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  1. heh interesting. This is easily the most D-D-like new maps we'll see short of stepping into a time machine. the room construction and shapeliness, general choice of how mechanics are implemented, etc.. Very curious to see where your mapping goes from here :)
  2. snd_midiplayer "sdl" snd_soundfont "TimGM6mb.sf2" snd_mididev "" bearing in mind that I'm on os x, so not sure if these config settings translate to anyone else. that's a shame though, that midi is bangin' it has a simple and reliable strat, I promise :)
  3. bwahaha how horrendous. I've heard that happen before, in this case my guess is that depending on the midi setup, the particular instrument that inappropriately continues indefinitely was supposed to automatically fade out, regardless of "sustain" flag being on/off. fwiw it plays back fine for me, sorry you had to endure that :)
  4. ^^ not shown in the demo is the couple dozen times I fucked up one of the first two jumps, but according to the resident platforming expert those jumps are easy and I'm just bad. frog10_platformingSection_cl-1_saves_rbk.lmp.zip
  5. 10 esoteric slaughtermap vignettes, made over the last 10 days (a map a day). Some are good, some are bad, some are just ok. You probably won't like this. http://www.rbkz.net/doom/frog.zip prb+, complevel 9 hmp/uv
  6. heh, nice. lowest I ever got when I was into speedcubing was ~60sec or so. I was sloppy and never had the discipline to memorize all the OLL/PLL algorithms :p
  7. 6) good map. bsk/ysk setups were fun and hectic, basic slaughter done well. rsk is a fun idea but probably could've been executed better. not sure why that one canyon of mobs is deaf (or has block sound lines around them, or what-have-you).
  8. I think it's different for media like film or books where after learning about some contentious aspect of the author's life you can start examining how it might've permeated their artistic endeavors, which may be interesting, or may just be wasted time. I'm not sure to what degree stuff like that can work its way into doom mods (maps almost certainly not much, heavier gameplay mods, maybe?).
  9. just gonna drive-by +1 that after checking out Eternity's software renderer I'm pretty impressed. performance seems on par in big cumbersome maps, and complex sector-soup sections that have caused me at least a few irreconcilable slime trails look much tidier, in general. also, compiling it on os x was effortless as compared to prb+, thanks for that :DD
  10. I wish :p. All fear Hellmaker, of which my fondest memory is the "save" button that had a 50% chance of doing what you asked, and a 50% chance of irreparably corrupting your wad for some malevolent reason. Made a whole lotta shitty vanilla maps with that as a kid that have since been lost, except a few scraps. In general anything I learned about doom maps has been through raw dissection of existing content, just poking around in editors piece by piece until I understood the mechanics. Some amusing mistakes along the way: When I first learned about boom's generalized actions I didn't know db2 had some nice menus built in for them, so for my first maps that used them I was literally sitting there in the editor with boomref.txt open in another window, manually adding hex values together to get the ids for specific actions I wanted, shit was brutal :p. And yeah, idk. I guess I learned how to map by dragging a few megawads through an editor and smacking my head into a monitor for years at a stretch until it sank in -.-. There's a whole map "design" can of worms that I tend to think about more in artsy/philosophical ways these days, but that's a whole separate thing. I'd echo skillsaw's comment about shamelessly plagiarizing things you enjoy, with an emphasis on eventually learning your own "voice": That is, separating out and amplifying the aspects of existing work that you like, and taking them in new directions that feel your own.
  11. 4) -- 5) map04s older sibling. Spammy fights were pretty fun. lol @ needing to hit this pitch black switch... I only saw it once I cranked gamma to max and ran out of other places to look. lots of missing textures and/or sectory funkery going on in these maps it seems:
  12. out of interest, what makes eternity's software renderer the best? performance? less slime trails? does it also have wiggle-fix-type things for pathological cases?
  13. heh, I have zero problems with both. the solution to the teleport puzzle is plainly conveyed, and that obnoxious swtw platforming is skippable, so I'd have a hard sympathizing with complaints about either of them
  14. prb+ allows you to look in any direction you want, but as far as I know the only option for aiming and firing is the good old fashioned doom autoaim.
  15. well I guess if dotw is any indication, nearly anything is fda-able with proper foresight and quick reflexes :D I don't remember 07/11 being particularly rough, unless the final versions ended up being much rougher than the ones I playtested. shall see...