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  1. Ru5tK1ng

    Novis - Boom compatible map

    Nice map. Arg would be proud.
  2. Nothing wrong with having mirrors. If anything is silly, it's your nitpicking.
  3. I got ya fam: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vdl5wv1h9djz4ih/zdaemon10611_win32_src.zip/file
  4. Ru5tK1ng

    Progressive Duel 3 - Final

    Final version has been released and the download link has been updated. The quest is now complete for the time being.
  5. Ru5tK1ng

    Progressive Duel 3 - Final

    Hope you had a happy Halloween folks because tonight Ru5ty Sh4ck Productions proudly delivers a special treat of Progressive Duel 3, rc1. The project started a bit over a year ago when I first brought up the idea of doing another entry in the ProgDuel series. Joining me for the ride are core members Razgriz, Hatedaddy and guests @Dragonfly and Killer Kouhai. Development has been a bit shaky (mainly my fault) but it has been very steady since the end of summer and we are now almost ready to bring out 14 new maps for a total of 30. The approach for the new entries is less SSG, more everything else. Prog3 introduces a new lobby map that features a map select screen to pick and choose your map as opposed to traditional cumbersome lobby maps. Additionally, there is a Lightning Gun visual update with colors, more balanced Chaingun, OGL player model, new SBAR, edits to latter prog2 maps and a F1 help screen that summarized the armor system. Download links, game settings and screenshots are below. The PK3 only runs on Zandronum, so no ZDaemon or Odamex support. Have an ice day. Download: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=progduel3.pk3 Credits: Inside pk3 Gameplay Settings ================= dmflags: 4347140 dmflags2: 4195844 zadmflags: 32800 compatflags: 0 compatflags2: 0 zacompatflags: 1704714 sv_forcerespawntime 4 Maplist: Prog17: Bitter Struggle - Dragonfly Prog18: Orbital Bliss - Razgriz Prog19: Overgrowth - Dragonfly Prog20: Perpetual Haunting - Ru5tK1ng Prog21: Geo-Deengineering - Razgriz Prog22: Disorienting Library - Dragonfly Prog23: White Noise III - Ru5tK1ng Prog24: Spacewalk - Hatedaddy Prog25: Chapel of Harmony - Ru5tK1ng Prog26: Beyond the Inferno - Razgriz Prog27: Life in the Mines - Hatedaddy Prog28: Rituality - Ru5tK1ng Prog29: Neon Lites - Hatedaddy
  6. Ru5tK1ng

    Opinions on jumping in doom?

    If you're playing by yourself in single player, it would be worth to at least have 1 play through of a wad with intended settings. But at the end of the day, you can play however you want locally. No doom police is going come and toss your computer out the window just because you enabled jumping in a mapset not designed for jumping. It's really not that serious of an issue... Crouching is a bit different. It's pretty broken (op) and you're most likely going to get trapped some how in a map eventually. But as stated already, play how you want. No one is going to beat you up for not adhering to their definition of 'the right way'.
  7. Ru5tK1ng

    Strife's gameplay balancing suggestions

    UH... The Acolytes get dropped quickly when you tap fire the 3 shot assault rifle. Even if you don't tap it, full auto still mows down acolytes and even more so when you have accuracy upgrades. The AssaultRifle is at least on par if not better than the Chaingun though I'd lean far better especially with accuracy upgrades (or even targeter). Reavers and Templars aren't scary at all when you start smacking them with the Mauler, FlameThrower and MiniMissiles (with accuracy). Mauler is literally the SSG of the game and Mauler secondary fire takes up the mantle of a mini-BFG. Although I do agree that Strife did drop the ball on the stealth system in general. In the latter half of the game, you don't really have many alternate paths to take to avoid fire fights.
  8. @anotak Hey some most of your Strife includes are pretty out of date. I updated a few of them while I was making a Strife UDMF config. See attached file. Strife_Includes_Update.zip
  9. For anyone that wasn't fond of BitBucket, Torr sync'd up his hg-git bridge repo on github: https://github.com/TorrSamaho/zandronum
  10. The video you linked is over 2 years old and outdated:
  11. Ru5tK1ng

