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Status Updates posted by Janizdreg

  1. (Me desperately attempting to kill everyone reading the thread via telekinesis.)

    For shits and giggles I grew a beard and dyed it green (the actual result being a dark turquoise tone). My official excuse to do it is to celebrate the upcoming Walpurgis Night (aka Vappu), which is a huge carnival-style celebration day in Finland and in some other European countries, during which people go totally crazy, drink like sponges and do all sorts of weird things.

    I kinda like this beard, and it felt especially heart-warming when a girl (whom I totally have a secret crush on) working at the local grocery store called my colored stubble "handsome".

    That's pretty much about it so far. But I'll post it here in case something extra memorable happens during this Vappu.

    So do any of you guys celebrate Walpurgis Night, and if so, what kind of festivities do you have in mind? Or do you have any interesting memories to share from previous Walpurgis experiences?

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    2. Technician


      Has anyone attempted to dress up as a Doom Zombie for Halloween?

    3. Shadow Dweller

      Shadow Dweller

      I wanted to go as an Arch-Vile (Doom 3) but I just don't have the money to do it the way I want or the skill to even make the costume. And if I'm not going to be able to do it right, I'd rather not do it at all.

    4. fraggle


      I was wondering what had happened to Fred Durst. Now I know.

  2. I know many sites pull this type of information out of their asses, but this is definitely the first of its kind I've seen on Doom 4.

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    2. Technician


      Highest traffic?

    3. Philnemba


      I didn't know that there was a SpongeBob SquarePants Doom O_o

    4. Danarchy


      This kind of reminds me of this guy in high school who claimed to have copies of Doom 3, Quake 4, and Diablo 3.

      This was in 2002, mind you.

  3. I just finished playing a round of damn intense and fun 3 player classic deathmatch. It just happens to be the first time I played Doom deathmatch in nearly four years and boy, I had almost completely forgotten just how ridiculously awesome it can be. The adrenaline rush I had during the peak of the match was simply something that I haven't fully experienced while gaming ever since quitting Doom deathmatching. In the end I didn't win, but it didn't affect the enjoyability factor of the match one bit, quite the contrary in fact - the match was very even all the way through, which made it all the more enjoyable.

    The match was pretty much as bare bones as Doom DM can get - Chocolate Doom was our port of choice and Doom II map02 the level. There were no railguns, no freelook, no flags to capture and no tanks to drive, just 3 Doom marines blasting at each other using the classic Doom controls and arsenal - just the way I remember it, and just the way I like it. All in all I'd say very few games can match the pure & simple, highly enjoyable action the best Doom deathmatches offer.

    1. lupinx-Kassman


      Your right, modern fps's just can't capture the same feeling :(.

    2. myk


      Incidentally, I also played a handful of 3 (and 2) player classic DM games (but it was on Map01) last night after I had not played for awhile, but only a couple of months. Quite a blast, needless to mention.

  4. All it took was one minor slip-up, which makes me wonder what kind of a wound would a major shaving error produce.

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    2. Kaiser


      Holy crap those were awsome

    3. Technician


      I remember those. Anyone remember the movie?

    4. spank
  5. Just wondering. His page seems dead plus he hasn't actively posted here for a looong time. If he is truly gone, I'm wondering if DW could mirror his cool site (of course someone would have to contact him first and ask him for the site's files and all that too).

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    2. Epyo


      Give that ^ a funny domain name and some advertisements and cyb could be a millionaire.

    3. Szymanski
    4. Piezo


      Mancubus II said:

      He hasn't been in that channel for a long long time.

      I was talking about Danarchy.

    1. Coopersville


      I've never really seen the DOOM logo editied into other words before, so dispite its age, I deem it to be new and well done.

    2. KwadDamyj


      God dammit. =^(

      You [strikeout]stole[/strikeout] preused my idea. I was going to make a whole Ultimate DooM parody megawad entitled that (except specifically it was going to be called "DooM: The Last Chef on Mars").

      Don't ask.

  6. Post screenshots of your artistic, simplistic, assholestic and everything in between desktops. Here's mine: