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  1. maulosiarch

    Serious Sidhe:The full encounter! 1.0 version

    The first map was very easy, but thankfully the difficulty was stepped up a little bit in the second one. I think it would have looked better if you used traditional Heretic textures instead of using the sand colour theme that came from the EgyptSOC.
  2. maulosiarch

    Hexen - Curse of the lost gods

    I found this to be very convoluted, and grand architecture got in the way of an otherwise amazing idea. For example, I personally enjoyed the little secret entrances to Tartaros the best parts of the game... they were very trippy, and I still don't know how getting the secrets in the seemingly unrelated map managed to register on the proper map of Upper Tartaros. Yorick's Skull seemed to be overall irrelevant to reaching the end stage, which I found interesting. In fact, I don't know what placing it did at all to the map, except for release a horde of Afrits. Thanks for all the fish.
  3. maulosiarch

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    This is too funny for words! I love it and prefer it to the original effects from this year's game. I especially love the Mario jumping sounds, and the cartoon-character running sound. Has the game actually been fully modded this way? I want to play it this way soooooooo badly!
  4. maulosiarch

    Battle for the sphere of chaos

    Kind of silly, actually. It's Hexen in terms of classes/weapons, but everything else is Heretic. Killing D'Sparil with a 4th weapon class of a Hexen character is far too easy - if anything, there is far too much mana in the game (esp. the boss room at the end). Why Hexen textures couldn't have been used instead baffles me.
  5. maulosiarch

    The Nadir

    Slopes looked out of place here - every sloped surface could have been replaced with stairs. The only enemy I really didn't like was the Acid Golems, and the power of the Dark Gargoyle's fireball was far too great for its size. I find it is truer to the Hexen feel with its back-and-forth between levels design than many wads that have more levels than this. The new melee weapon I barely used while playing as the Mage though.
  6. maulosiarch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #502

    I downloaded the latest version of ZDoom and it worked. I am surprised that it doesn't work in the version I otherwise have, which is only about 2 years old. I guess EGP must use coding that the older version doesn't recognise. GZDoom neither. When I said it doesn't work, they both return with an error when I tried to run EGP in my older versions of ZDoom and GZDoom. I would drag-and-drop the file on the (G)ZDoom executable, select Heretic, get the Heretic loading screen and then the error would come up.
  7. maulosiarch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #502

    I've tried playing Elf gets Pi**ed in both ZDoom and GZDoom, but it seems to work in neither. Hoe are other people getting this wad to work?
  8. maulosiarch

    Most evenly matched Doom enemies?

    No mention of the Archville? I haven't really noticed these "evenly matched enemies" thing before (I'd probably be better at it with Heretic monsters), but I'd say that a Cocademon and a Hell Knight always seem to be pretty evenly matched.
  9. maulosiarch

    So, how old are you ?

    I will be 30 in 10 days time. It doesn't surprise me that most people here seem to be similar in age to me. I first started playing Heretic (I had never played doom until much later) in about 1998 when I was 13, only about 4 years after it's release. I got the full version of Heretic in 2001, full version of heXen not long after, also in 2001 (I had Deathkings LONG before I had the whole of the original campaign). I got both their sequels in about 2002 - of which I hate them both equally (but different reasons each). Heretic II is still one of my most hated endings to any single computer game EVER. Doom I started playing in about 2007. I was very late on that scene. I think I discovered these boards in about 2008 or 2009. EDIT: I played Doom 3 before any other version of Doom, which I first got in late 2005. It took me ages to realise how much it sucked, because it is sooooooooo linear. It looks pretty, but the game practically shoves you onto a single one-way course where an IQ of about 60-70 would suffice to play it, as the player doesn't really need to figure out anything for themselves.
  10. maulosiarch

    Let's talk about rape

    *ahem* It's less commonly REPORTED in Islamic states, clearly, to create this statistic. The truth would be that it would happen so much more. It's usually AUTHORITIES of such cultures/countries with religions like this in which the men are favoured in the first place that will make a claim that the rape was the woman's fault because of what she was wearing as it makes women less honourable (because it is assumed that all women *should* be honourable before marriage in such places). Which is why victims don't come forward in Islamic states.
  11. maulosiarch

    Quake IV finally on Steam

    I actually thought that the giant brain was a throwback to Shub Niggaruth from the very first Quake and all the other lame sentient boss monsters from other games. At least heXen II got it in the right order - destroy the object TO destroy the boss, not the other way 'round like Quake 4.
  12. maulosiarch

    Quake IV finally on Steam

    I'm probably alone on this, but with Doom 3 and Quake 4 (especially Quake 4) I tended to get headaches after a short while of playing multiplayer, and if I pressed on for longer, like almost an hours worth of playing, I would feel incredibly nauseous. Maulosiarch =/= fare well with realistic graphics in 3D mulitplayer games. I tend to only be good at Quake 3, Unreal tournament or earlier. I'd love to know if anyone else feels like barfing if they spend too long playing multiplayer on anything newer than them.
  13. maulosiarch

    Quake IV finally on Steam

    My advice to the original poster, is that for $20 it's definitely worth a try. I bought it when it was first released because I had high hopes for it since I'm a huge fan of Heretic and heXen, both of which I thought were vast improvements on DooM. See, they were made by Ravensoft which is the same company which was the same company who has done Quake 4, with the Doom 3 engine. In summary of all that is bad with it though: ~ graphics are "worse" (underwhelming) ~ probably the most linear game I have ever seen (usually there is only ever one way to go) ~ bosses are new, but not that inspired ~ allies are more of a nuisance and hindrance than of any help ~ overall not that much variation between levels ~ disappointing
  14. maulosiarch

    favorite doom or heretic enemies to fight.

    HERESY! BLASPHEMY! I'm honestly surprised no one has said the Iron Lich from Heretic, as it has the most varied methods of attack. Plus, if it hits you, that whirlwind in a pain in the butt.
  15. maulosiarch

    favorite doom or heretic enemies to fight.

    Hmmmmm, I quite liked the name "The Loremaster" of the second last boss from Strife. And fighting him was awesome too - he attacks by launching a chain at you, which not only damages you but lifts you into the air and makes you suffer from fall damage. A pain to kill too, because like D'Sparil, this boss enemy is no larger than a normal "person." I think the Mancubus has the best death animation though - the way he crumbles forth and leaves the arm bones protruding is a very neat graphic.