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  1. Ribbiks

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    ^^ very cool, thanks!
  2. hello. this was nice. washed-out palette + extensive tight/darkness makes for a nice atmosphere here. also liked motifs of ceiling raises being used in places most would use door actions or wall lowering. shapeliness of the architecture was neat, kinda kludgy but not in a bad way. combat felt neither here nor there for me (I'd hesitate to call it tense or novel, unless the maps you have planned are harder or weirder), but that was fine because I was digging the general aesthetic and vaguely narrative bits. "unwelcome" is quite a keen title btw, pretty much exactly describes my ideal of doom environs. as such I'll be looking forward to subsequent maps here.
  3. Ribbiks

    Ethics of announcements/releases

    I'm guessing it's reflective of the recently released projects that had garnered attention on various non-doomworld sites? Like, person browsing kotaku or whatever reads article about project --> is directed to doomworld --> is promptly greeted with the thing they were interested in. the subtext of your question feels like it's prodding at politicking/favoritism, which could be a fun memfisian hypothetical to go down for potential pot-stirring or general amusement ;D
  4. Ribbiks

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    it's worth noting that (depending on your nodebuilder) even if your lines are not 0° or 90° in the editor, they might get split during nodebuilding and have their vertices quantized to nearest integers, resulting in some segments of your architecture still being subject to fake contrast even though you wiggled some pixels around and it looks like theoretically it shouldn't happen ;D
  5. Ribbiks

    What are you playing now?

    flying monsters don't activate S1/SR teles (at least, not from what I've tested, using prb+, zdoom). ground-based mobs will trigger it if they walk into it, but on skill 2/3 there should be no mobs in that area until after you take the tunnel and trigger the trap, so it seems like this should be legit impossible? -.-
  6. Ribbiks

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    Out of curiosity, is the crispy-heretic/hexen/etc code in a functional state? I was poking around the repo and tried building those for the heck of it (on os x, for context, where seemingly no port for these games exists). It errored out when it ran into some non-standard C stuff (VLAs in structs, etc), but I wonder if I were to go in and rewrite a few problematic lines, would a usable exe actually come out the other end, or is the code WIP such that I shouldn't bother?
  7. Ribbiks


    Hello. Here is the final version of this wad: Download: http://www.rbkz.net/doom/magnolia.zip
  8. Ribbiks

    What are you listening to?

    I've had the new album on repeat since it dropped yesterday, it's already my favorite 'driver record.
  9. Ribbiks

    another midi thread

    I used to have a thread in blogs where I posted midi but I forget what happened to that so I'm making this new thread about midi. original compositions, unoriginal compositions, and other stuff, here: http://rbkz.net/midi/ feel free to use any of them in whatever you want
  10. Ribbiks

    Exomoon sountrack MIDI pack! [+Listen online]

    these tracks are great. stripped-down funk/ambient that wouldn't be out of place as part of an ost for some 90s PC game, perhaps a more theatrical take on Sim City ;D. Haven't made it through everything yet but thus far my favorite track is 6groovy, it's so cheesy and wonderful
  11. Ribbiks

    making some weird adlib-y DOS music

    fun track. like chiptune idm almost. diggin' the off-kilter variant of the main melody at ~0:40 with the squeely Bb->A thrown in, it reminds me of when I go to write something diatonic but accidentally get everything off by a semitone and end up liking it better :D
  12. Ribbiks

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    sick run ;D
  13. Ribbiks


    3 maps with a frozen/teal aesthetic, gimmicky gameplay and rather complicated layouts. - DOOM2.WAD, prb+ complevel 9 (or equivalent) - HNTR and HMP are implemented - Maps are intended to be played from pistol start ============ = MAPLIST: = ============ 01: "Another Place, Entirely" 02: "Prowling Fowl" 03: "Soria Moria" Download: http://www.rbkz.net/doom/magnolia.zip [updated to final version: 06/20/2018] See you next time.
  14. Hi :)

    Have you ever seen this :o


    Art for stardate 20x6

    I posted this in the picture thread too

  15. Ribbiks

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    nice zerk strat in the 4-av room, unintended, but clever ;D. I keep trying to design encounters that force the player to abuse the reduced-vile-damage gimmick (by pressing against a ledge and taking 20 dmg vs. ~90) but to-date I can't recall seeing anyone actually do it that way.