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  1. maulosiarch

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    Hello there! I have a question for the mod's creator... is there any chance that you could tell me (or release something) that lets me/the willing know the locations of all the super-secret switches in Felstoy Abbey? I've only ever been able to find at most 4 each time I play. I don't even know what it will get me, but I'm dying to find out. Also, is there a preferred order for playing the levels in? Because sometimes certain features of the map don't activate/lower on the hub map, such as the spikes in the very upper right of the map. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
  2. maulosiarch

    (RELEASE) Doom: The Way We Remember It (V2)

    So in summary - someone remembered a Cyberdemon in E1M7, and the person trying to remember E4M4, well, they just couldn't! I had to noclip to the exit of that one too - that final door would not open, even after looking through the entire level 3-4 times. It was a good level though despite this - I loved the use of the eyes as texture. I honestly thought a Spiderdemon would spawn near the yellow key switch though - that spot looked like it was just made for it. Aside from that, it was overall easier, but very fun and enjoyable nonetheless. I look forward to playing Doom II TWWRI next!
  3. maulosiarch

    Tempered Arms: A gameplay mod for Hexen [v1.5.1]

    I just tried this out, cheating my way straight to the maps with lots of enemies (Nave, H's Seminary and Castle of Grief) and the NRA command to get instant maps of lots of enemies, and I have to say that this is great! The alt-fire modes all seem logical for the classes and gameplay, and fit right into the world that Hexen has always inhabited. My favourite new thing is definitely the very visceral punch attack with the shield from the fighter, where two thrusts can take out an Ettin. It took me a moment to realise why my single-tap fighting style for the Cleric and Mage's ultimate weapons were so weak (they need to be charged for extra oomph), and I can't wait to play both vanilla Hexen/Deathkings, or the excellent Realms of Cronos that I discovered this year that just uses the standard weapon system. My other favourite change would have to be that the Ice-Shard weapon is now rapid-fire. This weapon finally feels like a decent weapon to rely on - most people never really liked it in it's cumbersome standard form.
  4. maulosiarch

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    I have just played this in it's entirety. Since this game was first conceived of, what - 20 years ago? - I honestly thought that perhaps the passion would have died out, and all the good ideas would be over. Boy was I wrong! What this project is, just keeps improving throughout. The third hub is probably the best hub work! And I also think the Great Library (or is it Grand Library) might just be the best standalone level for Hexen. What amazes me, is that you still plan on making a fourth hub/world again? How have you not run out of ideas? I think I prefer the entire weapon selection of the Cleric the best, especially with the modifications made to the existing weapons. There were some weapons (the reskinned and redesigned firemace) that I barely used, since now with all the extra weapons and alternate modes, there now seems to be an overabundance of weapons, that I almost find that there is too much to choose from. I also like the in-joke in the diaries about the defective version made for the Heretic. I have three questions though: 1) In the underground black market, there are some items only purchasable with purple/pink coins. I didn't try gambling too much on the pigs et. al. but aside from that (if it even works), do we get coins for that in the game? 2) When I do the "all weapons" cheat (nra), it gives me a secondary 1st weapon, yet I never saw a secondary first weapon in the entire game. Has one been placed and I've missed it, or will that be a fourth world thing? 3) Could you consider lowering the health of the Ophidians slightly? They seem incredibly overpowered. Aside from that, this game is great! I can't wait to see what else you have in store when the fourth episode is finally released. All the in game info though has me hyped up for the greatest boss battle of all time though - I hope it measures up to the wild imaginings inside my head!
  5. maulosiarch

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    I'm just trying to play it now, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn off the health bars on EVERY. SINGLE. ENEMY. Where is the option to turn that off?
  6. Hmmm, I seem to have different feelings to projects that people usually do, so I'm grateful to see maps I've never heard of, and am definitely going to check out, since you have gone to the effort to highlight them. The majority of wads honoured with Cacos usually don't appeal to me, these suggestions I'm hoping will be more my style. With the Quest for the Crystal Skulls, I actually found the end boss easy - however, since it has hub-style progression, I just horde all my inventory items and use it at the end. I was expecting (and hoping, to amp up the difficulty) more of those creepy floating snakes to come into the battle. As for Serpent's Wake, wow - I did not like this at all (so far)! I'm sure many people like this, but the music seemed to be so much louder than it is for other wads; I turned it down to about 50% and it was still incredibly loud. I can't say I personally was a fan of the music either after just two maps. I can't seem to find a way out of the second map either. With the screenshots of those really epic-proportioned maps, I have to ask, does other people's computers struggle more with these levels/megawads than they do with modern games? I just look at those levels and think - "Oh boy, my laptop is definitely going to overheat with this one!"
  7. maulosiarch

    Hexen: a Morte [15 new maps - Released]

