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  1. That's actually quite what I mean. If someone is honest and unfiltered they are being themselves which means they are being unique, unless they are trying to be something they're not (bad idea). No one is forcing anyone to be innovative and if anything it's just a suggestion or a direction to consider. I'd rather see newer mappers attempt branch out and try making a gothic style map, future tech, etc. regardless if it's been before. I would rather not see newer mappers just make dwango1 over and over again. If a brand new mapper wants to make a 90s style map, then sure that's fine. But if that mapper continues to release wad after wad of the same thing, then trying to be a bit more innovative or unique is probably some advice worth considering. Not sure what you mean by this. Niche means nothing, people will make content if they choose to regardless of community size. Server admins are a dime a dozen and have come and gone before. As long as there are players to enjoy someone's work, that's worthwhile enough.
  2. Actually, no content at all is probably a better route than being presented with mapsets that recycle old, uninspired ideas we've seen hundreds of times before. I'd rather wait patiently for new stuff that's actually fresh or attempting to introduce new ideas on old concepts than be flooded with a bunch of 90s throwback wads that are about as hip as wearing t-shirts 4 sizes too big. There's nothing wrong with liking or enjoying the classics or being inspired by them. The problem is when authors just make lazy carbon copies and try to pass it off as something super noteworthy. It's really just a cop out at that point. Don't sell yourselves short, you can be better or unique compared to your inspirations. Gothic maps aren't being made anymore because it's nearly been done to death. Once you've seen a handful of gothic style maps, you've seen them all in terms of visuals. But I'd rather take a gothic styled mapset over stock vanilla or Dwango styled.
  3. Hello all, I hope you're enjoying the new year because it's about to get better (maybe). I present to you a collaborative effort by MXU and Ru5ty Sh4ck entitled The Eon Collection Vol. 1. This collection contains the definitive versions of DBAB, AEONDM and NeonDm altogether in one package for a grand total of 82 maps. There have been a vast amounts of fixes, changes, and improvements made to the maps and the most notable one being the addition of vanilla item layouts for DBAB maps. With this big change, all the DBAB maps can finally be ran with other custom weapon mods and DBAB itself is brought into continuity with Aeon and Neon in this regard. Another small bonus is the return of Blast Furnace from DBAB2 with additions and improvements made by yours truly. For this release, there are currently only 3 compatibility options implemented at this time with additional compatibility options expected to added in future releases: Skill 2: Aeon Champions - QCDE support (only for NeonDM maps) Skill 3: The Vanilla Era - Vanilla weapon compatibility Skill 4: Eon Experience - Eon Weapons comparability Future updates will occur in small patches because I don't want to make people download a 230+ MB pk3 10 times for every batch of changes. With all that said, happy fragging and have an ice day. Links: Download: Beta 1 Eon Weapons: Latest Version Credits: Inside the pk3 Maplist:
  4. With the spooky season over, it's now time for the cold season to set in. The Ru5ty Sh4ck presents the next entry into the long deathmatch series that you have grown to know: FreonDM. The concept takes some of the crazy colors previously seen in Neon and mixes in a frozen motif. The pack consists of 9 frigid maps that bring forth the expected gameplay of previous *eon packs and adds a small dash of environmental hazards here and there. There is also the addition of 3 new weapons which adds to the mix of craziness: the Laser Chaingun, Flamethrower, and Freeze Rifle. The project is currently in progress and is expected to feature more maps in the future. If interested in contributing, message us on Discord. Download links and a couple of screeenshots are below. Have an ice day. Download: Beta 1 Weapons: RC 8.2 Discord: Link Credits: Inside pk3 Maplist: Freon01: Quite Storm - Razgriz Freon02: Eye of Neptune - Ru5tK1ng Freon03: Unusual Night - Razgriz Freon04: Ice Carved Cavern - Ru5tK1ng Freon05: Risk of Injury - Ru5tK1ng Freon06: Frigid Outpost - Ru5tK1ng Freon07: Texas 2021 - Hatedaddy Freon08: Winter Siege - Razgriz Freon09: Return to Desolation - Ru5tK1ng
  5. Ru5tK1ng

    Novis - Boom compatible map

    Nice map. Arg would be proud.
  6. Ru5tK1ng

    Odamex 10.4.0 - Quakecon 2023 Edition!

