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  1. nicolas monti

    New project: Evolved - first map for testing

    limit-removing, It could be vanilla I guess but i don't know if there are any limits regarding to lines or vertices and currently there is some error popping up when I run the map in chocodoom so I'm testing it with boom
  2. nicolas monti

    New project: Evolved - first map for testing

    Thanks everyone, I've updated the file with some minor adjustments, nice to talk to some of you again and nice to hear some of you had died... in the map :) I'll try to keep working on the other maps soon, next map will be castle /medieval themed. This project will take some time but I'll try not to give up so feedback is very appreciated!
  3. After almost a year since my last release I'm trying to make new stuff and my previous project (ater fieri) is being procrastinated by now. My goal for now is an 11-map episode with varied themes, using some extra textures and trying to apply a little bit of more detail compared to my previous stuff I'm open to any criticism so I can make this map better, I've tried to keep a low monster count since this map is intended to be the first of the episode but I might change that (monster count) depending on what players feel about it. MAP01: Caseid Swamps http://www.mediafire.com/file/c4zmiavzx1xxf22/CASEIDSWAMPS.wad/file updated file with minor changes: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ltzhl39i2z1utxd/CASEIDSWAMPS2.wad/file - a couple of alignments - demon teleport trap gives you more milliseconds to react - monsters in the star teleport area can go back to that area via monsterteleport lines - cave strafe jump is a bit easier - sign for the cave elevator that goes down
  4. nicolas monti

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Should be mapping but not every night
  5. nicolas monti

    In the first time you played E1M1, where did you go first?

    Green armor, areas not separated by doors first.
  6. Nice, I'll fix that and see what can I do with the final fight. About variety yes, there will be, it's guaranteed, even roman aqueducts and no joking. I should run with complevel 2, that's how things are planned.
  7. nicolas monti

    Your favorite colors in WADs?

    That's why I compohso so much at times.
  8. nicolas monti

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I like Nirvana and The Chasm
  9. nicolas monti

    Tips for surviving 1994 wads

    Loving compohso + marble. Going to make 3 megawads with just those textures XD
  10. nicolas monti

    Abandoned wads

    It happens to me sometimes, I end up with a map bigger than I wanted. My advice is to delete those sections you feel superfluous or repetitive and preserve those you remember the most or the ones you feel that capture the essence of that map.
  11. Lol didn't know about that, nor Guy Fieri, I had to google it. Ater fieri is latin, it means "to become dark".
  12. First map of a hellish episode, the maps are already sketched and their main ideas, this one is based on a dream I had and feels more like a mix of E2 and E3. I like cement-gstone combination, I've used that concept in reticula.wad map03 too. The themes will be varied, ancient temples, medieval citadels, haunted buildings and forests, tech-hell etc so expect more hellish maps than this one for the next time. http://www.mediafire.com/file/cbzjov8nlcl08sx/oneiros00.wad
  13. nicolas monti

    What kind of episode do you want me to make next time? Vote!

    LOL I understand, I like white chocolate a lot but I'll go with something different this time, or I'll try at best.