    I'm hoping the wad author still checks this thread, because I can't for the life of me figure out how to defeat the even larger Den Shial at the end of the second hub (map 06). I've flown around and destroyed two up-high little rock formations, but can't seem to do anything else now, other than throw everything I have at the giant spider which doesn't seem to have any effect. What's the trick to this boss?
  8. maulosiarch

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Those super secret switches in the first hub world of Episode 2 (E2M1) - where are they all? I've found 3 so far (one in the library that is one of the first rooms accessible at the start), the one in the dark little room on the left side of the map that is a secret area, and the last one up in the lava/machinery room. Where is the forth? I'm sending myself nuts over this!
  9. maulosiarch

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    Thank you... I thought there was something wrong with my version of GZDoom or something like that, which makes the third hub inaccessible... but if you've removed in on purpose, I now know that it's not me! But seriously consider having a toggle option for the health bars on enemies, so they can be turned on/off in the options or something like that, because for me it personally ruins the believable aspect of a fantasy world, when a digital number counter is plastered on top of the head of every creature that you come across.
  10. maulosiarch

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    Hello there! I've just replayed an older version of this mod, version 1.2 it seems, and I love the look of it much more than the one I just downloaded from the link directly above this - "A wild update appears!" I only got onto it about a week ago, when I was looking for clues or a walkthrough for the first hub, and I discovered that you have been working on this old game only very recently (just over half a year ago!) From the moment I begin in that cave in the very first map, the entire palette now looks incredibly dull. I also don't like that almost all of the pickups I saw when beginning this seem to resemble nothing from the original anymore. There are still plenty of similar things, but I also seem unable to get into the third hub at all once I walk through the exit portal from the second hub/world after the battle with the Fully Matured Chaos Serpents (FMCSs) in your new update, and I can't seem to warp to it either using the "visit" commands in-game, or the "map" command in the console. I used gzdoom version 4.0.0. This was quite disappointing because I wanted to warp straight there, to see all that you have added in since the last version I have had. Also, can I make a suggestion? Can you include an option to turn off the health bars for all the enemies? (Unless it's already there and I've just missed it). I think it is a great inclusion when it comes to the battles against the boss monsters, especially the Death Wyverns, so I know if my shots actually hit it when it's flying all the way away from me on the other side of the large outdoor areas, but it's irritating for all the lesser enemies. Since I have only played the FMCSs boss battle so far, it seems to me that the bosses don't have health/hp bars though?!?!? For me, the bosses are the only enemies that I do want the hp bars for. But the main thing I thought you should know is that I am unable to access the 3rd hub at all.
  11. maulosiarch

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Manor - 7 Level Hub + Deathmatch WAD

    I have been running around for several hours now, having completed all of the sections available in Cyrgoth's Manor, Northern Icelands and Black Valley, and have not found a single key to make me go further. I also keep collecting planets, but have not seen the planet puzzle piece to put them on. And I'm playing version 2. Help?
  12. maulosiarch

    The Iron Forge: a Xaser/Not Jabba collab map (/idgames!)

    Is it possible to play this wad without all the (mostly horrendous) changes? I read the textfile, and realised straight away that the wad author doesn't get Heretic. It's supposed to be creepy and quiet. Hearing all the monsters roar from the first moment you fire a projectile is ridiculous - and doesn't make sense. It also means that the enemies that were purposefully placed in a room to accost the player in those very rooms is exactly the fight the player will get, rather than things wandering around from the word "go!"
  13. maulosiarch

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    What I like about Heretic, is that the ghost versions of already existing enemy types didn't show up until about 2 or 3 levels later - they really did make it seem like it was the "boss of its own type," so one realises that they aren't simply variants, but an actually designated tougher version of the standard version. Hence I think Spectres should turn up towards the latter end of the first episode - and to keep the Heretic homages coming - perhaps have a great big outdoor area swarming with them (Spectres) in the secret level, which is the same as what Heretic did for The Graveyard. As for having only lower tiered enemies used exclusively in the first episode - why not? Both the first episode of Doom and Heretic did this, and most people think these episodes were the best episodes of their respective games. I think that is what made both games so magical (and why I think Doom 2 misses the mark entirely) - they did such a great job with difficulty, without resorting to simply cramming as many strong monsters into a single area to create tension, rather than do it through the atmosphere of the game, which is what the original developers did.
  14. maulosiarch

    The Catacombs

    It's great that you didn't put the BFG in, just because you felt compelled to (as many other designers of large single levels do). Great level progression, and the amount of ammo is perfect for the difficulty in the enemy types. The ending was a nice surprise too.
  15. maulosiarch