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Has anyone had any success in compiling the source: https://github.com/svkaiser/strife-ve Trying to compile with VS 2019 and even after obtaining SDL and pointing to FFMPEG, I still seem to run into missing header files and linker errors. Documentation on github isn't much either so I don't know if there's more dependencies needed or anything.
  12. Ru5tK1ng

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    You're both wrong. Essentially Doom weapons are pretty balanced (albeit with minor issues) until you bring in the SSG. And you're confusing balance for utility. My work has shown it's possible to make the gap between SSG and all the rest smaller while not sacrificing each weapon's utility. Balance does not mean I can kill you with a pistol with the same ease as an SSG. Anyway, thanks to all the advanced engines out there (more than just GZDoom btw), you don't have to go play a new game. You can make changes to the gameplay as you see fit and share them with others and have a good time. Vanilla style mapping for duel is pretty difficult to get right because everyone is so picky and little things add up that can ruin the map (spawns & placements). If it doesn't play in a certain style, players won't touch it. On top of this difficulty in just map creation, you have to put in even more effort to pander and shill your creations to even be played regularly. Even then, your work probably won't even be adopted as part of the 'standard' set of maps.
  13. Controversial? Strife offers more of an interesting gameplay experience that pushes for stealth while allow the option to run-n-gun (albeit with consequences) than Doom.
  14. Honestly, I'd say a better question to start the FAQ would have been 'Why aren't you forking Zdoom?'. D2K's aim is MP C/S and as expressed in this topic time and time again, just tacking C/S onto GZdoom isn't a 1 week feat. Essentially if you want to implement a netcode different from Zandronum, Zdaemon, and Odamex, you'll have to start somewhere different and that means not using ZDoom+csdoom as your base. Ladna came to the conclusion if he was going to refactor a lot of the engine, it would be slightly less painful to start with prBoom. This short bit gives a quick overview of why he even wanted to implement a netcode different from ZDaemon and Co.: https://github.com/camgunz/totaltrash/blob/master/content/post/d2k.md D2K appeals mainly to those who have long suffered with netcode problems that plague the 3 multiplayer ports listed. If you're a user who just plays SP mods by yourself, it wouldn't matter to you at all.
  15. For what it's worth, it was laid out in the Goals of D2K that Decorate would be supported. LUA would just fill a similar role that VavoomC does.: https://github.com/camgunz/totaltrash/blob/master/content/d2k/goals.md This short faq explains why he went with a fork of prboom+: https://github.com/camgunz/totaltrash/blob/master/content/d2k/faq.md
  16. Ru5tK1ng

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    Of course there are plenty non-centric ssg maps out there aimed towards dueling. But not all of them are good and the good ones usually won't get adopted by the duel community. But that's a whole different problem on it's own. Of course it's great for Quake3 because it's a game built up and design for multiplayer. Different weapons and different mechanics and different outcomes. You want to try mirroring that design in Doom? Your first hurdle is designing maps around that game play. Then you have convince people to actually try it. You would probably be told 'if I wanted to play Quake I would'. Agreed.
  17. I never said it was going to help Gzdoom. It was mainly for those who may potentially be interested in developing some new type of netcode. After all, not everyone wants to work with G/Zdoom code base. As for the branch, that's good it's still being worked on in some form. It looks more like it's just picked at every now rather than being a priority. Basically it's going to be a while no matter what. Don't scoff at LUA, it's more of a language than ACS will ever be. I'm fairly certain some folks said the same thing when you posted up your port. 'yet another source port. (sighs)' ;)
  18. Ru5tK1ng

