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  1. tmorrow

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    Many thanks @Andromeda, I was looking for such a configuration in the mouse settings rather than the automap settings. Silly me. Zoom speed was on 8 and I bumped to 32. Much better!
  2. tmorrow

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    Thanks for all the improvements you've been making @kraflab. Amazing stuff. One thing I noticed in v0.17.1 is that it takes several more "rolls" of the mousewheel to get between max and min zoom on the automap than with prboom+ The effect is more obvious on larger maps where on my system (Win 7) I need to scroll around 40 times to get between the zoom extremes. I'm guessing this is a result of the removed mouse input scaling. Whereas there are sliders to alter the mouse sensitivity for horizontal and vertical movement, I did not see any way to alter the mouse scroll sensitivity which I would like turn up quite a bit! I may have missed a configurable option though. It's not a big deal but I thought I would mention it and see anyone else is noticing the same thing. Whether it needs to to be addressed or not is of course up to you.
  3. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    180MPV is a great choice for the DWMC to tackle. It contains some testicle ripping maps, so choose your difficulty accordingly and consider playing the harder maps with saves! The quality of the maps is excellent for a speed mapping project, the French Doom Community do amazing work. Don't forget to try out William Huber's alternate map30 (180mpv_b.wad). Both of the DEHACKED custom monsters (Nightwatch Caco and Heresiarch) are pretty nasty, especially the Heresiarch but both can be helpful for some infighting situations. The dsdarchive https://dsdarchive.com/wads/180mpv contains uvmax demos for most maps, largely from Veinen, Roofi and Huber, only missing uvmaxes for map20,21,23,25 and the alternate map30. If you are good enough, see if you can fill some of the holes! Alas I haven't got time right now to devote to Doom but 180MPV is right near the top of my todo list as soon as I have some spare time. I want to seriously attempt uvmaxes for as many of the maps as I can or with minimal saves for the maps that are too hard. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts, reviews and play throughs. Have fun everyone!
  4. I've only got one, v1 I believe, the is wad dated 5th Oct, 2019. Let me know if you need it. I'd be surprised if the map author doesn't have all of the releases backed up somewhere so maybe they can assist.
  5. tmorrow

    How to run Master Levels For Doom 2 on GZDoom?

    I'm so glad it is working for you! I'm sure the other solution works too. Have fun with your master levels!
  6. tmorrow

    How to run Master Levels For Doom 2 on GZDoom?

    You need the iwad as well as the 20 pwads, in this case doom2.wad. The program requires both the iwads AND the pwads - it tries to produce an iwad package for you which it can't do without the iwad. Did it really crash or just stop due to not finding the iwad?
  7. tmorrow

    How to run Master Levels For Doom 2 on GZDoom?

    So I explained a simple utility you could download and use once to package master levels that you could simply double click and use in gzdoom. You didn't comment on it, I suspect you haven't even tried it. Instead you are now going down the road of trying to use a fully fledged doom editor that requires learning about lumps in wads and how they are used by the doom engine. This is way harder. If your intent is to easily play your master levels in gzdoom, you are taking a difficult road. If you want to learn about the internals of doom wads, then fine.
  8. tmorrow

    dsda-doom source port [v0.21.3]

    *weeps with joy* - this used to drive me mad in prboom+ (and earlier)
  9. tmorrow

    How to run Master Levels For Doom 2 on GZDoom?

    I'm sorry you are having trouble with getting the Master Levels loading the way you want. The master levels are a motley collection of 20 pwads with 21 maps, many of them map01 (see list in above post). As is, the pwads you purchased are only playable individually by selecting one pwad and the doom2.wad iwad and using idclev## or the console command "map map##" to play that single map (or both map31-32 for teeth.wad). However, there are several freely available tools you can use to compile/combine/merge these iwads/pwads into a single package that is playable from a single gzdoom invocation. A couple of utilities have already mentioned in previous posts. The utility I used was wadsmoosh (mentioned by @Tony_Danza_the_boss). Wadsmoosh can be used to merge any of Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia, Master Levels and No Rest for the Living into a single doom_complete.pk3 package you can then launch from gzdoom. The master levels will load consecutively in the PSN order from PS3 Doom Classic Complete. Note that each new master level will restart you from a pistol start (deliberately). Below are a couple of screenshots of what you'll see when running gzdoom with my doom_complete.pk3 (ignore the other iwads i've got in my package, you may not have them in your doom_complete.pk3). I can't assist with Brutality mod, I don't use it. Good luck and enjoy your Master Levels. [The Start New Game Menu of my doom_complete.pk3] [The output of the console command "listmaps" from my doom_complete.pk3]
  10. tmorrow

