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  1. FooAtari

    Most overrated and most underrated doom port?

    Hmmmm. I've not played all ports, and I'm no expert. But in my experience so far, personally I think Skulltag is most overrated. But, that might be because of the community more than the engine itself. It probably is that actually, they give Skulltag a bad name IMO. Underated. Um, maybe Odamex. Or perhaps Prboom+ In a port I'm looking for things to be fairly close to the original, which is going to effect what I feel are the best ports compared to most who seem to want all the advanced features that can be crammed into an engine. But that's just MY OPINION. Doesn't really effect anyone else, and it isn't going to change anything.
  2. FooAtari

    Classic stuff vs Ports' features

    This is pretty spot on IMO. I really enjoy games like Dark Forces and Duke 3D, perhaps more than Doom. But for most people those games are not Doom, they did not have the impact Doom had, were no where near as popular, were nothing like as significant. While the source ports play their parts, Doom's popularity and longevity is because of the simple reason that it is Doom. As a side note, if anyone is interested, there is a port of the Dark Forces engine on the way, which is slowly nearing release. DarkXL.
  3. FooAtari

    Do you like Final Doom?

    Funny you should say that. I've never completed Doom 2 and started playing it again. I've reached level 12 and to be honest, I'm kind of having to force myself to play through it. Many maps are just uninspiring, and I haven't even played many custom ones that would make Doom 2 maps feel a little dated. It just doesn't have the same feel as Doom. Maybe I'll just skip the rest and see what Final Doom has to over. I haven't played Doom 2 in a good couple of weeks now anyway.
  4. FooAtari

    acknowledgement to DOS FPS games

  5. FooAtari

    Classic stuff vs Ports' features

    OK, had a change of heart here. Didn't realise PRBoom+ could actually increase the resolution, rather just upscale as Chocolate Doom does. So now that I know that, classic all the way.
  6. FooAtari

    Duke Nukem Forever - Release Date

    OK, so I got that one wrong :)
  7. FooAtari

    Duke Nukem Forever - Release Date

    The new trailer is full of Awesome. Unfortunately it's got regenerating health, but it looks like it has the potential to be really fun. I'm just looking for 90's DN3D style gameplay. Shoot now, think later carnage.
  8. FooAtari

    Classic stuff vs Ports' features

    I prefer classic but with OpenGL rendering. So I use GLBoom+
  9. FooAtari

    Building an original DOOM LAN

    Hasn't Doom always had mouse support?
  10. FooAtari

    Converting save files

    I see. Thanks for the info guys.
  11. FooAtari

    Converting save files

    Is it possible to convert save files from one format to another? I want to use a save file from GZDoom (.zds) to GLBoom+, which seems to use the original format (.dsg). Or is there a way to save games in GZDoom as .dsg? I have looked in the options but can't see anything so far.
  12. FooAtari

    Extremely faithful port with opengl rendering?

    Cheers. didn't have doom-tech, but got the other two already.
  13. FooAtari

    Extremely faithful port with opengl rendering?

    True, that was one of the reasons I installed it actually, now that I think about it. So I do have a use for it.
  14. FooAtari

    Extremely faithful port with opengl rendering?

    That's good to know. Will need to get them installed. On the subject of irc, are there any general Doom chat channels on the go for somewhere just to discuss the game in general?
  15. FooAtari

    Extremely faithful port with opengl rendering?

    Yeah glboom+ is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Currently using that, GZDoom if I fancy some eyecandy and Chocolate to play it oldschool. Although I also having it running well under DOSBox, so not really sure Chocolate does anything meaningful for me.