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  1. Just recently, I had noticed that the WIP website is no longer active. By chance, does anyone know if the site is permanently down or just temporarily offline for maintenance? Thank you for your time.
  2. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    TGRDM3 has been updated to version 1.01! This update resolves this issue [Texture Alignment Issue (MAP01 | Acerbus)] Check the main topic for download resources!
  3. Returning Readers News: Version 1.01 is now available! This update resolves this issue [Texture Alignment Issue (MAP01 | Acerbus)] (31.August.2018) Downloads Morgenstern is a project that focuses on the Deathmatch game mode while utilizing GZDoom's OpenGL specific features, such as lighting, 3D sloped floors, and rendering optimizations. This project tries to reimagine the Deathmatch scene in Doom by importing some of the ideas from Quake 3 Arena, such as weapons that the players use and how the maps are structured. In addition, this project contains maps of various sizes. To elaborate further, some maps can fit eight players nicely while others requires a larger audience of at least sixteen players. Though, there does exist some maps that are designed for two players or four players. Feel free to share your feedback, I will try to routinely check this topic while the project is still in active development. Requirements: Engine: GZDoom 2.2 (Recommended); Zandronum 3.0 Tested Rendering Engine: OpenGL Only Links: Downloads ZCajun Bots for ZDoom TGRDM3's Repository TGRDM3 Wiki
  4. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #533

    Adjacent to Shadowmaker, I have also been waiting for a long time to see Morgenstern get reviewed and to gather more input from that project. I am fortunate that I am able to gather information from players regarding what they like or what they did not like, regardless how I like the review or comments. Without this very platform, I would be unsure as to what players want or expect. Moreover, I find this review more interesting and different than the others. I say this because I remember the reviewer, from the ZDoom Forums, being excited or having the curiosity to play the maps, but somewhere later in the development - I lost that reviewer's attention. For awhile, I have been questioning myself as to where I lost that reviewer. This review, was what I have been wanting for a long time. Thank you for the critical review, honesty, and how meaty the review is in length.
  5. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    Thank you for the fix!
  6. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    I must not be doing it correctly, I reach a 403 Forbidden error if I try to open the place-holder in a new tab. Normally clicking on the place-holder - does nothing for me. I am not sure how to view the images correctly, it seems....
  7. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    Thank you for an honest and critical review, Decay! I have been waiting for a long time to see some sort of feedback on that project, I have been dying to know what people think about this one map -- where the map falls short and where it succeeds. With that, can I be able to see the screenshots? For some reason, I am only able to see the image place-holder but not the image itself.
  8. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #531

    Great stuff! Thank you for keeping this tradition alive and kicking.
  9. Tiger

    The /newstuff Chronicles #530

    Hallo, by chance will there be anymore newstuff chronicle reviews any time soon? I know there has been a lot of changes recently, but I am curious if that is still an on-going event or if it was discontinued recently.
  10. Tiger

    Skulltag Forum Archive

    This is really cool, thanks to everyone for bring it back for viewing purposes. :)
  11. Tiger

    [TSPG] The Sentinel's Playground

    The Sentinel is a lie! Oh, also, LONG LIVE ARMADA!
  12. Tiger

    AeonDM - Finished!

    I took a look at this project while connected to heavily populated game server on Zandronum, I have to admit that some of the maps were extremely impressive in detail. Good job on this project!
  13. Tiger

    This Week in Doom is Back!

    Thanks for the reviews :) Is there a permanent link on both Shadowmaker and TGRDM3 reviews?
  14. Tiger

    [Invasion] Shadowmaker - Released!

