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  1. Ribbiks

    [CL-11] [RC2] U N W E L C O M E: Episode 1

    Yeah this is fantastic. Refreshingly distanced from modern fast-food doom, while keeping a foot in the water wrt intuitive spidery layouts and marquee encounter setups. I like the midi, an interesting mix of ambient/idm-ish and cheesy pop/rock, rather unique. Some fly-by comments: m01: no comment, as I played this one previously m02: a classic gimmick, if it worked in zelda it can work in doom ;D. I wish there were more puzzles centered around it actually m03: I swear I've played this before but I can't recall where. the lift puzzle is another classic. possible bugs: your TLITE texture is a bit off grid, and you can grab the keys without raising its opposite. m04: rather brutal. I like unapologetic chaingunner turrets. the last area here was the first time I kinda didn't like how washed-out and dark the palette is. I guess the point here was that it's super dark and you can't see certain enemies, but I didn't find that particularly fun and kinda threw my run away at that point. m05: I like the amount of environmental detail that exists just because "why would it not?", nooks and crannies that don't serve progression purposes but bolster the feeling that you're moving around an established world of some sort. The repeatable bar lowering section can be cheesed if you activate fights sequentially (see demo) m06: hey it's a sandbox! a rather nice scatter-gather progression. I like how once you find most of the #s you can deduce the last couple without having to exhaustively explore everything. great map. m07: hurray symmetrical slaughter arenas. resource allocation seemed weird on this one. you get hella plasma before picking up any weapons for it, and all the health is front-loaded? Towards the last couple of sections I had a glut of ammo but damn near no health ;D m08: weird map. kinda spammy, really easy, tons of surplus resources (though I left the map with just over half the enemies killed so it's possible I missed lots of stuff). The main building looks pretty cool though. I find it funny how you give the player the option to immediately waste 18 shells by picking up the opening ammo all at once. here are some demos (fdas + fdas w/ saves in the latter maps): unwelcome_fda_rbk.zip
  2. Happy Halloween. @Grain of Salt and I made some speedmaps to celebrate the occasion. They're orange and vaguely spooky, click the link below and then it can be on your computer too! - DOOM2.WAD - tested in prb+ cl9 - no difficulty settings shots: list: 01: [R]: Bat House 02: [G]: What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse 03: [R]: Big Durst Energy midi credits: 01: "The Palace Of Prostheses" - Escape From Monkey Island 02: "Demons" - Monster Bash 03: "phase.mid" - zzzv (aka @yakfak) TP: "Title Theme" - Splatterhouse 3 IP: "premo.mid" - zzzv download: http://www.rbkz.net/doom/oitl.wad.zip
  3. new Handbraekes + new Oizo Ep coming in November xD



    1. Ribbiks


      fantastique, I was just cycling through oizo records again recently. this week was The Church on repeat ;D. Nice tracks, maybe it gets released physically in nov, but seems like all they're all on yt already?

    2. tourniquet


      Yeah, seems like i was confusing some things. I thought there would be another EP coming in November but apparently it's just the above Vinyl Release. But yeah good stuff :D

  4. Ribbiks

    ZokumBSP 1.0.10 finally released!

    eh. ZenNode works well for most things, but gets angry at certain quirks, like overlapping lines and whatnot. If you're goal is to minimize slime trails I recommend zdbsp -X
  5. Ribbiks

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Kamasutra)

    ks11 is my favorite map in the set, actually ;D. cramped and ultra-stuffed to such a degree that it borders on parody, rather strict do-this-specific-thing-or-die setups, and some sector-cute thrown in for good measure, basically it's fantastic. The damaging opening, which is hilarious, was the motivation for some map I made awhile ago having a similar opening gimmick.
  6. Ribbiks

