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  1. @ jabba: I guess that makes sense. Seems strange to make that distinction though.
  2. ??? You can make a locked switch just by using "SR Door (Red) Open Stay (fast)" or one of the similar line actions.
  3. Flaws of Doom as compared to Heretic: 1. Melee doesn't work properly (face it) 2. The palette is put together badly 3. The status bar is a mess 4. The music is worse 5. Infinite height 6. Much less range in weaponry (heretic weapons all have two modes, plus there's the time bomb and the morph ovum) Feel free to add more.
  4. Doom64, Quake and Quake 2 are all pretty solid continuations of the doom formula. The only doomish thing missing from the first two quakes is the doom "plot".
  5. What map is the best map ever?? Your options are, uh... *throws darts at a board* E1M9, E2M1 and E4M4.
  6. "Okay now I'm mad" is a great title tbqh.
  7. Yes. Last week it was Domworld. That was a bad time.
  8. Do you know what hyperbole is
  9. Literally every male protagonist. What are you talking about.
  10. Why ya lyin'
  11. "Movement of jario", or "mario" for short.
  12. Plot twist: it turns out this is a trick Linguica documented in the doom bible and he renames it "j4riosucks" out of spite.
  13. There's a Ribbiks mapset where you have 1% health, called Pepper. Go play it.
  14. "Shmup" is fine. It sounds silly? Most words sound silly, who cares. Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou is the best imo. The exact sweet spot after Cave had perfected their gameplay and before they started putting creepy fanservice in everything. Ketsui is also cool. I've tried to get into Raiden games, but the slow movement feels wrong.
  15. Screen_Shot_2017-10-03_at_18.36.59.jpg


    You're our 18,000th member and you have won a lifetime's supply of chocolate!

  16. Albatrosses are cute.
  17. Wish Memfis would make a megawad. But he's too contrarian.
  18. It's not a serious competition, but we do have serious rules when we feel like it. "Selling books is a game. It has rules. You need to learn those rules, and you need to get serious about them, because it's not a game."
  19. If I were a mod, this spam would be deleted by now :-)

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    2. HavoX
    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      To be frank, the complaints and concerns about the spamming of status updates by myself and some others shortly after the forum changed its software didn't bear any fruit at all. Not only did people become progressively careless about their spams, the baseline of "quality", especially during weekends, has been utterly dreadful for about 2 months by now, if not longer. Why? Because there are neither guidelines nor any standards left when it comes to status upates around here, if those existed to begin with.


      Much like GOS, I would delete most status updates quickly at this point in time, because not only are lots of these updates not related to Doom, many of them don't seem to be related to gaming at all. The amount of noncontent is far too high for my personal liking to the point where I don't feel like posting status updates at all anymore, even if there's a chance some people might be interested in reading them. They're basically devalued to the point of nigh uselessness by now, because for the most part only followers are likely to see them, if at all. Stuff like GarrettChan's reality demo of SOD m05(I think it was) ends up passing by completely unnoticed to give just one example.


      If there's any interest in elevating the baseline for status updates, then it's gonna take guidelines and moderators to make that happen because clearly the hands-off-approach thus far shows that it isn't going to happen all by itself. The question is, though, if there's any interest in this matter to begin with, which I have my doubts about at this point in time.

    4. bzzrak


      ^ chill out yo it's just statuses

    5. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      NiH that's not what this is about. Carlos returned this morning and swamped most of the forum. 

      I agree there's a lot of poor quality status updates and it's a shame that more notable/interesting content gets buried by it, but there's a difference between poor quality posting and outright spam, and there's a fine line as to what defines poor quality posting... Moderating that isn't something I'd want to start messing around with myself.

    6. 42PercentHealth


      OK, GoS, you have my vote too. ;-)Selection_001.png.fbd52e97be39a8d36e68acf12ce39a51.png

    7. NuMetalManiak


      Well it's gone...


      We know it's Carlos anyways, he did something similar on Doomwiki.

    8. Ajora


      Who's Carlos?

    9. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      This guy. I think he used to be normal but his wad got a bad review like 10 years ago and now he comes back a few times every year to spam Doomworld. Sad tosser.


      You can always tell when it's him because there's shit about condemining all of doomworld to hell and sulphur etc etc. Thought the new forum software was supposed to keep him out but apparently not. Still, no pictures of brutal gore this time, that's a plus.

