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  1. Oh wow... That's a great fix. Confirmed to work properly in my side also. By the way, I'm loving the fade-to-black effect after changing map via loading, nice touch! Also, I can confirm the credits display being fixed from that cyan background. By the way, can you explain what doomsav7.dsg is used for? Because I ran the engine thru the (badly unsynchronized) demo, and this appeared in stdout: game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. You got the super shotgun! game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. game saved. EDIT #1: I think I figured it out by myself. Nevertheless, I would like to get a more official answer.
  2. Result of loading from MAP01 to Hectic: http://pastebin.com/2QsY0dx6 Result of loading from Hectic to MAP01: http://pastebin.com/REsWykrY What puzzles me the most is why it works with other savegames, and only in some specific cases (like this MAP01/MAP02 or Hectic combination).
  3. Hmmmm, what about printing a larger debug output? My experience with Doom source code is small to say the least, so I can't really help you in that battlefront (I'd have to read and read the source). I'm kind of trying to shoot the air, but could the problem be with something like the mobj list structure not getting updated correctly during load, or something on that part. Maybe some kind of cleanup before loading could be a part of the fix? I'm just asking because returning to the Main Menu before loading the other savegame works (I know that returning to Main Menu is like restarting the game, thus, one possible solution (more like a fix) can be found in the Return to Main Menu screen routine). In example, check this video I just recorded showing how returning to Main Menu doesn't shows any error anymore: http://ifile.it/y0wbrfx
  4. I can (re-)confirm the savegame bug with my Windows XP Pro machine (32-bits, Athlon 64 3500+, ATi Radeon X700, 512MB RAM) The error from MAP01 to Hectic says:********* ERROR ********* P_UnArchiveMobjs: Mobj read is inconsistent file offset: 4232 mobj count: 51The error from Hectic load to MAP01 save says:********* ERROR ********* P_UnArchiveMobjs: Mobj read is inconsistent file offset: 4232 mobj count: 92EDIT #2: I just uploaded the videos, they're half-size (400x300), no sound, using h264 (so, don't believe the AVI extension) and only 10 FPS, but they serve to show the situation: http://ifile.it/b6p83o4. The saves used are here: http://ifile.it/7nh5ier
  5. Sir Kaiser, I think you've got your own testing army here. I can confirm, the savegame error still occurs (using the old savegames). One surefire way to test it, in my case: Load my first savegame (named BEFOREH). You can walk, do whatever, minus exit the map. Load the second savegame (named HECTIC1) [NOTE: You could load any other savegame]. The error occurs. Same in the inverse: Load any other-than-first savegame. Go around, play, and when you're ready load the first savegame. The error occurs. You can load freely between the other-than-first savegames. I don't know what the difference is in that first savegame, maybe mobs or something, as _bruce_ said. P.S. I saw the other thread and well, that's awesomely interesting. But I have to agree with andrewj. There are some high-level functions to abstract-ize the low-level calls. It's really unnecessary and cumbersome to say the least. Also, that tidbit about INT 21 is hilarious. I can't really figure what method/function to utilize to properly determine a file's length, beyond fstat.
  6. If you didn't take the chance to find it, it would remain unknown. Nevertheless, I think it doesn't breaks a single thing (gameplay wise) thus a compatibility fix it's not that important or need any priority. For now, I tested the last release. It seems to work really nice. The "P_UnArchiveMobjs: Mobj read is inconsistent" save game error still occurs (detailed info in a previous post). Also, it seems save games from last version work in this release. I had something to say about the fullscreen techniques but I need to research more about the programming side to properly explain what I want.
  7. I knew you were going to say that, but nevertheless it felt kind of awkward seeing that flame going up and down with me. Trust me that I agree with you, you shouldn't be able to look up and down (but I think I grew too accustomed to looking up and down in other engines). Nope, as always when you release a new version, I erase everything from the directory minus the Doom 64 ROM (thus I have to restart my game, but this goes towards the advancement of the engine). Here's the savegame pack http://ifile.it/woj73b6. Hope it helps you in any way. I might be saying this as I never stated it before (but I'm not having any graphic glitches so far), my video card is an ATi Radeon X700.
  8. Me neither... I think it has to do with Akira98's hardware setup. Nevertheless, nice job fixing some of the problems with the save games! I finally was able to move on, minus one small curiosity. I'm perfectly fine on MAP04, everything is nice, and then I decide to load up a previous save game (in Hectic), the game loads up perfectly. Then I decide to go back via savegame to MAP01, and I get this:Error - P_UnArchiveMobjs: Mobj read is inconsistentThen I run again, load that MAP01 save, everything is nice, then I load up the Hectic save, and I get the same thing. Third chance: Loaded my MAP04 save, all is fine, then I load up the MAP01 save, and it crashes. If I load between Hectic and MAP04, there's no problem at all. Basically I can resume it up to:MAP04 -> Hectic = OK MAP04 -> MAP01 = NG Hectic -> MAP01 = NG Hectic -> MAP04 = OK MAP01 -> MAP04 = NG MAP01 -> Hectic = NGI'll upload my saves when I have a chance. Also, what is up with Hectic's BG?
