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  1. JohnTuttle

    Taking Advantage of OpenGL in gzdoom

    Thank you for the replay ReX. My apologies for not posting again sooner, even though I had read the post. I haven't had much time to do Doom Building recently, because of work and, I moved! I had no clue you had to load the pk3 file as a resource, I guess I just assumed it was already using it or something. I will load this as a resource and with it I should have access to some new lighting features! How would I place dynamic lights though? I was browsing a random doom page (http://zdoom.org/wiki/Standard_editor_numbers) and it lead me to believe (or maybe assume) that I could place various types of dynamic lights as actorThings. One other question. I would like to implement some hi res textures but am not %100 sure on how to do so. I don't think I would need a walk through persay.. Pretty much, since this project is planned to have quality, I want to do everything correctly. I have no idea about importing hi res textures. I know that using XWE to import them as patches is a fail. I understand as far as, I need to get them in somehow as textures/flats and write a lump file.. and yeah. The zDoom wiki is a good resource but I seem to struggle sometimes finding a good detailed 'tutorial'. Again, thanks for the reply, the answer was so simple lol. Any more advice would be most appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hello, I've been curious for awhile now just how to use some of the features available for using OpenGL with Doom Builder 2. The dynamic lighting is was brought my attention to it. I have gzdoom but I don't know what else I should have or where to download it. I've been to the OpenGL website but I don't see anything Doom related, just information on OpenGL. Is there a place I can go to download whatever it is I need to use opengl with doom builder 2? Thank you for any help. -John.
  3. JohnTuttle

    [REQUEST] Custom Monsters

    Points taken. I'll be back when I have something more solid for people to see. @BlackFish: I wish I could!
  4. JohnTuttle

    ZDoom - 3D Floors

    Nice, I'm TertiusOculusOris and your vids helped me out a lot when I first started messing around with DoomBuilder. Idk if you have seen this site before but it's got some decent tutorials for stuff: http://zdoom.org/zdkb/zdkbviewer.php
  5. JohnTuttle

    Multiple Floors

    All I did was google gZdoom tutorials and I found out how, and was doing it in five minutes.. Did you try Google!?
  6. JohnTuttle

    [REQUEST] Custom Monsters

    The project I have been working on is a Doom version of the dungeons from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. I call my wad, Ocarina of Doom: The Triforce of Horror! So far I've spent most of my time building the maps, leaving detail and monster placement to do at a later point in time. I really enjoy both OoT and Doom so combining the two seemed like a good idea and I must admit it's coming along better than I expected. Below is a list of OoT dungeons and brainstormed map names for what I have done/have planned. 01: Kokiri Outpost & Deku Tower (Kokiri Village/Deku Tree) 02: Dodongo's Shrine (Goron Village/Dodongo's Cavern) 03: Jabu-Jabu Pits (Zoron Domain/Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly) 04: Temple (Castle Courtyard/Temple of Time) 05: Forest Facility (Kokiri Village Future/Lost Woods/Forest Temple) 06: Fire Facility (Death Mountain/Fire Temple) 07: Water Facility (Ice Cavern/Lake Hylia/Water Temple) 08: Kakariko City Undergrounds (Kakariko Well) 09: Shadow Facility (Shadow Temple) 10: Gerudo Fortress (Gerudo Fortress) 11: Spirit Facility (Spirit Temple) 12: Ganon's Stronghold (Ganon's Castle) I haven't thought up any of the secret levels yet, except for one, which will be the Gerudo Training Grounds (http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda05-ocarina-of-time-gerudo-training-grounds-ice-arrow-guide.php). Anyway, I had a question or two, along with some requests! I'll start with the requests... Bosses! I think it would be great to have some tough custom monsters based off of, or representing the dungeon bosses. I guess I don't necessarily need or want all of them. For example, the Water Temple boss.. how would you get that into Doom? Another example of one not needed would be Bongo Bongo. If you think you can make it happen by all means, but in most cases I request imaginative alternatives! Here are a list of bosses/mini bosses. Gohma King Dodongo Bigocto Barinade Poe Sisters Phantom Ganon Flare Dancer Volvagia Dark Link Morpha Bongo Bongo Twinrova Ganondorf Ganon If you need to see what they look like and what they do: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda05-ocarina-of-time-boss-guide.php Please don't start anything without first posting about it so I can say more about it. I have some ideas on how some of these bosses could work and fit well within the Doom world. The final request is the Ocarina. No, not to play or anything like that. It would replace the fist when all out of weapons/ammo, a blunt object to strike with.. I'll try to post some pics when I have some more time to take them. I start a new job tomorrow so it may be a week or two before I can get any up though (now having to wake up, when I usually go to bed!). I figure people will be more interested in putting their talent towards this project of mine if they could see that it's not just something crappy. Hope this sparked some imagination! I'm off to go work on it. Thanks for reading.
  7. JohnTuttle