    Another MIDI Collection for Use

    from this paragraph alone I surmise that we are parallel universe instantiations of the same person ;D Anyhow, I listened through midi in the last 1/3, advertised as darker and weirder. I enjoy how these tracks don't shy away from chromaticism or the gnarlier range of lower registers for midi instruments. It continues to surprise me how much textural complexity you can stuff into a midi via extreme low or high pitches for certain instruments. I think many of these would make compelling bgm to some dark/ambient levels, and it's making me rethink my midi choices for some WIP projects. There's also some weirdass stuff crammed in here, 30,000 symphonic notes midi, for example. Very interesting stuff, thanks for sharing!
  7. Ribbiks

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    guessing from the coloration it is/was part of Necromantic Thirst? Which as far as I can discern from google-translate is still in active development ;D edit: or was there another predominantly french-in-origin green project? I forget -.-
  8. Ribbiks

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Kamasutra)

    The Curious Case of Nicolas Monti Dude makes maps with a set of values in a realm their own: impressively divorced from modern sensibilities, and delivered with such conviction (evidenced alone by the magnitude of content he's produced, both in size of individual maps and the number of them he's released) that makes you step back and consider maybe he actually has latched onto something interesting. It's fun to skim his projects chronologically, you can see the gradual transition from rather traditional iwad-derived designs --> less-detailed-but-shapelier iwad-like designs --> blobular abstractness --> blobular pseudorealism. I find almost everything by him far more interesting than I do enjoyable, but I'd recommend Reticula or Erkattäññe as "peak"-Monti.
  9. Ribbiks

    Preacher - released 08/21/18

    These maps are fantastic. Very stylish, very creative, and an effective sense of whimsy that's hard to pull off in an otherwise serious project. Ultra-loose combat isn't usually my speed, but it's done with such commitment here (aided by the teleporter gimmick and general surplus of resources) that it felt like something fresh and interesting. As a technical note, I noticed quite a lot of midtex bleeding (midtex embedded in the floor with the same brightness on either side of it, so the entire texture is rendered into the floor). it's most notable in "Noir". Not egregious, but figured it's worth pointing out.
  10. Ribbiks

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    wow this demo is ridiculous. stylish ending even ;D
  11. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    the first 4 bytes of an iwad should literally be the string: "IWAD", this error looks like it found either "PWAD", or something else instead. Is it possible your copy of DOOM.WAD isn't actually an iwad, or maybe it was edited?
  12. Ribbiks

    Avactor Release !

    Very interesting maps. with Avactor, REKKR, and Lost Civilization we're really spoiled recently for highly polished pseudorealistic, quasi-oldschool wads centered on natural environments. I surmised very quickly that the monster-placement/combat in this set wasn't going to be to my tastes, so I played through the wad on skill 2 (basically wanted to take in the sights without having to deal with the huge walls of beef scattered throughout on the higher settings). Overall my impression is positive, I love how each map starts and ends with sprawling vistas, the visuals in general were great. The spritework was obviously a huge undertaking, so kudos there (I wonder why the archvile was left out? in the trailer video it looks like the AV had a shield or something at one point?). I also appreciate, up to a certain point, how elaborately interconnected many of the layouts are, if I had to make comparisons I'd say this set was like... a meaner, quirkier, cl9 btsxe2.. with a little bit of echelon thrown in (the only other mapset that comes to mind that used deep greens so extensively as structural textures). Here are some miscellaneous thoughts, in no particular order: (+) Bold move to have the mapset immediately begin with a (admittedly optional) hexen-like crushing platform puzzle. I love it :D (+) Good to see map progression that's a bit more adventurous (i.e. a bit less hand-holding) than a lot of modern doom. only a couple things that didn't sit great with me: ---- 96 is pretty dark in software gfx, just sayin' (lookin' at you, map02 linedef 8217) ---- "This way!" and "-->" symbols seemed a bit.. much. I get the impression you had an original draft of the map without those and you watched as some playtesters got helplessly lost? ;D (+) m06 was definitely my favorite, some great sectorwork, lots of world-building detail (-) Holy christ these maps are huge. I know many players dig that, but personally I prefer a bit more brevity. I guess I get bored of midi and architectural motifs faster than the average bear, so the fact that this set was monstrously huge map after monstrously huge map definitely wore me down towards the end. (-) I'm getting a bit of resource clash with some of the assets. The iwad waterfall doesn't really mix well with the new water, and the heretic lavafall looks rather cartoony. (-) Similarly, the turret enemy sprites feel very cartoony and out of place compared to the rest of the gfx (-) I was never big on hitting invisible barriers when trying to run around in out-of-bounds ocean areas, there's gotta be a more elegant way to do it. (-) This is neither here nor there, but I found it pretty hilarious that for 7 maps in a row there was without fail a trap that consisted of: grab zerk/chainsaw --> pinkies are springed on you. It's one of those clichés that I wonder if mappers even consciously think about, or if they just sorta make it on autopilot :p
  13. Ribbiks

