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  1. While Euro FNF has been going on we have been fixing up a few small bugs and have prepared CEMP12_v1.2 ready for American FNF in a few hours. This we hope will be the final release for this year. Changes: - Bloodmoon anomaly in Cliffside Fortress repaired - Snowman statue patch implemented into main pk3
  2. We've just finished development for CEMP for this year. The first post has been updated with new screenshots, gameplay information and the download of (what we hope is) the final release (CEMP12_v1). CEMP was voted to be today's (12/21/2012) FNF mod. It's going to be Eruo and US 4-way team deathmatch! If you've never played CEMP before, or even if you have, this is a great opportunity to see what's new for yourself. http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1777 This being the third year that we have worked on this project (see first post), and being somewhat tired of having putting a lot of work into this for very poor community reception has some of us are considering not working on this next year, which would likely mean the end of CEMP. Show your support, talk with us and give us a hint as to what you like and what you want more of, and if there's enough interest we'll see what we can do to keep this project alive and going strong. Merry Fragging!
  3. Firstly I'd like to apologize for being three days late on releasing the beta. We've been working nonstop to make sure that everything is stable and functioning. We think we've finally hit what we were trying for. We think releasing the beta late was worth the wait. Everything is working well enough, this could just have easily been a final version, and while this beta is out, we're going to continue eliminating bugs and improving the maps as seen necessary which we find along the way so the final release is perfect. Here are some scenes from a little of our new content: And now, without further ado, here's CEMP12_beta1.3 Later today, December 11th, this will be hosted on '[TX] -->Grandvoid--> Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack 2012 beta', Address:
  4. The Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack 12 The Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack started in 2010 as a set of Skulltag deathmatch levels with Christmas graphics. In the years since, it has grown to include a single-player competitive campaign and its own little twists on Doom’s gameplay. Our current set of maps are for deathmatch and deathmatch-compatible gamemodes (Last Man Standing, Terminator, etc.). The project has been carried on over the past three years by a small, ever changing team of mappers and coders who’ve built on and improved the project, starting in August to release a new update in December. We hope to return year after year to improve the pack and provide a unique, fun experience to Zandronum on Christmas! - Made in Doom2 for Zandronum - Requires skulltag_actors.pk3 & skulltag_data.pk3 as resources - Designed for: Singleplayer Campaign & Multiplayer Servers Hosted on: • '[UK] -->Grandvoid--> EURO FINAL NIGHT FRAGFEST #145 - Christmas Extravaganza 4-way TeamDM!' Address: Version: cemp12_v1.2.pk3 Gamemode: 4-way Deathmatch Location: United Kingdom • '[TX] -->Grandvoid--> Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack 2012 beta' Address: Version: cemp12_v1.2.pk3 Gamemode: Deathmatch Location: Texas • '-=}Ninferno{ Server #20 - Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack 2012 Beta' [Instagib]=-' Address: Version: cemp12_v1.2.pk3 Gamemode: (Cryo-railblaster) Instagib Deathmatch Location: Ukraine Screenshots Gameplay A few of the weapons and powerups have been altered: Fist Attack speed is slightly increased, both with and without berserk strength. Chainsaw Now three times as powerful as before, the Chainsaw also drives the wielder ahead whenever it is used. Pistol The pistol is now more accurate and twice as powerful as before, making it a viable weapon in a pinch, although not ideal. Minigun Accuracy is greatly reduced, making the minigun more of a close-range weapon. It also takes a moment to get up to speed, so the initial shots are slower, albeit more accurate. Rocketlauncher In addition to their explosive effect, rockets leave a deadly patch of flames for anyone foolish enough to remain in the area. These flames can injur the firer as well, so beware! Grenadelauncher In addition to their explosive effect, grenades explode into a spray of shrapnel that can bounce around a room. Unlike the rockets' fire, this shrapnel does not harm the shooter. Freezerifle This new weapon is similar to a plasmarifle, but fires slower for more damage per shot. It will freeze anything in its arc, but look out for ice-resistant enemies! Cryo-railblaster (Railgun replacement) The railblaster is a powerful single-shot gun firing frozen slugs that penetrate multiple targets with ease. The first target in each slug's path will also suffer an icy detonation. The slug will pierce armor unaffected; the explosion will not. You can fire the railblaster at the ground to "railjump," but be careful not to freeze yourself! BFG9000 The BFG is mostly unchanged, but the projectile leaves tiny explosions in its wake. They're probably not enough to kill anything, but they will wear you down if you run forwards while firing. BFG10k The 10k's rate of fire is reduced, and its hitscan was changed to a projectile. Each shot eats twenty cells instead of five. Berserk pack Once you switch to fist, you'll run 20% faster and jump twice as high. Picking up berserk won't automatically switch to fist, though. Fury ??? Bite ??? Firebreath ??? Additionally, all weapons switch twice as fast, unless the server has the "sv_cemp_nofastswitch" CVar set. Downloads - This year's releases - cemp12 final 1.2: CEMP12_v1.2 cemp12 final 1.0: CEMP12_v1.0, CEMP12_v1.1patch cemp12 beta: CEMP12_beta1.3 cemp12 indev: Resource v0.24, Map v0.31 - Past releases - CEMP11 (2011 release), CEMP11-noJolt (Optional patch to disable jolts from weapons.) CEMP10 (Initial 2010 release) CEMP Dev Team MytiS - Sprites, Level Design, ACS, Decorate Qent - Level Design, ACS, Decorate - Level Designers - PUN1SH3R - Logo design Remmirath Tib Jroc Joseph Hicks Keo Kamai - Contributors - Mando - Project Initiator TheMisterCat - Sounds, Graphics Pottus - ACS Dusk - ACS, Decorate Goliath - Testing Further credits available in wadinfo lump.
  5. MytiS

