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  1. nicolas monti

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Should be mapping but not every night
  2. Green armor, areas not separated by doors first.
  3. Nice, I'll fix that and see what can I do with the final fight. About variety yes, there will be, it's guaranteed, even roman aqueducts and no joking. I should run with complevel 2, that's how things are planned.
  4. nicolas monti

    Your favorite colors in WADs?

    That's why I compohso so much at times.
  5. nicolas monti

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I like Nirvana and The Chasm
  6. nicolas monti

    Tips for surviving 1994 wads

    Loving compohso + marble. Going to make 3 megawads with just those textures XD
  7. nicolas monti

    Abandoned wads

    It happens to me sometimes, I end up with a map bigger than I wanted. My advice is to delete those sections you feel superfluous or repetitive and preserve those you remember the most or the ones you feel that capture the essence of that map.
  8. Lol didn't know about that, nor Guy Fieri, I had to google it. Ater fieri is latin, it means "to become dark".
  9. First map of a hellish episode, the maps are already sketched and their main ideas, this one is based on a dream I had and feels more like a mix of E2 and E3. I like cement-gstone combination, I've used that concept in reticula.wad map03 too. The themes will be varied, ancient temples, medieval citadels, haunted buildings and forests, tech-hell etc so expect more hellish maps than this one for the next time. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cbzjov8nlcl08sx/oneiros00.wad
  10. nicolas monti

    What kind of episode do you want me to make next time? Vote!

    LOL I understand, I like white chocolate a lot but I'll go with something different this time, or I'll try at best.
  11. nicolas monti

    What kind of episode do you want me to make next time? Vote!

    For the hell episode standard alignment is intended, but not more that it is in the Iwad maps. For the 90's inspired episode not so. Believe it or not, my wads know due to their misalignments have some alignment too on the x axis, especially crates, switches, computer panels, lights, and startan pannels are for the most part semi-aligned, the rest aligned to zero for sure, with some exceptions. Sometimes I use the architecture for alignment as for the alpha startan pannels which are 40 units wide. For the Y axis I let sector height do the job.
  12. nicolas monti

    What kind of episode do you want me to make next time? Vote!

    Maybe I'll end up making both but the polling will define which one comes first :)