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  1. Grain of Salt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.6.0]

    ...we're both birds right now
  2. Grain of Salt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.6.0]

    Well can we rename the other thing we call ghosts
  3. Grain of Salt

    Swim with the Whales: map 03 platforming

    Platforming will never die!!!! We will return!!!!
  4. Grain of Salt

    Swim with the Whales: map 03 platforming

    1. I went and tried it (swtw 03 platforming before light blue skull switch) just now and it's not that bad (in isolation) 2. Did you know the platforming in swtw03 vanishes on skill 3 or lower. So, like, play skill 3. Playing skill 4 on swtw is signing up for pain.
  5. Grain of Salt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.6.0]

    It's a bit confusing that you've called them ghosts
  6. Grain of Salt

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Hell yeah Nice to see this bonkers mapset get some love
  7. Grain of Salt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.6.0]

    Shepardus!!!!!! Hello kraflab here is my list of dream features for a doom port. You are welcome Saves are unique to each wad (or even unique to maps maybe) Save to keyboard keys, a la mame Switch palettes with a key, without exiting (if you want to A/B compare palettes you currently have to take a screenshot in each and flip back and forth in an image viewer) Single keypress exit Extremely customisable stbar -- like prb for a start, but bars that don't suck, more customisability and the ability to put it on a bar rather than hud Stbar tells you when you have ssg, chainsaw, berserk, blue/green armor and maybe backpack A lump that dictates the complevel so I don't have to manually change 2 to 9 and back again every day A better implementation of gamma correction which could adjust the screen to display dark areas more legibly without doing weird things to hue etc 320x200 scaled up with no filter. I want to see pixels!! Select solonet from the menu like it's a difficulty (maybe also -fast and -respawn and pistol starts and stuff like that) Play sp with multiplayer tagged items but not solonet's multiplayer behavior. Play starting from player 2 (or 3 or 4) start. Play maps past 32 without needing warp or nomusic Button that warps you to a random map Ability to bind more than one key to an action (I currently have to rebind a few keys if I switch keyboards) Replace doom 2 maps with blanks if you've just loaded one pwad with maps in. An autoload folder. Wads you put in it autoload. There must be a better way of playing demos that were recorded with -nomusic (and similar weird cases) than having to use the command line Just automatically record to a timestamped demo whenever a level is played (except loaded games, cheats used, etc) Table for each wad (shown during interpic??) that tells you which maps in a wad you've beaten, on what skill, and whether you used saves, what your time was... etc automap tells you skill settings and command line settings
  8. http://www.rbkz.net/doom/wormwood_EU.zip 01 :: Nevermind, There Was A Backdoor (Rib) 02 :: Mu (Gos) 03 :: I'm Rubber You're Glue (Rib) 04 :: Stabbed, With A Sword (Rib) 31 :: Journal Entry I: Killing Time (Rib) 32 :: Journal Entry II: Thus We Spameth (Rib) 33 :: Journal Entry III: Business As Usual (Rib) "After a year of being trapped in Demon House, you finally noticed the back door... 7 boom-compatible levels for DooM 2, tested in prb+cl9 and zd281, HMP is the recommended difficulty setting" My map sucks this year. No free time, did everything at the last minute \o/ Map04 is pretty great. Probably the best map in our halloween wads so far.
  9. Tsk. We all know Japan (rev 1) is the definitive version, provided you set the difficulty dip switches to "normal".
  10. Grain of Salt

    Which Doom II enemy is worse than the arch-vile

    Has anyone said "two archviles" yet Two archviles
  11. Grain of Salt

    [wip] Eternal Slumber Party 3

  12. Grain of Salt

    How do you name your maps/wads?

    The process of naming has as many detours and abstractions as mapping
  13. Grain of Salt

    Is there a megawad with only big monsters in it?

  14. Grain of Salt

    What are the best Doom "Miniwads" out there?

    Yeah it's sunlust.
  15. It is because those topics sucked.
  16. @ tumorboards dipshits in general: I don't think "this guy repeatedly makes misogynistic torture porn easter eggs" is the free speech flashpoint you guys want it to be.
  17. Grain of Salt

    Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    *stands in the rain* Gustaaaaaaaaaaaa
  18. Grain of Salt

    Things about Doom you just found out

    These windows in map04 have soil as their flat texture.
  19. Grain of Salt

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Great demo (leaping over the switch like that is pretty cool), but the text is a bit short, so it's only a 4/5 from me. I think this map would be better without that first cyber, and maybe with stuff like the manc/rev lift pruned of monsters a bit. It's got some cool setups but it takes a while to get to them compared to other 20x6 maps.
  20. Grain of Salt

    i am SO FREAKING DONE guys !!!!!!!

    Stop posting undigested propaganda in my owl thread.
  21. Grain of Salt

    Do you like Doom platforming?

  22. Grain of Salt

    i am SO FREAKING DONE guys !!!!!!!

    Actually owl time now