    Good Christmas wads?

    You might find the Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack interesting. It has new multiplayer gameplay and a singleplayer competitive campaign, all with new weapons, new game mechanics, and intertwined boss battles in any mode. http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1621
  6. MytiS

    SpaceDM9: 1.0 Release - Download now!

    I would think that eventually something would be done about the performance issues with this mod. Have you had any thoughts on them so far?
  7. I've been having this strange issue with DB2 for a while now. It's a bit difficult to explain so I'll try best I can. When I'm working on a map and use 'Test Map' to play the map in Skulltag it loads up the game, does everything right. When I Alt f4 or simply quit out of Skulltag I get returned to DB2 of course. Here's the interesting part though, after testing and I return to DB2, any key that I press on my keyboard will not work within DB2. -For Example: If I press 'T' the tools menu comes out instead of 'Things mode'. If I press 'S' for sectors nothing happens. I can click into 3d mode but I need to open the task manager to get out, only way. After I open and close a few random programs and windows, maximize, minimize, and maximize DB2 and other things a few times *maybe* DB2 will respond again. It usually takes me about a minute each time I get in this situation to figure out what will get DB2 to realize that it's open. Aside from this being astonishingly annoying it also makes working very difficult and time consuming. This has been happening for about two months now. I do not recall what I did, if anything before this started happening, and I'm really not sure what I can do to solve this issue. Help would be much appreciated. I am running windows XP sp3 .net4, DB2 I figured I'd post this the most places it will do good since this isn't a very common issue.
  8. MytiS

    Favorite Doom Music

    I would have to say Ultimate Doom - E1 hands down. The music was excellently made and is very memorable.
  9. MytiS

    What do you do when you are doom bored?

    Regarding not being able to finish projects; I have found that when I lack motivation or inspiration to work on a project that it helps to get away from the computer, go outside, get to some place interesting. Ideas are all around us, going out and seeing thing is a sure way to pick some up. That's the best advice I can give. As for being "doom bored" the solution is simple. Do something else.
  10. MytiS

    how long will doom last?

    It seems that while Doom is no longer as popular as it used to be, and the communities within it aren't massive, one could still consider it alive. Whether it stays alive or not really depends on what the users end up creating for it. The day that people stop making mods will be that which doom stops getting played.