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  1. Or do they Duck thread.
  2. MAP33: Betray
  3. That's a weird looking duck, but I accept it.
  4. I think it is
  5. Duck ceremony.
  6. I think the term you're looking for is just ambient music tbqh. It's just that the subtle moods of ambient music cover too wide a range for the genre as a whole to seem appropriate to you. Objectively the best ambient music is the depressed staring-at-the-ceiling ambience of Final:
  7. Khorus' Medium-speed Plutonia Shit
  8. Anc, do map30
  9. Everyone let's make lots of maps. Let's all make maps. Let's map.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Okay. I guess I'll map then, because why not?

    2. Memfis


      I tried making a map once but I found that I couldn't express my delicate inner world through it.

    3. Grain of Salt
  10. iirc Danne said he forgot what happens after the 100th room when he was recording his map31 demo so he just winged it :3
  11. Favorite maps (~90% based on how nostalgic they make me): E1M3: The Gatehouse E1M6: The Cathedral E1M8: Hell's Maw E2M4: The Ice Grotto E2M5: The Catacombs E2M6: The Labyrinth E2M8: The Portals of Chaos E3M6: The Halls of Fear E3M7: The Chasm E3M8: D'Sparil's Keep E4M4: Sepulcher E4M7: Ramparts of Perdition E4M8: Shattered Bridge E5M7: Foetid Manse Least favorite maps: ???
  12. Luggage space.
  13. *looks at all these anc demos* Now truly is the time of maps.
  14. Brrzak, are you fifteen years old?
  15. I summon Rescue Cat.
  16. Eris's cat is now the frontrunner, if I understand the new rules correctly.
  17. Well I think you've earned a bit of a break :3
  18. I am good. And it's okay to hijack a thread, in my opinion. Are you up to any exciting doom things?
  19. Daaaaaaanne. Long time no see. How are ya
  20. Yesterday I had a dream where I had a pet pterodactyl but I had to let it go because it was too wild.
  21. Upsetting!
  22. If you could travel back in time to before the release of Doom, what single PWAD map would you take with you to impress/confuse/overwhelm the developers? For simplicity's sake, let's say it can be any compatibility level, and can require any of the iwads (because limiting the selection to vanilla doom 1 pwads would make for a pretty boring conversation). It has to be one map, and you have to explain why you chose it. My choice is MAP08 of Stardate 20x7 (Grand Ballroom), because I think it's the closest you could get to conveying in one map how far both aesthetics and gameplay have advanced in the years since doom was released. Okay, go.
  23. Fair enough I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. If I could, I would make this your custom title.