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  1. Orchid87

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Lmao, people were okay with shooting nazis in Doom for years, but of course in 2020 it suddenly becomes problematic. Seems that some people here would support pulling Wolfenstein games from the stores because someone might find them offensive. What a clown world we live in.
  2. Orchid87

    Jaguar Doom Conversion

    Anyone has this mod for download? The original links are dead...
  3. Orchid87

    Raycaster engine with slopes in 1993?

    But how does the renderer for UU work? Can you even do a raycaster with true camera paning, i.e. no fake Y-shearing?
  4. Orchid87

    Raycaster engine with slopes in 1993?

    UU isn't raycaster IIRC, but a true polygonal engine. Cool but slow on a 1992 hardware.
  5. Just randomly stumped upon this: Never played the game before, only console Jurassic Park games. Slopes are at 4:08 Is this raycaster? Or it's real 3d like Ultima Underworld but with fixed straight camera which makes it look kinda like a raycaster...
  6. Orchid87

    Need list of essential Megawads for vanilla Doom

    This is exatly what I've asked for!
  7. Orchid87

    Need list of essential Megawads for vanilla Doom

    Oh yes, my bad! I meant Megawads!
  8. Could anyone post a list of essential Megawads for vanilla Doom? Quality stuff that's on par with id iWADs or better. Only vanilla engine please. Thanks!
  9. Orchid87

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    And his 2017 GOTY is Ghost Recon Wildlands. This guy has some really nasty brain damage.
  10. Orchid87

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    So, I've been confused by how I thought this site was good before. I get it now, it's a successor of insomnia.ac, now THAT site had some good review work by other authors, all free, no subscription shit. This new site is an abomination.
  11. Orchid87

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    Haha I did enjoy the read
  12. Orchid87

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    http://culture.vg/reviews/videogame-art/not-art-doom.html I liked this review portal for the in depth arcade style games reviews but now I don't even know what to think.
  13. Doom 2016 might be not the bestest looking game ever but it runs amazingly fast for its image quality. Doom 1993 was kinda like this too. There were far better looking games already, like Daytona USA, that did require powerful arcade hardware, or Strike Commander that required a beast of pc to run well, but id tech 1 was optimized to run on a common 486DX PC that was 4 years old in 1993.
  14. Why the hell does it take only 1 shot shell? This makes both burst shot and even super shotty obsolete.
  15. Orchid87

    Anyone else liked the original imp better?

    I find rocket-propelled doll face with a mouth full of needle teeth genuinely more creepy than a stupid skull with horns.