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  1. Great video, I took care of some of the annoyances in the new version, after seeing this I also consider to add a couple of stimpacks here and there and also a decoy (visible item) for one secret you missed. Now the monsters teleport to the "metro stations" from the turrets, not immediately but if you bypass them they will. For the final fight I consider to make the barons facing away from the player so you can plan you first shot an the trap isn't that cheap.
  2. Just to let you know, minor changes done in the last map of enceladus, same link, in case you didn't recorded it yet!
  3. Another one for Enceladus, this time E4M9, the secret level, any limit removing port! http://www.mediafire.com/file/cb4ta8ic9kzp0jk/ENCELA47.wad/file
  4. Thanks man, the playthrough was intense as I expected, the grid /acid section was satisfying because you were close to death but reached the medkits at the right time. Each one of the first two keys releases the cyber and the bfg with him but no order of action is planned for the player, the order you chose was fun because you have the cyberdemon as an additional factor at the BK trap. I may change the final fight, making the last cyberdemon to teleport out of the exit and releasing the escape with his death, as I make no use of the special action. But I'll wait to hear more opinions on that.
  5. Got another one for Enceladus, I like this one more than the last one! E4M6 Any limit removing port http://www.mediafire.com/file/kxbmn376p4mncnd/ENCELA46.wad/file Just finished, I hope no major bugs!
  6. Thanks as usual, I'll add more variery to the RK trap to avoid having 3 traps involving barons in the same map, these videos always make me think about some changes for the better!
  7. nicolas monti

    Witness Of Time: 9 map episode for Doom2 Now on Idgames!

    It depends on the mapset and my mood of the year, but I could make a synthwave map set some day.
  8. nicolas monti

    Witness Of Time: 9 map episode for Doom2 Now on Idgames!

    Thanks Firedust, 4 maps left for Enceladus, though not in a hurry :)
  9. nicolas monti

    Witness Of Time: 9 map episode for Doom2 Now on Idgames!

    What @gaspe says about the 9th song is true, I just didn't know about it, I took the song from a sailor moon's midi compilation where its tittle is "iron mouse" I do not know who is the original composer. Ceremony is one of my favourites!
  10. nicolas monti

    Witness Of Time: 9 map episode for Doom2 Now on Idgames!

    1: new order - true faith 2: the cure - a forest 3: new order - temptation 4: duran duran - save a prayer 5: joy division /new order - ceremony 6: the smiths - how soon is now 7: sailor moon - "etnmelody" 8: mike olfield - tubular bells 9: sailor moon - "iron mouse"
  11. Hey man, it's been a couple of months I stayed out of doomworld, I recently managed to do one more map for my Enceladus episode, I didn't comment on the last two videos but I watched them and took into account what could be enhanced as always. This is E4M5, runs on crispy /Prboom etc. http://www.mediafire.com/file/46rs7if6txsc6z9/ENCELA45.wad/file Thanks!!!
  12. nicolas monti

    Who speaks Hispanic here

    Linguam latinam hispanam loquor
  13. Thanks hak for the last couple of videos, I'll try to feedback soon, no internet at home :/ I've optimized e4m3 a little bit, no more stuck baron and a couple of minor things. I have e4m4 ready! http://www.mediafire.com/file/8i2765mp2z8ls64/ENCELA44.wad/file
  14. HAK this is the last version I have of Enceladus. 3 maps, map 2 updated just in case! http://www.mediafire.com/file/cfz9cm4e9eh602e/ENCELA43.wad/file
  15. First: I know this is just an artistic license and every mapper do what (s)he wants, but recently I made one of those maps with a secret exit and I started to think if this topic was ever put into a thread here. When you do secret exits what is your "ideal" percentage of the map one has to travel before getting there? Do you even have in mind that? When I do I try to make the player to complete at least 50%, 70-80% is an ideal in my stardards but I remember putting secret exits very close the normal ones also. Putting a secret exit near the beginning would kind of trivialize the map. What do you think of this?