    ZDoom - 3D Floors

    Are you Chubzdoomer from YouTube? Here is how to do what you seek: http://doomnexus.drdteam.org/Tutorial/gzdoom.html The tutorial says 3D Bridge but the concept can be used to make the table you want, without using bridge Thing objects. Also, you will need to run it through gzdoom and not the regular zdoom for the effects to be visible.
  8. JohnTuttle

    [RESOURCE] Asiatic-looking resource thread

    No Godzilla portraits? Nice work nonetheless. I don't have any reason to use them, but I imagine they would look nice (I'm reminded of a DVII map).
  9. JohnTuttle

    [Resources] Fuzzball's Stuff

    I like these. Any chance on a COMPYELLOW to go with the standard blue? I have a red one I made awhile back but never finished a yellow one.
  10. JohnTuttle

    Doom Builder 2 / Doom 64 Editing

    So I followed your link to the post by Kaiser: I downloaded the SRC and the Binaries links. I don't know why/if I need the Builder64_src because it seems to me that it's just the version of DB that was hacked and modded to support D64. Likewise, even though the link is now dead, I don't know why I would need the old Doom Builder 64. However the binaries link does work and is Doom Builder 64 obviously! So I am on the correct path it seems. I also have Doom64EX which includes among its files some information on using DBuilder64. A few problems I'm having right here. There are two different Doom64.cfg files and neither of them seem to contain 'texturedirectory' when I use notepads find next command. Not only that but I don't have any sources\\Doom Builder\\Dev\\Textures folders or files that came with the downloads. I'm also not sure if I'm supposed to have actually png files or something else. To get around this, and get Doom64 resources into the editor, I have been using my DOOM64.wad (which I made using WadGen). I'm not sure if that is the best idea. I'm using it as my IWAD, not only because I can't get the resources the other way, but because I also seem to be missing the file Builder.wad. I'm not sure how important that may or may not be. All the resources seem to be there. I'm not sure if it's causing any significant problems though. I can load up maps (such as Kaiser_24.wad included with Doom64EX) but nothing is textured. I can't playtest anything. I don't know what to use. I've tried many executables from ones I thought would have a chance, to those I knew wouldn't.. Some have tried but had errors, others did nothing. I fear I may be missing yet another file (glbsp? Also not included). I tried for awhile browsing and searching these forums for posts related to Doom64EX and/or Builder64 as well as posts from Kaiser. The thread linked seemed the most relevant, but still no more helpful than it has already been. I know map making Doom64 style is possible, however non user friendly it is at the moment. I don't care about user friendliness much, I can generally figure things out with some reading and tips. Am I doomed (heh)? Can anyone offer me some more help in getting this set up? Or, if not, are there other options for making my own Doom64 maps? As usually, thank you in advance. I hope I don't sound like I'm just asking for answers without any real effort on my own part. I assure you, not the case! I think I may just be looking in the wrong direction or something. Would that just be a BD2 version of Builder64 or something altogether different? If anyone has this or knows where to get it, please let me know! Making DoomII maps is fun, but the textures and lighting of D64 is awesome. -John
  11. JohnTuttle

    Doom Builder 2 / Doom 64 Editing

    Thank you both for the information. Having some trouble but I'll see what I can do on my own.
  12. JohnTuttle

    Doom Builder 2 / Doom 64 Editing

    Any information on anything?
  13. JohnTuttle

    Doom Builder 2 / Doom 64 Editing

    Hello, my name is John. I'll get to the point. A friend and I have been using the latest DB2 to build our own maps, using Zdoom (Doom in Hexen Format). This is all good fun and no problems we couldn't solve ourselves have come up. However, we decided we wanted to make maps in the Doom 64 style instead. I set out to do some research on how this could be achieved. So far, the majority of my findings lead back to Absolution and the D64_Builder.cfg that comes with it. Since I'm using the latest Doom Builder, I have found out that this is a reason an error occurs when starting up DB2. (Unable to load the game configuration file "D64_Builder.cfg". Error in file "C:/Program Files/Doom Builder 2\Configurations\D64_Builder.cfg" near line 658: Invalid assignment. Missing a previous terminator symbol?) I can load the Absolution wad and get the textures though obviously some are out of order or not there (monsters/weapons). I can't seem to find any up-to-date information on a D64 config or building D64 style maps in Doom Builder 2 (or in other editors for that matter). So my question is simply... Is there any way to build Doom 64 style maps or are people just not as interested in it as I would think they would be? Any other information about this posts subject matter would also be appreciated. I want to get to some mapping! Thanks in advance! -John