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  1. lol, please yes. I wanna set the record for lowest participation rate. not like it matters at this point, but I'll: +++ NG2 + DV2
  2. Well, perhaps not animated, but if you're willing to make fullscreen CWILVXX gfx then you can fake having an intermission screen that gradually changes.
  3. Yeah definitely a bummer. I was holding out for more secret tracks a la Tales from the Vault. I've been a huge Holdsworth fan since I first stumbled onto him in high school. Aside from the obvious virtuosity, his style is incredibly distinct and is regularly aped by swaths of other guitarists. His work is also a pretty endless source of "holy shit that's cool" in a music theory sense, incredibly unusual tonality, rhythmic groupings, and chord shapes. A fun example: And here's one of my favorite tracks:
  4. SoD 26 & 28 were almost certainly the largest source of inspiration there (relatively freeform, unapologetic insta-pop mobs). sl18 is definitely a bit meaner though, if only by how scaled down it is. Those SoD maps are a great time, as far as spammy maps go, but the "big & loose" design that becomes dominant here is pretty much the polar opposite of my personal preferences.
  5. thanks! adding doomworld.com##.ipsUserPhoto_large to the adblock filter did the trick.
  6. thanks for these, got one for avatars? disabling them individually is tedious :p
  7. route 1: actively resist making something other players might like. who needs accolades? route 2: cover your crowd-pleasing levels in a thick coat of irony that probably no one will notice. dispose resultant cacowards in disgust. route 3: induce severe head trauma. after a lengthy hospital stay and substantial memory loss rediscover what mapping for yourself truly means. or more reasonably, if you see a map going in a direction you don't particularly find attractive to play, keep going anyway. Best-case scenario you can bridge a gap between your style and another style (++ artist points), worst-case the map is promptly binned for being shlock and you get to double down on going "back to basics!"
  8. ToD map, sf3/ESP. in this case he was using them as mandatory bits of platforming that were otherwise unimportant but were now required to be part of a max route. funny idea. also, just stumbled across these gems from the brief dw secret-count wankery (both are boom-compat):
  9. played the first map so far (fda attached). took about a dozen deaths but I eventually got it. I elected to watch the demos for the subsequent maps before I will attempt them :). Really liked it, though the difficulty felt a bit front-loaded (I think the initial rev containment + 2 cacos was the hardest part). This could probably be done reality even, though it might uncomfortably rely on chaingunner rng. Lovely midi choices, btw. I hung out on the intermission screen for awhile to hear the whole tune, good stuff. Also, clever usage of cwilv graphics. nh7v3_01_fda_rbk.lmp.zip
  10. same in virtually all oku demos. dude's either a robot or has nerves of steel (or perhaps simply the confidence that if he dies somewhere he's skilled enough such that getting another demo up to that point is no big deal?). either way, a shame he lost interest in the game, okumap is gosu slaughter madness, and it would've been great to see what other crazy shit he could come up with. oh yeah. map 20. great map. the western wing is aesthetically rad. the central hub does a pretty good job at being threatening despite its size and loose mob placement.
  11. +1 to "I like this idea and hope it goes somewhere"
  12. you used an old version of my map. I'm getting deja vu :p
  13. Missed this thread until now, cool stuff! I haven't made it through all of them yet, but my favorite tracks (by picture, to make life more difficult) were: weiner dog, angry mantis, bored tigers, car fox. Kinda wish they were compiled into a single page so I could throw em all on at once, but that's my laziness speaking. Anyhow, thanks for sharing!
  14. I dreamed a dream in time gone by