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  1. Cyberbaron2

    Doom2 piracy?

    Not surprised one bit. The zdaemon team has been covertly encouraging the piracy of iwads through the illegal ****** download utility. At least we now know where they truly stand with regards to piracy. Forget wasting your time contacting them, best course of action is to simply boycott zdaemon. Without players zdaemon will die on its own. I will however be reporting this illegal activity to ID Software. This is definitely a violation of copyright law in just about every single country in the world.
  2. Cyberbaron2

    Is zdaemon and doom3d still developed?

    One last question. Do they actually have a release date for version 1.09 or is it when it's done a la Duke Forever.
  3. Cyberbaron2

    Is zdaemon and doom3d still developed?

    That is too bad about doom3d it was a pretty decent port back in the day. Probably would have been very good today if its development did not stop. I do not understand it, if Zdaemon is still being actively developed in the past year then why has there not been any releases while odamex and skulltag have both made many releases since? It just sounds like it really isn't being worked on anymore. Alexmax what do you mean by 1.09 is in the hands of some private testers? Wouldn't that mean that it is finished? I like the chart Ralphis, by the way.
  4. I know I am already going to be accused of starting shit by the zdaemon lovers, but this is actually a serious question. Is Zdaemon still being developed on? I spent a little amount of time looking at the development history and well 1.09 was like announced in circa 2005 but still has yet to surface and its also been like a year since 1.08.08 was released. Both odamex and skulltag has had about 3 released revisions since that time. It appears that either zdaemon has stopped development as is the case with csdoom or well I guess the programmers are just too busy to work on it or something. Anyone know anything about the development? Same thing with doom3d. Have not seen a release in over 3 years but no comment from the author.
  5. Cyberbaron2

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    Madgunner, if you would bother to read you would notice that I even acknowledged that Skulltag may be at fault too. I also happen to know the author of judas23 and he is not happy at all with you using his wad in that compilation. You should have sought his permission before doing such a thing.
  6. Cyberbaron2

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    Madgunner including a textfile that lists the original wads and authors in the next version of zddl is not acceptable. You must either get the original authors' permission or remove the maps completely, otherwise you are violating copyright law. Difficulty in contacting the owner is not an acceptable excuse for violating copyright law.
  7. Cyberbaron2

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    * Copyright / Permissions * Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, concatenations, or otherwise. You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact. This is what is written in the original judas23.txt. Compilation wads are clearly violating the copyright and as such are illegal. Zdaemon is encouraging this illegal activity by hosting servers with these wads and by having compilation wads available for download. I was not aware that Skulltag was doing this too but they should also remove such wads from their servers. I will talk to Torr about this.
  8. Cyberbaron2

    Zdaemon: Busted yet again!

    As if it is not bad enough that Zdaemon is encouraging its users to pirate commercial Iwads with their illegal ****** utility Zdaemon has shown once again that they have absolutely no respect towards anyone's intellectual property rights. The file http://downloads.zdaemon.org/wads/zdtdm2011a.zip is an illegal compilation wad that willfully violates the rights' of the original wads authors. Of course this should come as no surprise to anyone because the Zdaemon team has allowed servers to host other illegal wads such as zddl3.1.wad, idl2011.wad, and dmpack.wad for years now. Looks like they've been busted yet again. How sad and pathetic is this?
  9. Cyberbaron2

    Best Doom bots?

    Does anybody know of a port that has really good bots? The best I've seen are the ones that Skulltag has, although they are not exactly what I would call outstanding by any means, they are just better than the zdoom ones.
  10. Cyberbaron2

    Most overrated and most underrated doom port?

    By the way, has anyone seen a port called ReMood before? It was extremely buggy and doesn't seem to have any development currently, but I found it interesting that the author is/was? attempting to make a multiplayer port based off of Doom Legacy. I remember playing Legacy back in 2001-2002, was such a cool port, too bad Legacy 2 will never see the light of day.
  11. Cyberbaron2

    Sooo... where's that Skulltag source code?

    This is excellent news indeed. Skulltag will benefit greatly from going completely open source. Perhaps I might donate a few patches myself. Now if only we could get Zdaemon to follow suit, too bad that is never going to happen. I suggest that both Altdeath and Doomworld stop posting any news articles or references to any closed source ports. The last thing we should do is aid these ports in gaining more players.
  12. Cyberbaron2

    Why isn't Zdoom GPL?

    Darn this is too bad. If only Doom had been published under the GPL from the start *sigh*.
  13. Cyberbaron2

    Why isn't Zdoom GPL?

    ZDaemon does not count. It was forked off 9 years ago and never updated its code base. ^ | | I think it does count actually. Yes they use an ancient buggy version of Zdoom that is total crap but they do have some 2.x features. Even if they had 0 2.x features they should still give back imo. Even you have to agree that it would be real nice if Zdoom, GZdoom, and the rest of the ports had some decent net code.
  14. Cyberbaron2

    Why isn't Zdoom GPL?

    You are right Madgunner I personally dislike Zdaemon, however I am not here to solely bash Zdaemon. I find it real messed up that Zdaemon owes its existence to Zdoom and continues to take there code to this very day yet Zdaemon has given absolutely nothing back. That is messed up and should not be allowed. At least Skulltag lets the Zdoom developers have access to their source code unlike Zdaemon. Does it not seem unfair to you that a port can take all the code they want but not give any code back? I see it as extremely unfair and that is exactly what the Doom Source License allows. This needs to stop. The Zdaemon developers should show more respect to the very community that it owes its existence to but we all know that this is never going to happen. You are wrong about Zdaemon not having to remove any of its code. If Zdoom was to go GPL any code in its current source could not be used in any non GPL ports without permission. I'm quite sure that Zdaemon has code that is in the current version of Zdoom and they would have to remove it.
  15. Cyberbaron2

    Most overrated and most underrated doom port?

    What's with the vendetta against ZDaemon? Smells like troll to me. Just because you don't approve of my post doesn't mean I'm trolling. Nothing wrong with not liking a specific port. I didn't post anything offensive about it.