    Nothing wrong with having mirrors. If anything is silly, it's your nitpicking.
  7. Ru5tK1ng

    Odamex 10.4.0 - Quakecon 2023 Edition!

    I got ya fam: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vdl5wv1h9djz4ih/zdaemon10611_win32_src.zip/file
  8. Ru5tK1ng

    Progressive Duel 3 - Final

    Final version has been released and the download link has been updated. The quest is now complete for the time being.
  9. Hope you had a happy Halloween folks because tonight Ru5ty Sh4ck Productions proudly delivers a special treat of Progressive Duel 3, rc1. The project started a bit over a year ago when I first brought up the idea of doing another entry in the ProgDuel series. Joining me for the ride are core members Razgriz, Hatedaddy and guests @Dragonfly and Killer Kouhai. Development has been a bit shaky (mainly my fault) but it has been very steady since the end of summer and we are now almost ready to bring out 14 new maps for a total of 30. The approach for the new entries is less SSG, more everything else. Prog3 introduces a new lobby map that features a map select screen to pick and choose your map as opposed to traditional cumbersome lobby maps. Additionally, there is a Lightning Gun visual update with colors, more balanced Chaingun, OGL player model, new SBAR, edits to latter prog2 maps and a F1 help screen that summarized the armor system. Download links, game settings and screenshots are below. The PK3 only runs on Zandronum, so no ZDaemon or Odamex support. Have an ice day. Download: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=progduel3.pk3 Credits: Inside pk3 Gameplay Settings ================= dmflags: 4347140 dmflags2: 4195844 zadmflags: 32800 compatflags: 0 compatflags2: 0 zacompatflags: 1704714 sv_forcerespawntime 4 Maplist: Prog17: Bitter Struggle - Dragonfly Prog18: Orbital Bliss - Razgriz Prog19: Overgrowth - Dragonfly Prog20: Perpetual Haunting - Ru5tK1ng Prog21: Geo-Deengineering - Razgriz Prog22: Disorienting Library - Dragonfly Prog23: White Noise III - Ru5tK1ng Prog24: Spacewalk - Hatedaddy Prog25: Chapel of Harmony - Ru5tK1ng Prog26: Beyond the Inferno - Razgriz Prog27: Life in the Mines - Hatedaddy Prog28: Rituality - Ru5tK1ng Prog29: Neon Lites - Hatedaddy
  10. Ru5tK1ng

    Opinions on jumping in doom?

    If you're playing by yourself in single player, it would be worth to at least have 1 play through of a wad with intended settings. But at the end of the day, you can play however you want locally. No doom police is going come and toss your computer out the window just because you enabled jumping in a mapset not designed for jumping. It's really not that serious of an issue... Crouching is a bit different. It's pretty broken (op) and you're most likely going to get trapped some how in a map eventually. But as stated already, play how you want. No one is going to beat you up for not adhering to their definition of 'the right way'.
  11. Ru5tK1ng

    Strife's gameplay balancing suggestions

    UH... The Acolytes get dropped quickly when you tap fire the 3 shot assault rifle. Even if you don't tap it, full auto still mows down acolytes and even more so when you have accuracy upgrades. The AssaultRifle is at least on par if not better than the Chaingun though I'd lean far better especially with accuracy upgrades (or even targeter). Reavers and Templars aren't scary at all when you start smacking them with the Mauler, FlameThrower and MiniMissiles (with accuracy). Mauler is literally the SSG of the game and Mauler secondary fire takes up the mantle of a mini-BFG. Although I do agree that Strife did drop the ball on the stealth system in general. In the latter half of the game, you don't really have many alternate paths to take to avoid fire fights.
  12. @anotak Hey some most of your Strife includes are pretty out of date. I updated a few of them while I was making a Strife UDMF config. See attached file. Strife_Includes_Update.zip
  13. For anyone that wasn't fond of BitBucket, Torr sync'd up his hg-git bridge repo on github: https://github.com/TorrSamaho/zandronum
  14. The video you linked is over 2 years old and outdated:
  15. Ru5tK1ng

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Has anyone had any success in compiling the source: https://github.com/svkaiser/strife-ve Trying to compile with VS 2019 and even after obtaining SDL and pointing to FFMPEG, I still seem to run into missing header files and linker errors. Documentation on github isn't much either so I don't know if there's more dependencies needed or anything.