (R) MAP06 - There's Been a Murder (R) MAP07 - Bread and Bear (R) Finally we have jumping in doom... We actually started this in 2017 (possibly before even Magnolia... I'm afraid to check) and it was mostly delayed by my slowness finishing maps 2 and 4. Each of us did some mapping, deh and art. My original jump effect deh was complevel 2, but I couldn't get Ribbiks onboard with making a complevel 2 wad, heh. Then for a long time we were complevel 9, until a few specific advantages of complevel 11 became apparent (particularly TOUCHY things that can activate linedef actions on death, and the fact that friction effects don't stop existing when you save in cl11, like they do in cl9). Can't speak for Ribbiks, but my approach on this wad was inspired by: Spyro 2, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Hocus Pocus, Montezuma's Return, Bio Menace, AVJ.wad, Jazz Jackrabbit 1&2, Skyroads.... Please stream this wad, make videos and record lots of demos* (uv-speed, max "kills" and max items are all designed for!). There's a ton of fun and new stuff in here! * - don't record demos just yet, we're gonna make an update that'll probably desync them :V You can now record demos :D
  14. Grain of Salt


    Nothing to play yet: will be released on the 7th of March 2023, five years after I started it. ~30 maps, limit removing. Inspired by Stardate 20X6 and Battle Garegga. Slaughterish but not super hard. Features new colours. I'm setting a deadline so I have to finish this. It's been too long, and ideas I could've been the first to do if I'd finished this in 2018 have started being discovered by other people, which is kinda sad.
  15. Grain of Salt

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    1. Both 08 and 09 were Ribbiks 2. IIRC there's a deh Thing that periodically fires (or spawns via the mbf action?) the meteor inside a deep water sector that has a certain thrust attribute (which is what dictates the way it's going), and then it goes through a silent teleporter to where it's supposed to fire from in the map. I'm a bit rusty on these concepts though, and I wasn't hugely involved in the making of the meteors, sorry :/ I'm going to tentatively mark that down as a success, at least in that you can jump around and take your time with the levels now.
  16. Grain of Salt

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    I think the ones that wake up at the start are just ones that can see you, and the ones in the rest of the map are the ones that get woken when you jump
  17. Grain of Salt

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    Ribbiks says: The MAP08 and MAP09 music is actually just a quick edit of MAP01 music made by me, because I like that part of the song and I love when themes from the start of games get reprised. About the dying-after-15-minutes-of-jumping thing: * You definitely shouldn’t be able to do this. It’s true that you have finite health and jumping damages you, but (as you mention) you should have enough health to jump constantly for several days (we worked this out back in the day but I can’t remember the exact figures sorry). We’ve both jumped around levels for a long time while making this and never had something like this happen, and I haven't seen anyone encounter this while streaming jumpwad either :/ * You say this happens in DSDA-doom. Do you know what complevel you’re in? Does it happen in other ports? My theories are: something else is damaging you somehow, your port won’t let deh set health to the value it should be, or maybe the archvile blasts are damaging you a lot more than they should somehow. However, I’m really in the dark to be honest. * As an aside, the bomb icon is a relic of very very early jumpwad (which I had no idea was still in the wad, wow), when I had the vague idea that there might be bomb items you have to avoid because once you have them your next jump will kill you (they were actually replacing a health item and setting your health to 1, and the bomb icon replaces the status bar face for when you’re at 0-20 health). Even back then I didn’t think much of this idea. Sorry for the delay in replying.
  18. Grain of Salt

    gamer quiz

    1. NO 2. NO 3. NO I am impatient, sorry :D 4. No, although I think this probably depends how many attempts you've already done.
  19. Quote


    Please don't ever, EVER make a maze map. If you are a new or aspiring mapper reading this, DO NOT MAKE A MAZE MAP. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    (from hellbound dwmc)



    Mazes will continue until morale improves :l

    1. Rayziik
    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      I wonder if i could make a map which fills the max space (for cl2/9) with a maze...

  20. Grain of Salt

    WAD recommendations for doom newbie

    Funnily enough, I remember describing it that way back in like 2011 when I was playtesting it (not very well)
  21. Grain of Salt

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    If you really wanna take the nominal phobos+deimos settings that seriously, gravity is just one of many things that don't work What (equally irrationally) bugs me more about the depiction of phobos and deimos is the mountains you see ingame are switched around from how you see them in the intermission screens. E1 = brown intermission mountains, grey ingame mountains, E2 = grey intermission mountains, brown ingame mountains. I want E2 to have cool snowy mountains in the sky >:l He's called cloud though. He can't fall :l
  22. Grain of Salt

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I also really like Danne's
  23. Hey. By any chance can you remember which plutonia maps (besides Congo and Aztec, and possibly Well of Souls/Realm/Abattoire) were in the original ten map wad that you sent to Shawn Green? (Sorry if you've answered this before somewhere else and I haven't seen it) This 10 map version kinda fascinates me, because based on the first two maps it sounds like there was a more cohesive texture theme at this point. And was it called plutonia at that point?? Did it have one of the new skies already??


    Btw, if you wanted to continue in the vein of your Plutonia playthrough, you could play Memento Mori, which both you and Milo submitted maps to, and which is quite similar in tone to final doom. (IMO it’s probably MM you were thinking of when you said Abattoire was in contention for another mapset before final doom).