    Shadowmaker is now available on /idgames archive! Special thanks to everyone for testing this map out and providing feedback! Also a special shout out to Shane Strife for making an awesome music collection, you can check out Shane's stuff here!
  15. Shadowmaker contains one map and utilizes Zandronum's Invasion game mode. This small project utilizes some of TGRDM3's aesthetics, with that said - this map will require the OpenGL renderer provided in the GZDoom engine. With that said, Dynamic Lights are recommended to be used, but not completely required. If incase Dynamic Lights is disabled in the player's settings, the 'Light FallBack Mode' will automatically execute - which will illuminate the entire map. Without this feature, the map will simply be too dark and unplayable, but keep in mind that this map is intended to be played with Dynamic lights. Furthermore, this small project utilizes Shane Strife's. Through out some of the waves, the music track will change to another song automatically -- providing a new feel of the incoming waves without being bored with the same-ol' feeling. In addition, this is a submission to the Zandronum Community's invasion project, Invasion Unleashed - Evil Within. Unsure if this will actually be part of the project or not. Technically, this map is finished - but waiting on a few issues to be corrected in the Zandronum 3.0 [Beta] engine. Known Issues:UDMF Scaling Incorrect NetGamesRequirements:Zandronum 3.0 minimal, recommended Zandronum 4.0 SkullTag Resources Rendering Engine: OpenGL OnlyLinks:Download Zandronum Shadowmaker Repository Shadowmaker Wiki
  16. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    TGRDM3 has been officially released and is now available in the /idgames DB archive! A special thanks for the feedback that everyone has provided and for those that helped during the development through all these years.
  17. Tiger

    Odamex "Team" wad help

    Zandronum has a potential of sixty-four players maximum, while - and just for the record - Odamex can support up to 255 players maximum. However, even though these are the maximum players possible, it may not always be possible to achieve depending on the community peak and activities.
  18. Tiger

    [Invasion] Shadowmaker - Released!

    A new version is now available which is merely a work around with a known Zandronum bug: Invasion Spawner fails if sector height changes. If no one can find any issues with this version, I will push this project into the release phase. >> DOWNLOAD <<
  19. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    I have removed the special Zandronum 3.0 build that used to be provided in this topic for the Domination game mode, please use the latest Zandronum 3.0 build [160814-2010] or better. Thanks,
  20. Tiger

    [Invasion] Shadowmaker - Released!

    A new version of Shadowmaker is now available, though this is a minor update. List of changes: Added more breakable glass within the map Very minor optimization within the breakable glass code Click here to view the main post for downloads
  21. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    Since I am on a holding-pattern - waiting for a new release on both Zandronum 3.0 beta and GZDoom, here is another build but with little changes: Changelog: Documentation updates Revised credits The script 'CheckCoopGameMode' is now has the 'CLIENTSIDE' flag Fixed maps Abandoned Misery and Abandoned Misery [Pretty] were a jumping pad was previously not using the JumpPad script. Thus, causing problems if ThingStop() was to be activated after ThrustThing() call via Sector Thing Triggers. Thrashed duplicated credits Revised WADINFO to include 'Primary purpose : Deathmatch and Domination' Remove outside boundaries and control sectors from the Automap [All maps] Railgun no longer reloads; feels too weird Reduced the number of Rain Spawners used in the map Dark Stone, but enlarged their area size. This might help with the framerate? Thrashed superfluous MAPINFO properties Very minor corrections >> DOWNLOADS <<
  22. Tiger

