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  1. Ribbiks

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Huge respect for all your work Andy! DSDA is an incredible resource and the time you've put into its maintenance and regular updates over the years is immensely appreciated!
  2. I was committed to having a nice time, and it involved punching lots of things ;D deserted_phobos_facilty_alpha_base_processing_gamma_storage_compound.lmp.zip
  3. really enjoyed pw when it was released. I recall pestering darkreaver to finish its mostly-completed(?)-but-never-released sequel, but iirc those maps got cannibalized for pl3 so who knows. overall it's one of those sets that feels really dialed in to the small/medium-scale gameplay-centric proto-slaughter (S/M-GCPS), with some speedmappy eccentricities that keep you on your toes. some flyby comments based on a recent replay: 12: pure arcadey opener. also a reminder of how awesome that MCx texture is. 13: coaxing an entertaining setup out of what feels like a single narrowly-winding hallway is laudable. it's almost funny how over-tuned the RSK grab is. 14: influences really worn on the sleeve for this one. I remember being inspired by the U-room vignette, I'm 99% sure I've plagiarized that in something of my own. 15: a basically-perfect distillation of what makes a S/M-GCPS map good. 16: darkreaver and danne have (had?) many similarities in their mapping style, my overarching sense for this one is "what if danne made skepland?" 17: influences are so overt that I shouldn't even need to mention it. when it comes to speedmapping I think you get into the best groove (in terms of developing gameplay) when you already have a thematic identity to work with. 18: definitely an outlier, full-on chaotic slaughter arena. iirc this map was added later some time after the initial release. a really fun example of the style.
  4. Ribbiks

    DBP17: Alone

    m01 and m07 really capitalized on the assets most effectively imo. I'd play an entire megawad of dreary/ominous stuff like that ;D
  5. Ribbiks

    Wormwood [2 halloween maps]

    Happy Halloween! In what is now an unofficial tradition @Grain of Salt and I have again made some orange and vaguely spooky maps to celebrate the holiday. Play them, if you dare!! - DOOM2.WAD - tested in prb+ cl9, zd 2.8.1 - HMP or below is strongly encouraged for map02 maps: 01: [G]: Copse 02: [R]: Revenge of Demon House midi: 01: "Tron in Love" - Megaman Legends 02: racharacharach.mid - rbk TP: some_sort_of_dead.mid - rbk IP: premo.mid - zzzv download: rbkz.net/doom/wormwood.wad.zip
  6. this is almost pathological. what circumstance would get you access to a slade screenshot, but not the wad itself that you could just load into doombuilder? No magic bullet here, I'm afraid. too many variables wrt how slade scales automap pictures based on map size, image resolution, and the limitations of how db overlays images. Theoretically, given infinite time and patience you could tweak the scale and offset of an arbitrary pic to be basically-coordinate-perfect. However, db2/dbx/(presumably gzdbbf?) decided to quantize image overlay scaling factors to integer percentages instead of actual floats, so this could very well be impossible to get accurate enough to your satisfaction.
  7. with voodoo scrollers a single switch can do virtually anything in boom. I made a key-activated lift in map01 of pepper.wad, which might be a useful reference.
  8. Ribbiks

    Tivauri (six maps, WIP)

    Always in the market for stuff like this. great maps! In order of preference: 4 > 1 > 3 > 2 ztivWIP1_fda_rbk.lmp.zip
  9. up to m05 (I saw the monster count and decided to bow out, as the maps were surprisingly long). Interesting project, very narrative-driven, and I like how non-interactive spaces are really fleshed out. It's also cool to see silent TPs used this seamlessly. A+ immersive space stations. I'm lukewarm on the combat, in general. Most areas seem to be either hallways or large flat spaces, with a plethora of sniper mobs perched on boxes or balconies or what-have-you. Coupled with the fact that the custom enemies are significantly more threatening than their iwad counterparts the gameplay seems to grind to a halt in many places. Places where, by a drastic margin, the most effective strategy is to hang back and slowly peck away at certain enemies before committing to entering the room. The generous health/ammo prevents it from being overly frustrating, but it's definitely... laborious. Also those revenant sprites are bizarre :p sargassov4_fda_cl-1saves_rbk.lmp.zip
  10. Cool maps, some off-kilter shapes that are quite interesting. combined with the music it has a placating-yet-unrelaxed atmosphere overall (much... like an airport). m01 was my favorite, as medium-to-low difficulty tyson gameplay is like my favorite thing ever
  11. Awesome map! It radiates a sense of fun and enthusiasm throughout. Very reminiscent of complexly connected maps in the late-90s/early-00s style. No complaints about balance, took me ~35min to beat (found a whopping 0/7 secrets, I guess I'm not very perceptive -.-). Ammo felt rather scarce in the beginning, though that issue went away once I found a zerk. I like how there's a surplus of health items, encourages wackier play and gives you some wiggle room for traversing some of the jankier areas. The dark cavern section was particularly memorable.
  12. Ribbiks

    Subverted - First map (Limit Removing)

    Cool little map. Some interesting architectural sensibilities. I tend to expect a bit more bite from PL-inspired wads but this was nice and relaxing. cl4 fda attached. subvertd_fda_rbk.lmp.zip
  13. Ribbiks

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    these are cool! in earlier versions of m03 I was hellbent on the cyb/romero ending (the bfg and slow exit timer didn't exist) and even though I softened on that the general lack of concern for routing max-play is still there. RK never did anything but it serves conveyance function :p
  14. Ribbiks

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    I just quit the game if I accidentally pick up a chainsaw ;D
  15. Ribbiks

    My personal website updated

    Cool stuff! I have a soft spot for personal doom sites. it's fun to see what people come up with when they have complete control over how to present their stuff (i.e. more so than forum posts or textfiles), adds a neat contextual layer. As for the site itself, I'd suggest making the screenshots on the D2/UDOOM pages a bit bigger, as it's hard to get an idea for the maps at a glance because they're so tiny :p (by contrast, the ones on the community projects page look great)