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  1. Yeah this is great! I played m01 so far (clumsily and with keyboard only, as I'm currently traveling for work -.-. if you want to watch the demo of me playing horribly I can post it I guess :p). The list of influences is right up my alley (what is Runriot, btw?), and so is the resultant map. Can't get enough oppressive cyb-vs-the-world dooming in my life, and the D-D/BPRD-ripoff style works so well for this type of map imo. No significant comments, really. There's a nasty slime-trail behind the player start, and many areas could use some block-monster lines (e.g. the HKs guarding the YSK/RSK route doors from the start), but the balance seemed fine. Looking forward to checking out m02, which I'll probably wait until I get back home to play.
  2. +1 on a word or phrase usually popping into my head sometime during the design process. Failing that I'll usually fall back onto some hipster-obscure reference (e.g. sl12, sl20), though that often feels cheap. Sometimes designing around a title is fun; the tone, scale, and coloration of many Crumpets maps were quasi-speedmapped with just the title + midi in mind. as superficial as it seems, map titles and midi choices are actually huge factors in my enjoyment of a wad :p
  3. @tourniquet, is that the red entry that was slated as an addendum to Miasma?
  4. 2:30???? gz :D. looks like rushing that first area is better than saving the cells for later. clutch bfg usage in the latter areas too, way more efficient than what I was doing.
  5. Cool to see another one of these! highlights for me were m05, m07, and FF's swift-death-esque entries (like the puzzlyness of 13, despite the AV puzzle being lifted from a memfis map, heh). also cheers for another darkwave map that clearly went beyond the time limit :P
  6. I'm a big fan of these guys. my favorite track hah, I'd been listening to a lot of this guy's stuff recently. coming down off an Oizo kick (rather, questing for similar french tech-house-whatever). Sadly I found a majority of it pretty disappointing, felt largely like like stripped down Oizo songs played in diminished instead of minor :p. This one is a bit of an improvement, still a tad basic, perhaps. anyways, here's some pretty clutch japanese post-rock:
  7. thoughtful_monster_placement.wad
  8. if gl-graphics is important to you just have to make some symlinks that point from where the libraries actually are to where prb+ is willing to look for them. this post might have some helpful details, though it seems with every new os X those GL libs move somewhere else :p
  9. is that the old dmg? fwiw the latest source compiles and runs nicely on Mac (barring a quirk or two that makes the sdl2 version unusable for certain things :p)
  10. hmm, not sure. it does feel a bit chunky while playing, but it never really bothered me. could be a mac thing, or maybe a a mouse thing. do my really old demos (e.g. from sunder, or c-shock2) also feel jerky? I know those ones were recorded on a different computer than I use now (also a mac though -.-)
  11. map17 in 3:29. just to make j4's life harder if he gets up to this one :p sl17-329.zip
  12. breakneck demo. clutch performance in the final arena and the alternating meme-AV room, made em look straight easy :)
  13. Cool, hit me up if you want some testing, or something. I'm always down for rock-hard doomin' palette strangely grimy, will forgo further judgement until I see it with the maps though :P
  14. yah incredible demo 0xf, some serious macho strats in that route! Other points of interest: - lol no ssg. - sorry those viles in the circle room get crushed so slowly, but at least it yielded the cool (probably annoying) strat of having to time the wall along with grabbing the YK and using the exit lift :p. - that final teleporter was in there purely for coop reasons (in case someone was in that area when the final encounter was activated, so they didn't get locked in), that secret cyb tele never even crossed my mind -.-
  15. here ya go: https://www.mediafire.com/?mt8aylu0x8r9azi