    The DWIronman League dies to: Alien Vendetta

    For the curious, the purpose of avmovfix.wad is explained in the av.txt readme file in the av.zip release. In brief it addresses a problem with demo recordings in vanilla on map20 and solves it by hacking out the large mountain area of the map. None of these problems exist in most modern source ports. It has been decreed that thou shalt NOT use avmovfix.wad, the upshot being that thou must endure the onerous trek up map20 Misri Halek's mighty mountain (if you are lucky enough to even get that far of course). Clearly doomguy needs to wear his best hiking boots. Sadly, that's going to be the least of his problems ... Another item no one has yet mentioned and the tough and mighty DWIronman probably doesn't give a toss, but you can include the external dehacked av.deh file (by adding "-deh av.deh" to your command line without the quotes). This will give the correct story texts and automap titles if you care about that stuff. I'm going to be watching every demo submitted. I love AV, one of my favorite wads of all time. Have fun guys, I really hope someone survives all 32 grueling maps. I wonder what @Ancalagon has been up to lately ...
  11. tmorrow

    Hell Revealed demos [-complevel 2]

    Congratulations John. I'm delighted to have watched it live on your twitchtv stream. Well done managing to prevail after cybie failed to cooperate on map30!
  12. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia

    Hey everyone. Enjoy your Plutonia playthrough this month. Note the following problems with max kills/items/secrets: map11 - max kills is almost impossible (requires 2 perfect bfg blasts on the 4 archviles in the bad exit), thus the non archvile or good exit is accepted for speedrunning purposes. map26 - the megasphere secret won't register due to the sector being too small for doomguy so 75% is max. map27 - the archvile is unreachable and can't be killed so max kills is (n-1)/n. map30 - max items achievable is 2/8 due to 5 berserk packs and a megasphere that are in a deathmatch only area. Also note Plutonia has lots of unofficial secrets, so keep an eye out for them: map09 has 2. map13 has 1. map17 has 2. map20 has 2. map21 has 1. map27 has 1. map28 has 1. I'll be following the thread from the sidelines.
  13. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    map25 Doomguy appears near his clocktower after teleporting from the map spawn. The good news is that he has access to his entire estate at last and that there are 12 map credit billboards that can be read. Players can decide for themselves whether to simply enjoy the credits and call it a day or optionally tackle a very difficult slaughter map that is initiated by using the 12th credit board to spawn enemies onto the map. So much for Cyberneezer and his cohorts learning their lesson. They don't learn very fast! It's no surprise that that doomguy elects the option to release the monster horde! He really can't help himself. Killing monsters is in his blood. This map is not meant to be beaten. Big Ol' Billy and Catpho have confirmed you aren't supposed to survive this map, it's designed to prevent you from reaching the iwad maps following, not having a map exit. Of course doomguy is not going let the invasion on his estate go unchallenged. He wonders if his estates insurance policy is current, he can't remember when he last paid a premium. Further, he's not certain whether his contract covers damage from Cyberneezers or monster hordes. When the enemies start spawning onto the map, they spawn with a vengeance. They don't spawn all at once, but in a steady, near unstoppable stream of pure evil. A whopping 1135 of them spawn. There are 49 archviles leading the charge, lighting doomguy up like a christmas tree. The archviles are escorted by 49 chaingunners and 343 of their hitscanning cousins, the wolfensteinss. Even the skies are not safe, with 150 cacodemons lobbing missiles from the air. Heat seeking rockets from 196 revenants home in on doomguy wherever he runs. There are 98 hellknights to block doomguys escape and 5 cybies roar and stomp all around the estate, causing their usual chaos. Finally, bringing up the rear are 245 imps that don't want to miss out on beating up doomguy. It turns out that ample weapons, ammunition, health and armor have been provided to give doomguy a sporting chance on this difficult map. With some decent routing to take advantage of the 5 megaspheres and invulnerabilities on the map, doomguy can beat the odds and beat the map. Doomguys reconnaisance of his estate reveals that 2 of the invulnerabilities are in the hedge maze, another behind a nearby building, one is in his house and the other just ouside the northwest side of his house. Doomguy also notes the 5 megasphere locations and stashes of ammo, particularly cells and rockets. Doomguy doesn't like to dwell on his failures, let's just say there were quite a few of them, a few hours worth in fact before he managed to uvmax the map. The rng on this map is off the charts and it can take several tries before doomguy gets favorable rolls and the monsters "line up" to his satisfaction. His successful strategy went like this. Divide the fight up into the shorter "5 invuln chain" phase and the longer "mopup" phase. In both phases, the focus is the archviles, ignoring almost everything else unless it gets in the way. Except for the archviles and