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    Weaponstay is the defacto way to play duel and deathmatch. No one really cares about the Alt-Death settings. In fact, I'd wager the odds of GZdoom getting C/S is higher than being able to build a large playerbase favoring alt-death settings.
  19. So I was talking on discord and was directed to a source port that aims to do away with message based netcode and implemented delta-compressed game states. I'm not sure what @Ladna has in mind for his project moving forward but I'll link the repo below in case anyone is interested contributing or forking. This would probably be the best way for someone to implement their own netcode without having to worry about the woes brought upon trying to start with a forked g/zdoom. Repo
  20. Ru5tK1ng

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    The problem, in terms of DM, is that your strategy is pretty much defined by the map. You can play a brit10/exec style map and just win by rushing the BFG. Most of the Dwango5 maps were won with spamming rockets and plasma with minimal thinking while searching for BFG or camping. You don't have time in DM to map out any strategy deeper than 'where is the BFG' or 'is the guy in 1st place controlling something I'm not'. If you run into someone in DM, one of you is gonna die and there's no running away trying to exploit any vanilla weapon disadvantages. Even if you did win a chess match encounter, you'd probably die from a stray rocket or someone sneaking up behind you anyway. But you're absolutely right about mods being the way to go if you want a different DM experience. Part of the reason why I created ProgDuel was because I pretty much understood no one was going to run EonWeapons with CTF maps or vanilla duel maps. Changing up the weapons resulted in a changed dynamic of some of the maps off Duel40 and we all know a lot of folks aren't going to want to change the way they play a duel map. Over the years on Zandro/Skulltag there were a few topics popping talking about weapon imbalance. There were roughly about 6 or so other people before me who created their own balance patch for people to try out. None of ours went anywhere when it came to the competitive scene. Aside from like 1 or 2 people who actually wanted to try out more balanced weapons, no one really cared much. Most players just want their SSG to 1 hit kill every time they play Duel or CTF which is a shame because I'd argue some CTF maps would benefit from a better CG and SG...but another topic for another day. While this is true, majority of deathmatch maps aren't won with CG or SG dominance. Even if you out class a few SSGs with CG, you're not going to rack up enough frags to win just doing that unless it's a CG/SG oriented map. If you're one of those types that doesn't play to win, you're going to die a lot more than you frag as well. Furthermore, you still have to account for people who always get that GOOD-RNG, and hit you for 40-50 from a distance while you only hit for 5-10 with SSG. I wouldn't call the SSG worthless at longer distances because like @Decay said, you can always close that gap quickly. Plus you can always get a good roll on damage as well. The SSG is just really damn good overall. Agreed, that's why I sped up switching as well in Eon. There is no such thing as reacting to a situation if you take forever to change your weapon. On the other side of the spectrum, instant switching is just broken. You just have to strike that, balance.
  21. It's pretty interesting the OP made this topic posing a question around 3 years later after it was asked on the zandro forums. If you care to read, it's a short topic: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=8242#p105341 Not much has changed in that time period and I'd expect not much more to change if you fast forward 3 years in regards to a GZDoom/Zandro merge. At this point it's for the best that the port focuses doing it's own thing and making itself a unique offering rather than just being a 'lesser g/zdoom' with C/S. In fairness all of Doom is insular and fractured and each piece is nauseating in their own right. First you have a split with SP and MP, then each splits into more with port vs port and new features vs dinosaur doom. Kind of a shame but that's how things turned out.
  22. Ru5tK1ng

    Doomguy versus Mega Man

    MegaMan has more versatile weapons ranging from homing missiles, time stopping, crushing gravity, ability to fly, freezing opponents and the list goes on. Boomer Guy has no chance.
  23. @anotak Thanks for the fix, it seems to be working fine so far.
  24. Nope, rebooting doesn't solve anything. This issue happened with the older version I was using as well: I made a bare bones pk3 with a single texture in it and I could not save my changes I made to it in SLADE until I closed the map running the pk3 as a resource in DBX.
  25. When I try to save my pk3 in slade, slade gives me a dialogue window that says to make sure the file isn't in use. So I have to close my map in DBX so I can save my changes in slade. With DB2, I get no such dialogue, slade saves my changes and I just have to hit F8 to refresh my resources.