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  1. heh, there's not too much to sell beyond what I quickly mentioned. Basically it's just the perfect editor for someone who wants a slightly better db2 without all the new gizmos and quirky subtle behavioral changes in gzdb. It's a strange niche that I didn't expect to be filled, but am quite happy it came along ;D. By snappier I mean the normal operations are just quicker all around, windows pop up with less lag, moving around 3d mode seems a little quicker. By more stable I mean less seemingly random crashes. I'm particularly impressed by how well it handles undo-spamming and tolerating very "mean" sector drawing (e.g. lots of awkwardly overlapping lines, or drawing over top of complicated areas with lots of merged geometry). plus, @anotak is a responsive dev, bugs get quashed pretty quickly, seems open to various feature suggestions.
  2. map: dbx (snappier, more stable than gzdb/db2, the features it lacks compared to gzdb are things I don't care about. excellent exe.) tedious wad minutiae: slade3 gfx: various adobe programs, pixel editor midi: a program that was cutting edge in 2004, and its considerably kludgier modern counterpart
  3. ^^ :D
  4. I propose an unnecessarily complex scoring system where ranks are determined by: 5 x (# levels beaten on UV) + 3 x (# levels beaten on HMP) + 1 x (# levels beaten on HNTR). In the event of a tie the winner is determined by how many revenants were killed in the last map played.
  5. haven't upgraded to DOS yet? :D
  6. greetings, I found a way to get to crash. some vague steps describing how it happened: - open a map that had settings specifying it has in boom format, and required some resource wads - while map is open, go into map options with the goal of adding another texpack to the resources: --- see that map format is listed as Eternity for some reason, and resource section is empty --- switch it to Boom, add texpacks back to the resource list - hit OK --> crash window comes up, program exits. lastcrash log: https://pastebin.com/4d9JPrLJ
  7. very cool. I liked the face-rocket to get out of the jam towards the end ;D
  8. Heyo. Yeah this is still a thing. Since version C there have been a couple new maps, and I've implemented the fixes posted on this page. I had planned on making another big map for this, but have been distracted with weird side-projects. If I abandon that dream I could see this thing finally getting a release in the near future.
  9. You seem to have an unmatched willingness to seek out all the oddly specific things in this game that someone could feel negatively about.
  10. ^^ Fire Walk With Me was an abomination, and I wish I never watched it :p. It epitomizes my problems with S2 in general. that is, the show's focus moving away from mystique, tone, and character exploration, and into raw plot exposition. It practically ruins S1 in hindsight, as it takes mysterious plot elements that were left to your imagination and just plainly shows them on screen, with stiff acting and distracting quirks that practically ruined it for me (like donna being played by a different actress, for example). I'm currently up to part 7 in S3. Honestly I have no idea what to think about this yet. Part of me likes it, part of me hates it. Sifting through various forums and reviews online has been fruitless in getting a better handle on it. seems like there's very little middle ground between rampant lynch fanboyism (everything is exactly like he wanted, and for very specific reasons!!), and the 0/10 crew who abhor everything arthouse about it. I don't mind the slow pace and cheesy CGI, but the acting is really starting to wear on me. Some of it seems clearly intentional (this, for example, was absolutely hilarious: "Now I am curious you are driving me crazy!" which sounds like it came straight out of The Room), but other actors are really treading the line of "is this supposed to be this bad?"..
  11. one thing to watch out for with these is that certain nodebuilders don't seem to behave well around them. I recall having problems with zennode giving me slimetrails all over the sectors that used these types of lines. your mileage may vary ;D
  12. hehe so much for tas-only strats, ey. what a sick improvement on my shitty time (and ggg's marginally better run, that isn't on dsda for some reason) many encounters in that map were the poster-child for D-D traps: interesting and hard AF to play the intended way, and way too rewarding to play the cheesy/cowardly way ;D
  13. paging @Killer5 to map32 :) I also liked map19 and map27.