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  1. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Some of this is out of date now (see some of the recent posts from Rathori in this thread), but this is more or less what I did:
  2. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Interesting, so r4523 plays back the demo successfully, but the version I currently have installed on my comp doesn't (compiled in August 2019, so probably... r4539). But you're saying the demo was recorded on the latest? i.e. r4543?
  3. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Greetings, I tried to play your demo back in prb+ on mac, and it desynced at about 86 minutes. So I don't think it's an OS thing. What version of prb+ did you use, specifically?, or the umapinfo fork? Can you share the exe that plays the demo back correctly?
  4. I don't think the manual was updated in dbx to include anything beyond what was present in the db2 version (attached to this post, if you unzip it and put it in the same folder as dbx you should be able to load it up from within the editor). If you're looking for lua-specific documentation, that can be found here: https://github.com/anotak/doombuilderx/wiki It's not as fleshed out as it could be, but that's on my todo list :) Refmanual.chm.zip
  5. Ribbiks

    Fixed values for damage outputs

    Exactly, here are some of the specifics (line numbers from the current prb+ src: https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus ) $ grep -nr "damage = " ./ | grep "P_Random" .//p_map.c:577: int damage = ((P_Random(pr_skullfly)%8)+1)*tmthing->info->damage; .//p_map.c:638: damage = ((P_Random(pr_damage)%8)+1)*tmthing->info->damage; .//p_pspr.c:530: damage = (P_Random(pr_punch)%10+1)<<1; .//p_pspr.c:573: damage = 2*(P_Random(pr_saw)%10+1); .//p_pspr.c:758: int damage = 5*(P_Random(pr_gunshot)%3+1); .//p_pspr.c:831: int damage = 5*(P_Random(pr_shotgun)%3+1); .//p_enemy.c:1299: damage = (P_Random(pr_posattack)%5 + 1)*3; .//p_enemy.c:1317: int damage = ((P_Random(pr_sposattack)%5)+1)*3; .//p_enemy.c:1336: damage = ((P_Random(pr_cposattack)%5)+1)*3; .//p_enemy.c:1402: damage = (P_Random(pr_troopattack)%8+1)*3; .//p_enemy.c:1416: int damage = ((P_Random(pr_sargattack)%10)+1)*4; .//p_enemy.c:1423: int damage = ((P_Random(pr_sargattack)%10)+1)*4; .//p_enemy.c:1436: int damage = (P_Random(pr_headattack)%6+1)*10; .//p_enemy.c:1459: damage = (P_Random(pr_bruisattack)%8+1)*10; .//p_enemy.c:1586: int damage = ((P_Random(pr_skelfist)%10)+1)*6; .//p_enemy.c:1986: damage = (P_Random(pr_skullfly)%8+1)*actor->info->damage; basically you'd want to remove all the P_Random() calls and replace those with some hard-coded values (you can pick and choose if you want to keep randomness for the player's attacks as well). It obviously goes without saying that any demos recorded with the modified exe will immediately desync for everyone else :p
  6. Ribbiks

    Fixed values for damage outputs

    dehacked can change the base damage value of projectiles but not the dice-roll that gets multiplied to them. in OG doom, these damage multipliers are hardcoded, as are the base damage values for all melee and hitscan attacks. If you were amenable to playing a modified exe it wouldn't be too much trouble to go through p_enemy.c and replace all the damage variables with static values of your choosing. otherwise zdoom is gonna be the only way to accomplish what you're looking to do. I'm not an expert, but my first instinct would be to redefine the enemy states in decorate and replace their attack codepointers with ones where you can explicitly control the damage values, e.g.: https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_CustomMeleeAttack https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_CustomMissile I have vague memories of a project like this being posted on doomworld before, maybe it was called Deterministic Doom? I could be wrong.
  7. Ribbiks

    Anybody have opinions on last years macOS 32-bit purge?

    what about crispy-heretic / crispy-hexen? idk to what extent those exes are officially supported or actively developed, but a year or so ago I was able to compile and run them just fine on os x.
  8. Ribbiks

    Post your Doom textures!

    Funny idea! I can think of a few ways to create a similar effect, but this one is nice in that it doesn't require any additional sectors or hackiness at the sidedef being animated. Here's a quick prototype:
  9. You can change the lighting stepsize via Configurations/Includes/Doom_misc.cfg Look for these lines: // Default sector brightness levels sectorbrightness { 256; 240; 224; 208; 192; 176; 160; 144; 128; 112; 96; 80; 64; 48; 32; 16; 0; } And alter them to your desired values (e.g. 256; 248; 240; 232; etc..)
  10. Ribbiks

    Composing MIDI

    This topic pops up quite often. Typical recommendations are Sekaiju and Aria Maestosa. There are plenty more options, e.g. Jimmy uses (or used to use) an old version of Cakewalk Express, and I'm fond of an old defunct sequencer for Mac called Easybeat. You can skim through some previous threads on doomworld for other recommendations too.
  11. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    wasn't able to run that exe (our dylibs are in different locations and I'm too lazy for install_name_tool atm :p). compiling on osx can have a bit of a learning curve (here's my previous post on it, which is potentially outdated by now). I can also confirm that this runs: https://github.com/alexey-lysiuk/prboom-macos, and has comparatively simple instructions.
  12. yeah zennode can be wonky and temperamental for big complicated things. I rebuilt the nodes in zdbsp extended and it loads without error in prb+. as a side note nodebuilders aren't associated with editors themselves, doombuilder runs a command line to call external nodebuilder exes when saving the map.
  13. Ribbiks

    Walk one trigger on multiple linedefs

    scrolling speed and direction is determined by the length and orientation of the linedef with the 253 action. Here's a visual example of pushing in the 4 cardinal directions:
  14. dang that second shot looks amazing
  15. perhaps they're going that silicon-valley-startup route of banking on analytics (remember MoviePass? ;D). They have a huge userbase, a majority of which are going to be discussing, playing and purchasing videogames, and their privacy policy reads vague enough such that I'm sure they have ways to capitalize on that data.