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  1. Dark Claw

    Whats the best series of games?

    Heretic/Hexen series =P
  2. Dark Claw

    The Truth about Religion

    actually, Atheists do. Agnostics don't.
  3. Dark Claw

    Do you like Final Doom?

    since when did first person shooters have good stories? (other than RPG shooters) Plutonia was created to serve as a challenge to veteran doomers, they don't care about concepts, they just wanted a challenge I liked MAP11 D: as stated before, it was intentionally hard. it's not funny. and Doom 2 copied Wolfenstein, what's your point? who cares? I have to agree with this. I also agree with this. and many movies advertise coca cola and? They fixed that ages ago, google it. I liked this, your supposed to go on the candles in order of the candles in the first room. This is the reason some don't like HeXeN it's also impossible without cheats (literally), what the hell? there's my opinion.
  4. Dark Claw

    What do you do when you are doom bored?

    mostly correct, however I would say that the wolfenstein level design wasn't exactly great. (I know it's older than Doom, but still) The floors are all the same height, the exits where always the same, the Bosses are almost the same (all wielding chainguns, just varying in the amount of shots per second, speed and health). Too long; don't read = Wolfenstein level design wasn't too great either (in variation)
  5. Dark Claw

    Wolf 1-D

    ...the hell?
  6. Dark Claw

    Here we go again

    Double Facepalm
  7. Dark Claw

    Making Cutscenes

  8. Dark Claw

    Poll: which Doom-game engine is best?

    what the hell?
  9. Dark Claw

    What do you do when you are doom bored?

    I do something
  10. Dark Claw

    Poll: which Doom-game engine is best?

    I have a few: Chex Quest Hacx (while the least popular, still something) you could split up Doom and Doom 2 (being they use similar but different systems) I also agree with Lut
  11. Dark Claw

    Creating new player Classes

    the code is in DECORATE
  12. Dark Claw

    Poll: which Doom-game engine is best?

    thank you for the update
  13. Dark Claw

    Making Cutscenes

    http://zdoom.org/wiki/Camera for cameras http://zdoom.org/wiki/Thing_Stop to stop player moving during cutscene http://zdoom.org/wiki/ChangeCamera to start the camera If you don't know how to print messages, just do this Print(s:"I'm printing something :D");
  14. Dark Claw

    Poll: which Doom-game engine is best?

    You missed Strife
  15. Dark Claw


    oh, my bad anyways, thanks! :)