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  1. re: above comment: looks like it took me just under an hour. though I spent the first 5-10 minutes just wandering around trying to get my bearings I think. This was great! After realizing how I was failing a couple areas (which I won't go into detail about, for obvious reasons :D) I resorted to busting out some pen and paper, heh. Clever stuff, thanks for making it. I'll go try to find the 2 areas I missed now..
  2. potential bug:
  3. Cheers, thanks for the kind words! It's definitely nice to hear about a player jumping into the deep end and trusting the maps enough to believe there existed viable strats for each clusterfuck of a situation that UV throws you into :D. I'm sure at least some of your ideas lined up with the "intended" methods (I'm a big fan of infighting and pacifist stuff, in general), but some of them did sound a bit off the wall. AV jumping through windows and pre-firing before teleports was not quite what I had in mind, for example :D Anyways, grats on beasting your way through my ridiculous maps, and welcome to doomworld.
  4. good old post-release hell :D. time to put some ads up on craigslist for regression testing interns. Every time you move a linedef they have to play through all 32 maps again and make sure nothing broke!!
  5. oi. any write-ups yet as to how exactly this works? amazing how far into doom's lifespan such huge tricks are being found
  6. bumping this thread because I just noticed you replaced the OP with the completed episode:)
  7. midi composition is a skilled trade :D Luckily the format is so old and the number of competent sequencers is pretty high, so over the years the internet en masse has managed to make tens of thousands of these things available to you. VG music (linked by captain clever, above) is an invaluable resource, as are other midi databases: e.g. http://midkar.com/, and of course there are plenty of composers around these parts who have a plethora of music available.
  8. cheers @38_ViTa_38 for making my favorite map in the set. cool to see something of such gimmicky and brutal caliber make it into the lineup :D
  9. I had just done it in a way that was really kludgy (only compat with d2 iwad, chose arbitrary names for extended midi table / dehacked entries that were required), I think something like umapinfo that promises a bit of standardization is way more promising. here's hoping that materializes in some official port releases sooner or later :)
  10. @Nevander pickles are just serialized python objects. it's a way to immediately save and reload arbitrary variables from disk without having to parse anything or having to use a specific format. They're only in that little script because my initial thought was that grabbing all the metadata from /idgames might take awhile, and I wanted to save it to disk so that I wouldn't have to do it more than once. it turns out that was completely unnecessary because it takes all of 10 seconds to harvest it all, but I didn't feel like cleaning up my code snippet before posting it so you get to see the sloppy version :p
  11. Hi. so I ran this. I attached a sorted list of files, everything in the /levels/ directory, excluding the deathmatch/ sections. sorted_dat.txt.zip
  12. I'm assuming the api still works? https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/api/ shouldn't be too hard to write a script that crawls through the metadata of every upload, then sorts by date added to archive. there'd probably still be some weird cases or slight inaccuracies, but yeah...
  13. Just to be clear: midi isn't itself audio, but rather a sequence of instructions your system will interpret and use to produce sounds (e.g. turn on note F3 on instrument 1, turn off note, etc). As scifista mentioned, general audio to midi is in a rough state (and frankly, is an ill-posed problem). deriving midi from spectrograms can have some humorous uses though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq513pryit4 if you're looking to make some traditionally doomy sounding music, your best bet is to transcribe your guitar riffs into midi, add some drums and what-have-you, and make an entire shpiel. here's numerous threads on the topic: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/63420-recommended-midi-notation-program/?do=findComment&comment=1150543 otherwise you can convert the wav into ogg/mp3 and use it straight up in the ports that support it, but... yeah..
  14. this. alien/surreal/intimidating shapes are highly attractive to me. notable examples include danne's cuboid thingies in sl25, xaser towers (neis e4m7 comes to mind), anything in sunder really...
  15. such bridges aren't prboom specific, the technique is vanilla compatible afaik: https://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/fx7.php if you're looking to map for boom and above you can utilize "transfer height" specials (action 242): https://zdoom.org/wiki/Transfer_Heights for zdoom and beyond you can do full 3d with fancy techniques that are above my pay grade.