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  1. Just recently, I had noticed that the WIP website is no longer active. By chance, does anyone know if the site is permanently down or just temporarily offline for maintenance? Thank you for your time.
  2. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    TGRDM3 has been updated to version 1.01! This update resolves this issue [Texture Alignment Issue (MAP01 | Acerbus)] Check the main topic for download resources!
  3. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #533

    Adjacent to Shadowmaker, I have also been waiting for a long time to see Morgenstern get reviewed and to gather more input from that project. I am fortunate that I am able to gather information from players regarding what they like or what they did not like, regardless how I like the review or comments. Without this very platform, I would be unsure as to what players want or expect. Moreover, I find this review more interesting and different than the others. I say this because I remember the reviewer, from the ZDoom Forums, being excited or having the curiosity to play the maps, but somewhere later in the development - I lost that reviewer's attention. For awhile, I have been questioning myself as to where I lost that reviewer. This review, was what I have been wanting for a long time. Thank you for the critical review, honesty, and how meaty the review is in length.
  4. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    Thank you for the fix!
  5. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    I must not be doing it correctly, I reach a 403 Forbidden error if I try to open the place-holder in a new tab. Normally clicking on the place-holder - does nothing for me. I am not sure how to view the images correctly, it seems....
  6. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    Thank you for an honest and critical review, Decay! I have been waiting for a long time to see some sort of feedback on that project, I have been dying to know what people think about this one map -- where the map falls short and where it succeeds. With that, can I be able to see the screenshots? For some reason, I am only able to see the image place-holder but not the image itself.
  7. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #531

    Great stuff! Thank you for keeping this tradition alive and kicking.
  8. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #530

    Hallo, by chance will there be anymore newstuff chronicle reviews any time soon? I know there has been a lot of changes recently, but I am curious if that is still an on-going event or if it was discontinued recently.
  9. Tiger

    Skulltag Forum Archive

    This is really cool, thanks to everyone for bring it back for viewing purposes. :)
  10. Tiger

    [TSPG] The Sentinel's Playground

    The Sentinel is a lie! Oh, also, LONG LIVE ARMADA!
  11. Tiger

    AeonDM - Finished!

    I took a look at this project while connected to heavily populated game server on Zandronum, I have to admit that some of the maps were extremely impressive in detail. Good job on this project!
  12. Tiger

    This Week in Doom is Back!

    Thanks for the reviews :) Is there a permanent link on both Shadowmaker and TGRDM3 reviews?
  13. Shadowmaker is now available on /idgames archive! Special thanks to everyone for testing this map out and providing feedback! Also a special shout out to Shane Strife for making an awesome music collection, you can check out Shane's stuff here!
  14. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    TGRDM3 has been officially released and is now available in the /idgames DB archive! A special thanks for the feedback that everyone has provided and for those that helped during the development through all these years.
  15. Tiger

    Odamex "Team" wad help

    Zandronum has a potential of sixty-four players maximum, while - and just for the record - Odamex can support up to 255 players maximum. However, even though these are the maximum players possible, it may not always be possible to achieve depending on the community peak and activities.