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About Me

Hallo.  My name is Nicholas and I have been playing Doom ever since I was five or so years old.  Infact, I remember being fascinated when I played MAP01 or The Entryway in Doom 2.  Though I do also remember, struggling to get the Rocket Launcher secret in MAP01.  I could not figure out how my father - at the time - was able to run, which was necessary to activate the secret room which held the Rocket Launcher.  Little did I know, the magic key - was the shift key.  In closing, Doom was the first game I have ever touched on a computer back in 1995, and yet - still play in my adult years.


Below, I have provided a list of projects that I have either been involved in or completed.





Personal Doom Projects

  1. Shadowmaker [2016]
  2. Morgenstern [2016]
  3. Abandoned Misery [2014]
  4. Navala [2007]
  5. Inspratel [2006]
  6. Dimension [2006]


Minor Doom Projects