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  1. I just finished playing a round of damn intense and fun 3 player classic deathmatch. It just happens to be the first time I played Doom deathmatch in nearly four years and boy, I had almost completely forgotten just how ridiculously awesome it can be. The adrenaline rush I had during the peak of the match was simply something that I haven't fully experienced while gaming ever since quitting Doom deathmatching. In the end I didn't win, but it didn't affect the enjoyability factor of the match one bit, quite the contrary in fact - the match was very even all the way through, which made it all the more enjoyable.

    The match was pretty much as bare bones as Doom DM can get - Chocolate Doom was our port of choice and Doom II map02 the level. There were no railguns, no freelook, no flags to capture and no tanks to drive, just 3 Doom marines blasting at each other using the classic Doom controls and arsenal - just the way I remember it, and just the way I like it. All in all I'd say very few games can match the pure & simple, highly enjoyable action the best Doom deathmatches offer.

    1. lupinx-Kassman


      Your right, modern fps's just can't capture the same feeling :(.

    2. myk


      Incidentally, I also played a handful of 3 (and 2) player classic DM games (but it was on Map01) last night after I had not played for awhile, but only a couple of months. Quite a blast, needless to mention.