    [Released] Abandoned Misery - A DM Map

    Just to let everyone know that I will be uploading a new revision of Abandoned Misery to /idgames soon, and should be available for everyone within a few hours or 24hours. Here's the list of changes:Revision Update (23 June. 2016) This is a revision update from the last known release. Updates: This update addresses several issues and minor changes that were resolved in the TGRDM3 project and has been imported onto this project. Imported the maps from TGRDM3 to AMISERY: Abandoned Misery and Abandoned Misery [Lite]. This is an updated version of the maps previously released back in 2014. Notable fixes: Jump Pads, Camera Textures, 3D Teleporter support Various and minor changes are also included. Any specialized TGRDM3 features that were not present in AMISERY were excluded. For example, Jump Pad sparkles, various sounds, ring spawners, and others, were excluded. Fixed the Grenade's bouncing sound. Previously, this did not work as intended. Grenade now inherits from the Grenade Class defined in ZDoom. Updated the Performance Note Updated the texture credits.
  23. Abandoned Misery is only a single map focused on the Deathmatch genre. This map does, however, requires the GZDoom's OpenGL renderer engine. Thus, anyone that utilizes the software engine provided in the ZDoom engine is out of luck as it can not yet render sloped 3D Objects. This map does work on Zandronum aswell, but requires version 3.0. I do hope everyone likes this map and possibly see this very map in other projects [just give me some credit for it ;)] Images Downloadsamisery [Using /idgames]
  24. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    I have just published a Release Candidate build, we're getting extremely close to the finish line! Happy testing! List of changes: Imported a new map, START. This is adjacent to Quake and AlexMax's START map. All maps now route to START. This is ideal for small netgames and single-player DM games, but not so much for large games. Please use Map List if running this project in Zandronum. Music Player will not play in the START map. TITLEMAP will now force the player to map 'START', when attempting to access the TITLEMAP when the GameType() is not GAME_TITLE_MAP. Redid the map screenshots, they look much better now. Purged unused assets. Doom2.wad is now the default IWAD; when accessing this PWAD, it will tell (G)ZDoom to automatically include the Doom2.wad IWAD without having to prompt the user. When selecting maps from the START map, all inventory and health is restored. Hopefully this resolves any issue with players spawning to a map with absolutely nothing in their inventory.... Added a script to warn the user if they're not using the OpenGL renderer. Added a script to warn the user if they're playing in the Cooperative game mode. Provided more randomness to the THING angles. Revised the rain spawn size in MAP01 Fixed a type in the SNDINFO; AMBIENT12 was never referencing to 'World/ElectricBuzzing1' correctly, instead it previously was referencing 'World/ElectricBuzzing' Revised secret door delay in MAP08; the delay was 12 octics, now 16 octics. Fixed items that were leaking through the floors or various other places; thanks to Kappes Buur for finding the nasty ones Weapons no longer show-up above the titlebar, thus also causing the Mug shot to never appear. Updated the ReadMe Minor fixes and corrections >> DOWNLOADS <<
  25. Tiger

    [DM] Morgenstern - Released!

    HOLY DOMINATION! ANOTHER SUPRISE BETA BUILD BUT WITH DOMINATION!! List of Changes Added Domination support for the Zandronum engine A very special version of Zandronum is required to play in this game mode, due to the focus of compatibility between Zandronum and GZDoom. Download: <DEPRECATED> Special thanks to Torr Samaho for making this possible! --Using SECTINFO --Added GAMEMODE lump; teams now use the standard DM player starts (special thanks to Torr Samaho!) Added RingSpawners; full credit to Tormentor667. Added a new ACS Script, DominationAdapt.acs; to make lives a bit easier upon detecting the game modes and activating the Rings. Modified rockets and grenades to provide less damage to the owner; this will allow rocket jumps and grenade jumps. Revised how the credits appear on the screen. Dropped the F1 MAPINFO support. Reincluded the missing HiRes SPRITES. This will be useful if the player has voxels disabled. Added the HiRes Terminator Ball SPRITES; full credit to DoomJedi. Updated the Performance_Notes.txt to include: R_DrawTrans <bool>, GL_Render_Precise <bool>, GL_Mirrors <bool>. Revised the HelpUI to mention the 'GL_Mirrors' instead of the 'R_DrawMirrors'. As noted by Graf Zahl, this feature in (G)ZDoom is for debug purposes only [1]. Amplified music on the title screen from .3 to .8. Resolved an issue with some ratios allowing the end-user to see the supporting walls as-well as the main title focus. Shifted categories from the Credits to the LANGUAGE lump. ACHTUNG! YOU MUST USE A SPECIAL BUILD OF ZANDRONUM TO PLAY IN DOMINATION!!Download: <DEPRECATED> >> TGRDM3 DOWNLOADS <<