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  1. kevylover

    Codename Project: Pyramid 2

    Hello people!! I posted my mod game in new link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/83828061/Piramide2SWBIN.rar
  2. kevylover

    Codename Project: Pyramid 2

    Launched second episode, but i'll launch with the third episode because size of the PK3. I'll post the screenshots of the 2nd episode.
  3. kevylover

    Codename Project: Pyramid 2

    New Download Link: http://speedy.sh/vtNBB/Piramide2sw.rar The site of project is: http://piramidemaldita.webs.com
  4. kevylover

    Codename Project: Pyramid 2

    I had not realized they had put doom2.wad gzdoom.exe and neither, but I'll take them and post on Speedyshare, as our friend said.
  5. kevylover

    Codename Project: Pyramid 2

    Project: A Pirâmide Maldita 2: O Retorno aos adoradores de Lúcifer (UNNOFICIAL NAME for American English: The Cursed Pyramid 2: Return to the worshipers of Lucifer) Release: 26.09.2006 Status:ON DEVELOPMENT Size:45 MB Download: http://speedy.sh/vtNBB/Piramide2sw.rar Author (s): Bruno Levi Constancio e Amilton Sousa Port (s): GZDoom 1.5.6 Description / Storyline: Game that takes place in a pyramid forgotten by science and by archaeologists because of the curse of the treasure he took home, he returned to the pyramid to return the treasure but the entrance collapsed, now he has to return the treasure and exit the pyramid. Anything if the link fails, send an e-mail me! Note: The game is fully in American Portuguese.