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  1. Gwopdish

    Rebirth demos [-complevel 2]

    Rebirth - Map 06 UV Max Time - 0:39 (One single friggin' second better :) I'm sure it can be improved though.) rebirth_uv6_39.zip
  2. Gwopdish

    Sunder - Map18 Emerges!

    Okupluk has put up a UV-Max run of lvl 14 on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxFlWeduknY
  3. Gwopdish

    Demo (.LMP) conversions.

    Necro'ing thread here because I have problems with Fraps. Sound playback doesn't match (eg. shots fired by the pistol are a few seconds late in the video playback). I'm not paying for this crap. CamStudio is even more crap, so is Hypercam2. Any other good software out there? I would like to record demos using ZDoom but want to have it in video format eventually (Prboom also gives problems on my computer, the fire button is unresponsive). I have a Vista system (32 bit), that probably explains all the problems. Anybody helping out, thanks a bunch in advance!
  4. Gwopdish

    Sunder - Map18 Emerges!

    Casual fan here, but this is a beautiful looking WAD, and it must have taken absolute ages to make, but just waaay too hard for me. I'm really looking forward to somebody putting up a successful run of lvl 14 on YouTube. Cheers!