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    Worst, most near-objectively bad songs you know?

    Anything by Effiel 65 is enough to make me want to just... just... EUGGHGFHJUUGH

    what religion do you believe?

    Take a guess. My mother's mother was a Jehovah's Witness, her childhood was very strict growing up. So much so that her father had to hide her birthday and Christmas presents in the barn. He'd wake her up late at night and sneak them out there to open them, then sneak back inside. She ran away from home at 17 with my father who is agnostic and they both raised me and my sister to believe what we want. We never went to church, and while my mom still believes there is a god, she doesn't really follow any specific religion. As far as I know my father was never a person to follow religion.

    ISIS strikes again in Belgium

    So what, you still have yourself to worry about, no? I think the average person doesn't want to constantly wonder if the bus station their sitting at to go to work is going to suddenly fucking explode. Or if their family member or loved one is going to blow up on a bus or train. However, there isn't anything wrong with being scared, just so long as you don't back down. They want the fear to cause submission. That's the end goal, as long as people don't back down, they will have failed, despite the lives lost.

    Favorite Soda?

    None. But I do drink lots of milk, water and tea.

    Favorite Chip Brand?

    Sun Chips. Garden Salsa.

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    Nah. I think I'll stay sweet pea xoxo Unreal's scope is what's so impressive. It feels like a journey, and after you get out of the water temple is when things really feel like they pick up and get serious. Also the combat does what it needs to do, and the AI presents a nice challenge as the roll, dodge and retreat, which is more then you can say for most FPS in the late or early 90's. But the real star of the show is just the levels. Exploring, reading the transmissions you pick up and soaking in the atmosphere and amazing soundtrack by Alexander Brandon. Also the sky islands are awesome to look at, and the ending is so nihilistic and bittersweet. It's an underrated gem in my book. Would love to see them go back to this but that will probably never happen. The expansions sucked though, just recycled content, absolutely nothing special.

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    The fact you call DNF decent and fun and something like Unreal "shit" really says it all, doesn't it? Feels like you're being contrarian just for the sake of it. Everybody has their own definition of "bad" right? Opinions are like assholes and all that jazz? Well DNF fits snugly in with my own definition of "bad", perhaps even "horrible shite". I barely finished the thing and when I did I felt physically drained. Like slogging through a smelly swamp of shit. I didn't expect anything from DNF when I went in. Completely neutral feelings when I started, and it slowly crashed into the ground. So I'm not being shortsighted for not liking it. Also if you thought anything I said was an "overly angry tirade" I don't know what to tell you? I wrote my entire post feeling pretty good actually, sugar cookie c: Like I said, Blood 2 is so bad it's funny/enraging. He zooms around like he's on rollerskates, the AI is atrocious to the point of absurd, the voice acting is another level of terrible, it crashes more than a drunk frat kid, the level design makes ZERO sense progression wise, the naga boss is borderline unfair, the cutscene scripts will often break, the difficulty settings are so unbalanced that on "easy", you gib people with your pistol, "medium" feels like hard, and "hard" feels like a giant middle finger right up your ass, with enemies draining your health in an instant and tougher enemies becoming bullet sponges on top of that, getting stuck in level geometry, enemies running in place, doors killing you... It's just a huge fucking mess. You can't look away because it's an absolute train wreck. An absolute disaterpiece in programming. There's so much to talk about. So much to laugh at. So much to piss you off. Which is why even though Blood 2 belongs in the cat's litter box, I value it higher than DNF.

    How about a top ten worst FPS?