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    practical advice: - there are several active mappers known for their interconnected flowing layouts who stream their mapping occasionally (e.g. check out the list here, though I'm not sure if it's up to date), watching their workflow could be helpful. - a really important question here is: what's an example of a map you think has a good layout? I suggest loading up a bunch of other people's maps in the editor that exemplify the kind of interconnectivity you're interested in. how are they organized structurally? Do they tend to have centralized areas that are revisited? Do they return to previous areas, but from another vantage point (e.g. walking along some balcony when you were previously in the room on the floor)? Are separate areas connected mostly by stairs, lifts, hallways? Check out the unused space between areas, is it common for separate areas to be adjacent but connected visually (e.g. windows, overlooks)? philosophical advice: - excluding weird edge cases, digesting existing material is a prerequisite to developing your own style. the mechanistic bits of how a certain author's maps are put together are merely a way of doing it, not the way. steal other people's good ideas and hopefully in time you'll find a personal spin on it. - a good layout that flows™ well is likely to produce a map that is at worst mediocre, but it is definitely not the end-all-be-all. it's much more interesting (at least to me) to see something with a compelling tone/atmosphere or a perceptible authorial voice than it is to blast through scythe-clone-#3479. advices like "stop using doors," "stop connecting everything with narrow hallways" or "make all the spaces the player will run through >128" are fine for some things, but I can think of many maps that look shitty by these metrics that I personally really like.
  14. Ribbiks

    What do you think about border sectors?

    unnecessary is in the eye of the beholder, no? I hold the following beliefs simultaneously: 1) I really like how strong borders look 2) they're often used as a crutch that allow you to make an area look "good"/polished without really thinking critically about it but what if you use them to do the exact opposite? ;D
  15. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Greetings. I finally found the cause of the (os x specific) mouse issue I've been having since I started playing like 2 years ago, and that I falsely believed was fixed but was in fact still present, and was verified by another mac user (I think by @Jon maybe?) so I don't think the problem was completely on my end. Anyways, the source of the problem was that the mouse was not being "grabbed" by prb+ until after it receives input of some kind, you can test this a number of ways: ./prboom-plus --> move the mouse around --> open menu, start game --> mouse behaves normally, yay. ./prboom-plus --> open menu, start game (don't touch mouse) --> mouse moves to unpredictable wonky positions the second you touch it ./prboom-plus -warp --> mouse moves to unpredictable wonky positions the second you touch it. I tracked it down to the function "MouseShouldBeGrabbed()" (src/SDL/i_video.c:1386), somehow the logic of this function is returning false on os x in some circumstance where it should be returning true? Instead of being diligent and figuring out what I could change to actually solve the bug, I instead resorted to the extremely hacky method of having it always return true (such that prb+ has sovereignty over the mouse from the second it boots up to the second you exit). Lo and behold the mouse behaved nicely now in all of the cases described above, finally making it non-infuriating to record demos again :). I figured I'd describe the observation here in case anyone else might find it useful, or perhaps if someone smarter than me might look at it and find a real way to actually fix it.