    10. Obsidian


      I don't think it was Carlos this time: the spam posts last night took on a similar quality after a time, but the initial posts were all directed at Bloodshedder and waffling about buttrape. I have my own suspicions as to who it was...

    11. loveless


      Snarky comment here.

  20. Lol.
  21. @Alfonzo can I take part in Ironman if I use a fork of prboom-plus that extends the reach of the fist?
  22. Pick a new skill and IDCLEV to where you were.
  23. Crumpets MAP01: Earl Grey Crumpets MAP02: Flutter Imo, there's no point describing maps when you write posts for the DWMC. Anyone can load up the wad(s) in question, and most people have heard of the wads that get played, so saying "this is a hell map"/"this is hard"/"this was released in the 90s" is a waste of effort. Useful things to offer would be analysis, opinion, and something along the lines of playtesting feedback. Just my onion. Anyway, with that in mind, MAP02 introduces you to what I think are the main tropes of Crumpets -- small non-linear quests, traps that can be triggered from multiple entrances, projectile snipers, and "ammo puzzles"... by which I mean situations where you're thinking something like "I could use these shells against those HKs or in that shotgunner trap, but not both". Actually, maybe these are more like general Ribbiks tropes. Who can say. Flutter seems to consist of just 2 compulsory areas and maybe five or six optional bits you can do if you want weapons/armor/ammo, which means there's a ton of different ways you could approach it, and if you die and get frustrated you can often think of a slightly more impatient way of getting things done, which is a quality I like in a map, and which particularly lends itself to saveless play imo. Most of the individual segments are fun mini-battles which aren't particularly dangerous unless you're as clumsy as I am. Special mention goes to the baron trap, which would maybe be more fun without a mancubus shooting over it, but is still pretty cool. I'm a big fan of cramped rockets-but-no-ssg baron fights, because you have to become acutely aware of the space around you in a way that doesn't exactly happen with other weapons (no splash) or monsters (because they either die too quickly to rockets or have weapons that change the dynamic completely). The yellow key trap seems like it would be absolute chaos if you don't have the plasma gun, but presumably it's doable if you have better movement skills. Crumpets MAP03: Tiramisu I was eating tiramisu when I played this, so I win. At first glance, MAP02 and 3 both give the appearance of being reasonably linear, but then you begin to notice places where the assumed linear progression is optional, and you can just skip to a later fight once you know where it is. As I see it, the ingenuity in this style of mapping is that the mapper has to make sure that the monsters in each encounter still produce good gameplay whenever they're woken and wherever they can move to, which is easier said than done. A cool, tense fight with hell knights can suddenly seem listless and trivial if you have a bit more space, health or weaponry... or if they get lost somewhere, or if they infight in a way that isn't fun to manage. It's not that you want every monster to be hard to kill, exactly, but you do want them to be fun to kill, and that can require covering a lot of angles if they can move freely. Being locked into an area is probably the simplest way to make a fight count, but that can be detrimental to the overall map flow... depending on execution and map style. So far I think Crumpets is a good example of a mapper keeping all (or nearly all) of the map's opposition relevant no matter how they're approached, mostly without using lock-ins. Because they overlook you, monsters in the central area remain dangerous if you skip that area and go straight to the soulsphere, and trapped monsters all over the map remain dangerous because they're usually near useful cover. Walls and height differences aren't decoration, they affect gameplay all of the time, perhaps more than monsters themselves do, so jot that down :^) I'm sure there's a secret in the revenant cellar area, but I have no idea how to open it. I watched a demo and I still don't know. This is Ribbiks' fault. Crumpets MAP04: Cadbury's Creme Egg First fight is quite mean. I'm sure I'm missing something, but I can't seem to survive it consistently. It's usually enough to ssg the manc to start with and let it instigate infighting, but sometimes it seems revs or demons just box me in. But if I survive the first few seconds it's a nice tense fight, and there's plenty of health to pick up afterwards, so it's not the end of the world. After the beginning, this map feels a little easier than the first two to me, probably because you have a little more ammo, and you start by clearing a safe area rather than being overlooked from various angles throughout the map. On the other hand, I did die to an imp fireball. To Be Continued...