    In no order. 10: Duke Nukem Forever - See below. 09: Shogo - Cool idea. Too bad the level design is asinine, they forget to program the AI, and it's more bug ridden than a hooker's ass. 08: Blood 2 - One of the worst sequels to a game for me to this day. Also it manages to take everything wrong with Shogo and magnify it by 10x, and throws in some voice acting that would make Resident Evil blush. I hope Jace Hall has fucking nightmares about releasing Blood 2 to this day. 07: Iron Storm - Unfair, clunky and ultimately dull and ugly garbage. Want to learn how NOT to make an FPS? Play Iron Storm. This game's AI is trying to one up Shogo. Cool setting idea though. 06: Postal 2 - Liked it as a teenager. Grew up and now find it too juvenile for my tastes. But besides that, the game itself is clunky, ugly, and has gunplay that makes Deus Ex's looks like an action packed Micheal Bay flick. I also can't stand the protagonist. 05: FEAR 3 - Co-op focused. Fucks the story right into the trash, feels more like Call of Duty: Paranormal Ops, as it's the same exact formula as a CoD SP mission. To top it off, capped at 30 FPS. Did Carpenter do ANYTHING on this project? 04: Unreal 2 - Another sequel to a game not made by the original developer. Took everything that made Unreal stick out and be fun, and flipped it to be boring, uninspired, run of the mill garbage. Took the silent female protag, and made you play a bald space marine in goofy power armor instead. The whole time playing this it just felt like it wanted to be Halo so badly. Like DNF, another game that was physically draining to play. Finished it once and threw it in the trash. 03: Quake 2 - I decided to revisit Quake 2 a week or so ago. I had not played it in years, and was ready to re-visit some great memories with my fresh new GOG copy. I regret this decision as now being older and having the standards I set for myself this game is the definition of bland, and EASY. I played through in about a day on Hard and didn't die once. That power armor absolutely breaks the game. This is also one of the most unbalanced id games I think they ever made. I <3 the Strogg though, but I will never play Quake 2 again, and it saddened me to realize how... boring and bland Quake 2 is. 02: Redneck Rampage - I hate how it looks. I hate how it plays. I hate how it sounds. I HATE its level design. I fucking hate this game. 01: Rise of the Triad - The 2013 release. The original game is okay at best, but this re-visit was not what I had in mind. Instead of innovating they just gave us the same "okay" game with updated visuals. This project just clashes with itself way too many times for me to find it enjoyable and it has an amateurish streak to it. A more proper way to bring a game back is Shadow Warrior in my opinion. The first purchase in a while I actually feel myself wanting my money back. Honorable mentions: NAM, WW2 GI, Everything Crapstone ever made, All those dreadful Painkiller "sequels" not made by People Can Fly, all those obvious garbage shovelware games like Isle of the Dead, Depth Dwellers and Mobile Forces, Super Noah's Ark 3D, NecroVision, GORE Ultimate Soldier, Honestly I could go on and probably make a top 50. So what? How does that not make it a bad game? The character is archaic and pathetic, the humor is dated references and memes, the gunplay is as dull as a bag of rocks, the level design is a straight line of mediocrity. DNF was the first game in a long time that actually made me feel exhausted trying to get through it. There is not ONE INTERESTING THING about that game. It's garbage. They put out of a boring shitty product with a tiring history, all there is to it. At least with trash like say, Blood 2, you can laugh at all the bugs, absurd balance issues, voice acting, and see some cool ideas. What can you gather from DNF? Fucking nothing. Dust. Bland games are almost worse than absurd/buggy bad games because the only thing they make you feel is BOREDOM. You can't be mad at people for dissing DNF. Especially when they gave us that complete bullshit fake 2001 trailer, that a modder managed to re-create using the Build engine for FREE.

    Hatred - Is there a line that can be crossed?

    Say hello to the first AO game on Steam? http://store.steampowered.com/app/341940/

    Hatred - Is there a line that can be crossed?

    They want to show violence for what it is. That means no satire. This isn't Saints Row.

    Mythbusters tackles DOOM!

    Yep. Kevin was an assistant artist and he was hired when they began work on Wolf 3D. He's now lead artist and co-owner. I think Tim can be a total fucking dolt sometimes.

    John Romero Plays DOOM


    RetroBlazer is on Greenlight.

    I don't know if any of you played this alpha back in 2012, but it was a pretty cool game that I had long thought to be abandoned. I'm glad to say it is not. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375199095 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898548025/retroblazer-25d-run-and-gun-action-fps Go ahead and check it out, vote yes or even back with your money.

    Unpopular Opinions

    While I also thought Reborn was short and almost kind of pointless, I thought Perseus Mandate was unpolished garbage. Extraction Point was very good however. Also, F.E.A.R.'s gun sounds and particle effects alone make it better than F.E.A.R. 2. I liked both though. F.E.A.R. 3 was absolute garbage. This thread is fun! Here are some more. Half-Life was great back then but it didn't age well. The AI is especially god awful. Especially when compared to other games of the time like Unreal and Kingpin. Opposing Force is a terrible expansion pack, with even WORSE AI issues. UT won the war between it and Q3, even though Q3 is a great game, UT is fucking stellar and the superior product. The music alone blows Q3 out of the water. DOOM 3 is a fun game, and feels like a bit of a love letter to System Shock mixed with DOOM. But I hope DOOM 4 isn't like DOOM 3 and goes more back to its roots. Wolfenstein 09 was (last time I played it) a fun and enjoyable game. Not sure why everyone hates on it? I enjoy when a developer makes an official port for their older games (Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, Strife, etc). Get rid of all the DOSisms, save my time from looking for a modern port. Hatred looks like a fun game and I've missed playing the first POSTAL, but its to clunky and ugly nowadays to enjoy. The first Halo has some of the worst level design I've ever seen. The DMC reboot was fun and enjoyable.

    If you could create one video game of your choice...

    Company of Heroes 2 on an a more massive scale.