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    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Would have been more exciting if the ultimate end boss was the big icon of sin titan instead of Immora Joe. Does anyone even understand the "lore" of Doomslayer's suit? It bears very much semblance to old Doomguy armor, and has all kinds of number tags and even "caution" texts, is compatible with UAC armor chips yet the night sentinel dudes and their giant mechs have similar looking armor, and according to wiki the mechs existed even before Doomguy came to Sentinel homeworld (and he didn't wear the praetor armor then).
  2. id software are the godfathers of FPS, I think they could pull off the basic Doom gameplay without needing ton of different mechanics. Focusuing on superb sound and shooting/gun design, add something like slight variety to different base enemy classes (spikes, horns, color, weapons, outfits etc). I also think we are long overdue for proper procedural dismemberment system (the E3 2015 Doom gameplay had some interesting things happen, like half-torso blown off, legs blown off with upper half crawling) and persistent corpses (this was also in the E3 2015 demo).

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    One of the biggest insults I can think for Doom franchise is comparing it to World of Warcraft and it's basically happened with the demon and hell lore. Unnecessary origin stories about corrupted alien civilizations. Hell is supposed to be ageless and mysterious.

    There is plenty of story left for a new Doom game

    They actually bothered to design actual demons for big baddies but went with a doomslayer clone and mech suit as the ultimate overlord of hell?? IMO one major fuckup with story is the need and attempt to give everything an origin story, like in this case Hell is some ancient civilization. and the core of Hell seemed like a 40k tech base or something, really took away the hellishness of Hell.
  5. Bring back real Doomguy and leave this Super Doom Bro in his coffin for good...

    The Ancient Gods 2 - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    I quit at Blood swamps in DLC1... I can't stand the mechanics in this game. Watched the ending, man what a fucking giant turd of a story this game now has.

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    Only complaint I can think of is that arachnotron design does nothing for me. It's too "compact" looking and does not have the creepy factor it had in Doom2 with its weird noises. And why do all the enemies shoot somekind of energy balls?

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    The evil Doomslayer enemy concept art has an axe version of the Crucible so I think there might be many of those weapons.

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    I really love the idea of them building a DOOM Universe. This game looks like legit FPS Diablo (in the good way!)

    The state of Snapmap, July 2017

    Long loading times are the reason I never finish 90% of games I play.

    What happened to Olivia after she became the spiderdemon?

    A real transformation scene would have been cool. Same with Cyberdemon, instead of finding it caged like a zoo animal, we could have witnessed it being activated or given final touches of "construction".

    What happened to Olivia after she became the spiderdemon?

    was olivia possessed by the mastermind demon from the beginning? since theres actual info on the spider demon being a real high tier demon, so it would make sense olivia either was just food or the final building block for the demon physical form or was possessed and just went pokemon. EDIT: my writing is getting horrid

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Marty and Hugo always go on about how cheesy and tongue-in-cheek the new DOOM is. I really appreciate it just because I NEVER EVER had a moment in the game where I thought "this is just DUMB". It worked out so well in this case.

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    That door opening with the Cyberdemon standing there... that fucking moment, wow. Exactly like from the teaser. That shot of the crowd standing up and cheering gave me chills. I stressed so goddamn much about seeing the new DOOM at e3 2015 show, I barely slept the night prior and saw all kinds of nightmares of a dull boring sci-fi DOOM.
  15. They definitely listen to the fanbase. Can't wait for the SP stuff.