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  1. Melee

    Video cards for Doom 3??

  2. Melee

    Playing doom online. is it fun?

    IT ROCKS. GET IT. PLAY IT. PLAY AGAIN. Then i guess sleep or eat, then again. Like sex.
  3. Melee


    156 omfg. No bad iq tests dont realy determain how smart you are. Also i have taken more "working" iq tests befor. And scored 143 on adverage. I no, I no this sounds like im pumping you full of crap, but just think of it this way, we all have to much time on our hands and were taking crapy made up tests, and worse most of you sound like your beliving them, how smart is we? ;)
  4. Melee


    You too? I remember when i was a little younger than that about 6 or 7, and my uncle had a high end computer (for the time) so he got a game or two. Doom. He let me play, i did, then came old arch-evil that did it. I didnt mind the zombies around the corner, the sounds of imps in the next room, or even the scary way id played with the lights(or rather the darks) but the arch-evil did it, scared me shit less. And now im older and have much higher standards of whats scarey, but i was only 7, and now the huge pixel monster dont scare me as much, but now its more of an adrenaline when im turning the corner to avoide the crispy spell that the archy casts.
  5. Melee

    IM BACK!!!!

    Well im sorry ive been gone and didnt visit this forum, but ive been focusing all the time that this summer has left in it to making armour. SO far im doing realy well. And ill try to log on here every once in a while, but because school is coming up and id only play doom on my mom's computer, which i only play on thrusday and mayb on the weekend. SO i dont think ill have enought time to come here every day. SO ill see ya when i see ya.
  6. Melee

    Favorite music?

    Yep its all about the classics, batoven, mozart, and my fravorite the other guy. The reason i like classical opera is when i am legaly able to drive im going to cruse around my town, looking or hear for those punks the blast out rap music, and fight back with my favorite music, opera, set at voliume 13. That will be payment enough for driving by at 12:00 at night blasting away with there "music" if u can call it that. Any way thats my idea of humane punishment.
  7. Melee

    Favorite weapon

    Well of corse the ssg but it isnt there so its the r.l.
  8. Melee

    Favorite doom weapon.

    And how do i do that.
  9. Melee

    When you die...

    The way im going to leave this mortal coil is via a big firey explosion taking out billions of people that did stuff to me that i didnt like. But now a days thats "terrisim" so i guess ill live forever. Good buy mortality hello millions of dallors of drugs.
  10. Melee

    which is your favorite level in doom2?

    Level seven, its sort, sweet, and two the point.
  11. Melee

    Internet Connection

    I just got cable a couple of days ago. Now with lightning fast connection i can view dirty pictures up to 13.5 times faster.
  12. Melee

    Pants v.s Boxers

    Well if i wear anything its usaly boxers.
  13. Melee

    Favorite doom weapon.

    Well this poll is going to be in two parts. Oe fav weapon in coop or single player and two fav weapon in a dm. My favorite doom weapon for both is the plazma rife. But i hate the pause when u stop fireing.
  14. Melee

    opinion on favorite doom enemy

    The arce-evil or the lost soul i hate the nosies they make.
  15. Melee

    What's the best new game?