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  1. Ru5tK1ng

    World doom league site refusing connection?

    Short version: Someone uploaded a stream of them playing after the finals match which also included voice chat recording between the teammates. Unfortunately, this stream also contained a 4th member of the team, who wasn't playing, calling the timer on powerups (aka ghosting). Regardless, this team still lost but players wanted punishment for the captain of the team. Apparently justice wasn't enough so some players started spamming memes and making things miserable. I suppose the leaders in charge of WDL had enough (for now?). Years back we used to write out posts why something should have been addressed in whatever league we played in. Apparently double digit IQs could only muster up mspaint memes.....
  2. Ru5tK1ng

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    *hits blunt*
  3. Ru5tK1ng

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    So you are saying features don't matter? Then why are you trying to show off features with your video? lol, you're not making any sense. I think you need to take a break before you suffer a cerebral aneurysm.
  4. Ru5tK1ng

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    Do you just read what you want to read? I never said for you to map for other ports. You were bragging about the 'new' (old) features zdaemon maps can have when these things have been around for years. You're like a cave man discovering fire for the 1st time. Just so you know, there are more people who play single player doom than people who play multiplayer. So don't knock single player just because you know nothing outside your little zd bubble.
  5. Ru5tK1ng

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    C/S ports aren't the only ports that exist. You were bragging 'look what you can do' when other ports including Single Player ports have been capable of maps like that. Basically your example is not revolutionary. I don't know what 20 mods or megaman has anything to do with the video you posted. Nice picture btw, is that from TNS? Also ZDaemon physics are based of ZDoom 1.23 physics which aren't vanilla.
  6. Ru5tK1ng

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    You've been able to do things like that for nearly a decade with other ports. If you said, 'keeps the old ZDOOM vibe intact', then it would be a fact.
  7. Ru5tK1ng

    Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    I think rad made a map. A good SimCity map.
  8. Ru5tK1ng

    Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    Nice try scumbag, you're not fooling anyone.
  9. Ru5tK1ng

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    The lowest common denominator wouldn't care about sw light mode, they care more about their sound, mouse and key settings. The only area where it would get confusing is the display settings but everything else is self-explanatory. All the kids that play zandro seem to find their settings rather easy... If menus like Player Setup and Gameplay are too difficult to understand, it's pretty much a personal dilemma.
  10. Ru5tK1ng

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    This. The blocking is a sign that you shouldn't play gzdoom by yourself, but PUBG with real people.
  11. Nice bait, but there are people who actually believe this. There's enough division in the community as a whole. Go take a look at those X vs Boom flamebait topics you see on the forums. Or how about the gZDoom vs prBoom+ debate. Multiplayer is already foolishly split 3 ways. Terrible idea.
  12. Ru5tK1ng

    Most toxic gaming communities you have come across.

    Someone has never played CTF, TDM, Last Man standing, and any team based mods that have been around for years now... Economy has nothing to do with any of this btw.
  13. Ru5tK1ng

    Most toxic gaming communities you have come across.

    I've been told by close friends that LoL community is far worse than Doom's. Making 1 mistake in a League match invokes the wrath of angry nerds wishing death upon you and your children's children. I would nominate Doom but I don't think it fits the criteria of gaming community like other games mentioned. Across the Doom board, competitive players are a chunk of the toxic environment, but the rest of the drama and problems arise from people who don't even play the game.
  14. Ru5tK1ng

    ZTDM Ends

    We can't we have nice things.
  15. Ru5tK1ng

    Aaron "DemonSphere" Emge has passed

    That's pretty disrespectful man. If you don't care you should probably fuck off and not even post.