cacoswarm and a handful of revenants and hellknights, all the other enemies tend to perish without any help from doomguy. During the critical "5 invuln chain" phase, doomguy uses the invulnerabilies to fight into, through, and out of his house and the same for his hedge maze. Any spare invuln time can be used on archviles outside but near those 2 areas or along the path to the cell stashes when he needs ammo refreshes. He is careful to note where archviles have appeared in elevated positions, the clock tower, balcony of the house, the middle of the lake and the building south of there. They will be priority targets in the next phase. The most common causes of failure for doomguy in this phase are: Not reaching the next invulerability due to being blasted or blocked. Running out of cells due to poor cell management and bfg overuse. Not taking out enough archviles due to bad rng, bad aim or poor play. During the mopup phase, dispensing of the remaining archviles is paramount. Efficient bfg/rocket usage, avoiding archvile retaliation and keeping ammo topped up are key. Several circuits of doomguys estate are required to thin the archviles to less than a handful. Much can go wrong, the main one being archvile blasts. After the archviles are gone, the focus shifts to more rocket use (cells are running out) and taking out the cacoswarm and revenants. At this point doomguy can swap to super shotgun for effective close up work and chaingun for distant work as the rockets start to run low. Finally, doomguy can snipe most enemies in the house through the windows before daring to reenter to take out the last of them. Doomguy is ecstatic to have beaten back Cyberneezer Scrooge and his monster horde invasion. Fancy resorting to such mean tricks and overwhelming numbers. They better not try again next xmas. If they do, he'll be ready for them. He is dreaming of a heavy duty bfg turret and tripwire based security system. Each bfg turret will have 360 degree rotational aim and 90 degree horizontal to vertical elevation aim. Turrets will be placed with redundant overlap to maximise crossfire. Concealed, hair trigger tripwires will be placed throughout the estate. There are several kinks in the plan to work out of course. The postman may regret the next time he tries to deliver xmas cards to the estate. Unfortunately, evil never rests and the monsters are no doubt concocting future plans of their own against doomguy. Doomguy is considering his next holiday vacation. He hears that xmas in Australia is quite a bit different. A trip to Down Under next xmas for bbq's, cricket and a summer in the sun, surf and sand might be exactly what he needs. Doomguy wishes everyone a Happy New Year!
  14. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    map23 Worst xmas ever! Now doomguy has been locked in his chapel and has to discover how to get out. There seems to be some noises coming from his mini clocktower. The time is still frozen at midnight. Taking the lift up, doomguy hears a lot of "bah, humbug" sounds that seem to be coming from 6 mysterious large crates strewn around his clocktower, glowing in the moonlight. It's quite perplexing. Doomguy was not expecting any deliveries. He notices a strange looking portal that wasn't there before and beside it, Cyberneezer's clothes and top hat. Tentatively, doomguy takes a deep breath and steps into the portal ... map24 Doomguy appears on a central, circular platform in an arena, next to a rotating clock pedestal just in time to see cybie teleporting away. To the din of "bah, humbug" echoing out, santas, demons and imps make pests of themselves as doomguy picks up the ammo and weaponry and drinks in his hostile surroundings. There are 3 megaspheres on pillars and that's good, they can be picked up as required. There are cacodemons and imps outside and that's bad, doomguy better get rid of them sooner than later. Doomguy can dispense of the intial room of enemies lofting missiles at him and then take some time to concentrate on what's going on off in the distance. In 3 directions, doomguy observes that a wall will periodically lower and a hideous Cyberneezer visage appears. Behind the visage are a stack of barrels that are just begging to be rocketed. Exploding the barrels results in icon of sin death sound being heard and immediate reprisals as an archvile and support team of monsters spawn on the central platform in retaliation. After clearing the wave of enemies, doomguy can move on to one of the other 2 directions and repeat the exercise to the death sounds of 2 other icons of sin. One wave consists of an archvile, revenants and tier 1 enemies. Another wave is worse with an archvile and lots of pain elementals. However, the third wave is the worst, since an archvile appears with friends and the rotating clock pedestal in the middle rises to reveal cybie standing on a red square plate. An annular section of the central platform begins moving up and down as doomguy goes into full damage control, running round and round. After killing cybie and any other enemies remaining, doomguy can step on the red plate to crush 4 offmap icons of sin and end the map victorious! Yay! Doomguy can at last return to his estate once again, only this time it will be to peace and tranquility, where he can relax and enjoy xmas. He's certain that this time Cyberneezer and the mean monsters have learned their lesson at last.
  15. tmorrow

