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  1. disentomb

    NES style sound effects

    nice, I like it alot. good work :)
  2. disentomb

    My DooM 2 Jumpmaze Map

    no problem, its my fault. Im new to providing useful information that people would need in order to play maps properly, which would be the readme file Ive included in the download. I take full responsibility for the problem you had. Thank You :)
  3. disentomb

    My DooM 2 Jumpmaze Map

    this map is for a school project, in which I have to present next week, so I had to rush that last part. thats why its so cheesey compaired to the rest. thanks again, I really appreciate it
  4. disentomb

    My DooM 2 Jumpmaze Map

    thanks :D and yeah that part is tough to figure out. you need to scale the blue torches and get on both of the pillars on the front of the island. once you hit both switches from the two pillars, you then go to the small stairway located on the backside of the island, and hit the switch that is now available. then, the ground caves in on the front of the island, unveiling a cave you need to venture through :) sounds complicated but its awesome lol
  5. disentomb

    My DooM 2 Jumpmaze Map

    Hi everyone, this is a doom 2 jumpmaze map I made. I used the latest GZDooM source port for testing in doom builder 2 the entire way through. download map - http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/disentomb_jmpz_final..7z screenshots: let me know what you guys think -Thanks so much Devin
  6. disentomb

    SLADE3 freezes randomly in Windows 7

    I use Vista, and out of the total amount of time Ive used SLADE3, it has only frozen once.. Ive used it for almost a year now.
  7. disentomb

    Falling snow?

    nevermind, I realized I was using Skulltag as the tester and it's usually my primary source port anyway. that was my only problem this whole time. I tested in zdoom and sure enough there it was, again... rooky mistake lol thank you for all your help otherwise =)
  8. disentomb

    Falling snow?

    maybe change #import to #include? most easy thing to try first, even if you doubt that being the cause.
  9. disentomb

    Falling snow?

    thank you, I appreciate it. yeah, I placed one snowparticle on my map lol me and my brother laughed so hard when one snow particle sat on the floor in testing. also as for the three messages, yeah I apologise for that I forgot to just use three quotes. EDIT- I figured out my problem. I gave a spawn number to the SnowParticle instead of the SnowSpawner.. I am a dumbass haha. although I still can not get rain to work lol
  10. disentomb

    Falling snow?

    this isnt the easiest thing to just sit down with and tinker on. if you dont know how to do something, its nice to get help. But you wouldnt know that because you seem to know every single aspect of doom editing inside and out.. must be easy for you to just tell someone to learn themselves.
  11. disentomb

    Falling snow?

    I tried it out and all I got was one white "snow" particle sitting on the floor of my map lol seriously though, I cant get this snowsimple package to work either. yes, I wish I had all the knowledge to make my own functions such as this, but sadly I dont. is there a script you need to make in order to execute the function? the DECORATE does nothing for me...
  12. disentomb

    [Realm667] "Eyecandy All Over 2011" Contest

    you are awesome for continuing this project even though many people in here became idiots and trashed it. good for you dude.
  13. disentomb

    respawn thing?

  14. disentomb

    Raise States

    chew it over with a twix