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  1. has anybody here ever done the SPAM GAMES? I know AirRaid has 'cuz he's from Planettonyhawk and they did those over there .... it's where I post a word and the next person posts a wod and it goes on and on and makes a really stupid story.

    Or, my fave, WORD ASSOCIATION!

    For example, cat-dog-bark-tree-wood-lumber-mills-saws-doom-awesome game-pong-white bars .......................... anybody done this?

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    2. deldelda


      Grazza said:

      Or maybe have a complex number for the postcount: a post in the Blogs forum counts as i. We used a system like that at university (well, a few especially sad matheticians did ;) ) to count the snail-mail we received. An ordinary letter counted as 1; a bill or a bank statement counted as i.

      Would that be posts: 234 + iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? Or how would we display that? Or would they be half of a post? Because an i looks like a 1 with a chunk missing. And a spam post is like a regular post, with all the good thought missing.

      Grazza said:

      Talking of word games, I used to have a chemistry teacher who sometimes used silly word games to fill in a few minutes at the end of a lesson. One of them one: one person said a word, and the next had to say a word starting with the third-to-last letter of that word. I managed to screw things up by choosing "diarrhoea".

      That's not a word, according to my dictionary. ;D

      AirRaid said:

      I Hate Spam Games. The ones at PTH are/were the bane of my existence.


    3. Grazza


      deldelda said:

      Would that be posts: 234 + iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii? Or how would we display that?

      Standard complex number format: 234 + 32i.

    4. deldelda


      Grazza said:

      Standard complex number format: 234 + 32i.

      okely-dokely doo!