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      nice, this is satisfying my craving for electro-whimsy :D

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      your welcome :)

  2. Some exceedingly cool visual stuff in here for sure. Loved the rocky overhangs and beach motifs in the early levels. Animated stormy sky graphic is a great idea, too. Gameplay in general felt quite loose, imo to a fault, but I'm not really a good source for critiquing this style of map :p. no music? whyyyyy. A ton of time was obviously spent on detailing and atmosphere, and I think purposeful bgm choices would add a lot to a set like this.
  3. this, perhaps? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Fake_contrast
  4. heh cheers @ ^^. it's probably obvious, but towards the end of sd20x7 development I became more interested in exploring structural complexity than combat-centric design. new stuff I'm working on now pretty much doubles down on that, so here's hoping there are a few players out there who will tolerate enjoy that sort of thing :D
  5. apparently his shtick with the bunny's was inspired by a bar down the street from me (small townie place that doesn't seem particularly proud of the association), got much more mileage out of that than he did his BA for sure :D
  6. more irl shitty texture alignment:
  7. cheers. this is more or less exactly want I want to elicit with many of my maps, so it makes me very happy to see that I'm occasionally successful :)
  8. ^^ the difference being coffee isn't a problem, but a consequence.
  9. Sometimes hard to replicate, had to try a few times :D https://pastebin.com/9HzHbA13 In general I'm already impressed by how mean-spirited you can be in scribbling linedefs and have it still get resolved nicely. https://youtu.be/KlUOI3er7oE
  10. So basically a more performant and stable version of db2? Yes please! I've poked around a bit, I like the small usability improvements, better window sizes. like a comfier db2. It also seems to handle drawing weird overlapping sectors better than db2 (recall drawing some random shapes within or around other sectors and under certain conditions they'll refuse to create a new sector), here they get constructed more intuitively. If you try really hard, it looks you can invoke some of the same crashes that kill db2 (e.g. try merging many sectors together, then spam undo and watch everything go up in flames :D). But yeah, looks great thus far. Thanks for this!
  11. textures in that shot are still WIP, as it's not really my intention to make yet another thing plastered with sp_hot and gothlight recolors :p. originally I was trying to make something that felt cold and icy using the teal ranges of a palette that @Grain of Salt had shared with me. Anyone ever play this NES game:?
  12. awesome to see m02 max :DD
  13. finished in 56 minutes or so, completely blind. could've been a lot faster, but I played at a moderate pace because I wanted to (that, and I'm occasionally dense wrt going where the map wants me to go). I remember poking around this wad in slade a few years ago though when hunting for various assets. I really wanted to use those imp sprites (which are fantastic, btw) for something, but never got around to it. Wonder where they're from, anyhow (orig to this wad?). osiris_rbk.lmp.zip
  14. god speed, friend :D