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  1. Juanin

    Importing new textures and sprites

    I use Deutex and Deu This page explains how to use Deutex to create a Pwad containing the new textures, sprites or whatever: http://oreilly.com/pub/h/3865 Then I merge the texture pwad with the level pwad using Deu. I know there must be a million ways to do it easier, but it works. However, this will replace the sprites without affecting the ennemies characteristics (dammage, power...)
  2. Juanin

    Texture bleeding

    I first set the grid to 64 and then replaced the vertexes on that grid. It was even worse: there were slime trails everywhere (don't ask me why...) I finally solved the problem by placing the pit inside a square sector. No more slime trails! Here's what I see now (with some new texture) http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/1954/holee.jpg I think I'm gonna try another node builder, however...^^
  3. Juanin

    Texture bleeding

    @EarthQuake I only use DEU 5.21. Since the beginning. I always used to create levels with small rooms, so I never had that kind of problem with DEU. Maybe I should use another node builder this time ^^, or simply reduce the size of the cave. Thanks for helping
  4. Juanin

    Texture bleeding

    @Gez I didn't know about slime trails. Thanks a lot for helping. I think you were right. When the BSP rebuilds the level, sectors are segmented and so are lindefs, and sometimes the created vertexes may not be at integer coordinates, as it says. Maybe this slime trail doesn't reach the bottom of the screen because of the other sector. I guess it must happen more often in big areas, because of strange angles. And my level is huge (a big open space). I'll try to keep that in mind and fix it. Thx @Skillsaw Maybe Doom builder's Node builder can fix the problem. In fact I'm still using DEU 5.21 :)
  5. Juanin

    Texture bleeding

    Hello there! I have some texture bleeding problems in a new wad I'm creating, I spent a couple of hours trying to fix it but it's getting me bored. I thought you guys could help. It's quite surprising because I've created many wads already and never had such a problem The wad represents a kind of sinkhole, and is very simple so far. I don't understand why the texture bleeds. I tried to lower the ceilings, reduce the number of linedefs, I checked for missing textures and unclosed sectors... Here's what I see when the level starts: http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/1640/bugvo.jpg Here is the file, I hope you can help me understand that mystery... http://www.filefactory.com/file/b4hce71/n/HOLE.WAD P-S: I should specify that I use an old version of DOOM (v 1.8), no Zdoom or something like that...