  9. Hehehe, explain why, you say. Well, simply put I don't like chasecam because Doom 64 is a FPS. That and it was meant to be played from a first person perspective. Yeah, I'm kind of purist when playing the original Doom games. In other mods/TCs I've seen/played, chasecam is fine as they're meant to add different stuff to the game (like Jumpmaze, I find it very hard to play it without chasecam). I know that the goal of this engine is to be as faithful as possible to Doom 64, and add extra features, so I don't want to say that chasecam is really useless (maybe someone would work on a Doom 64 EX TC, who knows).
  10. LOL, no, impressed at how savegames work in some maps, and don't work in others. In this time I mentioned, no ceilings or platforms were moving, I just stood there in front of the red door, without the key. I don't like chasecam, it's always off. I'll try to be pretty detailed and/or save video recordings about what I'm doing to be able to be helpful next time.
  11. I'm still getting that tclass 48 and 43 errors in savegames from Hectic. I can experience a minor glitchiness on the moving sectors of MAP03 with uncapped refresh rate. When VSync is on, no problems at all (really smooth), as Mechadon reported. Finally, I saved in front of red door on MAP03, and when trying to reload I got the same tclass 128 error. I'm impressed now. A minor suggestion: Is there a way to create a debug mode, or maybe saving a demofile or anything to really determine what's going on there? Save games in some maps work as expected (MAP01, MAP02 so far I've seen).
  12. Me too. Definitely hate it. I remember when id revamped the save system on from Doom 1.666 to 1.9, I forgot to make a backup copy of my saves and ended up losing all my progress back then. I won't forget that never. Hope you can figure the problem with savestates, I think you'd need to fully customize that saving routine to properly save what's needed... I never got to know the Doom source code, and albeit my developing skills turned Java 6 years ago, I might remember some "pointers".
  13. No, when I saw this version of the engine I erased everything minus the ROM (minor note: I left only the ROM, not the old generated IWAD). I did the run I mentioned from ground zero. No prev. version savegame. EDIT #1: Checked the new build. I'm not having the full bright problem when changing filtering from Linear to Nearest. Thus I would say it was solved. I'm still having the savegame load problem in Hectic, saved when the fade effect is still going, when loading this I get an error with the same tclass number as with previous post (48). I waited until the effect ended and saved other file. Loading the savegame this time got me an error with a different tclass number like this:P_UnarchiveSpecials: Unknown tclass 43 in savegameI killed the Arachnotrons and returned to the middle sector and saved, when loading I get this new tclass error:P_UnarchiveSpecials: Unknown tclass 127 in savegameThe error on the demo/opening scene doesn't occurs anymore. Instead I can see a very fast blink of the HUD before the menu/Doom 64 logo appears. Thanks kaiser for you awesome work.
  14. Hello. I have been having some problems mainly regarding savegames. I already communicated to @Kaiser to tell him about this problems, but I would like to follow up about this problem, without spamming him with more emails. To summarize the problem: Savegames are still broken in this version of 64 EX. The steps to reproduce the problem I'm mentioning (at least in my case) are: - Start a new game (I tested with Skill 2 and 3). - Finish the level while opening the teleporter to Hectic: Go around the level exploding the barrels minus the first (no apparent specific order, I once exploded them in order, then ran AMOK exploding them one each another). - Return to the beginning by using any of the two teleporters. - Explode the last barrel and go to Hectic. - Save in the beginning of Hectic (doesn't matters if the fade-from-black effect is still on or if you move at least from the spawn point). - Die. - Try to load the game. In my case, this error occurs: P_UnarchiveSpecials: Unknown tclass 48 in savegame.I have not tested saving in other places inside Hectic, like after killing the Arachnotrons, or anything. The error doesn't occurs if I'm still in Map 01 (apparently). I'll keep on testing. ----- Other error that had just occurred to me when I was posting this happens in the demo title (I have to love the title song). I was running Doom 64 EX to really test if errors occurred in Map 01, and in the middle of the demo I pressed Return (the NumPad key) to open the menu. I had this error:Z_ChangeTag: an owner is required for purgable blocks. Source: E:\sources\Kex\SRC\g_game.c:1319In my case pressing any key in the demo brings up that message. When the copyright screen appears (before the demo) there's no problem at all (any key brings up the menu). ----- Another problem is with the Restart Level option in the Pause menu. First of all it mutes the music in the level. Also, you get to stay with everything you have obtained until you have used that option (not like I'm complaining ;) ). ----- Finally, I'm reporting on to confirm the bug phi108 said (changing filtering adds fullbright to the map).