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  1. Orchid87


    Hey, if you want some mappacks that are close to vanilla games in scope without going overboard with details, I recommend Memento Mori, Memento Mori 2 and Requiem.
  2. Orchid87

    Favorite bits of [REDACTED] Doom History?

    I actually remember that it was known about Asteroids way before that tweet. Might be the source code indeed. One thing that was going strong in the community for years is the claim that Doom is a 2D game, as in not having a Z dimension, citing infinite monster height as an evidence. Now with the Fabien Sanglard book it is finally disproven
  3. After years of searching for the ideal SC-55 soundfont, I've went back to good ol' cheesy Microsoft GS software synth, because this is how I played Doom when I upgraded to a Win 98 rig back in the day. It was a major improvement over adlib music. Honestly, I'm starting to really appreciate this synth despite all the hate.
  4. Does something like this exist for Plutonia?
  5. It's a wasted potential that Doom Classic didn't come with an integrated easy to use map editor with share function on consoles. We could have our own Mario Maker.
  6. Ridge Racer and Daytona USA, despite being, as you say, vehicle sims, looked like the fucking future though and were released around late 1993/early 1994 as well. The latter even had texture filtering. Doom ran on home computers of course, but it's not like it couldn't be compared to those at the time.
  7. At least this level has that badass music track. Reminds me of PSX Doom title track.
  8. Orchid87

    The best traps in vanilla Doom?

    Everyone's talking about E2M6 fake exit, but what about E3M9 fake exit?
  9. 3DO Doom has the texture intact though, despite having the same 2MB RAM + 1MB VRAM setup. Maybe it used a better compression? Also random thoughts, since PS1 Doom has no streaming music, maybe some kind of data streaming could be implemented in the source code for better texture variety, like what was used by Crash Bandicoot games?
  10. I am sure there are other examples through the game. Is this because of limited ram as opposed to loading from the cart?
  11. Orchid87

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Lmao, people were okay with shooting nazis in Doom for years, but of course in 2020 it suddenly becomes problematic. Seems that some people here would support pulling Wolfenstein games from the stores because someone might find them offensive. What a clown world we live in.
  12. Orchid87

    Jaguar Doom Conversion

    Anyone has this mod for download? The original links are dead...
  13. Orchid87

    Raycaster engine with slopes in 1993?

    But how does the renderer for UU work? Can you even do a raycaster with true camera paning, i.e. no fake Y-shearing?