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  1. Orchid87

    What is Doom doing better than Duke Nukem 3D?

    Quake left a far bigger legacy multiplayer wise though. Hey, fooling around with pipebombs is one of the best things to do in Duke 3D!
  2. Orchid87

    What is Doom doing better than Duke Nukem 3D?

    The thing about Duke Nukem 3D is that even if you remove all the edgy/controversal stuff it's still an amazing game and even has its own moments of serious, moody atmosphere, especially in episode 2. Duke Nukem Forever developers forgot about this somehow and decided to turn edginess up to eleven to disastarous results.
  3. Orchid87

    What is Doom doing better than Duke Nukem 3D?

    Doom feels more robust in the basic things like movement, gunplay, blast damage, enemies attacks variety. On the other hand, I think that Allen Blum is one of the best level designers ever. Duke Nukem 3D levels overall have some unprecedented level of polish. It must be noted that 3D realms spent a year and a half designing them though. Doom, Doom II and even Quake levels were made in a much shorter time.
  4. Have you ever tried Jumping Flash games? They have a simple and elegant solution for the first person platforming. It works only with true 3d engine though.
  5. People who think that filtered low res textures are acceptable probably grew up with n64.
  6. Different game, but Duke Nukem 3D Lunar Apocalypse is a better space station themed mapset than Doom E1.
  7. Orchid87

    doom 64 opinions

    Good, but not as good as UD, D2 and Plutonia.
  8. Running from Evil is better than At the Doom's Gate, unless its the 3DO version of the latter.
  9. Orchid87

    What makes a map good or bad?

    The flow
  10. Kamikaze lost soul with rocket launcher damage level of explosion. SSG zombie which runs fast to the player and tries to shoot point blank. Arch-vile that boosts other monsters speed (kind of like with -fast parameter). Zombies that resurrect unless gibbed. Pinkie that steals pickups and runs away. Flying anomaly that appears and disappears randomly, flies towards player if approached but loses sight quickly. Instagibs everything on contact, can't be killed, has to be avoided.
  11. Colored lighting in PSX Doom looks stupid and out of place. Jaguar Doom has the best lighting and palette out of the console versions.
  12. Orchid87

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    What is preferrable for this soundfont, fluidsynth or virtualmidisynth?
  13. Orchid87

    Widescreen options for Doom 3 on Steam?

    The engine is doing some heavy loading at these screens, especially if you're on HDD instead of SSD. Unlike modern game where the textures are mostly streamed on the fly, older games loaded them before the level start. To be honest, Doom 3 engine supports texture loading during the gameplay for the low vram setups, but due to inefficient 2000s era compression algorithms, this also resulted in lag and was undesired.
  14. Orchid87

    Widescreen options for Doom 3 on Steam?

    Idk, I am so used to console, that changing these via the commands is more natural to me. To the op, for the best quality settings type: image_downSize 0 image_downSizeBump 0 image_downSizeSpecular 0 image_useCompression 0 vid_restart
  15. Orchid87

    Widescreen options for Doom 3 on Steam?

    What exactly do you want to achieve using the settings menu? Everything can be done with the console.