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  1. I was going to bed when a big brick hit me in the head, and I was knocked out. I woke up a few days later, and everything was all purple and upside-down. I asked my friend why and he said "holy crap dude you were crappin' abducted by those crappy aliens you little pile of crap!" and so I went to the hospital and I had my eyes replaced but then the blood from my eyes came trickling down my face, and I breathed in the blood and got high, and in that high I was in muffin-land, where all the muffins in the world go to die. Poor little muffins. So I got un-high (?) and I was in my bed, asleep. I realized I was asleep when I noticed I was flying over poodle-land. One of the poodles was holding a map and it said "ALL MUFFINS GO TO HELL". I realised I had died. Of course this never could have happened and is truly a work of fiction because if I were dead, then I couldn't type, see?

    <(^<) . . . . <(^^)> . . . . (>^)>

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    2. AirRaid


      Wait, are you the same deldelda from PlanetTonyhawk ages ago?

    3. Chopkinsca


      I remember replying to a thread like this.. except it was a story I had wrote.. and I didn't reply, I read it.

      I guess I don't remember replying to a thread like this.. or a blog.. whatever.

      damn, I have to stop using so many periods to signal gaps..

    4. deldelda


      Yes, I am the dreaded dork from planettonyhawk. You're right.

      And space is darn near zero kelvin. But not quite. You're right.