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    Are you going to respect the Heretic level/gaming progression? For example, I really liked that it held back on giving you all the weapons in the first episode, unlike Doom. I positively hate in Doom 2 that you get 3 weapons in the first level of the entire 32-level game (chainsaw, shotgun and rocket launcher). I honestly think that the development team should challenge themselves to NOT include the rocket launcher or the plasma gun in the first episode at all. Bonus points if (with the rare exception) you also only put the BFG in secret areas, just like the Mace in Heretic. Also, remember to make enemies exclusive in to some of the episodes as well. The Heretic equivalent of the Cacodemon (Weredragon) and the Demon (Sabreclaw) weren't introduced until episode 2, and then a rapid-firing enemy such as the Anachrotron can be used as an episode 3 equivalent to the Ophidian. Heretic also made you always pick up the keys in exactly the same order (yellow, green, then blue), so will you also be doing that?
  16. maulosiarch

    Serious Sidhe:The full encounter! 1.0 version

    The first map was very easy, but thankfully the difficulty was stepped up a little bit in the second one. I think it would have looked better if you used traditional Heretic textures instead of using the sand colour theme that came from the EgyptSOC.
  17. maulosiarch

    Hexen - Curse of the lost gods

    I found this to be very convoluted, and grand architecture got in the way of an otherwise amazing idea. For example, I personally enjoyed the little secret entrances to Tartaros the best parts of the game... they were very trippy, and I still don't know how getting the secrets in the seemingly unrelated map managed to register on the proper map of Upper Tartaros. Yorick's Skull seemed to be overall irrelevant to reaching the end stage, which I found interesting. In fact, I don't know what placing it did at all to the map, except for release a horde of Afrits. Thanks for all the fish.
  18. maulosiarch

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    This is too funny for words! I love it and prefer it to the original effects from this year's game. I especially love the Mario jumping sounds, and the cartoon-character running sound. Has the game actually been fully modded this way? I want to play it this way soooooooo badly!
  19. maulosiarch

    Battle for the sphere of chaos

    Kind of silly, actually. It's Hexen in terms of classes/weapons, but everything else is Heretic. Killing D'Sparil with a 4th weapon class of a Hexen character is far too easy - if anything, there is far too much mana in the game (esp. the boss room at the end). Why Hexen textures couldn't have been used instead baffles me.
  20. maulosiarch

    The Nadir

    Slopes looked out of place here - every sloped surface could have been replaced with stairs. The only enemy I really didn't like was the Acid Golems, and the power of the Dark Gargoyle's fireball was far too great for its size. I find it is truer to the Hexen feel with its back-and-forth between levels design than many wads that have more levels than this. The new melee weapon I barely used while playing as the Mage though.
  21. maulosiarch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #502

    I downloaded the latest version of ZDoom and it worked. I am surprised that it doesn't work in the version I otherwise have, which is only about 2 years old. I guess EGP must use coding that the older version doesn't recognise. GZDoom neither. When I said it doesn't work, they both return with an error when I tried to run EGP in my older versions of ZDoom and GZDoom. I would drag-and-drop the file on the (G)ZDoom executable, select Heretic, get the Heretic loading screen and then the error would come up.
  22. maulosiarch

    The /newstuff Chronicles #502

    I've tried playing Elf gets Pi**ed in both ZDoom and GZDoom, but it seems to work in neither. Hoe are other people getting this wad to work?
  23. maulosiarch

    Most evenly matched Doom enemies?

    No mention of the Archville? I haven't really noticed these "evenly matched enemies" thing before (I'd probably be better at it with Heretic monsters), but I'd say that a Cocademon and a Hell Knight always seem to be pretty evenly matched.
  24. maulosiarch

    So, how old are you ?

    I will be 30 in 10 days time. It doesn't surprise me that most people here seem to be similar in age to me. I first started playing Heretic (I had never played doom until much later) in about 1998 when I was 13, only about 4 years after it's release. I got the full version of Heretic in 2001, full version of heXen not long after, also in 2001 (I had Deathkings LONG before I had the whole of the original campaign). I got both their sequels in about 2002 - of which I hate them both equally (but different reasons each). Heretic II is still one of my most hated endings to any single computer game EVER. Doom I started playing in about 2007. I was very late on that scene. I think I discovered these boards in about 2008 or 2009. EDIT: I played Doom 3 before any other version of Doom, which I first got in late 2005. It took me ages to realise how much it sucked, because it is sooooooooo linear. It looks pretty, but the game practically shoves you onto a single one-way course where an IQ of about 60-70 would suffice to play it, as the player doesn't really need to figure out anything for themselves.
  25. maulosiarch

    Let's talk about rape

    *ahem* It's less commonly REPORTED in Islamic states, clearly, to create this statistic. The truth would be that it would happen so much more. It's usually AUTHORITIES of such cultures/countries with religions like this in which the men are favoured in the first place that will make a claim that the rape was the woman's fault because of what she was wearing as it makes women less honourable (because it is assumed that all women *should* be honourable before marriage in such places). Which is why victims don't come forward in Islamic states.