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    map21 Well this is both embarrassing and infuriating. Cyberneezer has hacked doomguys security system and he is now locked inside his own hedge maze. What's more, the monsters have broken into his mini chapel. He's got to lower the blue key in the middle of the maze and retrieve it. After picking up the key, the bars blocking him inside the maze are mysteriously lowered, allowing him to exit the maze, right into the arms of chaingunners and revenants between him and the chapel. Inside the chapel he sees an xmas card from the past, lying smack bang in the middle of the chapel. map22 Doomguy starts outside Cyberneezer's house in the snow. It's high time for some good old fashioned revenge. Time to trash Cyberneezer the geezer's place and see how he likes it. Payback's a bitch. He intends to enter the premises using as much force as required. Doomguy starts by working his way along the hedge border and side of the building, looking for an entry that way. He is accosted by Cyberneezers henchmen, revenants, cacodemons and smaller enemies along the way. Doomguy finds an unlocked garage in northwest corner of the map with a big red truck being polished by an archvile and hellknight. Doomguy trashes the garage, leaps on Cyberneezer's truck and finds a poorly concealed yellow key perched on top. He heads back around to the front of the house. Opening the yellow door to Cybernezer's house is doomguys first mistake. He was wondering why the yellow door is so wide and high. He finds out. Right in front of him, waiting to greet him and shake him by the hand is an extremely large spider mastermind who immediately teleports behind him to prevent his escape. Immediately inside the house is the kitchen, dining room and bathroom, all full of enemies that somehow seem to have already been alerted to his presence. The trap is sprung but Cyberneezers lackeys are no match for doomguy and he makes short work of clearing the rooms before jumping on the oversized furniture. It appears that Cyberneezer doesn't like people stealing his food, his king sized refrigerator is booby trapped with revenants, imps and lost souls! Nor does he like people using his extra large bathtub which has 2 cacodemons guarding it. Doomguy is astonished at the size of everything in Cyberneezer's house. Cyberneezer had made his instructions clear when his house was being built. The construction crew were to double all measurements. Big, big, big! Cybies are tired of banging their head on the ceiling. Spider masterminds are sick of getting stuck. If a train can drive through the house without touching the sides, then it might just be big enough. The interior decorators were given the same message. Big, big, big! Supersize the furniture. Cyberneezer had put his foot down with a vengeance. He wanted a wide screen TV! Once doomguy heads upstairs to the bedrooms where he's locked in for the first set piece. The blue switch opens 4 rooms of enemies. Doomguy decides the best place to camp is in the barons bedroom since there's enough room for rocket play in there. He notes the nursery has 2 hellknights in cribs, confirming his long held belief that hellknights are infant barons. Some arachnotrons are guarding Cyberneezer's master bedroom where he finds the red key and revenants in the closet! Doomguy heads back down stairs. The red door takes doomguy down into a dank cellar, probably where all the xmas cheer is stored. Doomguy senses the basement is not a safe place. Taking the final step into the basement is doomguys second mistake since that step is too high to retake the stairs. He's trapped! Cyberneezer is not in a good mood. He hates people jumping all over his custom large furniture, raiding his ice box, using his bathtub and walking on top of his shiny red truck. But none of these things compare to his fervent hatred of doomguy. Cyberneezer has enlisted the services of cybie to prevent any xmas cheer or doomguys from leaving the basement. There's a lot to absorb and little time to do it as a hail of cybie snow covered rockets come doomguys way. Firstly, 8 crushers start up around the room that will indiscriminately crush whoever is underneath them. Secondly, there is a teleporter that anyone can take to another part of the room. Telefragging is an option but is not all that reliable and doomguy prefers to use the 5 pillars around the room to block rockets and use super shotgun. Four of the 5 pillars have swiches that reveal a bell. The bell needs to be shot to reveal another switch which in turn needs to be shot to both raise a basement step so doomguy can leave and to lower the wall to the exit. Doomguy is so confused, there's several possible strategies to try out. Will it be "telefrag lottery" or "quick switches for a quick getaway" or "pillar peekaboo with super shotgun"? Who can think clearly with the racket of cybie fuming and stomping around? In the end doomguy decides on a super shotgun and plasma rifle medley and pillar hopping, to keep Cyberneezer guessing his next move. Doomguy is likely to take a fair amount of splash damage but no direct rocket hit as long as he executes correctly. After that he can perform the switch sequences and take a leisurely stroll to the exit, pleased in the knowledge that Cyberneezer's evil plans have been twharted once again. The 7 secrets yield a backpack, partial invisibility, boxes of rockets, berserk pack, cellpack, medikits, soulsphere. The partial invisibility is invaluable for the SMM fight. The soulsphere isn't all that helpful for pistol starters but the other items are all around useful.