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  1. Ribbiks

    Increasing save file slots in GLBoom/PRBoom+

    Is it though? At first glance it seems like it'd be a pain to mess with the menu code and find a way to cram more rows into the save/reload interface (say if you wanted, 16 slots, instead of 8).
  2. Ribbiks

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    prb+ will use the TRANMAP lump in a wad if one is provided. If one is not present then it will defer to the last one that was computed and saved in it's local directory (as tranmap.dat). What is unfortunate, is that some wads will introduce a palette with color ranges shifted around, but will not provide an associated TRANMAP, and so the mismatch between the one you have cached and the one that would fit the color scheme of the wad can create color artifacts for translucent sprites in software gfx. The opposite can also occur, if somehow your default TRANMAP was built while you were playing a wad with a custom palette, all of a sudden every normal other wad will have these artifacts (this happened to me during the design of sd20x7 and it took me a bit to figure it out :p). you can solve it by deleting tranmap.dat (mine was stored in ~/.prboom-plus/). In my personal copy of prb+, I edited that section of the code to just have it rebuild the tranmap every time, just in case I'm playing a wad with a custom palette that doesn't include a tranmap. (it's 2019, recomputing it every time is a trivial computational expense)
  3. Ribbiks

    Doom Members' Website Links

    wad: http://rbkz.net/doom/ midi: http://rbkz.net/midi/
  4. Ribbiks

    Which program do you use to make custom MIDIs?

    Aria Maestosa is great, but it has numerous inconveniences as compared to the abandonware it was meant to replace ("EasyBeat", now defunct, unless you have a powerpc mac, or a VM of one, lying around). Notable complaints include: - lack of ability to make changes during playback - zooming in/out is kludgy - lack of ability to transpose individual tracks in playback (but not in notation) - lack of ability to type in guitar tab frets above 19 (holding shift for 10+ is awkward enough...) - pitch bend is restricted to +-2 semitones (extended midi format supports at least +-12) but if none of those features are something you use in your sequencing workflow than the software is quite brilliant otherwise.
  5. Ribbiks

    Who coined the term "Slaughtermap/wad"?

    incidentally I was searching the forums for the answer to this not too long ago. The earliest post I could find was one by Alm in 2002: The term seemed to be used a lot to describe HR, and even older things like PUNISHER.WAD, so it's possible it has its roots in the late 90s even? There might be some old-guard around here (or someone with better googling skills, perhaps ;D) who could clarify further.
  6. Ribbiks

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

  7. Ribbiks

    Lime and Lava, 4 Short Maps for Boom

    I like limes, I like punching things. please find attached a uv fda continuous demo. limes_01_fda_rbk.lmp.zip
  8. Ribbiks

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    nice to see some of my all-time favorites on the docket (totg, skepland, pw), as well as a proper understanding of ToD maps. interesting choices, indeed
  9. In addition to the nice writeup by Linguica, I'll mention that I've been getting some good mileage out of DBX's Lua Mode. It's been quite fun to mess around with for generative designs or for automating repetitive tasks, all while having the luxuries of the editor at hand (i.e. leveraging db's robust methods for manipulating geometry, as well as being able to immediately check your results in 3d mode, etc). There are some neat scripts included in the alpha release, and I've been writing my own for some maps I'm working on: There's definitely a lot of advanced architectural and functional mapping tasks that Lua Mode lowers the barrier-to-entry on, so it would be very cool to see what other mappers can do with it. Much thanks to anotak for letting me play around with it!
  10. Ribbiks

    It's in C Minor Too?

    greetings friend, glad you dig the sd20x7 music. you can find my stuff here: http://rbkz.net/midi/ all credits for the gubble midi go to its composer (Seppo Hurme, apparently? I'm interested if anyone knows any other soundtracks by this person, because the gubble tracks kick ass)
  11. uv fda continuous, keyboard only + a dog laying on top of me (this should be an official category). amusing collection of small-scale ideas/gimmicks. 13 and 18 were standouts in the set for seeming the most complete/polished, 30 was also cool. - didn't figure out the exit on map09 or map15 - I don't have sr50 bound for keyboard controls, so I skipped map21 - would've played 31 longer if the floor was -20 instead of -5 -.- diarrhea.zip
  12. Nah, it's just a pain in the ass and you have to compile it yourself: (subtle details may change from os to os, but I assume it's still doable)
  13. Ribbiks

    [CL-11] [V1.0] U N W E L C O M E: Episode 1

    Yeah this is fantastic. Refreshingly distanced from modern fast-food doom, while keeping a foot in the water wrt intuitive spidery layouts and marquee encounter setups. I like the midi, an interesting mix of ambient/idm-ish and cheesy pop/rock, rather unique. Some fly-by comments: m01: no comment, as I played this one previously m02: a classic gimmick, if it worked in zelda it can work in doom ;D. I wish there were more puzzles centered around it actually m03: I swear I've played this before but I can't recall where. the lift puzzle is another classic. possible bugs: your TLITE texture is a bit off grid, and you can grab the keys without raising its opposite. m04: rather brutal. I like unapologetic chaingunner turrets. the last area here was the first time I kinda didn't like how washed-out and dark the palette is. I guess the point here was that it's super dark and you can't see certain enemies, but I didn't find that particularly fun and kinda threw my run away at that point. m05: I like the amount of environmental detail that exists just because "why would it not?", nooks and crannies that don't serve progression purposes but bolster the feeling that you're moving around an established world of some sort. The repeatable bar lowering section can be cheesed if you activate fights sequentially (see demo) m06: hey it's a sandbox! a rather nice scatter-gather progression. I like how once you find most of the #s you can deduce the last couple without having to exhaustively explore everything. great map. m07: hurray symmetrical slaughter arenas. resource allocation seemed weird on this one. you get hella plasma before picking up any weapons for it, and all the health is front-loaded? Towards the last couple of sections I had a glut of ammo but damn near no health ;D m08: weird map. kinda spammy, really easy, tons of surplus resources (though I left the map with just over half the enemies killed so it's possible I missed lots of stuff). The main building looks pretty cool though. I find it funny how you give the player the option to immediately waste 18 shells by picking up the opening ammo all at once. here are some demos (fdas + fdas w/ saves in the latter maps): unwelcome_fda_rbk.zip
  14. Happy Halloween. @Grain of Salt and I made some speedmaps to celebrate the occasion. They're orange and vaguely spooky, click the link below and then it can be on your computer too! - DOOM2.WAD - tested in prb+ cl9 - no difficulty settings shots: list: 01: [R]: Bat House 02: [G]: What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse 03: [R]: Big Durst Energy midi credits: 01: "The Palace Of Prostheses" - Escape From Monkey Island 02: "Demons" - Monster Bash 03: "phase.mid" - zzzv (aka @yakfak) TP: "Title Theme" - Splatterhouse 3 IP: "premo.mid" - zzzv download: http://www.rbkz.net/doom/oitl.wad.zip
  15. new Handbraekes + new Oizo Ep coming in November xD



    1. Ribbiks


      fantastique, I was just cycling through oizo records again recently. this week was The Church on repeat ;D. Nice tracks, maybe it gets released physically in nov, but seems like all they're all on yt already?

    2. tourniquet


      Yeah, seems like i was confusing some things. I thought there would be another EP coming in November but apparently it's just the above Vinyl Release. But yeah good stuff :D